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Green out 16 to 18 weeks (update 4)

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8 minutes ago, claptonrocks said:




He's going to earn that extension.


First 4 games are


@ Seagulls


@ Bills

@ Stealers


2-2 even with AJ would be decent.

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14 minutes ago, gupps said:

Mixon left, Mixon right, Mixon up the middle.


Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


More Gio as a receiver.   He's only 27 & dangerous as hell as an HB.   Someone else needs to step up in the passing game, Ross Sample Tits McGee as tackle eligible, whoever.  


Also a RB2 if we want Mixon to last the season.


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46 minutes ago, Le Tigre said:





thats..  like.. what your board is for, uso!










send it 

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The turf had pebbles in it because many field are using tiny smooth pebbles instead of the nasty crumb rubber originally used when they need to revitalize their turf.  That had nothing to do with AJ getting caught up in Dre's leg.  I was on that field last year and it seemed like every other decent field turf field.  Not much different that the newest field I have seen at Beavercreek or CHCA.


Also, I was wondering about the torn ligament not needing surgery.  Again, not a doc or anything close but I would guess not doing surgery would result in a less effective Green?

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