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  • Don't spam, one link per post.  One post at a time (wait for someone else to post.)
  • Aim for something people may not have heard.  If it's a popular band or song dig up a live performance or different version.
  • No flaming.  If you hate the Beach Boys or whoever just skip it. Genres too, "everything but rap &/or country" fine but you're missing out.. twice
  • Meme songs etc are OK but see above
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On 11/6/2022 at 1:02 PM, T-Dub said:


Dammit, I actually really liked the song and won't be able to get the damn ear worm out for a while 🐛 I wonder if they told any of the shoppers in the store what was going on and the guy dancing around with the banner, just was the honey sauce on the biscuit 🍯 I'm going to be searching long and hard looking for something to even come close to the excellence of this 🌐

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