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quick easy vpn option for apple tv.

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so i need to use a vpn to watch Nuggets games, i bought league pass but am blacked out since im local, currently we can watch on an ipad and mirror to apple tv, this works PRETTY well, but not too smooth, the nba app on apple tv will allow it i just need to use my vpn to change my location.


the apple tv doesnt allow a vpn app, so i must do it before the apple tv on the internet chain. 




i was looking at something like this, install vpn settings from pureVPN on this, plug into this when i want vpn, and plug straight into apple tv when i dont..


but i dont know if this works like that, like on my asus router  i can install my purevon settings and its goo to go. is this device strictly from remote access or is this going to work like my router does as far as vpn location changing?


im not super knowledgeable about vpn on hardware options.

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i ended up buying a $50 asus router, put it in the room we watch games, installed the VPN on the router, and just switch the ethernet to that router from the wall (main internet hookup) when its gametime.. and switch back after...  it throttles my 150mb down to 30-40mg via the vpn, but thats good enough for hd streaming... working great so far

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