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    I roughed up some snapper last night!!!
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    In a pro league that embraces the likes of Jerry Jones & treats Mike Brown like a smelly vagrant trying to fill his pockets with hors d'ouevres? Doubtful. Integrity: (Sir Jerry Jones shown Protecting the Shield of his Great-granddaughters during the Dallas cocaine floods of 1913) Pariah: (Mike the Unclean summons blood-lusting demons to inhabit the souls of his players. Ben almost died ok?!) Some of y'all want to argue about if the NFL is bent?
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    Turning against Burfict our own? Those of you who are, i hope he does end up on the stealers and breaks whoever Cincy's qb's knees are. All you guys that are supposed fans of this team , but just keep piling on make me fucking sick.
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    Fuck the Stealers
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    I think everyone who is a long-time Bengals fan understands that, and I have full sympathy and understanding for someone who says "there is zero chance Burfict will ever be given the benefit of the doubt while he's still with the Bengals". I think that's true, but I will still defend him if it's warranted, regardless. I'm glad you chose the example of Thurman. He is the "original" guy who Goodell just tossed to the scrap heap. If I'm not mistaken he was the first or nearly the first guy Goodell suspended, and he was *immensely* harsh to Thurman compared to later cases. Thurman to me was definitely a guy could have potentially been helped, but the league did the *opposite*. He was dumb and he was a serious alcoholic - that's it. But what did the league do? Banned him from any contact with the team at all. Left him to his own devices to "get help or else". Sorry, if you've ever known a major alcoholic in your life you know they need support. Instead the league sent him back to the hood and said "call us when you're better". His teammates complained about this if you recall. Anyway, bad example if you ask me. Not according to several of his opponents. When he got suspended for the supposed "cheap shot" on the KC RB in the preseason, that RB said it was perfectly fine and he should have had his head up. KC players were asked before last week's game with the Bengals about Burfict, and they were at worst mildly tentative, at best outright supportive of his play. He is definitely not universally maligned. I didn't mention the Chiefs, but I know others did. I totally expect other teams to try and bait him, that's not the issue. It's that the refs/league allow it to happen no matter how serious it is. I can recall *maybe* twice ever a player dirtying Burfict get called for it. I mentioned the Stealers, because they do it constantly and with the most extreme dirtiness (stepping on/kicking him, slamming him head first after the play, etc). Marvin has touched on this, and he agrees that Burfict simply has to deal with it, and maybe so. It doesn't mean we as fans have to just shrug and accept that his mere presence buys him a difference in rule application, that's bull. Hockey refs mostly gets this right - if someone is going to dirty you, don't retaliate, we'll get him later - but if you do retaliate, we'll get you (almost) every time. Burfict spends most (or all) of the game not retaliating, in case you haven't noticed - instead he pleads his case to the refs (and Marvin) it just keeps going and going. His self control has been good if you ask me (and I watch the games). It's only cringe-inducing because you're expecting him to get called/thrown out/suspended, and you're hoping it won't happen. Has he hit anyone in the head? Did he twist an ankle? Did any opponent have even a hint of being even mildly injured by Burfict? The answer is no. I guess he just *really* sucks at being dirty, right? Ridiculous Bill Cosby analogy aside, I for one have been saying this from the beginning. He doesn't get the benefit of the doubt, and he's earned it. The problem is when he is *actually punished* when he did *not commit the crime*. It's Thought Police bullshit. What other player has ever been fined because the league *assumed* they were trying to hurt people but missed completely? Completely! A more apt Bill Cosby analogy would be - Bill talks to a woman, buys her a drink, then leaves. The police come and say he meant to drug her, but must have.. forgotten them? Or missed the glass? But sure as hell MEANT to drug her, his history says so! I agree with everything except the lack of Geno chatter. There was a wonderful lack of Burfict talk, even after the first game - it wasn't until they played Pittsburgh and the media went on a wild speculation spree that the real idiocy started. Overall, though, I agree - this team is unlikely to win with Burfict in the lineup regardless of how well he's playing. He's way too easy to penalize when the league has stamped him "guilty until... eh, naw, guilty", and he will always be used to tilt games whether he's done anything or not. Well, I don't cheer him acting dirty, maybe others do. And Big Ben - I 100% care. If he was drafted by the Bengals and he did the same bullshit I'd have stopped watching the team, I guarantee you. I wouldn't have had to though because after he'd french kissed a windshield without a helmet on whilst acting like a douche I also guarantee the league/media would never let him forget it if he was a Bengal, and he'd have whined his way out of the league really early on because he wouldn't have been successful on the field either. If you need more evidence: I was scared shitless we might end up with Cam Newton in the 2011 draft, and I DEFINITELY did not want a shithead like that leading the Bengals and I was prepared to stop watching them then. I have continued to chastise the guy as he's only proven me right, and do you really think I give a shit about the Panthers or whether they win or lose?
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    Also: Good - we quite literally limp away with a MUCH needed fifth victory. Two weeks to get healthy and, I dare say, make some huge adjustments to our defensive approach. If we can take five of our last eight, we can almost certainly be assured an opportunity to have a wild card loss again.
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    Fuck that! Burdock Forever!
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    We had a scout grading prospects based on how they pour ketchup. It's not hard to understand how we ended up with a couple of shit-tier OT's.
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    If Vontaze Burfict was just a hard-hitting motherfucker knocking snot bubbles out of opponents due to the sheer force of his violent hits and getting flagged, I'd have no problem with the guy. The problem is that he is a dirty bastard who head hunts, twists legs, punches nuts, stands over fallen players and takes liberties after the whistle. I've got no time for that. And neither does the league. Between suspensions and injuries, the guy has played in 39 of 80 possible games over the past five years. Look at his numbers from his first two years. The guy was a menace. Now he's just a cheap shotting liability. It's too bad. He could have been great.
