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Joe Burrow Injury Thread...

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8 minutes ago, TeeBengal said:

This franchise will never change unless the Brown family sells the team.  

Oline has been a shit show for years.   Its not a big surprise that Burrow got hurt.   Stupid fucking morons running this franchise.   


The Brown's or any of the affiliated families will never sell.  The offensive line could change but not without talent on the line.  It's not a coaching issue in it's entirety but a player personnel evaluation issue IMHO.  I'm so concerned that a general fan such as myself could predict the outcome before the season even started.  I certainly didn't wish or want this but we all know the outcome of a new QB behind what could be one of the worst lines in our history.

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Shame on the Brown family,  you invest in such a young promising talent that honestly doesn’t look like a rookie quarterback on the field but you fail to build an offensive line to protect him!  Brown family needs to go, period!  My prayers go out to Joe Burrow for a speedy recovery 

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7 minutes ago, Numbers said:

From the account of LT, it could be Jordan was bullrushed into Burrow.  


That is definitely what happened.  It wasn't Jordan that landed on him it was Allen.  Allen got spun whilst tangled up with Jordan and fell back-first into his leg.  Some guy on Youtube slowed it down and zoomed and I actually feel a little more optimistic about the injury now, it look more like a classic ACL bend than the far-away replay that looked like a dramatic hyperextension blow-out.

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13 minutes ago, Numbers said:


Not sure this is clear enough for me to tell who did what and whether it was a questionable hit.

From what I could see in a few different clips I've watched it didn't appear to be anything dirty about it. I couldn't tell which one but it was either Hopkins or Jordan that drove the Washington dlineman into the ground right through Burrows leg and Young hit him from the other side about the same time. I don't know how much the hit by Young mattered though because it was already gonna be bad with 600lbs blasting through your leg with force behind it. The guy that was drove through his leg was actually facing away from Burrow when one of those 2 drove him to the ground so there was definitely no fault on his part. Whichever one it was got beat, then got away with holding, then drove his assignment through his own qbs knee. There isn't much you could do to perform any worse on a single play. We all knew this was coming, still ruined my appetite even more so than the Bengals usually do though.


One good thing is that by the way the Sparling was examining his leg and knee and the lack of an air cast indicates it most likely wasn't a compound fracture and not on the level of a Alex Smith injury. I just hope this doesn't change his mentality to where he doesn't keep his eyes down field and instead watches the rush and gets gun shy and hesitant to stay in there in the face of the rush to make the throw. I'm sure this will impact his athleticism I just hope it doesn't mess with his psyche as well.


I feel bad for the kid. His olineman, coach, owner and refs all let him down. They should have done better by him. Throwing the ball every damn play even with a lead and while the run game wasn't doing to bad like today on the few runs that were actually called. Owner and personnel department for not getting some guys that are at least competent on the online in there. Refs for not throwing flags on the many times this year he's been hit that would have drawn flags had it been other qbs. I don't wanna hear that rookies don't get that call bs, a penalty is a penalty especially in the game today where you can't clobber someone without checking for a flag immediately after the hit. Olineman failed him by being awful. All the big hits he's taken this year without getting hurt must not have been good enough for them so they took it into their own hands and did it themselves by getting beat off the line then driving a dlineman right through his leg.

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12 minutes ago, SF2 said:

They threw the ball 34 times by the 11:31 point in the 3rd quarter.  On pace for 60+ pass plays.  Just fucking incompetent play calling. 

With a lead while the running game was working pretty well at that. Perine had a few nice runs gashed em for 10+ Gio was running well to. Hell his little ass even kept driving his legs on a 2nd and 5 and pushed the pile an extra 2 and a half 3 yds to get a 1st down. They were actually getting some push in the run game and still threw on damn near every play. Yes they were moving the ball pretty well but this is the type of thing we all knew was eventually gonna happen behind this line and they just continued to tempt fate and allowed the Washington dline to pin their ears back and go after the qb on every snap.

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112 miles away from Cincinnati, the Indianapolis Colts had their QB of the future who was by all accounts the next Payton Manning, retire early because their team did not protect him and injuries became too much for him.


This Bengals team has had a God Awful O-line for at least 5 years, and the things they have done to address it?


Draft Billy Price, who has been a bust

Draft Jonah Williams who looks to be our answer at LT

Resign Bobby Hart, who has been god awful even before we resigned him, what a waste of money

Draft Michael Jordan who has been at least as bad as Bobby Heart

Luck into Trey Hopkins who is not great but at least solid

Sign nobody of significance to play G or even attempt to find a long term replacement for Hart


Thankfully a torn ACL will not end Joe Burrows career, but if this team does not get serious about protecting him, they can look just 112 miles away for how that ends


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