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    You know it says BENGALS FAN under your profile pic, right?
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    I get the distinct impression the Browns collectively think they are smarter than the rest of the league and pro football is beneath them. It's just a means to an end, it keeps them comfortable and allows them to convince themselves they are Very Good People by squandering someone else's money on bums and degenerates. They don't seem excited about owning an NFL franchise, they seem burdened by it.
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    yeah, they wouldn't let me have a computer in lockup either.
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    As usual, my hopes for the season revolve around the Bengals being such an embarrassment to the league that finally someone does something about Mike Brown leeching money and ruining talented players. Zac Taylor gets caught with a midget tranny hooker. Mike Brown only extends him 2 more years in response. Katie Blackburn converts to Islam and changes her name to Salman Bin Scoutin. The luxury boxes are rearranged to face Mecca, not the field. Mike Brown is caught calling the Browns and asking for dirt on Lamar Jackson. He refuses to fax the trade in a quid pro quo. Some fucking how, Rudy Guliani is involved.
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    His family has an auto parts business out of Sandusky, his cousin Tommy had an epic road trip to save the company. They made a documentary of his efforts called Tommy Boy, it won the 2003 Lincoln Heights Film Festival best doc award.
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    Man this took a strange turn.
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    If that hadn't happened at least once there wouldn't be any Pumpkin
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    I like your logic in this post. If you have a chance to draft a difference maker over a project, do so. Athens Ohio Joe is not going to make a difference next year and probably get killed behind that O line. I do not have a lot of confidence in Jonah Willams coming all the way back next year and am wait-and-see/show me with him. Otherwise, please knock off making your responses to the others and more veteran posters less personal and argumentative. That causes flame wars and perhaps banning. Flame wars, while often amusing really don't do jack pittshit for the cultural aesthetic of this intellectual palace. JMHO, of course, and fuck the Stealers. And Marvin Lewis.
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    Yeah, the Patriots and Tom Brady suck now. One of the reasons Jackson is doing so well is defenses are ill equipped to deal with him and the Raven's offense. Defenses are built with more DBs and fewer LBs. You need more LBs to deal with Jackson and all those TEs. I would expect to see AFC North teams (except the Bengals) load up with more LBs to counteract what the Ravens are doing. Everyone thought the Rams were geniouses last year. Let's see how defenses react to this new offense before we crown it the new thing. Anyone remember the run & shoot? Keep hitting that crackpipe, Bob.
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    There is no evidence of either of these. Just saying you want to win is meaningless. His actions speak very clearly to not caring about winning. And if he had any pride he would accept his own failings and those of the Inbreds and make changes. It really is that simple. He is by some measure 'stealing' money from fans and the NFL - if he had any pride he would work to contribute more to the collective pot of money instead of laying down and gulping from the spigot. Even having no ring of honor reeks of lack of pride about the team and the fans. This guy is just a fat lazy useless POS.
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    We'll lose 26-24 due to a Fat Randy standard 36 yard failure. Haven't had one of those in a while
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    I know the mantra is that after so many years, it became clear Marvin would never get this team to the promised land... what should follow this statement is that no one else can do it either, with this front office. If given the opportunities - and some probably will come his way - I believe Marv will do it. I will be cheering him on. Regarding his playoff performances.. I don't put as much stock in the raw number of 7 losses since I was following the team and paying attention to the context of those games. Also because I remember the pre-Marv days when you were cautiously optimistic that maybe this year, the team will be below average but not a total laughingstock. About half of the playoff squads were mediocre talent-wise and it was an achievement to reach the playoffs with them. Were any of you people fans in 2009? I remember that season for the way Marv and the staff took an average squad and totally changed the personality of the team (dominant defense with game-managing rushing offense) by adapting to the strengths and weaknesses of what they had. Hard to imagine that kind of flexibility these days. Other teams were also unripe, talent wise, and did well to just make it. The early years of Dalton and Green, for example. The 2005 game was contested with small-hands Kitna unexpectedly thrown into the fire from the 3rd play. The 2014 team...by season's end, so bombed out and depleted that a RB started as a slot receiver. 2015 had a backup QB as well, the Ryan Finley of his day. 2015, the game which scarred us all - certainly Marvin's best team and a game we should have won, even with McCarron. Of course the buck always stops with the head coach and Marvin takes the L. But even if you are a firm believer in the coach's ability to conjure up 'mentality' or 'the steeler way' or whatever you want to call it, the players must execute. I don't know how much you can honestly say Marvin is at fault for Jeremy Hill fumbling the ball while burning clock with the game in hand. Maybe you think Marvin should have 'instilled a winning attitude in him' or some BS. For my money, the worst news of the season was Marvin selling his Cincy home. I guess I was secretly hoping somehow he would be back. Marvin was able to cover many of the shortcomings of the front office and paper over the cracks, but without him the Mike Brown Bengals have returned to their true and natural state. Welcome to the 90s all over again. It took MB well over a decade to find a single head coach who wasn't utter garbage - he has accomplished this feat only once in his life - and I guarantee you that he and his stooges haven't gotten any better at their jobs since then.
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    If the city tried to seize the Bengals, it would be an Ohio case, not Federal. There simply isn't a right to refuse seizure, which is why the right to fair compensation is important and guaranteed by the US Constitution. If the Bengals don't want to be subject to the Modell law, they shouldn't have accepted the various public subsidies they've received. It's too late now to give the money back to avoid the law. In the Columbus Crew case, MLS used the same law firm (Proskauer) used by the NFL, NBA, and MLB. They lost every ruling and didn't try to move the case to Federal court though they argued and lost their claim that the Modell law violated the US Constitution's interstate commerce clause.
