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    You've not been to many Bengals games. ... someone had to say it ...
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    Passed away today, great player and great Bengal. Criminal that he is not in the HOF
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    Dalton's rookie training camp was impacted by the strike IIRC and lingering controversy over Tin Man quitting. If the worst QB in recorded history can overcome that and reach the postseason 5 years straight, why does the greatest QB in recorded history get an out? Don't be moving the goalposts now. Anything less than 3 SB appearances in the next 5 years and he's a bust.
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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Butina FYI "hoax" does not mean "fact I refuse to acknowledge" . If your idea of a credible news source is the President's own Twitter account you may be confused by things like this.
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    Same in Florida. Distancing and masks are still sort of around, but the majority of folks have moved on like this whole isn’t still happening. With numbers down here surging it’s more than a bit troubling to me. Crazy thing is, one month ago people were clamoring and raging that shelter-in-place be lifted and “rights” and “liberties” be restored, now that they have it they can’t exercise common decency by simply wearing a mask in public. Insane. Lots of extremely selfish people out there.
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    I don't like it because it makes my bad breath blow back in my face.
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    I'd rather bring back the playoff victory from 1990
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    no pass . they are supposed to be professionals are they not? especially if andy dalton was the problem and now we have the next goat of the game that everyone claimed was worth not trading down for 2-3 1st round picks? hell no ! sure there will be mistakes made by new players, injuries that will be devistating and players/coaches and management that fail too live up to average expediencies but absolutely no free rides or passes offered or given here. win or lose i fully expect to see a team that shows they belong in the nfl .
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    RIP, Ken. I guess that it’s appropriate that this thread was started by I_C_Deadpeople.
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    Got this in an email today from the Bengals. Anyone here going to take the Opt Out? We understand that everyone will have different levels of comfort with attending games. To ease any health concerns, all STMs will have the option to opt out of your season ticket commitment for this season and return for the 2021 season while maintaining your account priority and seat location. Next week expect an email providing you with the option to opt out for the 2020 season.
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    It's going to be a long road to getting the money back. I'm thinking about 60 days to have the credit sent to the CC company, then another 60 to get a check from CC to add back to my account.
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    With that hair maybe his options were limited no matter how cool a rocker he was? Love that panhead though, awesome scoot.
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    We should get the pick. The cash is nothing to Kraft, he's spent way more than that defending his Happy Endings down here in Jupiter
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    Here's the full text of Pumpkie's email.... Nice that she knows me. She should dump Troy and let me marry into NFL royalty... I mean, it's not like I'm already friends with Nancy.
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    Mike Brown needs to tell this bozo to get off his synthetic lawn.
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    Yeah, pretty much the entire cornucopia of "my worldview is formed by social media" conspiracy theory dumb shit. I know he's just a (marginal) football player, but as a Bengal the team is tacitly endorsing him & providing him a much broader audience. Plus, again, he sucks at his job. Sick of this organization coddling agreeable but talentless kiss-asses, but even more so when they use their privileged position to spread bigotry and stupidity.
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    Sit the fuck down, Bobby. You're not fooling anyone outside of this slapdick organization.
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    John Oliver will never shut up about this.
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    His social media has been an absolute shitshow this offseason. I can see why Coach Restraining Order loves the guy.
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    so he is a garbage player and person... cool
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    Yikes... I'm telling ya if I was a professional athlete, celebrity, anything in the public eye, I would avoid social media like the plague right now.
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    Where oh where are the stupid Dullton fans who said the Cowboys signed him so they would have leverage over Prescott. Dullton will spend the season where he belongs - on his ass not throwing a single wounded duck.
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    Golf broadcasts are going to make a lot of money the way things are going. Baseball, as usual, is doing it's best to kill itself.
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    Speaking of Joey Franchise... FINALLY I got my jersey’s I ordered in April! Soooo happy!!
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    Fourteen of you guys just said, “I’d hit it.”
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    That's true, I guess Peyton will have to console himself with the 14 Pro Bowls, 5 MVPs and 2 SB rings (including SB MVP), and the NFL records for both TD's and yards in a season... But hey, y'know.. Joe did a great job scrambling in college so it's really a toss-up.
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    I actually have wondered if robbery stats were up because of the mask wearing but never looked it up
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    I've been calling him this for months. Glad to see it elsewhere.
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    True. But this time of year my seasonal allergies have me so clogged I cant smell anything.
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    Yep - long overdue. Just realizing that garbage Dullton won't be on the field for them is the best part. A real leader is what this team needs.
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    Regardless of what the scribes write, this has been the most enjoyable off-season I've had as a Bengals fan in a very long time. Just thinking of Joe Burrow starting in a Cincy uni is in and of itself enough to get me dreaming of a whole new era at PBS...an era like Boomer had...an era like Kenny Anderson had. I'm talking playoffs...I'm talking super bowls, Sprinkle in the solid free agent additions on defense, and the coaching staff having an entire year to get its feet on the ground and we have a recipe for success. I could live with a .500 season, but I think much more is possible if things go right.
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    JB and Co. will prevail more times than not this season...
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    There have been discussions with all major sport teams that moving forward all professional games will be considered a BLM rally which means that typical social distancing rules and regulations will not be required. 1/2
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    It was great watching them scatter when a long ball was thrown in their direction.
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    Given a normal off season I would have expected 6-8 wins this season, if the key players stayed relatively healthy. But what I'll be looking for now is progress.
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    9 wins... Baltimore is a top two team.. Pittsburgh is rusting out.. Mayfield will find the right time for interceptions to keep Cleveland from improving.. Gonna be magical!
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    You certainly mean 5 SB appearances in the next 3 years, correct?
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    As the old saying goes - it is the hall of FAME not the hall of the best players
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    It will really suck when Charles Woodson, that he's tied with on the interception list, gets in in the next couple of years.
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    Almost like it's not a difficult decision at all when you think about it
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    A look at salary cap implications (and overall revenue) https://sportsnaut.com/2020/06/report-nfl-owners-watching-their-spending-due-to-fears-of-revenue-hit-from-2020-season/ NFL’s revenue hit won’t seriously impact future salary caps While the NFL anticipates a dip in the 2021 salary cap due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many around the league don’t believe it will have long-term ramifications. According to ESPN, NFL teams expect this to be a one-year blip that will just impact the 2021 NFL season. The league will have the option to implement a flat cap, which would spread out the hit from this season across the new collective bargaining agreement. (and a blurb as to player extensions and signing of current draft picks): NFL teams limiting their spending this summer NFL stars like Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, Jamal Adams and George Kittle are all heading into the summer hoping to sign record-breaking contract extensions this offseason. Unfortunately, for many of them, some of those contract extensionsmight be on hold. According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, NFL owners have already started to watch their spending this summer out of concern with a looming revenue hit. Fears of a second wave for the coronavirus, which could devastate the 2020 NFL season, have many around the league concerned. The NFL would stand to lose billions in revenue if a full 2020 schedule is played without fans in attendance. Even if partial capacity is allowed at stadiums across the country, it could still put the league at risk of shaving upwards of $10 billion off the salary cap, which could dip from $198.2 million this season to far below it next year. As a result, NFL teams are taking their time signing their picks form the 2020 NFL Draft to their rookie deals. While a few players, including Tua Tagovailoa, only two of the 32 first-round picks have signed. At this time last year, per ESPN, 20 of the first-round selections from the 2019 NFL Draft had signed.
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