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Keeping our enemies close

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Tom Brady's career ends this season.

Tampa Bay will not make the playoffs.

Tom Brady will be sacked 30+ times in just 10 total games.

Tom Brady will miss at least 6 games due to injuries from being hit so many times.

Tampa Bay's best O-Lineman, G Ali Marpet, 2021 Pro Bowler, retired.

Tampa Bay's other Starting Guard, Alex Cappa, signed with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Tampa Bay's starting Center, Ryan Jensen, suffered a season-ending knee injury this week.

With scrubs equal to what the Bengals had last season for Burrow, Brady will be running for his life and dumping the ball off on short passes the entire season to open or not open Receivers.  

They won't have a running game.

They won't have time to throw long passes, one thing that's already an issue for Brady.

Tom Brady will not survive this season.

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4 hours ago, High School Harry said:

Chatter Jaws Yourmama is in the right place with the Jet Lags.

He already has the wardrobe to join the Village People.

Fuck him.


What's with this sour grapes mf?  Mad that we replaced him with a guy that has almost the same numbers in half as many seasons?  Jet camp opened and he realized after the first practice they were going nowhere?

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On 7/27/2022 at 12:03 AM, Le Tigre said:


“I hate to admit this, but I didn’t know (Bucco Bruce) was involved in this over the years,” said (John) McKay


"What do they call him? I didn’t even know his name. I thought it was Errol Flynn all these years. It turned out to be another guy I didn’t even know.”


"If he's the guy who was in charge of losing, let's get rid of him."


“I had feelings about the colors. I thought they looked a lot like the local bus station," McKay said. "I kind of liked the orange and white. But I'm sure they've picked colors that stand out more."





My favorite McKay quote was:

REporter:  "What do you think of the offensive line's execution?"


McKay:  "I'm in favor of it..."

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I fear the best Bengals fans can hope for on the Deshaun front is an 8 game suspension, since we play the Browns week 8. That will give one easy W. 


Of note, the Browns bye is week 9, almost like the NFL knew 8 games would be the punishment, and then Cleveland has 2 weeks to prepare for his debut. 

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