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    When it comes to lame and stupid, I will defer to your expertise.
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    Dude, if you have no understanding of how the Military works, please refrain from commenting. On the evening of August 1, 1990 I was in Manhattan Kansas drinking beers with my hot 22 year old senior girlfriend and her friends who were attending K. State. I had just signed up to take 2 classes and start working on my Masters degree. Was finally gonna be able to take advantage of those benefits. 3 months later I was on the Saudi/Iraqi border. My son is raising his right hand at 1pm today to join the Marines. Anyone who is willing to join the military and all that goes with it deserves our thanks regardless of whether or not they see action. One of the most important members of every unit is the Supply Sargent. They are not expected to see action but they sure as hell make sure the rest of us are fully supplied to do so. A good supply NCO is worth their weight in gold. My opinion is we shouldn't play the national anthem or raise the flag at NFL games. The players and organizations don't really deserve or rate that kind of honor. With very few exceptions, most of them have done little to make this country a better place or help their fellow man. Those that have can certainly be honored at other public events. The NFL has wrapped itself in the flag purely as a marketing ploy. At one point the NFL was charging the military to have tributes on the field until it was discovered. As far as boycotting, I really only watch the Bengals, occasionally the Saints but not nearly as much as the Bengals. Probably only watched 8 to 10 full Bengals games last year. I haven't been to a game in a few years but go to OSU games 2 or 3 times a year. I will occasionally meet my buds out for cold beers and to watch a game but usually we go together to watch college games which are simply more entertaining. Everyone seems to run the same offense in the pros which has become a short passing controlled game. I had a little hope when Kaepernick, RGIII and Cam came into the league but those exciting offenses were either found out and/or organizations realize its simply too easy to lose your franchise QB running that type of offense. Not boycotting but the game has become horribly stale and inflicted with yellow flag disease.
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    Probably catch some of the ass whooping the Chiefs lay on the Stealers.
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    A good place for this: Any one who ever questions the toughness or courage of our starting QB is, quite simply, full of shit. End of story.
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    I know SOIS is OK, and Le Tigre just posted a couple of hours ago, so he's good as well. All of our friends there are safe, though I'm sure there will be second or third degree injuries/deaths with the sheer level of carnage. One of my oldest friends in Las Vegas left the festival an hour before the shooting started. It was her first country music festival, and likely her last. My wife and I left Las Vegas in May, and as someone who lived there for 20 years, and drove directly past the location of this terrorist attack nearly every day on my way to work for the past 5 + years, I hope those in this thread will indulge my perspective on the attack. While I'm horrified, angry, and disgusted at this attack, I'm simply not surprised it happened; I'm surprised it took so long for it to happen. Nevada is a reflection of The United States' gun fetish on steroids; more guns, bigger guns, everywhere. There are probably a half dozen shooting ranges that advertise "Shoot a real machine gun!" around town. I couldn't drive more than 5 miles in any direction without passing a gun shop, seeing ads about gun shops, billboards about gun shops or gun shows. As I didn't own a gun, and had no particular interest in doing so, one would think that this would all just run into the background after a while. It might have if not for the fact that Nevada is an Open Carry state. It was not out of the ordinary to be in the grocery store (in one of the richest, whitest parts of the city, mind you) looking at strawberries, and have some yokel with a hero complex stroll by with a 357 Magnum strapped to their hip. I know there are other states with Open Carry laws (Texas comes to mind) but Nevada seemed to have a wanton disregard for public safety and basic common sense when it came to walking around locked and loaded. It wasn't just the sheer proliferation of weapons in that state, it was the guns combined with right-wing paranoia on the fringes and in the rest of the state. Nevada went blue in the last election because of Las Vegas; Nevada's population is a touch under 3 million, with 2 million of them living in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area. However, get out of that area, and folks are kinda crazy. Think I'm exaggerating? Ask yourself why Alex Jones set up shop in Pahrump, a fetid shithole about an hour outside of Las Vegas. Rural Nevada is rife with poor schools, poor access to healthcare, ignorance that seems to be passed down genetically (see schools point prior), and a deep-seeded mistrust of authority. They live in their own delusional world of conspiracy theories and government overreach that perpetuates itself among the citizens in these small towns which lead to events like that at the Bundy Ranch. The terrorist, whose name I will not soil my keyboard with, lived in Mesquite. We know little to nothing of this wretch, but based on what I know of these small towns and my own experiences there, I have my suspicions. I used the word 'disgusted' to describe my feelings about this attack, and I used it because I am truly disgusted. Disgusted because nothing will change. People will share