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    Bengals crew, good afternoon. I'm a Sooner fan stopping by to drop some nuggets on Joe Mixon. The main reason I wanted to post was to add a little bit more context to the Mixon situation, correct one or two misconceptions, and opine on a few other factors relating to Joe. First and foremost, Joe paid a steep price for his misdeed. It wasn't merely a "redshirt year"; Joe was kicked off the team for the duration of the suspension. That means no facilities, no trainers, no meetings/coaching, no travel. He worked community service, he went to counseling, and...incredibly...he chose to stay at the University instead of transferring away from his problems. My guess is that his decision tells you a lot about how he approaches problems. He chose the hard road that meant putting in extra work and serving out his punishment instead of transferring. And we haven't even talked about the obvious contract implications (dropping from a first rounder to a second rounder). And we haven't talked about the dearth of endorsement deals. He needed to pay for this. He did. Second, one of the media misconceptions on Mixon is that this was a case of "domestic violence". You guys all know this intuitively, but a few media members struggle with this concept...when it's not a home-related incident, it's not domestic violence. This isn't Ray Rice, or any other player, making a choice to attack their spouse. This was a one-time, snap-decision response to a person slapping him. Joe made the wrong choice, a truly horrific one, and he'll be apologizing for it for the rest of his life. Third, Media members are scrambling to fit this 2014 incident into their narrative. Several of you have made this point, but it bears repeating: media will not let this case go...because it's the easiest way to generate clicks/interest/ad revenue. It's so frighteningly consumable...a video!...man hits woman!...star football player!...it's the gift that keeps on giving to the media, and you will see them re-hash this story in increasingly bizarre and creative ways in the years to come. Enjoy. Here's something that needs to be corrected: as recently as this weekend, ESPN "talent" (specifically Kavitha Davidson) reported that there were *new* allegations that Joe had hit a girl in high school. That's false. That claim is years old, and it was retracted by the individual who made the claim. Here's a portion of the retraction: "My daughter went to Freedom High School with Joe, and they have been friends for much of their lives. Once, when they were in school together, my daughter had a minor disagreement with some of her classmates that got blown out of proportion. Like any father would, I reacted emotionally. Unfortunately, I did so before I had all the facts. Now, having talked to my daughter and investigated the whole story, I realize that I was mistaken about Joe’s involvement. I definitely overreacted, and I regret that my words might have given some people the wrong impression about Joe. I know that Joe did not hurt my daughter, did not intend to, and would not do so. Joe and my daughter are still good friends. Joe is a great kid with a bright future in front of him, and he is welcome in my home anytime." So we have an ESPN reporter...putting out information that has been retracted...and damaging his character without merit. That's the level of reporting we're seeing around the Mixon incident at the national level. To wrap things up a bit...I've always felt a need to defend Joe. Not from the incident itself, as he deserved punishment, but from the character assassination that came with it. Everyone does bad things. Joe did an especially terrible thing. But let's be clear: if you want to be honest with yourself and say that the *worst moment* of your life has been caught on tape, made public, and virally consumed...I'd bet you'd tell me that you are more than just that one moment. And that you've learned from it. We should give Joe the same grace that we'd ask for ourselves. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Joe's high school coach, his school administrators, his father, and Joe himself. The high school posse raved about his character. Joe is a quiet guy. He talks a lot on the field, he's got a big social media presence, but in reality, he's a soft-spoken individual. The OU coaches will tell you that they would have made Joe a captain but knew that the media would give them loads of hell. But that's the kind of presence that he had in the locker room - peacemaker, workout leader, not a hot head. You got a great player. Be content with that. Sorry about the media ****storm. Best to you guys in 2017.
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    And by the way Paulie ... she was illegally drunk (underage), hurling racial slurs, blew smoke in his face, pushed him first, slapped him first, and had warrants out for her arrest. Above is one of her multiple mug shots. So maybe we shouldn't really focus on her, and just be happy that Mixon has owned up to what he did wrong -- which yes was wrong.
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    I am trying to respect USN Bengal’s Moderator request to set aside the sociological debate and leave it to another forum, but you clueless motherfuckers keep feeling the need to chime in and make it clear to me how much understanding of society you lack – when I already knew that. The Ray Rice situation is not analogous for a number of reasons. First, lots of people defended Ray, including the Ravens, until the tape made it clear they had known about what really happened all along, and they simply folded from PR pressure. But in the general society he was not a villain, and in fact people dressed up as him for Halloween with their GF’s sporting black eyes, and just like Rhianna & Chris Brown's abuse, he was not seen as a public enemy #1 who should be ostracized and was beyond repute. However, the Joe Mixon situation was 3 years ago! He already served a 1 year suspension for it, and was an 18 year old teenager when it occurred. Moreover, the woman has forgiven him and accepted his apology and given her blessing for him moving on with his life. YET … the combine banned him for it (despite the fact he played college football the last 2 years), and the national media harps on the 3 year old story with glee because it fits a narrative, as nothing gets more press than harm or missing person status to white blonde women or animals. (This is also why Mike Vick was devil incarnate for several years, from millions of *mostly white* people who eat pigs – with a similar intelligence level to dogs, every day). Btw, I'm white myself and love bacon. But of course, race, gender, class, etc all of these things affect the way things are framed. I can't even believe this obvious fact has to be explained. But I digress … this thread is about discussing Joe Mixon the player. So I'd like to stick to that ...
