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    I think the Bengals are getting Burrowized... They believe in him...
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    Can we nominate posters on this board?
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    Please. He's a fuckin idiot who gets off on trolling everyone here to get a rise and boost his non existent self confidence. I hope someday there is software that blocks other posters quotes as well as this creton's so I see nothing from his blocked dumbass, which I choose to ignore.. He is a sad waste of bandwidth that's been around Bengal sites too long unfortunately. Reply if you want but don't quote the loser, please spare us who ignore him. Thanks.
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    Would you like to extrapolate on your comment "Old people do weird things"? I'm older than the "probably" old guy and I would no more leave a friend for dead and just go inform his wife. And this guy didn't have a cell phone to use to alert the authorities while he was still in the area? Looking forward to your explanation as to assuming All "Old people do weird things"? I take great offense to that statement. MOC out!
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    I don't live in a place where the police routinely murder people anymore. It's still a free country for now, right? I don't have the power to compel anyone to not be offended by the Bengals Statement, but I can choose to not associate with racist dickbags if I want.
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    Well maybe you and others in DC can help minorities from killing each other.. Help get people an education.. Help them with skilled trades... Stop giving them pitiful habdouts from the government..(For decades).. Help them stand proud by ther individual achievements for academics rather than praise entertainers and athletes..Motivate them to see beyond federal help.. And earn it....
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    Stand along with them in many areas of improving.their lives.. When people commit arson loot stores Impose violence on anyone that disagrees with them then I turn away..
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    ...that’s just a Sample of what he can do.
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    You do remember how long Mike Brown kept Dave Shula? That seat has air conditioning.
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    Watching Burrow's presser after the game... Love this kid. "LeBron James said you had "it" and were a star. How does that make you feel?" "Umm, whatever. We're 0-2."
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    We might not win a game this year but we got ourselves a MF'ing QB
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    I heard all over the Internet we had the greatest WR corp ever? I didn’t see anyone getting open that was worth noting. Plus, Higgins was a wasted pick if you were not going to let him play. We needed OLman with that pick.
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    Thank God Reader is just cramps
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    Tyrod Taylor is junk. The Bengals need to put some heat on him and he will cough it up
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    So nice to have a real man suited up in #9.
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    Advantage Bengals. We've been playing in empty stadiums for 30 years.
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    I gotta admit to having some of these feelings. The recurring theme of the pre-game up thru until the opening kickoff, and including Collinsworth's "let me just say that I fully..." speech, had me thinking "can't we just focus on football here for just a few hours?" Yeah, I understand the power and draw of the telecast, NFL celebrities trying to do their part to show their support, etc, so I do get it and do respect their intended message, but still, I was hoping to finally get an escape from all that is 2020 right now. I have to believe that they had good intentions and that they were not politically motivated or doing it for their own self-posturing. I continued to watch and I will continue to support. I, in no way condone the behavior of the KC crowd. I agree that it was very disrespectful regardless, and not a good look for them.
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    It is orange so it doubled as his prison jumpsuit
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    Finally a man wears #9 in this town.
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    How did Burrow do on Thurs night. Screw everyone's politics on this thread. There is a place for this, and it's not in sports so screw the lot of you for messing up the NFL.
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    The guy we've spent the last 50 pages rehashing? Yeah I remember him too. Dare I say we miss preseason football? Yikes.
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    End of thought experiment. Now look, I'm a white dude, and though I believe I have tried to be good, to fight for what is right, and to be on the good side of history, the bottom line is that what I have just writen doesn't even come close to understanding what it means to be black in America. If I have done a decent job, then maybe I have scratched the surface a bit. The problem is the system. And it is the system that needs to be changed. It's not enough for well-intentioned white people to throw more tidbits to blacks if those tidbits simply reinforce the system. Here, have a better educational experience isn't enough. It's not for us to "give" black people anything. They meliorate and maybe help a little, but they don;t create any fundamental change. Why is that? Because, under that approach, we are still making the rules. And those rules, no matter how subtle and implicit and benevolent they might be, still carry this "tax" on black people: "Don't rock the boat because if you do then we'll take them away. And if you really get uppity, we'll murder you." Violence is not the answer. We all know that. But let's not pretend that black people are evil because every now and then there are eruptions of violence. Our very system is violent. It pokes and prods and punches and when someone finally fights back, it murders. Murders. And that is on you and me, so long as we tacitly accept that this is the way it has to be. And we all know it doesn't have to be that way. Again, I'm a white guy, so it's not really my place to say if my suggestion is the right one. I do think it is a step in the right direction, though. My suggestion is this: We must be universal. Everyone must have an equal opportunity to make the rules. That to me is at the core and if it isn't enough, it is a start. And let's face it, we steadfastly deny this right to blacks and other minorities. Everyone gets an unfettered, legitimate opportunity to make the rules. So, we really need to break the cycle and knock off the bullshit. Half measures won't do. Only full, honest acknowledgement that minorities have been denied the chance to make the rules will set us on the path to making this right. I'll leave you with this; it's worth a listen. Be aware, this is Killer Mike. It's not White Toast and Cream Cheese Mike. From 2106. Language and forceful views within:
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    Of course. But your next demand was to agree or "bye Felicia". Did you read your own comment? One may agree, or disagree, but never demand that everyone agree.