vacuous platitudes on Facebook, and the bullshit #vegasstrong hashtag is already trending, and a handful of politicians will pay lip service to meaningful change. It will be in the headlines for the next few months, and then the American populace will get distracted like a kitten with a shiny object, and forget about the 58+ dead people and scores of injured, while a square of some of the most valuable real estate in the world gets turned into a shrine until 100 people get murdered in the next attack. It's not just that our elected officials are in the pocket and controlled by the firearms industry and the NRA rendering us powerless, it's that the American people are too scatter-brained and comfortable in their daily existence to give a shit long enough to make the changes. And I know that some of you after reading this are asking "Well what the fuck do you mean by meaningful change El Flocko? What do you think needs done?". My answer is simple: Repeal the 2nd Amendment. You want an assault rifle and you're not in the military? Fuck you. You want to own 80 weapons thinking you're going to fight off the drone that'll blow up your house from a mile in the air because you think "The Expendables" was a documentary? Eat a bag of dicks. That's what it'll take to address the gun issue in the US, and it'll never happen in my lifetime...
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    The local paper urged a boycott due to the drafting of Joe Mixon. I don't want to say that this is all of it... But I know plenty of people who have simply given up on the NFL because of CTE issues, domestic violence issues, and so on... These are not your die hard fans, but they're the last 10K that sells out a stadium. Defending Pacman and Burfict turned a lot of these people off. We didn't resign our pro-bowl tackle, and it was pretty much expected that we'd suck this year. That doesn't drive attendance. Especially coming off of a lackluster 2016. However, attendance is down across the NFL, to the tune of 2 Million people a year. There is no one factor. But IMHO, I think that with the NFL trying to be a "year-round" sport, Mark Cuban might have been right... A few years ago, when the league expanded its Thursday night TV package, Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, predicted that the proliferation would one day hurt the NFL’s popularity. “I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion,” Cuban told a group of reporters at the time. “I’m just telling you: Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they’re getting hoggy. … It’s all football. At some point, the people get sick of it.” Especially when the "year round" aspect of the sport seems to focus on the negatives. Players getting arrested, politics, money, the shittiness of Goodell... I've been a fan sinvce the 70's, and even I'm at the point where I only watch the Bengals game, and even that's getting tenuous.
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    You're new here so I'll clue you in: one of the beautiful things about this place is there are no language filters. So if I want to say "fuck him", I can. You can do it too! C'mon, just type the words "Fuck Jeremy Hill" and it'll make you feel better. Also, fuck the kids that may be reading this. They need to sack up, join the forum and express their indignation at such profanity.
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    And the Rockies being on the cusp of the playoffs goes a long way too. Anything but the fucking NFL. But it all gets in the way of the meme of millionaires "protesting" (still not defined of course), as though they are the Chicago Fucking Seven...and so Comrade Jamie can post a quotation from some thoughtful leftist for the umpteenth thousandth time and have everyone applaud like he is Jerry Fucking Rubin. Injustice? Real or imagined, Welcome to the world. They can go to Caracas and take a knee trying to get toilet paper or water along with the real poor schmucks who thought everything was hunky-dory so long as the oil prices stayed high and the money was flowing to everybody. Maybe they can get in with Maduro and still live the good life? Wait, people are REALLY pissed there, they might have to actually fight for something, as opposed to making a quarter million a week performing for the bread and circus crowds and offering a token show of nothing except for the delight of the corrupt American media and the useful proletarian idiots. Am i devisive? Am I resistant to getting involved "in the conversation "--whatever in the fuck that is? I don't care enough about this farce of an entertainment industry, the filthy rich performers, financiers, and parasite acolytes to either know or care to know anything leading to a "conversation". They can kneel, sit, or lay flat on their backs for all I give a shit. Maybe they can protest my medical insurance premiums going through the roof, or that there is no cure immediately available for my wife's cancer. How about that, as opposed to imaginary wrongs done to people they don't know, or sins committed by people who have been dead 150 years. Life sucks. It is the nature of this world. There is no Nirvana arriving by the means of mortal people. All the social justice engineering in imagination, will not move the needle one step closer to perfection. It doesn't exist--at least not in this manifestation of existence. Keep trying I guess, history has shown that there are relatively just societies which have happened--including the one Americans live in now. But that doesn't fit the agenda, so do keep on stirring pots. I have lived a longer life than 90% of the people here. I have experienced all of the ups and downs of life--no one can challenge me on anything. But I am through with caring about the whims of overpaid entertainers and what they think they are representing. I do not care an iota for their "rights". I just don't care.
