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Keeping our enemies close

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That NFLPA statement on Watson is foreshadowing. They must know it's 8 games or less and don't want Rodger to drop the hammer and overrule her.


But Rodger absolutely should give him a stricter punishment. After all, he's the commissioner of the NFL and that's why he makes the 'big bucks' to ostensibly protect the shield. So protect it Rodger, over something other than gambling or deflated footballs.

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Like it or not, the Browns are a famous/highly visual franchise. John Q AverageFan everywhere, knows them. They have a large nationwide following. The media loves them. They sell. 

All this means—to the NFL—is the only thing which matters to the NFL: money. Getting a proven income-producing product refitted at the earliest possible date is the goal now. A short suspension will be easily overlooked by AverageFan and the media once the season second half gets going—when TV interest (advertising/sales) really amps up. 

This guy is beyond damaged goods, but with a little time/fluff/spin, the league may still be able to at least blend him in—for the good of the overall product. 

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By the time the 6 games are finished, he will have been remolded into an appropriate image of NFL Man of the Year quality. The league and media will be fronting it. 


And, after a month of pre-season, followed by 6 games, virtually no one outside of the victims will remember or care as to why he had not played up until then.


Whitewashing, it's amazing.  

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Hmmmm...I'm curious when all this was really decided...I'm guessing it was actually a long time ago.  Lots of posturing, lots of smoke, lots of carefully placed statements.  All just a big show?


6 weeks is pathetic IMHO. 


On the other hand, people don't change so I expect Watson may strike again in the future in some form.

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