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Trump or Won't vote for a Democrat/Biden

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Both candidates have had four years to try to run things.


I am genuinely interested and trying to understand why some users/people want to vote for Trump.  I have a long litany of reasons I think he is terrible for our country (*note I'll post a thread for the flip side).  This thread isn't about Biden or Democrats. 


I'd like this to be a thread where supporters might be able to explain (In detail) why. For others that don't support him why?


What has he done that is positive for the country?

What has he done that is negative for the country? 

No sounds bites

No generic bs

No X is going to do this. 

Be specific.

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He gives them a pass to blame someone else for all their problems and promises to make everyone they're scared of suffer.


Same appeal as any fascist despot dictator in history, it's not that mysterious.


We should be happy it's just another grift and he's not actually motivated by anything but greed. If he truly believed any of the shit he feeds his marks he'd be far more dangerous (not that he isn't, but imagine if he was sincere about anything)

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