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    I completely disagree, it makes no sense to keep him. You can save millions of dollars, send an example to the young players on the roster that this behaviour won't be tolerated, and show your fans you actually care about the image of the team and the impact's players have on the community. Pacman is a embarrassment and a huge liability on and off the field.
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    haha that's cute. Look, I keep it real. If you can't handle the truth then fine. But don't expect me to pretend. Race is always there. It is a part of any situation and embedded in how people perceive reality. The media would only care about 1/5 as much if the woman Mixon hit was black. That's just the hard truth.
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    It is truly difficult to believe a few things for me... 1. How can he be so fucking stupid? 2. How can decision makers in this organization put up with him making them look ridiculous? 3. How can you expect anybody to instill any discipline with young players when you see what you let this asshole get away with time and time and time again?
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    Dude has been arrested more times in a calendar year than a lot of us have been in our entire lives. But yeah, we're probably just all a bunch of judgmental, dickhead racists.
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    I am trying to respect USN Bengal’s Moderator request to set aside the sociological debate and leave it to another forum, but you clueless motherfuckers keep feeling the need to chime in and make it clear to me how much understanding of society you lack – when I already knew that. The Ray Rice situation is not analogous for a number of reasons. First, lots of people defended Ray, including the Ravens, until the tape made it clear they had known about what really happened all along, and they simply folded from PR pressure. But in the general society he was not a villain, and in fact people dressed up as him for Halloween with their GF’s sporting black eyes, and just like Rhianna & Chris Brown's abuse, he was not seen as a public enemy #1 who should be ostracized and was beyond repute. However, the Joe Mixon situation was 3 years ago! He already served a 1 year suspension for it, and was an 18 year old teenager when it occurred. Moreover, the woman has forgiven him and accepted his apology and given her blessing for him moving on with his life. YET … the combine banned him for it (despite the fact he played college football the last 2 years), and the national media harps on the 3 year old story with glee because it fits a narrative, as nothing gets more press than harm or missing person status to white blonde women or animals. (This is also why Mike Vick was devil incarnate for several years, from millions of *mostly white* people who eat pigs – with a similar intelligence level to dogs, every day). Btw, I'm white myself and love bacon. But of course, race, gender, class, etc all of these things affect the way things are framed. I can't even believe this obvious fact has to be explained. But I digress … this thread is about discussing Joe Mixon the player. So I'd like to stick to that ...
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    Because everybody was fine with the whole Ray Rice thing, huh? You are truly a dumb motherfucker.
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    Sometimes the questions answer themselves. But really, I'd give the exploited white rural working class people of WV more credit and realize some of them get it too. This is like "I'm not racist" BINGO, with the stereotypical "purple" reference. Purple people don't exist. But if they did, you'd probably be just as clueless about how their purpleness informs social relations between people.
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    Why should they? The NFL awards the Lombardi trophy for winning the Super Bowl, not for morality or community service. Don't fall for the Walter Payton Man of the Year facade ... it's all bullshit. This is entertainment and blood sport. Men get paid to violently assault and injure each other for the intoxicated Roman Colosseum.
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    Also ... gotta keep this 100 ... if you think there isn't a racial component involved in this, you're blind to how the world works and even in how people subconsciously react to situations. His greatest crime wasn't hitting a woman, but hitting a blonde white woman. That is why some fans across the nation want him crucified more than they normally would. This was a nation where 5 decades ago black men could be lynched for looking at a white woman, so Mixon is the inverse and became public enemy #1 in a league full of scumbags with hosts of offenses. Now back to regular programming.
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    I'm not happy for the death of anyone not named Hitler or Manson. But I won't be bothered at all if what happened to the Bengals after Paul died happens to the stealers.
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    So when Pacman got kicked out of the Horseshoe(a casino in which he was previously banned) for being racist to a Korean dealer, that was ok or when he was escorted out of the Rising Sun for being a jackass that's obviously not his fault. Or any of the other 7-8 times he's gotten arrested, it's the whole city of Cincinnati that's against him...Pacman vs. the world. How is that every other player on the Bengals seem to avoid these type of incidents but him? This is over 10 years old, but still very relevant: We all know how the Vegas incident turned out. Anyone that tries to defend the actions of a career criminal, a 33 year old man that has been arrested 9 times in the past 10 years, losses any and all credibility with most logical law abiding citizens. There is no grand conspiracy to make Pacman look like a moron who can't keep himself out of the back of a squad car, it's his actions that put him there. The fact that the leadership of the Bengals continually enable this guy is ridiculous and shows the level of ineptitude that currently exist within the organization. Please don't make this about race, it's about being responsible for your actions and respecting others. lolz...you spent a few hours with the guy so you can vouch for his character, that's a clown statement bro..you come off like a cleat chasing, jock sniffing, grown man wearing another grown man's jersey fan boy that is incapable of a rational opinion about his favorite football player that happens to be a world class POS. Well I've met him too and he was a douchebag. I know people that sell him weed and others that have met him and they say he's an arrogant dickhead who thinks he's better than others. Sure he bought some bikes for the kids in Zone 15 but he's still acting like a complete asshole, hell Nino Brown gave out turkeys for Thanksgiving but sold crack in the community. He's a liability on and off the field, only the inept leadership of the Bengals would employ his guy after his 10th arrest in the past 15 years. He could not even work for most companies with his arrest record, but the Bengals will pay him millions of dollars to represent the city...it's a joke.