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    Somewhere in Norway, a bridge is missing its troll.
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    The Elliot thing is a classic Bengals fuck-up. That kind of leg is a legit weapon, one even more valuable when you have a fuck-up coaching the team and a fuck-up quarter-backing the team. If you are gonna spend a 5th round pikc on him, then he needs to fucking make the team. Watch him go on to a hall of fame type career in Philly while Bullock continues to fucking choke kicks that matter. This team is fucking stupid. We are all stupid for caring. Fuck them all.
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    stfu....goof ball..don't you have Andy Dalton stats to research so you can defend him this week. Your shoulders should be sore from carrying so much water for Dalton and the Bengals.
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    Bottom line: there was no way the NFL was going to let one of its flagship franchises, one of its marquee QB's and its national game... lose to the Milwaukee Bucks. The calls/non-calls were in full NFL glory. I had this one called from the second quarter on. I was not surprised in the slightest. An eternal pox on this farce of a sport.
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    I am 66.....my idea of a nooner is taking a nap and dreaming about knocking one off.....or maybe it is the tool sale at Lowe's....I can't remember.
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    I was just about to pop in and reinforce my "not how many but when" comment regarding the Jets game. Funny how things work out isn't it. It's kind of the NFL to provide me with an instant demonstration of my point.
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    Somebody should stomp this larnyx with their cleats, fuck this SOB.
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    Because their fans are unbearable cockbags.
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    I can get behind the Astros but I want them to wear the 1970s circa unis
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    Been reading some football gurus possibilities for the 2018 Bengals 1st round draft choices.....
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    So you can do a dunk and dash. Cool. Just make sure that if you are asked to hold one for a picture you don't spike the little nipper and do the Ickey shuffle.
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    Good news for all the bud light drinkers. The rain fills it up for free and probably makes it taste better.
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    Jesus has better things to do than moderate this message board.
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    More or less disgusting than the political tactics of the NRA over the last couple of decades which refuses to budge over reasonable gun control legislation? Another Day, Another U.S. Mass Shooting
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    Taxes are not communism. The state owning the means of production is what communism is. Please educate yourself you look foolish.
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    Came across this article tonight and thought of you. https://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2017/09/white-lives-matter-blue-lives-dont-right-wingers-k.html "White supremacists (also referred to as “domestic terrorists” and “right-wing extremists”) have been responsible for more than 73 percent of deadly terrorist attacks in the U.S. since 2001. In that same 15-year span they’ve also killed 34 police officers, compared to 10 from left-wing extremists (including the five officers killed within minutes of each other in Dallas), and one from a domestic jihadist terrorist. Despite these stats, police kill black people 2.5 times more frequently than they kill white people. What’s more, police kill unarmed black people at five times the rate they kill unarmed white people. That gap is racism at its ugliest." Note that 2016, the one outlier here, itself had the outliers of the Dallas and Baton Rouge mass ambush shootings, yet right-wingers still killed more cops that year. (The Baton Rouge copkiller, a black man, was also a member of the Oathkeepers, so he straddles left-wing and right-wing groups.) And it’s not just cops. As mentioned above, more than 70% of all deadly terrorist attacks in the U.S. have come from far-right groups. According to a U.S. government report, violent right-wing extremists have killed more people than violent jihadists in 10 of the 15 years we have data for since September 11, 2001. (In three other years the groups killed the same number of people.) But the frequency of attacks is much different: White supremacists have carried out three times as many deadly attacks as jihadists in that same timeframe. That’s fifteen years of data.
