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    Carson before his Kimo-therapy was the best QB I’ve ever seen. He was never quite the same after that.
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    Absolutely not. In fact, if anything some level of inebriation should be required. Anyone passing a drug/alcohol screen is not allowed to post in Gameday threads.
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    My Random Thought is I think the Bengals are going to be a Hell of a lot better than people, meaning sports media, are giving them credit for. Good mix of quality veterans and some exciting rookies all of whom have potential. And hopefully a new coaching staff that can make them achieve it for a change. Of course, health is a big issue, as always, but for once I see going into this season as a glass half full rather than half empty with Marvin's krew. Looking forward to it.
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    "It has an open concept floor plan and so forth....Uh.....the house was built in 1825 by General Custer and so forth in that way moving forward....." (clap clap clap) https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/6655-Alberly-Ln_Cincinnati_OH_45243_M38714-85043?view=qv#photo0
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    Well, my first argument would be you don't even seem to understand what position he plays.
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    LOL. No kidding, Vigil is the best horse in the glue factory
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    Sometimes he's not feelin' up to raping, but then he thinks "What would Ben do?" and he gets up, gets back out there and rapes for Ben.
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    He was too busy to watch Bengals games when he was still coaching here!
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    Another test is to see if the jewel in his left palm begins to flash red. He'll only have a year left before Carousel.
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    Your parents make you pay the electric bill?
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    That looks like the enclosure that comes with my electric bill comparing my usage to similar homes in my area.
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    I'm surprised at how well these guys seem to be buying in so far. Says a lot about the previous HC when a total rookie without even NFL coordinator experience can provide an immediate upgrade. These player interviews sound like they just stepped out of a cave to discover it's not 1992 anymore. Let's hope the FO can keep up.
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    This guy has the mental constitution of a chihuahua in a thunderstorm. They make it sound like they're gently coaxing out from under a bed on game days.
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    Sadly, I'd bet money he will go to the Browns. Genital warts to you Mr. McCoy, genital warts to you.
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    It doesn't hurt that Baltimore is rebuilding, Pittsburgh is a dumpster fire and the Browns...are the Browns regardless of the new lipstick.
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    Well I for one hope you come out 4-1 like last year. Its the middle and end of the season we dont want to see again.
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    Great Dane. We get him Father’s Day weekend.
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    Anderson. He and Fouts redefined the position. Boomer is 2nd, his play action fakes were things of beauty.
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    Statistically speaking, he might not be far off
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    okay....I was simply commenting on your deep-seeded hatred of everything NFL. seems a little..much.

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