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    Nearer IR, to Thee
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    Don't worry - it will probably cut off halfway through anyway...
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    I voted for him. Twice.
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    No way Jason makes it in on the first ballot in my opinion.
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    Bye bye Paul Alexander!
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    Lol. I was just being a smartass but thanks anyway!
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    Man you gotta stop drinking the Kool-Aid for a change. I don't have time for a pity-party celebrating John Ross's existential angst, and it's not because I'm busy looking for a bridge to throw myself off of, either. Seriously? Get a fucking grip my dude. Maybe the real problem here is your desperate need to put these guys on a pedestal, but I won't pretend to know you like that. If you think this spoiled, privileged, millionaire young man is deserving of your compassion and empathy, then you do you. I will respectfully decline.
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    OK. That does it. Time for a new profile pic. Just for Saphead.
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    Love reading shit like this.. I hope Lawson blows up this year.
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    I was in HS working on getting some stink finger in the back of an emerald green 1978 Thunderbird most days in the Fall of 1988.
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    Absolutely true. All we can do is hope he stays healthy for a full season. Eifert opens up everything on the offense because the safeties and coverage backers are quaking in their boots as to shadowing him. 2015. We may see that Eifert again, chances are fairly decent we won't hence the one year deal, which is why having Kroft (and to a lesser degree, Uzomah, whom I also happen to think is solid in a possession role) is such an added bonus. Having a healthy three headed monster at the TE position makes the wideouts and Mixon's job a hell of a lot easier.
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    Then you’re the second person in this thread displaying poor judgement.
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    If there's anything more useless than an offseason power ranking it would run for re-election.
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    Like oldschooler's first posted tweet says, LaFell was way better than many of you guys give him credit for. There were points in some games last year where it was "The Brandon LaFell Show, Featuring Andy Dalton". Dude is pretty good, never injured and is steady. He'll latch on somewhere for sure. I like the move not because the young WR's are good in helmets and underwear, but because it's risky, and the Bengals are traditionally risk averse.
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    I hope you unfriended him, but before told him he's the enemy and let the games begin.
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    TBF Lawson is pretty damned good. If Glenn starts talking up the unblockable Vinny Rey we'll be in trouble.
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    Tyler Eifert is one of my favorite player and Who dey
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    What is missing from the article is Geno's quote to Price as he slaps Price's arms away "Get them short ass arm outta here!!"
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    I mean, you may end up being right. However, you’re referencing early practices and there’s a world of difference between practices, especially at this stage of preseason, and what happens when it counts. All that to say, I’ll be quite surprised if Lamar Jackson has legitimate, sustained success as a quarterback in the NFL.
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    This feels familiar. It was last this bad in 2011 - some observers then calling them the worst team they had ever seen pre-season and literally predicting no wins. We know how that turned out. They were similarly over-looked in 1981 and 1988 (yes, I am oldish at this point). Having memories of Bengals seasons since around 1976, there are occasional seasons that appear to bolt out of nowhere and catch national observers way off guard with this organization. This year feels to me like another one that could be that way. I am truly bullish on this team, in a way I have not been in awhile. I really do think the o-line is fixed, and with that a lot falls into place. As long as Andy stays healthy, I really do expect a big year from this team.

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