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* Bills @ Bengals - GameDay Thread *

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9 minutes ago, Le Tigre said:

Posted this several pages back, but the rules are semi-vague. They are not specific as to player injury on field resulting in the suspension. This truly will be new territory for the league. 



Emergencies -- Policy

The National Football League requires all League personnel, including game officials, League office employees, players, coaches, and other club employees to use best effort to see that each game -- preseason, regular season, and postseason -- is played to its conclusion. The League recognizes, however, that emergencies may arise that make a game�s completion impossible or inadvisable. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, severely inclement weather, natural or manmade disaster, power failure, and spectator interference. Games should be suspended, cancelled, postponed, or terminated when circumstances exist such that comencement or continuation of play would pose a threat to the safety of participants or spectators.

Authority of Commissioner�s Office

1. Authority to cancel, postpone, or terminate games is vested only in the Commissioner and the League President (other League office representatives and referees may suspend play temporarily; see point No. 3 under this section and point No. 1 under "Authority of Referee" below). The following definitions apply:

 Cancel. To cancel a game is to nullify it either before or after it begins and to make no provision for rescheduling it or for including its score or

other performance statistics in League records.

 Postpone. To postpone a game is (a) to defer its starting time to a later date, or (b) to suspend it after play has begun and to make provision to resume at a later date with all scores and other performance statistics up to the point of postponement added to those achieved in the resumed portion of the game.

 Terminate. To terminate a game is to end it short of a full 60 minutes of play, to record it officially as a completed game, and to make no provision to resume it at a later date. The Commissioner or League President may terminate a game in an emergency if, in his opinion, it is reasonable to project that its resumption (a) would not change its ultimate result or (b) would not adversely affect any other interteam competitive issue.

 Forfeit. The Commissioner, (except in cases of disciplinary action; see last section on "Removing Team from Field"), League President, and their representatives, including referees, are not authorized unilaterally to declare forfeits. A forfeit occurs only when a game is not played because of the failure or refusal of one team to participate. In that event, the other team, if ready and willing to play, is the winner by a score of 2-0.

2. If an emergency arises that may require cancellation, postponement, or termination (see above), the highest ranking representative from the Commissioner�s office working the game in a "control" capacity will consult with the Commissioner, League President, or game-day duty officer designated by the League (by telephone, if that person is not in attendance) concerning such decision. If circumstances warrant, the League representative should also attempt to consult with the weather bureau and with appropriate security personnel of the League, club, stadium, and local authorities. If no representative from the Commissioner�s office is working the game in a "control" capacity, the referee will be in charge (see "Authority of Referee" below).

3. In circumstances where safety is of immediate concern, the Commissioner�s-office representative may, after consulting with the referee, authorize a temporary suspension in play and, if warranted, removal of the participants from the playing field. The representative should be mindful of the safety of spectators, players, game officials, nonplayer personnel in the bench areas, and other field-level personnel such as photographers and cheerleaders.

4. If possible, the League-office representative should consult with authorized representatives of the two participating clubs before any decision involving cancellation, postponement, or termination is made by the Commissioner or League President.

5. If the Commissioner or League President decides to cancel, postpone, or terminate a game, his representative at the game or the game-day duty officer will then determine the method(s) for announcing such decision, e.g., by public-address announcement over referee�s wireless microphone, by public-address announcement by home club, or by communication to radio, television, and other news media.

Sounds like a real lose-lose situation for the Commissioner's office.

No matter what they do they will seem like the villains.


Unless the game is resumed and played to completion (doubtful)

the team that is going to get screwed the worse seems to be the Rats.

Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Speaking of the Rats, game Sunday is on (of course) and NOT at night.

1:00 or 4:30 is fine with me.  I was not wanting another night game.

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29 minutes ago, High School Harry said:

Speaking of the Rats, game Sunday is on (of course) and NOT at night.

1:00 or 4:30 is fine with me.  I was not wanting another night game.

With the new territory, it may well be "make a rule" for the NFL. If that is the case, I am sensing just a total wipeout of the game--like it never happened. A de facto tie. In that case, Rats are out of the division race, and the Bengals likely cemented in the 3 Seed. Plan for a 1pm start next Sunday, if one goes by one's spidey sense.    

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well aint this a mess ,   not sure how they settle this fair, 


1st off , best wishes to Hamlin . life always must come before the game

.hopefully word will come out soon that this young man will recover. 


but, someone soon,  will have to make a decision,

unless they are waiting for either the Bengals

OR  the Bills to step up and offer to take the loss.  

no team in the league ,should gain from this

but . 

if they dont count the game ,

then that effects the bengals/ravens/bills and chiefs. 

if they count the game then how? 

cant  do a double hitter as in baseball.

cant play tuesday . Bills are already out of town   

cant expect them to play Wednesday  and then turn around for week 18 

any and all scenarios, make a major effect in the play off seeding therefore location of play off games.

which effects those  cities and businesses





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11 hours ago, TigerJ@w said:

Joe Buck said, they had 5 minutes to warm up.  I thought I remembered him saying this and I went back and double checked on DVR and he did say it.  This was when Burrow was warming up throwing the football.  So the players were informed by someone or Burrow would’ve never warmed up I am sure. 

And you could tell from the expression on Burrow's face that he was clearly shaken up when he was throwing. 

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55 minutes ago, stryker57 said:

well aint this a mess ,   not sure how they settle this fair, 

They will probably give a double forfeit, and award one win to the stealers and one to Tom Brady.

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Bart Scott is a massive piece of shit. This is the same fucking clown who was saying the Ravens should “red dot” Joe Burrow for whipping them last year. Offensive players initiate contact ALL the time. Tee Higgins is not to blame. This is a rare and tragic situation. To start pointing fingers when both the Bills and Bengals have displayed such class is truly a fuckstick move.

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24 minutes ago, BengalBacker said:


He couldn't even say that without stuttering his way through it. What Tee did is called self defense. He has every right to defend himself from a guy who trying to hit him with a great deal of force

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