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    Here's the one for the Steelers. Also super funny, https://deadspin.com/why-your-team-sucks-2017-pittsburgh-steelers-1799179375
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    What a load of neoconservative fucking horseshit. If you think the symbol of America is the flag, then you’re a misguided fuck. The symbol of America is THE CONSTITUTION! For twenty years I swore to “Defend our constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” Notice that I didn’t defend the flag, I defended The Constitution. As a veteran who WATCHED my fellow brothers and sisters in arms DIE for our country., in defense of everyone’s RIGHTS. Those rights are in the Bill of Rights, that are a part of the Constitution. How DARE you call me an idiot for defending anyone’s rights, even if that is spitting on our flag, kneeling for the National Anthem, or even burning the flag. I personally don’t like it myself, but I would be a hypocrite of the worst degree if I didn’t support my fellow Americans rights to protest the inherent inequality that exists in our society.
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    Amen... and even if someone does "join the military for the paycheck and benefits, and really don't see much action", it means they have done so KNOWING they have written a blank check with their lives being the payment. IF you want to overlook that little tidbit, then yeah... no big deal about the military. Asshats speak about that of which they have no clue. I would NEVER boycott something because people have their undies in a bundle over other people exercising the rights. Don't like the form of their protest but I defended their rights for 20 years and won't be a hypocrite now.
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    Used to make a point of not putting ppl on ignore, but I figure.. why not? We're not discussing anything that important, if someone gets on my nerves *poof* they're gone. We're only bullshitting about pro football, I don't owe anyone my attention. Find myself starting to type out some in-depth response, then realize it's nice outside.. What's the point?
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    Bengals uber-homer ignores that the reason you keep Elliot is that the leg he possesses allows room for growing pains.
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    IKR? Draft kicker Waive said draft pick Draft pick hits franchise-record 61 yard walk-off for new team. Bengals kicker shanks one OOB for an easy Green Bay score to negate an early lead, then misses 48 yard FG in a game they end up losing in OT. It doesn't get any more Bengal than that.
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    You're a fucking choad, Fred. Lick my taint after I take a sloppy shit, won't you?
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    Almost every NFL QB ever to stride the gridiron has worse performances when his surrounding casts suck. This is why the few that do well under those circumstances stand out beyond the others. Dalton is not one of those men, and neither are most of the NFL QB's that have ever played. What's your point (and now I see you are suspended so I feel stupid for even asking but maybe the peanut gallery will chime in). Andy, like most NFL QB's not named Brady or Manning, suck without weapons. I'm here. This may be true. How much longer can the window be open for guys like AJ Green before they bail? Or become too expensive for Mike Brown? Geno Atkins is the best DT in the league. What games were you watching? Or maybe just the first halves of them. The saddest thing of this is that the Bengals had the cap room to resign BOTH of those guys, and failed to do so. Facepalm. But they continue to devise ways to NOT spend near the cap despite the newly invoked cap floor rules. We have lots of money floating around, we SHOULD have resigned Whitworth. Um...yes? Yes it is. Look, we are all Bengals fans, but the existence of an NFL team IS to win the Superbowl. We haven't even won a SINGLE playoff game under Marvin. It's stale, it's old, he needs fired, we need to make changes. I am SO sick of this shit. Sorry if I'm emotionally invested, it's called being a fan, which is shorthand for "fanatic". Why does Brady's postseason percentage matter when he clearly wins games, regardless of his talent or that of whomever fills the roster when he takes a snap? Like Barry Sanders behind a shitty oline, he just gets shit done. I realize that he's a generational talent and that Dalton will never be him or even close to it, but why the ratings? They are meaningless to winning games. What was the Rapists QBR in the first SB he won? A rapey 2.5 or something? Let's end with this: intangibles. Brady replaced Bledsoe, whom was a first round pick and much loved for his TANGIBLES. 6'5", could throw the ball around the yard, etc. A prototype QB (very much like Carson Palmer). Destiny, history and injury have a funny way of granting blessings to an unknown and unproven rookie from Bitchagain. Brady lacked ALL THE THINGS Bledsoe had. Yet...he marshalled his troops to victory, and continues to do so. Dalton LACKS that innate ability to slide step and stay in the pocket. He takes off running, sometimes for success, sometimes not. The ultimate point here is that yes, Dalton isn't elite, and it has nothing to do with stats. It has to do with cool-headedness under pressure, the ability to look off receivers, not lock in on first reads, and find the open man. Brady is a MASTER of that, as much as I hate him, and that's despite an all-star roster. Dalton doesn't have that ability, hence, our outcome.
