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    For anybody to make a statement like that it shows just how little you actually know about this individual much as it reflects you are talking straight out of your ass. I have never heard a more inaccurate statement made about Billy Price, who I have followed since he was a prospect being drafted out of high school by The Ohio State Buckeyes. I feel a bit dumber for having read what you just posted here!
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    It's always refreshing to see troll memes posted by actual bengal fans.
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    ESPN is upset. Bengals trading a pick has screwed up their commercial schedule.
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    With Price's bald head, it's only fair that the first time the Bengals play in Shittsburgh, he wears a Bane mask ... (blowing up the stadium works too)
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    Oh you better believe I have the jizz-explosion pics ready! My living room is going to look like a snow globe!
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    I get the hate for the Ross pick after how last season went, but he was the type of player that this team needed opposite Green. In college, he was a good WR at all three levels of the defense. The bengals fucked themselves with their drafts in 2014 and 2015. They missed on 3 offensive linemen in the first 4 rounds. That sets any team back, not from New England. Obviously they needed an offensive lineman last year, but how much draft capital can you use on one position in such a short amount of time? The idea of Ross wasn't flawed thinking. Letting Paul Alexander pick bums was the issue.
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    It's not that I LIKE midget porn, I just can't get normal porn to fit on my phone screen.
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    His girlfriend's arms are too short
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    Eric Reid should already be signed... dumb ass Mike Brown chooses politics over performance.
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    I think they take Ragnow if available but let's quit pretending like Price is chopped liver. Even Lapham said it was a super close call between the two. Price will be a day one starter just like Ragnow. This isn't the end of the world. Our biggest need was still met.
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    BJ.... How will you react if you finally get it right?
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    Why are people worried about the browns taking Baker Manziel? Or the rats taking LJIII? Better them than us.
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    Lamar Jackson would be a horrible fucking pick. Anyone who actually believes otherwise needs their head checked.
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    I pop in from time to time. Good to see you old. I did one again this year though it's admittedly not as thorough as years' past.
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    There’s an x-factor here nobody is considering, and I understand why, but having a full offseason with Lazor and our new oline coach could likely provide improvement in the form of shifting what we do to match the skills of our personnel and just better coaching at the position level. Again, I get why nobody is considering nor counting on it, but it isn’t impossible that we see improvement among our in-house guys.
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    Terrible pick. We needed to go after Huber's long term replacement here so he had at LEAST a couple years playing behind Kevin to learn the deep intricacies of the P position. Now he'll just be booting it all over the yard. Thanks Marvin!
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    Great job on the draft info so far. Thanks, old.
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    I believe he was stalking & harassing the guy, texting him obscene shit about his family, etc. There's being "nasty" as a football player and then there's being a POS as a human.
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    Why does BJ suddenly re-appear just before the draft to jinx every thing?
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    If you think I am trying to defend his rookie season, I'm not. Your narrative is he is a whiff. A huge swing and a miss. You're not just talking about last season. You're talking about his entire career.

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