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    When Marv meets Zim at midfield for their post game handshake, watch to see if he holds his right hand out while offering a resume clutched in his left. But is seriousness, he did wonders to pump life into a dead franchise, and for a few years we were legit Super Bowl contenders. Time passed him by, that's all. He still has a lot to offer, prolly more along the lines of personnel development than sideline coaching. I wish him well.
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    Shortly after the concussion, Dre actually knew what his assignment was for around 10 minutes. At one point he looked at Paul Gunther and asked why he would celebrate a tackle after giving up a 3rd and 33. They immediately called the doctors over.
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    It must be hard for team doctors to evaluate Antonio Brown to determine if he is concussed or just semi-retarded.
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    ...it was out-of-sync with Marvin's clapping.
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    1. Dre Kirkpatrick sucks. He can't cover, takes penalties galore and is the worst tackling CB since Deion Sanders. Bell has a highlight reel of just times he's run Kirkpatrick over. Fucking garbage. 2. The Bengals played the entire second half scared. Marvin Lewis has a vagina and he leads his team accordingly. When Dalton missed Bernard on third down on the first drive of the 3rd quarter, I knew we were going to lose the game. 3. The Bengals inability to get any kind of pressure on Roethlisberger was a huge reason they lost 4. Bernard has been amazing at picking up blitzers and saving Dalton. He had a great game overall. 5. Credit where it's due. The offensive line played better than I expected. They've improved. 6. AJ and LaFell. Nice drops when it mattered. 7. I fucking hate the Stealers more than any other sports team.
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    I suppose. This is just leading to another game of Stealer Footbawl. Dirty, cheap ass football. It's playing their game. I thought Burfict had been in control last night and finally a major media outlet was shining a light on the history of the dirty ass play of the f'n Stealers. This is like the old "when you wrestle with pigs" analogy. The Stealers are pigs. I don't root to see any player crippled. I wish that Shazier recovers just like David Pollack. He returns to full health, has a productive post NFL career, and never plays another down of football. His spearing ass needs to go.
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    My off season will be spent contemplating why I watch this shit. And medicating myself.
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    Watching Mike Zimmer today just makes me even more sad about what could have been. His passion on the side lines is undeniable, and for me, that is the biggest flaw Marvin has. Getting in players faces, letting the refs know how he thinks about certain calls and not looking like a deer in the headlights is something is so refreshing to see. And it helps he built his team into a contender as well. Sigh...
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    Marvin: "On the one hand you have Washington which is in a better conference, and then there's San Fran... Can't beat the weather out there. Of course, if the Miami job opens up..." Katie: * That ball boy looks like head coach material... * Mike: * Eggs. I think I'll have eggs. *
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    This had to happen. Despite whatever else has gone down, Marvin lost me forever with the Pittsburgh wild card loss, and more specifically the Jeremy Hill fumble. His, "I shouldn't have to", response when asked if he stressed ball security to the team on that play was my final nail. Honestly, I was VERY over him before that, but after that loss, and that comment, I went from being fairly rabid in my support of the team, to kinda just checking in to see if anything had changed. That game was essentially over. The 0-6 playoff curse was finally gonna be lifted from him, in dramatic late game fashion, and against a team we all despise more than evil itself. After the Burfict pick any novice football fan could calculate that a turnover was the Stealers only chance. A first down and we could start taking knees. A touchdown would've been a dagger through their heart. But in no way can you risk losing the ball to do it. It sure didn't look to me like all eleven men on our side of the ball we're on that page, especially Hill. He should've been pushing for yards behind a wall of beef, not screaming into the Steeler secondary alone with the football. They didn't even have to burn a timeout to get the ball back. I was very curious wether Marvin even told Jeremy to protect the ball or wether Hill defied him trying to be a hero. Marvin's "I shouldn't have to" response made it pretty clear. Now we've been fairly lackluster for two years and we've progressed to "It's not my responsibility to motivate my players." Time to go.
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    Man that 2 1/2 year old article about something totally irrelevant to the current success of both teams sure did fucking show T-Dub. Damn dude, please slow down with that fire you're gonna hurt somebody. GOT EM! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! Freddy gonna getcha! Always bringing the relevant hot takes on the subject.
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    He liked to lead with his helmet and it bit him in the ass.I hope he can live a normal life after this,but I doubt it.I hate the Stealers,but I can't find it in me to wish him any bad will;I truly hope he'll walk again.I fault the NFL and the Stealers for this.While Vontaze has been getting flagged and even suspended for legal hits,Shazier has been getting away with leading with his helmet for several years now.The NFL let him,and the Stealers by their inaction to stop it condoned it.
