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Bengals @ Titans - Gameday thread

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53 minutes ago, BengalBacker said:

Remember the years when by now we would be hoping to make it to 500, and would already be talking about who we should draft?


I don't miss those days, but remembering them makes me appreciate these days a lot more.


I had to look it up. Dang, we were bad for 4 years in a row with Dalton. For some reason I thought Dalton had gave us 6 out of 8 years in the playoffs, but it was really 5 out of 8 in the playoffs which was 5 in a row then 3 years out with Dalton and one with Burrow before starting this run which can go 9 out of 10 easy. 

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2 hours ago, UncleEarl said:

Apple has the ability, but I'm not convinced he has the head to be a CB.  If he gets beat or makes a bad play he seems to spiral.  As Ted Lasso said, Apple needs to be a goldfish.

But he does seem to play better the more important the game is. Could simply be a concentration thing and the more intense the game is the better he concentrates. 

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21 hours ago, claptonrocks said:

Titans just thought they were physical.

Now they know what physical really is..



AFC North teams deal with the Stooler's bullshit twice a year, unless you start hitting people with a sock full of quarters it's nothing new to them.  Doesn't matter how bad their records may be, may lose the game by 3 scores but no one's going to be scared out there.  Matters about as much as the weather in this division.

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10 minutes ago, High School Harry said:

One thing that I think is being overlooked by the media, etc

is the Titans only actually had one big play in this game

and even that was tainted at the end of Henry's run by

a forced fumble by a rookie cornerback.

Im warming to CBT...

Still learning but hustle and phsicality

fits in well here..

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