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Etsy Bengals Swag :) :)

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9 wonderfully wacky things Bengals fans can find on Etsy

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Searching for a gift for the ultimate Cincinnati Bengals fan or in the market for some Joe Burrow-themed items for yourself? We've got you covered like an NFL safety.

Just in time for the regular football season, we browsed through Etsy (the online shopping home for handmade, vintage and custom gifts) to find the items you'll need to cheer on Cincinnati. Luckily, the e-commerce site turns up almost 20,000 Bengals-related items and covers all the bases − the cute, the weird and the useful.

We've rounded up some of the most wonderfully wacky Bengals items available.

Peruse the list below and click on item links to stock up.

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This Joe Burrow car air freshener is made from recycled paper and comes in a variety of scents.

Joe Burrow car air freshener

Your drive to the tailgate will smell great. This Joe Burrow car air freshener is made from recycled paper and comes in black cherry, clean cotton, vanilla, Hawaiian Blue, Jasmine and mango tropical scents.

Faux fur and tails make these drink koozies a tailgating must.

Tiger fur drink koozie

Keep your game-day choice of beverage cold and your hands warm with these faux tiger fur koozies. And yes, it has a tail.

These handmade made earrings include a laser cut Bengal tiger, for the No. 1 Bengals fan.

Bengal Tiger earrings

These highly rated, handcrafted Bengals earrings will make a wild first impression.

This ceramic mug is not only as cool as Joe Burrow, but also dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cup of Joe mug

Start your morning off right with a cup of Joe − Burrow, that is.

This pendant is dedicated to Bengals placekicker Evan McPherson's famous leg.

"Money Mac" pendant

This "A Christmas Story"-themed necklace is a testament to placekicker Evan McPherson, or "Money Mac," and his legendary kick.

Pray for a win with this St. Burrow candle, available on Etsy.

St. Burrow prayer candle

Say a little pregame prayer with your very own Joe Burrow saint candle, which measures 5.7 inches tall.

The Cincinnati Bengals edition of the painting, "Ladies Line Was Too Long."

"Ladies Line Was Too Long," Bengals edition

For Bengals fans with a sense of humor, this Cincinnati-themed play on an interpretative piece of art could make a great statement piece.

Joe Burrow is the "Tiger King" in this Etsy T-shirt.

"Tiger King" T-shirt

Step aside, Joe Exotic. Joe Burrow is the new "Tiger King" in this handmade T-shirt.

Bengals drink coasters

These handcrafted wooden coasters come in a set of four and have a high-gloss epoxy finish.

Not impressed? Check out Etsy.com yourself, you're bound to find pages upon pages of other options for the Cincinnati Bengals fan in your life. Happy who dey shopping.


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