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    Everybody should've realized it was over after Gio's "holding" call.
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    Two-time First Team All-American Three-time First Team All-ACC Two-time Biletnikoff finalist Sugar Bowl MVP 207 career receptions 32 touchdown receptions (school record) 937 return yards Warrick slid to #4 after being heavily favored to go to the Browns (#1) or Redskins (#2 & #3) if it hadn't been for a bad 40 time (4.6) he would have been the hands down #1 pick. Warrick was a Heisman favorite until he had an off-field problem. Heck, this site has him as the 3rd worst combine performance in history (right above Andre "Moobs" Smith) and he STILL went #4. http://www.bleacherreport.com/articles/1076061-the-10-most-damaging-nfl-scouting-combine-performances-of-all-time Here's a scouting report from his Junior year: That was before he led his team to a national championship as a senior and scored 20 points in the Sugar Bowl.... John Ross wasn't even the best receiver in his draft class. The only thing comparable are the career ending knee injuries, and Warrick at least waited until he was already in the NFL before acquiring those. If anything, I think Warrick would have had a much better career if the Bengals had an Andy Dalton back then instead of Scott Mitchell, Gus Ferotte, Akili Smith, and Jon Kittens. By the time we had a competent QB, Warrick was already (pun intended) on his last leg. Seriously, if you don't know, don't act like you do. Nothing like having people trying to oversell you on a player to make you start finding his flaws. I met Peter Warrick, I watched Peter Warrick, and John Ross, sir, is no Peter Warrick. You want to start comparing John Ross to Peter Warrick, and it becomes stark how much less of a player he is picked only 5 spots later. The more I notice the lack of NFL readiness and the injury history. The more those little lines about his attitude and poor route running stand out. Ross has been in 3 games and has yet to record a reception. He is being outplayed by a 4th round pick. Heck, looking over the first round... Was there a worse pick to be made? Jabril Peppers has been crap, but he's not a healthy scratch being outplayed by Alex "Undrafted CFA" Erickson. And all Erickson had to do was keep running on that same wheel route... Thanks for taking a guy I halfway kinda liked and making me dislike him. Thanks for putting into perspective just how awful of a draft pick John Ross is. I'm guessing he understands the O's, but Sesame Street isn't doing the letter X until February... Of course, the way he fumbles, I'm guessing he watched all of the episodes on sharing.
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    All this Alexander bashing is getting ridiculous. You all need to grow up. There is no way you can tell from that photograph if he is wearing pants or not.
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    " You had better pay attention if you are playing against a guy like TJ Watt!! I love the way he plays,,and he helped the hurricane victims." "What a cheapshot by the dirtiest player in football, Vontaze Burfict. He needs to be suspended for life,..and he hates kittens."
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    Spot on, and anyone who would defend Marvin, or Marvin playing Kitten Hands over Palmer, has no earthly clue about the game of football and they are Mike Brown apologists who are content with the Bengals being mediocre at best.
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    Your right, the coaching staff was having a hard time trying to figure out if the 6-5 230lb Heisman Trophy winning, pro offense set trained, USC record shattering, #1 oveall pick QB was better than the 6-2 pixie handed noodle armed reject from Seattle. Kitna got dumped for Matt Hasselbeck for Christ's sake. I am sure giving Carson the starter's job in 2004 took countless weeks of analysis, debate and trips to a Tarot card reader.
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    A couple of nuggets and borderline rumor stuff for food for thought... Yeah, Marvin did bring the team to respectability but, to me, seemed to peak and level off. I am still seeing the same flaws with the team that have always been there and little or no change. (Please, Fred, spare me the stats to the contrary). Lack of motivation, playing down to the level of the other team, poor clock management, no halftime adjustments, not prepared/players not into it (ie Lawson's two off side penalties, too many presnap brain farts), sometimes seemingly playing protect the lead/ not finishing the game/letting up when we get the lead, etc. He has improved with the challenges but stupid time outs early in the game still occur. I could say drafting and using players (John Ross healthy inactive). No, not all his fault but his fingers, as head coach, are in all the pies and at least on field he is where the buck stops. For as much as I bash him, I genuinely like the guy and wish him nothing but the best but think his time as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals has ended. A time for a fresh start at that position all the way around. One of the talking heads said Mike Zimmer's abrasive personality is beginning to grate in Minnesota. He may be on thinner ice than thought. Just passing it along, 100% hear say and speculation from someone else. Would Mike Brown bring the same abrasive personality back here? Who knows? The speculation that Vance Joseph is losing his popularity in Denver and with the living saint, John Elway. Losing to us at home did nothing to improve his popularity. If fired, would he be brought back here? I would hope so. The key thing about both is ties to the Brown family and familiarity with the team and organization. Both have that. Being fired elsewhere and brought in here would make them beholding to the Brown family ala Forrest Greg (my all time favorite Bengal coach) and we see how that worked out. Before Sunday's game I caught a pregame interview with long forgotten Brock Gutierrez (yes, I surfed up the correct spelling of his name). He was talking about Paul Alexander with whom he has a good and long relationship. Paul recruited him for college ball. Good guy, excellent coach, etc. but ... time may be passing him by and maybe not as in tune with the game today. I found this an interesting comment from someone who would know. Maybe being noticed in the Inner Sanctum, too. Move along from Marvin and Paul, bring in Vance or possibly even Zimmer and some more new blood without blowing up the entire staff would be good, imho, and maybe even acceptable to MikeandKatie. On a personal note, they are going to have to do something major and progressive or I am not renewing my season tickets. Not boycotting or anything like that, but simply not worth the bang for my entertainment buck the way things are now.
