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    "Stop being offended by everything!!!" - the people who are constantly offended by everything Moving to J&D in 3, 2, 1.....
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    Oh my goodness friends!!! Oh how I've missed my Bengal friends! It's been a jacked up couple of years but I'm getting there! I miss bullshitting about my Bengals and all my friends on here... I hope everyone has been doing well.. I'm climbing out of the hole and my sister and I still find ways to get our tickets... Anyway, probably should be in the general forum so move if you wish, but just wanted to say hi, it's been a while and can't wait to get involved again now that I've "almost" got my life back!!
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    And please don't feed the animals. It not only encourages them but they senselessly counter your logic and insight with bullshit statistics that prove nothing.
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    Spicy is out and Herr Trump appoints another Goldman Sachs plutocrat. Millions of Trump faithful throughout the Midwest struggle to find new ways to identify themselves with a petulant NYC billionaire.
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    Deserved more IMHO... grow up or go away Jones.
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    "Gosh darnit I wish these rootin' tootin' colored folk would learn to protest peacefully!" *people kneel* "NOT LIKE THAT!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!"
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    Do all of the people so offended by this stand up in their living rooms for the national anthem? I doubt it. I'm not offended..It's their right. I'm not boycotting shit.
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    Awfully quiet about this around here.
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    Missing a chip shit on Christmas Eve is not a good thing.
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    On a related note, I am continually amazed at how laid-back and averse to the spotlight AJ seems to be. That's rare enough in any star athlete but for one of the best WR's in football it's incredible. I actually find myself wishing he was a bit more out front so we didn't have Spitman Jones as the face of the franchise. It would be nice if AJ or Geno were who people thought of when they hear "Cincinnati Bengals" considering both of them have to be considered at least top 3 at their position. Of course that doesn't fit the current "thug" narrative. If it's gonna be like that though I'm happy to embrace Burdock as the classic "heel" character. Be afraid mofos!
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    Actually, you're quick with the name-calling any time you get the opportunity. I admit I could be wrong about Ross. The thing is, even if I am? You'll still be an asshole. Maybe, but at least I'm not calling people names over some football player that doesn't know I exist. You guys keep swinging from his dick like that and he'll never be healthy enough to play. Just something to think about whenever you come up for air. Good effort though.
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    Yes, everyone is ignorant but you. There is no such thing as draft busts. Or if there are draft busts, it's because those complete idiot NFL scouts should have listened to an expert like you. WTF ever man. Get over yourself.
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    Well, they matter as far as who is actually on the field. All I've said is that Ross hasn't done anything yet. That's it.
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    The guy is an insane fucking asshole.. I am to this day shocked that he is the president.. I would say I am excited for his impeachment...but the people he has lined up after him to take office might be worse..
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    There is no doubt that the Bengals are trying to upgrade the pass rush, but that doesn't mean Johnson is a bum. He's a solid DE who is more of a jack-of-all-trades/master-of-none rather than a pass-rushing beast. Hopefully, the kids will prove their worth and bump him down the depth chart in nickle/dime packages. But that doesn't mean he won't be able to contribute in the base defensive package. I look at Johnson as similar to Peko. He's a guy who can be an asset in a limited role in specific situations, but he's not a guy who you want on the field all the time. Johnson has had to play a ton of snaps the last couple of years because the young studs they drafted to rotate with him (Clarke, Hunt) were massive busts. Hopefully the new guys can perform better and carry some of the load.
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    What's a speed limit? Seriously though, the speed limits where they exist tend to be so high (~75 mph) there is no need to go much faster. Most stretches I drive have dynamic speed limits that are based on current conditions, which is nice. I once legally got a mini cooper up to 127 mph on the way to the airport. Driving that fast is stressful.
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    I thought about posting something but to tell you the truth I figured (hoped) I'd be preaching to the choir. Plus that whole "Trump/the Trumpanzees aren't really racists" argument is dead in the water as far as I'm concerned & I don't see much to be gained from rehashing it. If his supporters aren't all racist shitbags they sure are cozy with them so it's not a distinction of much importance to me at this point. Same goes for the "they aren't really Nazis they're just trolling haha libtard cucks etc etc" stuff. They're in the streets throwing Roman salutes & chanting Nazi shit so if they don't want to be mistaken for actual Nazis that would be a place to start. Beyond that's it's all the usual "but is he a terrorist?" nonsense and a whole lot of bullshit about "both sides". Yeah, well - choose one, motherfuckers. There's no room on the sideline for that finger-wagging, not right now. Stow that debate for when we don't have fascists marching through our streets carrying torches.
