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    Hey guys. I'm kind of new here, but Phil is my grandfather. I was adopted by his son, Steve Samp, in 2004, so I don't remember meeting him, and I don't know a lot about him. I have been reading some of the posts on here about him, and it makes me so so happy to know that people still remember him. Thank you so so much.
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    Now I remember why I ignored your dumb ass before here and on other boards. Sad you have to wallow in negativity but enjoy.
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    Oh, that explains everything. Here;s a fun Dalton stat: Rape Accusations: 0
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    Had missed this column a few weeks ago on The Athletic (which is free for a few months - I cannot recommend it higher to you all) - a "what the scouts are saying" piece: https://theathletic.com/1665631/2020/03/17/mcginn-scouts-size-up-their-top-prospects-on-offense/
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    Forget any of these stat sites, did nobody watch the games we played against the Ravens last year? Bynes made very noticeable plays, and when the announcers said he signed off the street, I was like... we have guys like Vigil starting and the Ravens get a guy that is twice the player off the street? I think I may have even said as much in the game thread. I get it, some people think if we sign anything less than a pro bowler we're idiots, but that's not how it works. You get reliable *football* players that fit your game plan, and go from there. EDIT: Hahaaaa indeed I did make such a comment in the gameday thread:
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    I hope the camera crew and production staff take up the slack and boo Roger.
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    Yeah and in those same 4 years JJ Watt had 21.5 sacks and 16 of them came in 1 season! lol Watt, Mercilus and Clowney didn't have big sack numbers during Readers time with the Texans. Readers rookie year, (2016), Watt missed 13 games with a back injury. 2017 Watt missed 11 games with a leg injury. Watt had a good year in 2018 but missed another 8 games last year, (2019). Mercilus missed 11 games in 2017. 2016-2019 Watt had 21.5 sacks total and 16 of those came in 1 year. 2016-2019 Mercilus had 20 sacks. 2016-2018 Clowney had 24.5 sacks. The only 1 out of those 3, (Watt, Clowney & Mercilus), that ever registered a double digit sack during that time was Watt in 2018 when he had 16. He didn't have a whole lot of help. 2016 the other NT/DT was Vince Wilfork, and he had 0 sacks. 2017 it was Brandon Dunn, 0 sacks. 2018 it was Brandon Dunn again, 0 sacks. 2019 it was Brandon Dunn again, wow he finally a sack! The only one but hey! lol He's only 25 and hasn't even played a down for the Bengals yet! I'd like to think having him alongside Geno vs. Billings, (who by the way only had 3.5 sacks in 3 seasons), will open up opportunities he probably didn't have in Houston. If not for himself, definitely for Dunlap, Hubbard and Lawson. Not being able to stop the run killed this team last year and has for years to be perfectly honest!! Even when we had better overall defenses looked how bad we got gouged in the playoffs versus the run! 2011 vs Texans 35 carries, 188 yards and 2 TD's 2012 vs Texans 39 carries, 158 yards and 1 TD 2013 vs Chargers 40 carries, 196 yards and 2 TD's 2014 vs Colts 25 carries, 114 yards and 1 TD 2015 vs Stealers 29 carries, 167 yards and 0 TD's That's horrible! Gave up an average of 34 carries for 165 yards. Almost 5 yards a carry!
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    Stop being a dick. I am tired of reading all your bullshit.
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    I appreciate that the team is dumping deadwood, but i think the list of players released so far does not show enough Hart.
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    Here's the thing........opportunities like this don't come along often, if at all for some. You can "what if" things to death but If I would have set all of this up for you a year ago - our record to get the number 1 pick, Burrow's epic rise, the unprecedented free agent spree, I think we all would have said - "no way any of that happens". The stars have aligned and we have the chance of a lifetime. Don't overthink it, don't think how much more we might be able to squeak out............draft Joe and don't look back!
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    Or theyre totally committed to giving Zach a team that might actually be good..
