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5 hours ago, UncleEarl said:

I agree with SF2. 


Same, this sounds like every taxpayer-funded public project in history.   Wealthy college alumni in particular do this shit constantly, the only reason we're hearing about it now is because this particular alumni is a HoF NFL QB.  Only thing that chafes about it for me is that he'd probably have some hot take about government handouts.


Anyway, moving on.

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****  Gotta say, this was one of the most bizarre weekends in the NFL all around.
This is prime Conspiracy Theory stuff but...
Comments ranged from "he was the team doctor" to "I was at the game, he took his cap off for every running play".
Yeah, lots of stuff like "if anyone knows about cheating its the Patriots"


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On 9/24/2022 at 10:56 AM, Jamie_B said:

I find Nick's Cheif's fan homerism obnoxious but I agree with him on this



He makes a lot of good points but this is still an apples to oranges comparison.  If it were Josh Allen or Tom Brady doing this (current star QBs like Vick was) it would be wall to wall coverage.   

Also, ever since the Jenn Sterger incident, Favre has been pretty much ignored and shunned by the National media.  

Definitely correct about how some Americans view animal abuse verses stealing money from the needy.  I know people,  that given a choice, would chose the life of their dog over a fellow human being. 

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