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    I could see him winning the Daytona 500 (which is the SB of stock car racing) before winning the Super Bowl (which is the Daytona 500 of football).
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    Apple, Google, Amazon, etc. But yes, it is very rare. the values took off with advent of TV. In the 50's, players would come to to the CFL because they were paid more than in the NFL! I believe Bud Grant said he was paid $1,000 more for coming to Winnipeg instead of the NFL. Now, the NFL salary cap per team is like $180M and the CFL cap per team is 6M.. Crazy. But because the franchise values are so high someone like Pumpkin may actually want to sell to lock in the value - at some point the values will start to come down as the revenue drops. It always does.
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    You do know you are making an assumption there........lol.
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    Sorry Bob, but that "holdout" ploy is long departed. If a player is the #1 overall pick, he automatically is the #1 salary. It is not like the old days--like Eli--where pulling that stuff will not only get you traded, but gets you even more dough. With every pick slotted, you get what you get at that spot. And anyway, the Giants were just as shit as SD back then...it was more attractive because it was New York City.
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    Broken record time, but which seems more likely: 1, This is all part of some elaborate genius plan by the masterminds in the Bengals FO to ensure the first overall pick 2. The team is a rudderless Titanic in search of its iceberg & they don't know whether to scratch their watch or wind their ass Hear me now and believe me later, this team is winless for no other reason than historic levels of suckage.
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    I think Sam Hubbard has zero issues as a LB if he's asked to play there. With the way he can run and with his all out hustle, that cat was born to be a NFL LB, IMO. Kid has had fantastic coaching since the day he stepped on a HS football field, he'll be fine.
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    Oh and there’s a Peyton Manning in this group. The difference here is that Big Daddy was lazy in college and in the pros. Chase Young is far from Big Daddy so know what you’re talking about before comparing the two. I see the Bosa’s playing very well for their teams and Young is as good as or better than those two. Let’s keep drafting qb’s and be mediocre at the DL and shit at the OL. I think you fix the OL before drafting a an or you have another Klingler or Smith getting destroyed. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    Looks like 6 http://www.tankathon.com/nfl
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    She's right, though. Without a nuke plant and a 350-mile ditch bringing them water LA-without-the-ocean would be dust in the wind.
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    Didn't we discover in training camp that Price had almost never made a shotgun snap? No idea how our one (1) college scout keeps missing this stuff, you'd think one of his 5 supervisors could train him better.
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    Yeah, the annoying thing about Price is he lost out for the starting center job to Hopkins who was already on the team. Completely wasted pick in the first round.
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    How about one of these pulled nice and tight around the neck? (j/k, Siluriformes Robert. I think)
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    If the Bengals had drafted Jackson, he wouldn't be an MVP candidate. He'd be running for his life and hoping for better coaching. Same thing if we'd taken Mahomes or Watson instead of Ross the year before. Playing for Andy Reid or John Harbaugh has helped those players greatly. There isn't anyone on the Bengals having a better season in 2019 than they had in 2018. So we currently have the opposite of development.
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    Here Bob see the difference in bag dimensions:
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    wrong.. he is just the head clown Mikey 1.0 is running the show.
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    They won't fire Taylor. He'll get his chance to match Hue's Cleveland futility at least. I was about to say no NFL head coach owned a winless season and a Super Bowl win - and I would have been wrong (Landry did it apparently). That said, in today's NFL it doesn't feel like that could ever happen again - so why would you wait? But, Bengals....
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    I think we need the next Peyton Manning over the next Big Daddy Wilkinson.
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    Hope or hopes? None. This is just a bad comedy routine disguised as a NFL franchise. If Chase Young played for anyone but the Buckeyes I might buy in, but..... The Bengals have overrated Buckeyes for several years now and all the Buckeye homers on this board make picking this guy scary as hell. If they can trade the pick for several first and second rounders that would be the best move for a franchise with such a low level of talent.
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    Your underlying support for Mediocre Marv and the little red BB gun is impressive! Losers love Losers! I gave Mediocre Marv a chance just like I am with Taylor. Marv didn’t deserve 15 freaking years of support! But Zac doesn’t even deserve a couple of seasons? That is how obtuse you continue to be as others on here! Enjoy the Circus!
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    Really! Maybe you should get glasses because they was running the ball up the middle and was using a tight end or running back to help with Chase. This team needs playmakers and he is that. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com mobile app
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    Just as ironic that the son of the guy who invented college scouting has the weakest scouting staff in the league
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    There is only one reason why AD is "done here"...and that finger points directly at the clueless kid coach who is furiously trying to bail water before he sinks. But he'll get his chance to "get his own guy"--and it just might be some offseason erstwhile "bridge" like Mitch or Blake Bortles or some other fill in the blank. The bus tires will still need another tossee to get him through next season.
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    Most awesome. Season's like this beg for plenty of artwork. Can't wait to see the creativity of Taylor effigies and the old standards with MB and DoM...
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    Get the #1 pick Jonah Williams plays at some point
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    I have no hopes I mean I guess beating the stealers and browns would be cool
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    Be careful walking around that thing at night. I stepped in one accidentally at 3am in Iraq. Nothing like the unexpected sensation of falling 8 feet in pitch black. Lucky to escape with only minor injuries and hurt pride.
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    oh yeah, thanks for that.
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    I thought I remembered it to be the reverse. Del Rio wanted the job and likely would have accepted if offered, according to sources, but Taylor’s call was that Del Rio, the former head coach of the Jaguars and Raiders, would not be the right fit for the position. HMMM.
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    yaddayadda 80-something rated QB wake up sheeple closer to top 20 than bottom 3 yaddayadda mediocrity that about sums it up
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    Speaking of shitting one's pants...
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