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    Fan: "But what's your past when it comes to dog fighting or domestic violence?"
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    He isn't talking about how you feel, he's talking about how it is handled by the public and more so, the media. He is absolutely correct.
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    ... I'd guess that about 1/5 of all NFL players (at least) have hit their female wives and girlfriends ... the league (like society) is full of chronic abusers, most never even get reported. So enjoy your bubble in Mayberry. You've been cheering for scumbags your whole life, nothing has changed.
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    Oh bullshit.Why bring the frigging race card into this? He blasted and broke a woman's face,and that makes him a big steaming pile of shit imo.I could give zero fucks what her skin color is.
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    What kind of asshole can't pronounce Muñoz? Goodell sucks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    http://www.mydaytondailynews.com/sports/pacman-jones-blows-reporter-during-interview/QeIncjhQ1J2EJnUJ2bgYoL/ “Didn’t I just tell you don’t ask me that?” Jones said. “You out the (interview). Turn around. Go back that way. See you. Next question. That’s his last interview for the year.” The reporter complied, but Jones, who reportedly was taking anger management classes in wake of his arrest, continued to berate the reporter, who had walked clear away from his locker, while walking to the restroom after ending the interview, yelling at him for asking “stupid ass (expletive) questions.” Jones kept after the reporter after returning for the restroom, telling him to “shut the (expletive) up.” After a couple of teammates tried to calm Jones, Lewis entered the locker room and sat down to talk with him. lol Pacman being Pacman beep boop beep, he didn't kill anyone though, fans are idiots beep beep beep
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    I'd like to see Eifert rest this season and heal up, sit out 2018 to strengthen the muscles, use 2019 to get back into 'football shape', and then comeback to football part time in 2020 with an eye towards 2021 to play a full season.
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    The same way you can let a HC with the worst record in the HISTORY of the NFL in the playoffs keep his job after clearly showing his incompetence and ineptitude. I'm trying to figure out what does Pacman have to do to get cut because he clearly can't control his emotions. If this guy played a team in a bigger market with a more aggressive media he would be ran out of town so fast his head would spin.
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    this pick makes me moist.. some punk bitches with some tall soap boxes. even the stupid bitch is cool, shes moved past it, she said they sat down without lawyers and sorted it out and wanted to move on from it.. but some crusty old white dudes in ohio are picking out tree branches. Joe is currently 20 years old, so this happend when he was 18?, so an 18 hr old kid, getting called racial clurs, attached by a big bitch pushing and punches him, makes one mistake.. and yall got the shotguns ready? what a joke. make sure you toss extra "judge others" cash in the collection plate tomorrow. the only thing embarrassing i see is grown mens reactions to a mistake an 189?) yr old in a position theyll never even imagine being in, makes a single mistake. look at the video that happened the day after he turned 18... omfg... what a bunch of assholes
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    We're knocking this draft out as if it were a chick
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    I always tell my son that they are fun to watch, but they're not heroes. I root for my team, I don't root for players.
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    Exactly.... My three favorite athletes of all time are Michael Jordan, tiger woods and Daryll Strawberry.... All assholes in their personal lives.. I don't condone womanizing, serious drugs and especially what Mixon did...But there aren't many boyscouts out there for us to root for... So I hope.the kids is a change man and is a freaking monster for us. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    Between Ross and Mixon our offense just got a whole lot better.
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    I thought you said you had been a fan your whole life?
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    Honestly, you're cute and all that but I don't agree with you . You have An opinion that I am not comfortable with. Fixt it for you as well.
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    I might agree if not for the 10 different times this has hit the news rounds. The day after it happened, the team response release, the cruiser video, the station video, the report of rehab (or whatever), the coach comment, the owner comment, and now him showing his ass again to a reporter. It is simply enough already. It would be enough already if you DID NOT factor in his history of being a lawbreaker, a hot head on the field, and an overall jackass... but if you do add that all together, it sure adds up to a dumb fuck being out of the league entirely. ****unless of course he is under contract with the Bengals.
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    In the mind of MB the Bengals are an NFL-subsidized charity organization that sometimes participates in games of football.
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    Says the dude not even willing to make an av/sig bet. Lol? Beep boop beep, Bengals are awesome, fans that question them are dumb, beeeeeeep beeeeeeeep
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    The Texans traded their 2nd round pick and Osweiler to Browns. They do not have the Browns 2nd round pick next year. And this trade scenario would just be terrible. Drop 16 picks in the 1st round for the 89th pick and imaginary 2nd rounder next year. Horrible value, at least make this realistic.