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    Forgot the "All of the Above"Meme Version thx to @Numbers:
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    Same stuff. Did Jen just hurt himself throwing the ball? Appears he has some sort of head injury bc his face is definitely swollen.
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    He took us from piss poor to a contender, but not a successful team. Our 90s team shouldn't be a consideration in how well Marvin has done in the last 10 years. Which is no playoff wins and an infuriating record against the dirty cocksuckers. If your bar is set at better than the 90s teams, then mission accomplished. But he wouldn't have lasted 15 years anywhere else. Also, the argument that Marvin wasn't given the talent to go further in the playoffs is absurd.
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    Agreed, but Marvin never got that privilege. Just sayin...
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    Sanu is 212 yards away from is career high in yards. He still has 3 games to go. He also has already tied his career high in TD receptions. He's also going to play one less game this year than he did in his career-best season. He also has now won playoff games and appeared in a Super Bowl. But don't let these facts prohibit your innate ability to distort other facts in order to prove your bizarre and worthless points of view.
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    I blame Andy Dalton TBH I don't know but it always seems to resolve itself shortly.
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    One more try, nobody said regular season wins can not be big wins. Everyone here would agree some wins during the regular season are very big, particularly against division rivals. That said, the FACT that our BIGGEST WINS this CENTURY have all come during the regular season is pathetic.
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    Seeing as Ryan (Go) probably won't post this on here, I am. Go and his family are running into some unexpected and poorly timed pet bills. If you want to chip in you can here: Veterinary bills for Belle https://www.gofundme.com/veterinary-bills-for-belle I will move the post in a few days. Thanks Go for the forum and your help with my stuff.
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    That's his "thing". Between that and wild claims that Oliver Dipthong out of University of Middle Delaware is a greater prospect than Peyton Manning on uppers, it's 99% of his post history. Why you trying to crush a bro's flow, bro? Take that away from him and what is left? You go JPoore, you say whatever crazy shit you want to and don't let the bastards grind you down. If you want to say we're going to trade our second round pick for both of the Browns first rounders, go for it. Dance like nobody's watching and love like you've never been hurt. You could be nobody in heaven, or you can be a star in hell. Let your freak flag of questionable reasoning rise high over the plains.
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    Fred, if you want to know why people think you are a troll, this sequence of posts should spell it out. So Madieu makes his point, the Ravens were on the road down 14-0 and fought back to take a 31-20 lead. He then said we CURRENTLY have gutless stiffs in our organization. Note bolded area above. Your response was this: Did anyone say anything about the last 7 or 10 years? NO. As we will see in Madieu's next post,... he asks a simple question: what does that have to do with anything? He specifically stated the CURRENT Bengals organization, not the team from 2008. Excellent response. Keep in mind the Ravens scored 24 second half points on the road against the Stealers. MS made a specific point about the CURRENT BENGAL'S organization and at the same time destroyed Fred's silly statistic about come from behind victories being a meaningful measure of overall success. This post is classic Fred. He is the one that completely changed the subject and then claims Madieu did. At no time did Madieu make any claim that the Ravens, HISTORICALLY, were a far better come from behind team than the Bengals. He simply stated that the current Bengals organization was a gutless bunch of stiffs which is hard to dispute given the fact the team totally mailed in yesterday's game and fell apart against the Stealers at home by only scoring 3 second half points. Then Fred makes up quotes Madieu never said. CLASSIC.