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    Grown ups blaming the refs and the league constantly. And when they couldnt this week due to the score, they brought up how he's not the only one to continue to alleviate responsibility. Guy pulled over with 30 pounds of weed in his trunk. But, but, but (insert whine) it was an unlawful search. Good God. I get it, its frustrating to constantly hear the same shit about the Bengals. If they want it to change then they better start to routinely win the games "teams like" patriots and "teams like" Stealers do. Face it. The Bengals fucking stink when it counts. That continues to be evident. They lost to KC because they arent as good at executing. They lost against Pittsburgh because they arent as good at executing......routinely. Period.
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    This is because Shawn Williams is one of the few defenders on this team that is playing like a real football player. When a team has hung these kind of points on you (ref assisted at that), and they're all swinging their dicks all over the field and the coach keeps leaving in the starters and running clown plays... you start making people pay. You make them hurt. You make them remember what game they're playing. Sure, the NFL is trying hard to get rid of that completely, but I for one LOVE that Williams is playing like that. You play for pride, you play for your teammates, and you play to make teams remember who you are.
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    I'm starting to get the feeling we're not gonna win the SB this year.
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    Kansas City is known to bend over backwards for their visitors... They're so open. So warm and inviting. So willing to take you in and hold you tightly. Great Googly Moogly.
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    I'm almost 100% certain that AJ Green had two dropped balls on two consecutive targets from Dalton early in the game. Core had one, also earlier in the game. All three passes were going to be first downs, IIRC. All three passes were also perfect. Slick ball, I guess...and nerves over the seriousness of this rivalry, As for dropped INT's, I'm not totally sure if you're talking about our offense or our defense, but the answer is the same: SEVERAL. Those are the type of "make your own luck" plays that directly impact the outcome of the game. We had two dropped INT's against the Steelers...and failed to recover the forced fumble on Vance McDonald (whom apparently has a side business giving piggyback rides to Vontaze Burfict). The ongoing saga with Marvelous Lewis and his clock management and decision making skills were on display last Sunday too. Not going for it on 4th and 1 in Stealers territory early in the third quarter after you had just scored a TD to tie the game at the end of the 1st half? C'mon man. The same drive you ran the ball on 3rd and 2 with...Walton? When Mixon was averaging 8 YPC up to that point, and isn't a rookie and has a bad habit of falling forward for extra yardage? C'mon man. In the same game against your hated rival and where momentum was so important? That game? Jeeez. Then follow up that clusterfuck with not ordering (or allowing) time to run off the clock via the play clock, staying in bounds or even...dare I say it...running the football? Talk about needing a doctorate in astrophysics to figure that one out. You've got two timeouts! Marvin plays scared in some situations, situations where I think playing to win (crushing the opponents windpipe in a swift blow, etc) is called for, not crawling into the fetal "prevent" mode. I don't understand cutting Tate at all. Both your 1 and 2 TE's are injured, there's been little John Ross to help open things up underneath, etc. We couldn't use a 6'6" tall wideout with a huge body and leaping ability in the redzone in the absence of both starting TE's? Really? I know he was a seventh round pick and all, but if you liked him so much to keep him on your 53, and when you start to get depleted at pass catching positions on offense, at some point wouldn't you want to see what you have within a game when the score matters? Just a couple plays here and there? It's not like we're leading the league in third down conversions and red zone touchdowns. Anyway, my "best post so far this year" nomination button is the heart-shaped box to your bottom right because the heart is where love comes from. And love, ladies and germs, is what makes a Subaru, a Subaru.
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    That was the last game my Dad attended. He enjoyed the characters at the tailgate (WhoDey28 is still around, Air Force Bengal, Enquirer Board, a Used car salesman whose name eludes me, jello shots, near Longworth hall elevated parking area, irritated police trying to wrangle those unruly tailgate fans in the parking lot above, etc...). In other words, I'd love to relive that day over and over again until the end of time. ...cue up the theme song from Archie Bunker... Sent from my 2PS64 using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    False advertising. Everyone knows Pittsburgh is the asshole of the world.
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    I did and I always expect something stupid to happen in that scenario. There's always at least a critcal ghost PI. It's like the refs get together before the drive and remind each other that if any play is close, fuck the bengals.
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    Vontaze, did you threaten this man or use profanity in any way?
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    You can't root for Burfict and then point fingers at the "other" dirty teams. You're just an orange and black version of a Mike Mitchell fan at that point. If you're going to celebrate guys getting head hunted, how can you complain when another team does it? If you can watch Burfict take a shot at AB's head all day long, how can you even possibly pretend to act offended that the Stealers fans love JuJu? The fact of the matter is this: Burfict is much more of a distraction than a benefit. And this has been for a few years. You KNOW that if it was anyone from the Stealers targeting AJ like that, you'd want their balls on a bamboo skewer. So now you're in the position of defending the guy when there's no benefit to doing so. When he plays he's either racking up bad fouls, still out of shape from his last suspension, or sliding off guys like condoms at a Vikings work outing. He's not winning us games. Based on your perspective, he may well be losing us games. So, why be a hypocrite for a guy who pretty much sucks anyway? And since even his defenders say that he can't be a good player and not draw the flags and fines... What's the upside? But I don't want to hear you guys bitch about dirty play from any other team ever again. You'd love INSERT PLAYER HERE if he was a Bengal. Pretty much the same insult you level at the media, steeler fans, and guys named "Chaz". You don't care that Big Ben's a rapist - You're mad that he's not our rapist. No wonder the Steeler trolls laugh at your thinly disguised envy.
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    Down by 31 points and you're kicking a field goal ? Suck a bag´╗┐ of dicks ´╗┐Marvin.
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