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    This is the dumbest shit I've read in a while
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    And now you see why MB has never won a playoff game or had any substantial success in the NFL as an owner, the lack of accountability is mind boggling and sets a horrible example. Melt down in the playoffs and cost your team a victory with a stupid penalty, don't worry about it here's a 3 year/20 million dollar extension. Get arrested for the 10th time in 10 years on the night of the last game of the season, here's your 11th chance because you had it tough growing up 20 years ago. MB allows quality players to leave because he doesn't want to pay them market value but keeps perennial fuck ups because he feels sorry for them, who runs a successful business that way?
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    My annual contest will start in 9 days (April 15). Rules will be the same as last year. By now you all know them, so please make sure your contest entry post is in the correct format. Every year there is at least one who gets that part wrong. The prize will be any 1 item from the Bengals.com pro shop up to $50. I know who my tie breaker will be, but I'm not telling until I start the contest.
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    I don't know if he asked Jesus to forgive him, but since he asked the woman to forgive him, we, too, should forgive him. Also, how can God forgive us and work miracles in our lives if we don't forgive others?
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    You'll be back......they always come back.
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    This is the worst pick since 2015, wtf is going on at PBS? This was a horrible reach, they should have taken the Cheifs trade or taken Allen.
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    I agree that they should. Then again, and maybe I'm just getting old, but the fact that this guy can't stay away from weed for a month or so to get it out of his system tells you something about how undisciplined he may truly be. You don't have the self control to do something that will benefit you to the terms of MILLIONS of dollars, what will you do when you have the money behind you to actually fuck around in a major way? I dunno. I like Foster's game, and even after the combine incident I kinda understood where he was coming from. But still...come on man... At the very least the fact that he's at least putting out the facade that he cares means that money is clearly a big motivation, as he knows he's hitting his draft stock. But incidents like this are directly fucking with it. What DO you care about?
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    Oh yeah...the one where he led the Bengals to twin 10-point leads after the assassination. And where the defense pissed away both leads. And the fumble you cite (which wasn't even turned over) when he had driven the team back down the field to try and get back to within 10 with a quarter to play. Oh yeah, that hysterically funny event. Yeah, I was there too, smart guy.
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    If you like the show (or, frankly, even if you don't LOL), please consider following 'From the Cheap Seats' on SoundCloud. Also, if you'd like updates or are interested in being a periodic contributor (on polls, drafts, or whatever we come up with), send me a quick note at CheapSeatRadio@gmail.com. No spam ever. If you happen to be in the Sandhills of North Carolina, you can hear us weekly on WDCC, WEEB, or WUAW. Thanks, guys, for helping make the pick. Enjoy... https://soundcloud.com/user-692411087/ep-5-4172017-nfl-mock-draft
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    I'm actually not from Pittsburgh, but it's the closest large city so I always use it as my location on message boards and whatnot. Nice...burn? I guess? I don't know, keep trying, your hack comedy is almost on par with your ability to comprehend standard message board betting etiquette and understanding that starting a football game =/= good performance. Seriously though, I know I'm a chicken and sort of near Pittsburgh so that means I'm poor or whatever, but do you want to fucking av/sig bet or not? I only want to bet on actual performance, not some joke of a stat like "number of starts". If you're a big, dumb, poor chicken like me, let's agree on a YPC or something similar and get on with it.
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    Not to start another Dalton thread, but your "limited" QB will pass the Quitter this season in virtually every positive category (in less time) and will be closing in on St. Norman for the #2 All-Time Bengals QB.
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    Wow, we play the colts in the final preseason game! About damn time!!
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    That's more or less my answer. I've said it before but every other major pro sport has had their gambling scandal that resulted in better oversight and a general "cleaning up". The NFL has not. So either you believe the NFL does not and has never had a problem with corruption, or (and the facts back this up IMO) it was designed as corrupt from the beginning. Believe what you will, but I'm sure as hell not going to throw even more money at them for Sunday Ticket if they moved out of the local TV market. I'm not going to try and change your mind, but I will never understand this Stockholm Syndrome-like approach to NFL fandom. You aren't "cursed", you can free yourself as easily as picking up the remote. If you're that gung-ho with loyalty to the city and the Bengals are so painful to you, there are 1,000 other things you could be doing that would actually benefit the community in some real way, and/or yourself. We're just passively watching a television for a few hours once a week. This Terminal Fan stuff is so over-the-top melodramatic, IDK what to make of it. Sounds to me like a colossal waste of time and a drag on fans that actually like the team. Again, I know I'm not going to change it, but damned if I can make any sense of it or have any sympathy at all for it.
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    So I guess the message that Mike and Marvin is sending all the young Bengals coming onto the team is that it's Ok to act like an idiot in public and continuously get arrested for dumb shit behavior as long as you give some kids in the neighborhood a few bicycles at Christmas time.