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    He's the only NFL coach I know of that's been booted from the league for shit like that so it obviously went far beyond any normal standard of behavior, even for an NFL locker room.. Guy was encouraging Richie to leave rape threats toward's the player's sister & mom on his voicemail at all hours, this wasn't someone getting snapped with a towel. That, his behavior at A&M, it all adds up to total dirtbag. Then he got here & called Hart "phenomenal" so basically my impression is that he's not only scummy but he's also dumb as fuck. Whatever scheme he implemented left his players standing around looking like they didn't know whether to shit or go blind. Taylor made this big speech about bringing in high-character people & "Changing the Culture" then made Turner one of his first hires.
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    yep.. Bengals finally make some noise in free agency....things are looking up... there is no season and we all die
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    Tibor75 is the reason the down vote should make a comeback.
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    With all the free agent acquisitions on defense this off season I've shifted my assumption from defense at 33 to offense. Quarterback - We're taking Burrow #1 so hopefully we don't draft another at 33. Runningback - With Mixon, Gio and the 2 guys we drafted in 2019 on the roster this is highly unlikely. Wide Receiver - This is where it gets interesting. This draft is historically deep at WR. There will be some talented potential WR1 guys available at 33. With AJ being 32 and only playing on a franchise tag, it makes a ton of sense to take a guy to replace him. Also helps to have someone develop with Burrow. The WRs: Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona St - Good chance he goes off the board before this. He is explosive and dynamic with the ball in his hands. Freakishly long arms. Laviska Chenault, Colorado - Swiss army knife at receiver. Dynamic athlete who is built like and runs like a big RB. Has a lot of injury concerns. Tee Higgins, Clemson - Tall and lanky contested catch guy. Not the athlete as the other guys on this list but has great hands and unmatched length. A better version of Auden Tate. Jaelen Reagor, TCU - Insane athlete. Deep speed and uses it to create separation. Really struggled with a terrible QB and offense his last year. Chase Claypool, Notre Dame - He's getting hype late 1 early 2 but I don't see it. Tested better than any WR and he's HUGE. Some talk he moves to TE. Tight End - Yes we spent a 2nd on Sample last year. That was unanimously considered to be a massive reach and he showed nothing his first year. Taylor uses a lot of 2 TE sets. Now I doubt we take one here but there is 1 good one worthy of 33. The TEs: Cole Kmet, Notre Dame - Has the best size and athleticism of any TE in the draft. Good blocker and receiver. Not a dynamic down field threat like a Kelce but can dominate in short to intermediate area. Offensive Tackle - I see RT as a massive need. Bobby Hart is terrible. Fred Johnson is an unknown. We have no quality depth at the tackle position as a whole. The OTs: Ezra Cleveland, Boise St - Lots of quality experience. Perfect size (6'6 311) with long arms. Tested out of this world at the combine. Much more of a finesse guy than power. Austin Jackson, USC - Similar player to Cleveland but more raw in his technique. True Junior. Excellent athlete but can be beat by power guys. Interior OL - We signed the Cowboys guy to a backup contract. Price and Jordan have not performed well enough to count on. Hopkins is a solid starter on a newer deal so I don't see center as a high need. Interior OL rarely go this high unless they are truly elite players. There's 1 like that. The Interior OL: Cesar Ruiz, Michigan - True Junior who played center for Michigan. Has experience at guard. Excellent size and all around technique. Great athlete. Not weak but is still young and needs to continue getting stronger. Rankings of listed players: 1. WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona St 2. WR Laviska Chenault, Colorado 3. WR Jaelen Reagor, TCU 4. OT Ezra Cleveland, Boise St 5. WR Tee Higgins, Clemson 6. TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame 7. OT Austin Jackson, USC 8. G Cesar Ruiz, Michigan 9. WR Chase Claypool, Notre Dame I'm sure I forgot or missed some guys. I don't expect Josh Jones to fall to 33 like some places. Also don't see the WRs Jefferson or Mims lasting until 33. Thoughts on offense at 33???
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    It can be so tempting to think about stockpiling all those early draft picks, simply for trading away one of ours, but most Bengal fans would be up in arms at the very thought of Joe Burrow being in any uni but a Bengals' uni next year....fans'd storm PB head office looking for the head of the dolt who ruined their vision of Bengals glory for the next 10 years, lead by one Joseph Lee Burrow.
