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    Yeh IDK I have this sneaking suspicion that Trump may have been behind the whole thing.. Better keep investigating until he's reelected and pardons himself.
  3. That's several million more than the typical MNF game. Questionable, particularly when someone can easily open 20 browser tabs showing the game. Think ol' Amazon may be smurfing those numbers.
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  5. I had a boss who owned a Porsche. He slid off the highway on an icy day on his way to work (this was before everyone and their brother had a cell phone) and a woman driving what he described as a "piece of crap gray car" and then looked right at me and said, "Kind of looked like your car, come to think of it." (At the time, I was driving an 11 year old Cavalier). Anyway, this woman was kind enough to go and call a tow truck for him. I told him that me and my "piece of crap gray car" made it to work on time that day. LOL!!
  6. He makes a lot of good points but this is still an apples to oranges comparison. If it were Josh Allen or Tom Brady doing this (current star QBs like Vick was) it would be wall to wall coverage. Also, ever since the Jenn Sterger incident, Favre has been pretty much ignored and shunned by the National media. Definitely correct about how some Americans view animal abuse verses stealing money from the needy. I know people, that given a choice, would chose the life of their dog over a fellow human being.
  7. I'm impressed he squeezed that frame into a Porsche 911. Props
  8. I sure hope we play well thursday night because these uniforms are gonna be so fucking fire.
  9. I will wear anything Kay wants me to wear Kay is BAE
  10. Not at all. Mine scared the shit out of me the first time I slowed down in a turn and the front end slid a little. Having to apply power to keep it turning was unnerving. I eventually sold it and bought a vette.
  11. Kind if a mid-engine car thing. People think they handle like a front engine car. They do not.
  12. Having owned a Porsche 911 back in the 80s and having driven newer ones they are not toys and do not drive like most people think. It is very easy to get one sideways if you dont know what you are doing. Most people have never driven a high performance car with under steer characteristics. Hitting the brakes in a high speed turn are a no no.
  13. I was suggesting, I dont think they are doing it no.
  14. Dude…that’s like fine art on a t-shirt. Love it. I bought a Wu-Dey shirt a couple years back. Loved it. Then covid happened, had a second kid, and my love for bourbon grew. As such, the shirt shrank.
  15. What size is your hat and how dirty would you say it is?
  16. No way do I want to see a sell out crowd waiving white flags. As for me, I am NOT going out and buying a white jersey just for this game. I like my current collection of Bengals gear, tyvm. I may wear my white Bengals polo shirt with something warm under it.
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