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    This just is not true. This is where MJ ranked among DEs last year. 10th in stuffs (tackle for loss on running play), 12th in solo tackles, 14th in tipped passes, 15th in QB hurries 19th in total tackles. Please don't start squealing "Fred Toast thinks MJ is a Pro Bowler!!!". All I am doing is showing that MJ is grosssly underrated by a lot of people around here. His salary ranks in the mid 30's for DEs, and I think that is a good value. Of course I would love to see one of the young guys blow up and become a Pro Bowl talent, but Johnson's production will not be as easy to replace as a lot of people think. He is no star but he is a solid NFL starter.
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    My takes - Willis was flat out impressive last night. He was exactly what his scouting tape said.... A high motor guy with an awesome first step who needs to learn more technique. Yes, he got pressure against second teamers, but he did from both sides of the line, and no one else was close to his production. Even more impressive was some of the plays he ran down. On one running play he was washed out to the right, and assisted on the tackle 10 yards away. Teach that kid to vary his moves, and he's a steal. For all of the hype about Lawson, didn't see it. Ogubuehi was better.... But not good enough. He was lousy in the run game and got beat around the edge a few times on speed rushes. Fisher played well. Both Westerman and Hopkins showed VERY well. Minter and Vigil looked solid. If Burfict is back to form, LB's should be very good this year. Oh, yeah, Tyler Boyd is still on this team. Aside from one kick he fielded, where the hell was he? Billings showed his power and athleticism, but also played like crap. He was going where the guard wanted him to go and had guys running past him even when he had good penetration. He needs to work on that football IQ. Michael Johnson... Dear lord. He was AWFUL. He needs to hope that 3 or 4 guys get injured or he's going to be (should be?) bagging groceries in October. You HAVE to get production out of your blindside rusher. Our starters go zero pressure on the QB, and made it too easy for Winston. DeShawn Williams just plain has a knack for making the announcers say his name. Dude just makes plays. I was hoping to see something out of Ryan Glasgow, but I'm not sure he took a snap. D-Line is going to be the toughest position come cut down day.
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    Nothing to worry about. It was a major tumor, but Black Jesus healed himself.
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    Prayers for a speedy recovery.
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    lol trade AJ and Andy...then sign Kaep and Cutler.... #Championship
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    Uh, trade Dalton. AJ for starter.
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    another reason is that he sexually assaults and beats women.. McGreggor is a total douche bag too though, but at least he only says terrible things.. I agree though, Mayweather should win easily.. I bet $50 to win $10...ha ha
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    Because they are talented and can play NFL football?
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    The costs of Gender re-assignment surgery are minimal in comparison to the money they spend on Viagra for retirees. http://www.militarytimes.com/news/2017/07/26/the-military-spends-more-on-giving-retirees-erections-than-on-transgender-troops/
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    This coming from the person who never served. Bet he wouldn't have a problem with one of them taking one of his children's place on the front line.
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    Glad the parole hearing finally went your way!!
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    Remembering games from the 60's and upward, part of the playing through pain came from guys having to do so to earn a paycheck. It wasn't like today, where the rookies average salary for 2017 is expected to be around $365,000. In 1970 (after a brief lockout) the average total salary for NFL players was $23,000. Supposedly that equates to $115,000 in today's money, but I question that. They wouldn't have had to work real jobs in the off-season to pay their bills if that were true. I think that was a huge reason for them playing hurt. You didn't even hear of guys taking off a game or even a practice for a strain or muscle pull. They just played through it, albeit not at their normal speed. I am one of those people that DO think the previous generations were WAY tougher... physically, mentally, and emotionally because they didn't have the conveniences that are available today. Best example I can give for that is I spent 20 years in the USN. The living and working conditions I saw when I started were drastically different than when I retired. We did more with less than the kids starting 20 years later, and the same goes for the squids who started 20 years ahead of me. Good input all around and I definitely don't mind learning or changing my viewpoint. I appreciate being able to talk like adults with those capable of doing so.
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    Over the last 6 seasons only 14 WRs have averaged more than 50 catches per year and 14.0 per catch. Lafell is one of those guys. Last year LaFell had 4 receptions of 40+ yards, that was 11th in the league and no other WR had more than 6.
