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  2. I agree simply because I think they will win just enough games to knock them out of the Chase chase and get them to draft a fresh meat quarterback to wreck.
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  4. Salary was not guaranteed, just signing bonus. I was kidding anyways but you never know with this club.
  5. The contract doesn't exist anymore--they terminated it when he was waived. He will still keep whatever bonus he got in March, but they do not owe him anything else.
  6. There needs to be a pocket in order to have a presence. Did you just compare this guy to the Quitter?
  7. Trade down and take all big uglies. We basically need 8 linemen and 3 backers. I'll settle for another year of Dalton if they focus on the core.
  8. Hate me if you want but I like what I see with Finley. Going against a top defense he was able to make some things happen. He definitely has the skills to extend plays. Best pocket presence I've seen on this team since our Heisman champ. This week at Oakland I think he will improve much more and lead them to 3 TD drives against the much softer defense of the Raiders. Something this offense has not been able to do all year. Put together 3 TD drives in one game. Anyone know how long it's been since we've scored over 20 points? Bengals 24 Raiders 23 Mixon 130 all purpose Boyd 8 catches Tate 100 yards Eifert 2 TDs
  9. How does this work if he's still going to get paid from the 3 year contract? Thanks
  10. An organization that relies on the draft yet uses high draft picks on Cedric Ogubuehi, Jake Fisher, Billy Price, and Jonah Williams needs radical change. Anyone think we'll get such change?
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  12. Cut him, he passes thru waivers, pick him up cheaper. Brilliant. Pay less for a bad linebacker!!
  13. On my local sports radio show they were talking about Brown and one quipped "He will probably be picked up by a team with few or no Lb's; like the Bengals"
  14. They could draft Chase Young this year and Trevor Lawrence next and screw them both up.
  15. Hargreaves has to be an upgrade from B.M. Webb and McRae. Doesn't he? Waiting to see who they bring in for Preston Brown.
  16. Heard this from NPR last week & somewhere else as well.. Reuters maybe? I think a number of people were saying this was the likely cause from the beginning?
  17. My thinking is that we're nowhere close to being one player away from relevant. I'd rather trade down for more early picks. We need to overhaul the entire roster & DE is one of the few spots where we already have talent.
  18. Oh no doubt. The grade/ratings he'll get will just reflect that he has the overall skill set and make-up to become a HOF-type player, not that he'll necessarily become that. IMO though, lack of health will be the only thing that keeps him from achieving that type of success. He's as good as I've ever seen coming out....think Bruce Smith. And at the end of the day, what else do we have? They don't sign FA's so we have to hope we can get the best prospects possible through the draft....what else is there?
  19. Nothing at all. All I'm saying is that the most important word by far in all that is "prospect". He's a long, long way from the HoF.
  20. He's going to be the highest rated and one of the cleanest prospects to come out in a really long time. No one is saying anything more than that. Obviously injuries can happen, but barring something crazy happening, he's going to grade out as a future HOF-type talent. What else could you possibly want out of a draft prospect?
  21. FTFY. IDK if people think I'm joking or what... There's Tobin Jr and Sr, and one (1) each college and pro scout. That's really it. Director of player personnel – Duke Tobin Personnel executive – Bill Tobin Scouting director(College) – Mike Potts Scouting director(Pro) – Steven Radicivec And both of them have an underling I guess? Andrew Johnson Scout Christian Sarkisian Scout And then there's this person, who I assume sharpens pencils and makes sure they pay for their Gatorade. Geoff Smith Scouting Technology Consultant This organization seems to be full of management or Vice President of That One Something that are in fact in charge of one other person. Can you smell the nepotism?
  22. No one said that - what we are saying is that he is clearly the best player in the draft and a potential difference maker. I am sure everyone knows the risks of all high draft picks, especially Bengal fans.
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