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Pro Bowl is no Mo-wl

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I've always wanted a skills competition = NFL's fastest men, strongest man etc. I would then have game patches the winning players can wear the next season.


I'm more interested in which QB can throw the farthest, which player can lift the most etc than I am if AFC beats NFC in a meaningless game. 

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They also need to take it back to Hawaii full time and make it a full week of events. Beach volleyball, get some LT on a surfboard. Something fun that players want to attend. 


And it should be the week AFTER the SB so the teams playing in the SB can have their players attend. Bengals missed out last year, punished for their success. 

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2 hours ago, UncleEarl said:

In the 70s and 80s guys looked forward to a free trip to Hawaii.  Now they can afford to go to a lot more exotic places.  Let it die.

One poster here or elsewhere said he was in the service and stationed in Hawaii when the Pro Bowl

happened and they were given free tickets and bussed in just to have people in the stands.

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They should do it like the old Battle Of The Network Stars shows.  Have the players compete in go carts, paintball (as suggested), sprinting, dodgeball, hell even bowling.  Finish it with the top two squads doing a tug of war.


Throw a few cheerleaders in for good measure, like for a swimming relay.  A little titillation couldn't hurt the TV ratings.

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Damn, LT, you had to post a photo that includes Jan Smithers.... WKRP's Bailey Quarters.  So much hotter (to me) than Loni Anderson.  Then again, I've always been more Shirley than Laverne, Mary-Ann than Ginger, and more Velma than Daphne.


Guess the nerdy librarian look has always been more attractive to me than the glamor babes.

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