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  2. Joe Burrow is handcuffed?? Are you joking? He threw 61 passes against Cleveland , 13 of them to AJ Green. Green only caught 3 of them. Burrow is trying to force the ball to Green and it isn’t working. Burrow has thrown 97 passes in two games which will probably lead the league after tomorrow night.
  3. Adeniji has shown promise but until he makes it on the field it's all a bunch of smoke. Hopefully we get a break (no body parts but luck) and find the key to fixing the Oline.
  4. He was 0/1 passing. And I think he fumbled 3 times on one other play lol
  5. Or maybe Atlanta has no defense to speak of. Did you happen to notice all the trouble the Chargers gave Mahomes today? Quite a bit
  6. I don't think it's green,I think it's more the play design's and to a certain degree Zac Taylor has Joe burrow handcuffed.and why shouldn't he,when you have a rookie QB.
  7. He gave condolence. Of course Biden will wait for the funeral before he does a 180 on his thoughts of replacing a seat in a POTUS' last year.........wait a minute “There is no doubt — let me be clear — that the voters should pick the president and the president should pick the justice for the Senate to consider,” Biden said in New Castle, Del., after a day of campaigning in Minnesota. “This was the position of the Republican Senate took in 2016 when there were almost 10 months to go before the election. That’s the position the United States Senate must take today.” That's pretty much word for word what he said on the Garland nomination
  8. Nobody gets rushed back during rebuilding year.. Your absolutely right .. I wanted to rush the inexperienced ones in there but it pertains to them as well.. Like Adenijji...very talented but so raw and inexperienced.. Maybe Fred Johnson and others fit that catagory.. Good post....
  9. Did Dalton take a snap?... Coach told him Dont Pass ..give it to Zeke... Amazing comeback by Zak and the boys...
  10. Yesterday
  11. Too bad Chargers, you aren't going to play a team with a joke at kicker every week.
  12. And of course...everyone in the AFC North wins except for us
  13. Yup, wonder how we would have fared against the rook
  14. I'm not sure how relevant either part will be in the long term. The Dems because they're rotten & soft, the Repubs because they took a hard right and seem headed for the nearest cliff like some kind of death cult tour bus. I keep expecting one or both to split, or have some kind of internal power shift, but it hasn't happened. Our two party system might need to be dismantled at a judiciary level.
  15. Not for nothing but the Chargers are giving the defending champs a run for their money right now...
  16. I would bet his medical report is saying he's not 100%. It's going to be a long season and I'll get a better feel for how this regime handles their injuries. Hopefully, nobody gets rushed back from anything during an obvious rebuilding year. There's a few medical types on here with unique insight into the particulars of an injury. Maybe they'll chime in with their two cents.
  17. Today Dallas was missing no their starting tackles yet Prescott was only sacked once and hit only 4 times; either their backups are better than our starters or they simply game planned better
  18. Finley is a freak athlete with a cannon arm, he’s just as erratic as it gets.
  19. Thats why Bobby Hart cant play any better than a 55-60 rating for any season.. I can look at that from another teams perspective and adjust to the fact that we can pressure JB there because of his ineptitude in run or pass blocking.. Harts going to see alot of good players on his side to expose him...
  20. Agree...Looked up 10 fastest QBs in league this year.. Driscoll was 9th!.... He also ran a 4.56 combine 40... Vert good athlete to boot.. Your right ...no clones.. Finley sucks by himself.....
  21. Yeah Finley WISHES he had that kind of arm! It’s not even close.
  22. Good point... I never heard his knee was any issue this year but teams hide things.... By his reactions to non playing time it would seem he thought he was ready..
  23. Was there any concerns on the Bengal's part in regards to Tate's knee injury in which he was carted off the field from last year ? If there's any concerns then it would make sense his limited snaps but not his attitude.
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