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    If an offensive coordinator repeated a play, we would come in and pay him anyway. We have yet to see one of those guys repeat a play. edit - just in case people read this and get super confused, I've been quoting Marvin in this thread and this gem was his response to someone asking if teams make halftime adjustments. This was right before he called adjustments "journalistic jargon"
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    If I understand the concept correctly, karma is the lack of sympathy rather than the injury itself. Likewise when bad things happen to good people, they are better prepared to handle them both on a personal level and through the environment they create. It doesn't mean they have done something to deserve that calamity. At least, that's how it was explained to me. Way OT and maybe a discussion better suited for the J&D, but I thought I'd mention it. Karma's not meant to be vindictive or some kind of cosmic retribution in the sense people usually use the term. Also in case that came off all "holier than thou" it was not my intent. Antonio Brown is just another fly on that pile of shit franchise. Namaste
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    1) Blow up Paul Brown stadium 2) Develop a fashionable drug habit in Barbados 3) Sell Bengals to an owner who isn't a fucking shit-bag moron with an ugly daughter 4) Relocate team to Hell with prime fanbase for watching these bullshit games 5) Promote Hitler to OC, and Ghengis Khan to DC and hire Atilla as HC 6) Stare in amazement as Steeler team still plays dirtier football than the Helltown Satans.
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    Wow. mitchell and shazier out? Bengals medical staff has to be happy
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    Here is how it works. Everytime one of the Presidents men gets indicted he starts tweeting about the NFL to remind all his followers what is really important. So we will be hearing about it for a while. Also.... "FUCK THE Stealers WITH A RED HOT CHAINSAW!!!"
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    I honestly thought the whole "boycott" shit was over. I stopped seeing it from all of the cousin fucking, racist goofballs on my social media feeds, so I kinda assumed that was played out and they were onto pretending to give a shit about some other faux-"issue" in the country. Oh, and fuck the Stealers!
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    ESPN'S Playoff Machine is back. You can go in, pick winners for all 80 remaining regular season games, and see who makes the playoffs: http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine (1) If you set it to give a win to every team based on defensive rank, a 5-0 finish for Cincinnati gets them into the playoffs. (2) The Bengals could afford to lose once - to CHI, MIN or DET - and still make the playoffs as the #6 seed. But lose to PIT or BAL in this scenario and we're out. (3) If you set it to give wins based on OFFENSIVE rank, a 5-0 finish OR a 4-1 finish (NFC loss) gets the #5 seed. 4-1 finish (AFC loss) gets #6 (4) Same result as (3) if better current record is used to pick winners - though you have to manually go in and resolve ties... I picked home team for each tie.
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    He's just giving his readers what they want - think about who is still reading his shit.
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    Ain't nobody wearing me boy except Miss Daisy.
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    It was a big game though. Cleveland was still in the playoff hunt going in.
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    I am happy about the victory. I am the one who thought we would win 3 in a row. Kitna sucked. We still have a losing record BTW but you are fine with that because you are a homer. Let me repeat, we have a LOSING record, not winning. You understand how that works right? Maybe not since you seem infatuated with a former QB who was 18-28 here as a starter, never led us to the playoffs and choked in his one chance to pull that feat off at home against a 4-11 team. Kitna choked almost as bad as the guy who committed 3 turnovers in the second half of a home playoff game against San Diego but of course you have always blamed the defense for that loss. I hope the Bengals pay you well.
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    The fastest time for a person to shit on a drowning kitten while pulling their pud.
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    What happened? I was drowning some kittens in the bath tub and I came back to Fat Nugent actually making a FG.
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    Go take another shit. I want another TD... 😃
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    I laughed when he put his face through a car. Fuck that guy, he's a POS in ways that have nothing to do with football (other than keeping him out of prison). I hope a bird shits in his mouth every time he opens it.
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    No one expects us to do shit but that's no reason to nail your dick to the table
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    For all of you who claim that grown men like refs could not be jealous childish little bitches here is your proof....Assuming Lost is a grown man. Haters gonna hate. What is sad is that some people think it is perfectly okay for authority figures like refs or police to be able to punish people when they are innocent because of things that have happened in the past. Repeat offenders should be punished more severly because of their past behavior when they do something wrong, but they should not be punished when they are innocent based on past behavior.
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    The article just confirms to me how poorly the NFL is managed. Goodell may be a good negotiator, but as an administrator he sucks ass. Personally, I am rooting for the players in the next CBA. There needs to be some kind of committee handing out punishment, not the Commissioner. Thursday football needs to go. I think Jerry Jones is an asshole, but I'm on his side here.

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