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Bengals WR Tyler Boyd points to Sterling Shepard's $41M contract: 'I feel like my ability is worth that much'

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Green and Boyd are free agents after the upcoming season. WJ3 deserves an extension but won't hit free agency until after 2020 since the team exercised their 5th year option. 


What I would do as the Bengals:


Extend Boyd. A 4 year extension for 42 mil (slightly better than the Sterling Shepard contract) is fair. If he gets the same 10 mil signing bonus as Shepard, it raises his 2019 cap number by 2 mil. Team has 18 mil in cap space then.


Extend Green. Something like a 4 year extension for 64 mil with 21 mil of the new money in signing bonus. That would keep him under contract for 5 seasons. The extension would effectively guarantee his current 12 mil salary so getting over 32 mil in guarantees is top level for a WR. His current cap number goes up 4.2 mil, leaving the team with 13.8 mil in space. After 2020, he would have 12 mil in un-amortized signing bonus but his salary would be in that range so it becomes a year to year deal. Green would have the 2nd highest WR cap number in the league in 2019, about a mil behind Mike Evans. 

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