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    haha that's cute. Look, I keep it real. If you can't handle the truth then fine. But don't expect me to pretend. Race is always there. It is a part of any situation and embedded in how people perceive reality. The media would only care about 1/5 as much if the woman Mixon hit was black. That's just the hard truth.
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    this pick makes me moist.. some punk bitches with some tall soap boxes. even the stupid bitch is cool, shes moved past it, she said they sat down without lawyers and sorted it out and wanted to move on from it.. but some crusty old white dudes in ohio are picking out tree branches. Joe is currently 20 years old, so this happend when he was 18?, so an 18 hr old kid, getting called racial clurs, attached by a big bitch pushing and punches him, makes one mistake.. and yall got the shotguns ready? what a joke. make sure you toss extra "judge others" cash in the collection plate tomorrow. the only thing embarrassing i see is grown mens reactions to a mistake an 189?) yr old in a position theyll never even imagine being in, makes a single mistake. look at the video that happened the day after he turned 18... omfg... what a bunch of assholes
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    We're knocking this draft out as if it were a chick
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    Why should they? The NFL awards the Lombardi trophy for winning the Super Bowl, not for morality or community service. Don't fall for the Walter Payton Man of the Year facade ... it's all bullshit. This is entertainment and blood sport. Men get paid to violently assault and injure each other for the intoxicated Roman Colosseum.
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    Stephen Shuck-and-Jive Smith is an insufferable jackass. A total fucking clown. With a straight face he said Robert Kraft wouldn't even touch someone like Mixon ... um, dipshit ... the Patriots gave Aaron Hernandez over 40 million dollars !!!! Murder victims killed in the last 10 years Bengals - 0 Patriots - 2 Player Suicides in Prison Bengals - 0 Patriots - 1
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    "Here we go, Stealers, here we go" clap clap.
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    Because everybody was fine with the whole Ray Rice thing, huh? You are truly a dumb motherfucker.
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    Sometimes the questions answer themselves. But really, I'd give the exploited white rural working class people of WV more credit and realize some of them get it too. This is like "I'm not racist" BINGO, with the stereotypical "purple" reference. Purple people don't exist. But if they did, you'd probably be just as clueless about how their purpleness informs social relations between people.
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    Also ... gotta keep this 100 ... if you think there isn't a racial component involved in this, you're blind to how the world works and even in how people subconsciously react to situations. His greatest crime wasn't hitting a woman, but hitting a blonde white woman. That is why some fans across the nation want him crucified more than they normally would. This was a nation where 5 decades ago black men could be lynched for looking at a white woman, so Mixon is the inverse and became public enemy #1 in a league full of scumbags with hosts of offenses. Now back to regular programming.
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    You'd think he'd be more about 2nd chances and more considering he is an alcoholic that keeps getting chance after chance after chance at the Enquirer even though he's fucking horrible at his job.
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    I am very stoked they drafted Joe Mixon and here is why.He is a winner,I feel he has more than paid his dues about the incident .No one talks about her starting all of this.She was drunk and not only pushed him but was calling him racial slurs. and being only 18 he just quickly snapped.I say to all the idiots that say they they would not draft him,please get over yourself and if you are without sin,please cast the first stone. He met with her this year and settled this and she admitted she should not have done what she did.I am not saying he was right in hitting her,however he has paid for it.Remember there is different RULES for black players than white players and that is just my believe and I am a former decorated white Vietnam veteran retired and 70 years old.He was super wrong in hitting her but many of you will agree that when you were 18 you probably would have done something similar.The guy will pay for this his whole life which is wrong,kinda like guys that get out of prison for a crime,but have to wear that forever even though they did their time,,but society makes pay forever. the teams that took him off their board only did so because of tickets being sold and all that,and I say to them,GET OVER YOURSELFS YOU HIPROCRITS.Everyone has done something they shouldn't have.I am super happy to have Mr.joe Mixon.
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    I don't know if he asked Jesus to forgive him, but since he asked the woman to forgive him, we, too, should forgive him. Also, how can God forgive us and work miracles in our lives if we don't forgive others?
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    Fan: "But what's your past when it comes to dog fighting or domestic violence?"
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    He isn't talking about how you feel, he's talking about how it is handled by the public and more so, the media. He is absolutely correct.