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    It’s still on. I’m fortunate that my company is considered essential and I’m still getting paid in full. The contest will open for guesses on the morning of April 11 (assuming the NFL doesn’t move the draft between now and then) when I post the official contest thread. It will close on the evening of April 19. If you’re “lurking” and want to participate you must be a full member of the board as of April 10, and a Bengals fan. Remember, this year the contest will be based on the Bengals SECOND pick.
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    Joe Burrow just ‘what the doctor ordered’ for Bengals in NFL Draft
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    Wow...seems there's a lot of trauma going on here. Let's just say we disagree on many things, including Burrow and Dalton. Burrow is the hands down best player in the draft and it's not even close. Chase Young is the only other guy I would consider but he disappeared in the playoffs and that's what put Burrow over the top for me. And speaking of disappointing playoff performances....Andy Dalton didn't have a lot of help last year but he was a major contributor to 2-14 record. He displayed limited pocket awareness and mobility, poor accuracy on mid to long passes, and no moxie. No team in the NFL thinks Dalton is a legitimate starter and wants him to lead their franchise, great backup but never going to win the big game as a starter. As for the coaching staff is concerned I think the jury is still out. Last year this staff was assembled late and the poor draft/injuries didn't help. Now that Coronavirus is changing life as we know it, they are once again hampered from having a full off-season. Drafting Burrow gives Taylor a quality talent to develop and build an offensive scheme/ system around. Pairing Taylor with Burrow is the best move forward for the Bengals. As for winning a playoff game before you buy in....lol...ok whatever. Did you ever buy in during Marvin's tenure? Because we all know he never won a playoff game, so what have you been holding onto for the last 30 years or so???? Like I said, it's a traumatic experience being a Bengals fan...so I understand your POV, but I don't agree.
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    I've not seen anything suggesting that we now have 0% payroll tax. As to this post putting people back to work before the curve has flattened puts the public at large at greater risk. We can't assume this is only related to older and sicker people, there have been young and healthy people dying. A few things we can and should do. Put a moratorium on all rent and utilities being collected until June 1. Get cash in people's hands right now., which means everyone, Dont means test it you put up red tape that keeps people from getting it who need it. You can tax the richer people to get it back later. Some things to consider for the future - 3.2 million people out of work now without health insurance, this adds to the problem because people cant be tested or will avoid it, this effects everyone not just these people. We need a healthcare system that covers everyone regardless of ability to pay that isn't tied to employment. We need Medicare for all. - We dont know how long this is going to last with any certainty, China's curve if they are reporting honestly which I doubt, has flattened but they are also starting to see some people who passed the test who are now getting it. That kind of bounce needs to be considered. What this means is it could effect voting, which is why we need same day registration. - Long term we are too reliant on the airlines and trucking for delivery with regard to our infrastructure, we need high speed rail
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    We have no idea if he is a once in a generation player. People thought Andrew Luck was and he wasn’t, it was the 3rd rounder Wilson who is the great one from that draft. 9 teams including the Bengals passed on Mahomes. Everyone of them regret it especially Chicago who drafted Trubisky.
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    I said this in another thread but Zac said that guys would want to play here once they saw their vision. Apparently he was spot on. Maybe he deserves at least a modicum of credit for this new breath of fresh air? No? Maybe?
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    I guess Zac hasn’t been getting Hobson’s input regarding available cap space...
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    Mike Brown outside PBS right now.
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    There is zero guarantee that the Bengals will be in a position to draft either one of them.Know who they ARE in a position to draft? Joe Burrow. Miami needs a lot help as well. If they are willing to give up multiple picks to get Joe Burrow,that tells me we should just make the selection.
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    Just wanted to point out how apt your avatar is right next to that quote.