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    Me : bad faith trolling is bad. you: stop attacking people! to link this to bengals issues from 10-15 years ago is crap. But it’s the kind of bad faith crap tibor deals in and you celebrate. if his point was- “all assault is bad no matter the context” - people could discuss that. But he went way beyond that to troll. Glad you find it entertaining I guess. I’m allowed to say it makes the board a shittier place - and its a board that doesn’t need to be shittier.
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    He’s not right. The situation is not same old bengals. Your desire to hump him is noted. no one here knows how they would react given all these facts. To sit their like the stanky queef that Tibor is and hop on his troll bus is, as usual, bullshit. It’s self-loathing crap like that which makes this board shit all too often. the guy’s father was missing. The guy who was with him left him. They were apparently out doing something they were not supposed to do and Alexander reacted with anger as he certainly would know the man he punched and the circumstances. Everyone commenting on this board about it is ill-equipped to understand whatever history is there or Alexander’s emotional reaction to it. and it is horseshit of the first order to “same old bengals” this when this team has been among the least in trouble with regard to legal matter in the nfl for years - and to use this particular very odd series of vents to troll with that narrative is extreme horseshit. no board needs a poster whose only job is to troll. It’s bad faith and all it does is drive people away. But, hey, this board has experience with that, so, tibor it is.
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    I'd beat up Tibor on general principle Good news on his father.
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    Well these militias sworn to protect liberty and the Constitution are now murdering unarmed protestors with police assistance.. so let me say it again Militias are trash and a breeding ground for domestic terrorism.
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    boy, do I love this picture! our two Joes..... thanks for this one BJ!
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    This makes him The Hurt Locker.
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    Not going to happen when the players see guys like Ross & Hart getting starts. All the talk about culture and character amounts to nothing when their actions show it's all bullshit.
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    A long distinguished career on the Supremee Court.. May her lasting spirit allways fly high...
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    Carlos Dunlap for reminding me of my first wife. Too much ineffective and unenthusiastic sucking, not enough penetration.
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    I've seen better D in midget porn.
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    Having flash backs of the Shula era.[emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The team won't be balanced if Burrow is crippled. When you use the top pick on a QB, you should try to help him succeed. That means giving him weapons (check) and protection (fail). There's a reason Hart was cut by the woeful Giants O-line. Yet the Bengals scooped him up off the street, which was fine, we didn't have much choice. But then they gave him a contract worth far more than his play and thus committed, have kept him around. Doubling down on stupid is still stupid. If we had signed free agent RT Jack Conklin, instead of paying similar money to Waynes or Reader or Green, we'd be a better team now and have one less question for the future.
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    I think they’re one of the ugliest cars on the road.
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    john ross is such a bad player. i get that it seems to be all in his head and if "he gets out of his own head" blah blah.. but a HUGE first down bobble and a TD lost.. those are two individual game changing plays. ... there are 6-7 individual plays from everyone that change this game. but man those non crunch time mistakes hurt the worst.
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    Time for Athens Joe to live up to the hype...
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    Hart made some halftime adjustments. Turns out he had his shoulder pads on backwards.
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    Montrose! Nice ! A teenage Sammy Hagar in that band
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    This has gone far enough. Time to move along.
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    If this guy wasn't a Bengals player would you be as quick to make all these assumptions in his favor? I doubt it. It was still moronic to punch another old man. Alexander should have called the cops on the old man himself if he felt he was guilty of something. Stupid and no defending it. Then again it isn't something that should end the guy's career. The NFL should give him a game. You don't get to take the law into your own hands. The fact that he was found and apparently OK is testament to that. Don't get violent. Period. You may not like his style, but Tibor right more often than you guys want to think. He's over the top, but if you chill out and realize it's just some guy letting off steam it's entertaining. Better than punching some old man because you think he did something he may not have done. If you've been a fan of this team for decades you have plenty of reasons to take the negative side to everything.
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    After all this it appears 'ol Tibs was right. Alexander was a moron who's first thought was to beat someone up. Old school Bengals for sure.
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