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    ... I'd guess that about 1/5 of all NFL players (at least) have hit their female wives and girlfriends ... the league (like society) is full of chronic abusers, most never even get reported. So enjoy your bubble in Mayberry. You've been cheering for scumbags your whole life, nothing has changed.
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    Oh bullshit.Why bring the frigging race card into this? He blasted and broke a woman's face,and that makes him a big steaming pile of shit imo.I could give zero fucks what her skin color is.
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    Between Ross and Mixon our offense just got a whole lot better.
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    What kind of asshole can't pronounce Muñoz? Goodell sucks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    Clicked on it because I thought he was worried about Kids that will never see a Bengals playoff victory
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    Alt-Right sounds too much like a keyboard shortcut. I'm sure that is intentional. I suggest we continue to call Nazis "Nazis". "Shit for brains" or "John Doe" are also acceptable.
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    I thought I wasn't cool enough for you to respond to anymore? Funny that it's only OK for you to take shots at people, but when I do it I'm "on your dick". Double standardz r so kewl!
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    Nothing really. Just another conclusionary, judgmental, nuanced piece...brought to you by the undisputed Prince of Conclusionary, Judgmental, Nuanced Pieces.
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    Maybe Mixon will punch Katie in the face when she lowballs him on his rookie contract. Too soon? Nah, that was three years ago...
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    And that's why I no longer watch ESPN. I watch sports to be entertained, not to be lectured to by douche bags like Stephanie Smith.
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    So what you're saying is, the outcome of any game is influenced on if the league front office likes you or not? The "competition committee" may want to look into that. I also don't believe for one second the report of "28 teams had him off their board". All 32 teams showed up to his pro day, there was interest by every single last one of them, quite possibly even the one who used to employ Ray Rice. The Raiders selected someone being accused of rape in the 1st round. The Browns selected someone arrested for domestic violence two weeks prior to the draft. The main difference? Mixon was caught on video back on that day and had the video not existed my guess is he goes Top 15 (that's not me excusing the act). This isn't an issue particular to the Cincinnati Bengals. It's league wide and if they want it to stop, then don't make these players available to play in the league. Otherwise they should expect players with these kinds of transgressions to continue being selected. I also don't get why Vontaze gets lumped into this group. He's never done anything off the field. I don't remember an insane outrage / witch hunt on Suh.
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    P-Douche is a sanctimonious dickwhistle, nothing new here
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    I think BlackBengal was the Bengal.com video guy and he's done
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    Thank you for your service, Forty. And you will never be a "former" decorated vet, you still are. I missed the draft for that war by only 3 months, but had some older friends who were there in the shit with you. What they told me they saw (and had to do), reduces the perspectives of acts by 18-year old immature college students down to less-than minuscule levels.
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    Anyone that lumps Burfict in with off the field issues lose all credibility.
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    First mistake is thinking the majority of people who "follow" the good book give a shit about forgiveness. They'd tar and feather groups by the dozen if allowed
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    Mixon was suspended from OU football for an entire year (1 full season), agreed to pay out a settlement to the victim (undisclosed), and ESPN calculated that his drop in the draft cost him $25,000,000 ... so you were close ... only 25 million off.
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    Lol @ that ESPN squawking head: "We KNOW who made this decision in Cincinnati..." Sure, go to the MB default setting. I detest media in general...but I absolutely loathe Sports Media.
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    The Patriots drafted Aaron Hernandez. Was already very questionable at Miami. Turned out to be a murderer. Nobody is innocent anymore. If you're looking for clean cut character, you're rooting for the wrong sport.
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    I always tell my son that they are fun to watch, but they're not heroes. I root for my team, I don't root for players.
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    Exactly.... My three favorite athletes of all time are Michael Jordan, tiger woods and Daryll Strawberry.... All assholes in their personal lives.. I don't condone womanizing, serious drugs and especially what Mixon did...But there aren't many boyscouts out there for us to root for... So I hope.the kids is a change man and is a freaking monster for us. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
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    I thought you said you had been a fan your whole life?
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    Any Lottery amount over Superbowl. Now I know my memory is shit, but I can't remember who are the current champions, let alone who won it last year, or the one before. The moment the draft rolls around whoever won the Superbowl becomes meaningless history. Whereas I've spent 18 years being stupidly poor, unable to provide for my family. Any amount of money, 10K upwards, would make a massive difference to my quality of life. Fucking hell 20K would get me out of debt and let me carpet the bedroom floor. You think I'd trade that for a football game?
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    When Chick Norris and Katie Blackburn make love, Chuck is the bottom.
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    i wish the title of this thread didnt have "to me" in it
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    The more I hear the local media cry like colossal fucking pussies the more I want this young man to succeed. Just to piss everybody off.
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    P-Dork is just now dead to you? His bengal bashing ran me off years ago.
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    Alright Joe, getting a second chance, don't blow it. Talent-wise he is a stud. Now, go break some stealers faces!!!
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