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    I fully expect Darius Phillips to be the starting slot CB. You need three starters these days. William Jackson/Trae Waynes/Darius Phillips shapes up much better than William Jackson/Dre Kirkpatrick/Darqueze Dennard in my eyes. I was one of Kirkpatrick's biggest detractors and wanted him gone. It's going to happen. It might have been a steep price to pay but the Bengals just got younger and faster at an essential position in today's NFL. The reality is that the first couple of days in free agency typically equals "overpaying". Most wanted the Bengals to be active and early on the market and they were. Dalton, one way or another appears to be gone which will recoup another $17 million+ against the cap. At least they are spending which is better than sitting on their hands as per usual. Let's hope they can bolster the offensive line and linebacker still before it's over.
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    It's still ski season in Switzerland.
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    to be completely honest i am just hoping i dont die i have asthma and. a few other minor conditions that would have me at a significant risk. i havent left my house in over a week, but my wifes job is "essential", so 5 days a week someone is leaving the house and coming in some contact with 10 others, and coming home. i think its possible that she, and both of my kids have already had it, all 3 got pretty sick early in march, all for about 7 days or so. I had my wife move into the guest bedroom, i have her coming home tossing clothes in washer and washing up before interacting with everyone.. my kids are in some important formative years, one will border on being good enough to play college sports, the other is going through adjusting to the middle school to soon be in high school transition, i dont want to die from this because we ordered some food out or we ran out of toilet paper or whatever the fuck yanks us into contact with the general public.
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    Is anyone that criticizes Trump a liberal, or how do you make that distinction? I think it's an "interesting dynamic" that some people would rather dig for these Gotcha Moments & focus on perceived hypocrisy rather than the total void in leadership.
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    Good points. I think he's the worst coach I have ever seen. Dave Shula included. You would think a "good" coach would have his players that he's responsible for run through a wall for him. So what has he done?? 2 guys retired rather than play for him and another (Glenn) didnt want to play at all. With all this AND his track record. He should be fired IMO.
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    don't disagree at all, but given how hard it's been for us to put together a decent LB core, I'll takes Bynes, Pratt, and hopefully a 2nd or 3rd round pick. That should be a big step in the right direction.
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    Really? They're making good moves to fix shit. Can't you fucking enjoy it?
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    Keep Andy Trade the #1 overall pick Fill remaining holes at OL, WR, TE make popcorn to watch the meltdown
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    Just can't seem to let it go can you? Most of us have moved on. Did Dalton take your parking spot at Trader Joe's or something once?
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    what about skuta from the ravens? i know he tore up his knee but i think he is stated to be ready for training camp. they only gave him the lowest rfa tender . make him a 3-4 mil yr offer they'll prob match it and if not we'd might end up with a stud interior ol for a good price. probally as good as redman with just the 1 leg
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    Bucs sign Brady then immediately increase ticket prices. Note the Mike Brown : Amazing financial benefits can be derived if you are perceived as TRYING to actually win a championship
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    I mentioned this before, but since Dalton is such a bum yet made the postseason his first 5 years in the pros.. That should be no problem for Joe Burrow, right? Please list excuses for why that won't happen below:
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    I noticed the "run defender" part as well. Even if you think Waynes is equivalent to Dre in pass coverage, if he even makes an *attempt* to tackle someone running the ball he's a huge upgrade. This has been a weakness in general with Bengals corners. Dennard at least tried but wasn't the best, WJIII also does his best but seems to come up injured/labouring way too often. Generally speaking it's safe to say the Bengals saw the run defense as a big problem, and have made moves to address it. Well done. Now even one upgrade on the OL and we're starting to get somewhere. Add a reliable LB and suddenly it's starting to look like a successful FA period.
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    I will take "isn't very good" over sucks shit and beats his chest after tackling guys after allowing first down receptions any day.
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    Phil Samp Ken Broo and Dan Hoard are the best announcers in radio the team evet had.. All threr should be elected to Bengals HOF as announcers.. No debate...
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    Couldn't forget him if I had to, Mary Grace. Phil was part of the fabric of the Bengals..always appreciated, and always remembered.
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    Ross has blazing speed from the line right up to the first defensive player to jam him about four feet into his route. Also have to factor in that he stops his run downfield to ask directions because he forgot where he is supposed to go. Besides IR.
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