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    I always want the Bengals to win, but it you put a gun to my head and say my life depends on the most accurate prediction, here it is. Marvin leaves Andy in and sticks to his guns across the board. The team plays much better and has a chance to win. They blow a few key plays, a couple borderline calls go against them, Marvin makes a couple questionable at best moves, and they find a way to lose. I hope I'm wrong. Also, someone will post how they're number 6 in completion percentage when playing above 44 degrees latitude. Number 4 when the moon is in a waxing crescent phase.
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    More likely we are the most "who gives a shit" team in the league.
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    This can't be stated often enough...
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    You'll never understand my avatar, either. I'm guessing your main interest here is not to pursue any truths, but rather to pick a fight. Are you sure you want to do that? With me?
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    Someone was in the refs way when he was running down the field during a play. you are supposed to back up Bengals were warned once and did it again.. Just stupidity on the Bengals part
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    sucks when we get a hard fought win and the only thing people want to talk about is some dumbass drunk dude throwing a beer
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    Bud and Miller lite are hardly beer. Still more money than it's worth.
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    But if it's got some leftover fries at the bottom Andre will stop it cold
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    Sean Brewer laughs at this and then lights a cig
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    Don't feed the animals. They only come back for more.
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    And as many playoff wins as the Browns.
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    and I really hope we have a new coach next year. Ialong with a lot of others here wanted Marvin Lewis gone after the home playoff loss to San Diego
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    "Wah! Wah! The biggest mistake the Bengals made was letting all those free agents leave and changing to new younger players." "Oh, yeah, and their biggest problem is that they are afraid of change!! Wah! Wah!"
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    Not to belabor the point, but if you carefully read your first post I responded to, and also this one here, you will see several punctuation and plurality errors. I was just fucking around with you anyway, but I also have a degree in English. And being a dick.
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    That is fine. You keep riding your unicorn and follow that rainbow, eventually, maybe in Marvin's 18th or 20th year, we will win that elusive playoff game. Robert E. Lee won a lot battles, he also got his ass kicked in the most important one: Gettysburg. Only someone like me who studied the Civil War can name battles Lee won but almost everyone knows about Gettysburg, its his legacy. I remember how many would point to Peyton Manning talking about how long it took him win a playoff game. The Colts played in the AFC title game in Manning's 6th year. Last year, Dalton's 6th, we were 24th in points scored and won 6 games. That was with Whit and Zeitler. BTW, I don't think McCarron is any better than Dalton, I just don't want to see that frightened deer at QB anymore. It has been close to two years since he has played well for more than a game. The terrible games stand out due to them being so horrible. Can you name another QB who has had a passer rating of 2 in a home loss(to the Browns)? How about the OT loss to the Dolphins in 2013? Drop back 8 yards into the endzone and get sacked in OT? Dalton is so Jekyl and Hyde. You never know what the hell you are getting. Eli Manning got his ass kicked yesterday. He kept getting back up and tried to make plays. Stood in the pocket like he has his whole career and tried to make plays knowing his left tackle was garbage and he was going to get hit. I think he is close to done but at least he is going out like a football player. Baltimore and Pitt are both 2-0 and both are better teams than we are. The AFC West has Denver, KC and Oakland. It would be a miracle to win 10 of the next 14 games and somehow get a wildcard at this point.
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    He did say in a perfect world, which I took as when healthy he's as talented.

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