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    http://www.espn.com/blog/cincinnati-bengals/post/_/id/27687/john-ross-imitates-marvin-lewis-in-bengals-rookie-talent-show John Ross imitates Marvin Lewis in Bengals' rookie talent show Katherine TerrellESPN Staff Writer CINCINNATI -- John Ross imitated Cincinnati Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. Jake Elliott created a throwback Instagram of embarrassing photos, and Ryan Glasgow badly butchered the national anthem. "They had the idea that they should start off with the national anthem,"Elliott said. "It didn't go so well." Added Ross: "I don't think it went as planned, but it was definitely fun." It's the middle of training camp, which meant the annual rookie talent show on Tuesday. For most of the rookies at least. Third-round pick Jordan Willis, who is somewhat of an introvert and doesn't talk much, sat it out. "The guys gave me some flack about it, but I just don't have much charisma to be doing something like that," Willis said with a shrug. Ross emceed the show while in character as Lewis. "I've been trying to pick up on coach and his mannerisms all week since I've been here," he said. "He's someone very hard to get down because he changes every day with the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he laughs. It's kind of hard. You really have to shadow him all day, which I don't get a chance to. Anonymous inside sources tell us Ross' performance when something like this" "*Clap, clap, clap* Mr. Brown, its time to finalize the talks for my contract extension. I would like a five year extension, you know, on account of how we see improvement every week as well as good things happening out there every day, but I will settle for a three year deal with a two year option. My option, of course. *Clap, clap, clap." Ross/Marvin then clawed his crotch and stood there slack jawed and cow eyed like he had just been hit in the head with a brick. The performance received a standing ovation and Special Teams Coach, Simmons, explained it to Lewis. "I really wanted to get the walk down and some of the things that he says. I think some of the players last night caught some of the words that he says I lot. It was pretty fun." Lewis gave the performance a passing grade. “The discipline part of his presentation was very good, to quiet the crowd," Lewis said, laughing. "It's very impressive, actually. (He said), 'I got this coach, don't worry.'" Other highlights of the show: Mason Schreck created fake text conversation between Vontaze Burfict and Marvin Lewis, showing first what the two really wanted to say, then what they really said. Schrenck was cut immediately after the performance and Burfict kicked his ass in the parking lot. Joe Mixon put on the family reunion skit from the TV show "Wild N Out" that made fun of various teammates. "We closed out pretty good and didn't get booed. I think we got booed once," Ross said of the overall performance. Carl Lawson busted moves with excellent Crip Walk ending with him tripping and falling over his own feet on a back slide move and busting his ass. He was immediately put on season ending IR. Landon Lechner, 320 lb. free agent, brought down the house and cleared the room with his stirring rendition of The Bengal Fight Song, "Here Those Bengals Growling" by doing the tuba solos with flatulence bubbles. There wasn't a dry eye in the house.
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    Hey take it up with the coaches - I don't make the depth charts.
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    The road (material, state of disrepair) is very important as well.
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    Remember how upset so many people were in 2012 when Geathers was still staring in front of Dunlap? Do you also remember how Dunlap played about the same number of snaps as Geathers and we ended up with the #6 defense in the league? MJ is not getting released.
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    What's MJ due this year and how much of that $ do we still have to cover if he's cut? I've said before I think we may have too much salary tied up in the DL for the way the NFL is calling games these days. Pass rushers routinely get tackled to the ground without a holding call. I don't think our DL disappears in playoff games because they woke up that morning and decided to suck all of a sudden.
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    Marvin Lewis on Ogbuehi: "I saw some good things out there today" and "I continue to see improvement every week". And it he has not said that yet, he will.
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    Eh, I'll take exhibition games over no games
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    Jesus fucking Christ I saw all the outrage on twitter and then I saw the actual video where he tackled Gio around the waist. Nothing to see here as fucking usual.
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    No issues with the scuffling. And, frankly, Gio needed to take a hit near the knee sometime, so now that's done. Mental hurdle cleared.
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    "After the beating my body took in 14 NFL seasons I was having trouble getting my rape on. Then I tried these Copperfit Condoms. . . "
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    Mike and Marvin are practically Siamese Twins at this point. I think it will take a lot more than just not winning a playoff game for Marvin to be "fired".
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    Damn it feels good to be a gangster!! LMFAO!!! oh how I missed the abuse!!!! Jacksonville it is!! Good times!!! Move over fatheads, it's on!
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    Yeah, maybe not...but it is true.....
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    Or, y'know.. Dead. I suspect it may have swung too far the other way, with the severely limited contact in TC & all that. Seems like guys get hurt in camp just as much but the first 2-3 regular season games look more like preseason. I would not be surprised at all if early-season injuries are up, if anything. I don't see how 300+ lb dudes are expected to condition themselves to butt heads for an hour by shadowboxing for a couple of weeks beforehand. Beyond that, "toughness" is a hard thing to quantify. By the end of the season I'm sure everyone is playing through some pain. I think it's likely that players with the reputation of being injured aren't always getting hurt more often, but are less able to play through the common injuries -sprains and such - that everyone is suffering from by December. I think it's fair to say, if the old guys weren't necessarily tougher, they were most definitely less coddled. Crap like 24/7 coverage from SportsCenter etc, million-dollar endorsement deals, & fantasy football have absolutely had an impact on how players act, what they can & can't get away with, & so on. I'd say that's obvious. I find it funny when fans act like the modern NFL is trying to set some kind of moral example and protect players from injury when it's really about liability, but either way the modern NFL player exists in a much different environment than 20+ years ago.

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