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  2. Saw where Colin Cowherd is predicting the Chargers to win.. Now I know we got this!..
  3. Book on him is very effective blocker and good hands as a receiver otta the backfield.. Runs at gaps too urgently instead of waiting for some daylight thus runs into his limemen at times.. They may try him on 3rd downs a few times Sunday.. .. Some say he's the greatest running back in Texas A&M history....
  4. I’m a Treyveon fan. Talented kid, IMO.
  5. Big receiver decent at contested passes but couldnt seperate to be effective as starter.. Hope he finds a home in the NFL..
  6. Kickoff and maybe punt returns Id imagine.. Keaton Sutherland will backup Trey Hill. Treyveon Williams as their 3rd back..
  7. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2021/12/04/bengals-roster-moves-week-13-chargers/ The Bengals elevated the following players from the practice squad to the active roster: G Keaton Sutherland WR Pooka Williams Cincinnati also moved wide receiver Auden Tate to injured reserve and signed running back Pooka Willaims to the active roster. These moves come on the heels of running back Chris Evans being one of four players listed as doubtful for the game against the Chargers. Tate and Mike Williams were also doubtful, hence the elevation of Pooka. Notably, Tate has been out for a few games with an injury now and since he’s on the last year of his rookie deal, this could be the last fans have seen him with the team.
  8. Saw part of the UC game (at a restaurant), they were ahead by one point and just blew a field goal attempt. Looked like they were slogging through knee deep mud. I thought, Oh sheet... a preview of things to come for another Cincinnati football team I can think of. Got home, UC apparently kicked it in and won handily. I'll take that. But save the drama for your mama. I want a MEGA day for Ja'Marr.
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  10. Winner winner! Come on down and receive your Rottenburger toilet paper with his face on each sheet.. Im sure you'll find it handy for something!..
  11. I'm hoping for a resounding Bengal victory, and that the Stealers and Ravens play the bloodiest, most ferocious, war of attrition type football game anyone can remember. After 5 quarters of horrific mayhem, the game ends in a........TIE.
  12. Corncobs? Cuz they would rub your ass the wrong way.
  13. I think the reason Bates has a low pff is that he's playing both sides in deep zones as Vonn "The Hitman" Bell is up in the box to help in the run and LB pass coverage duties more than last year. It leaves Bates as the lone safety playing a total centerfield which is alot of territory to cover both in the run and pass game.. Seems to be working for the front "7" with Bell included but its made Bates job double the task of covering deep.. Bell is their SS-LB whatever needed. player ..a hammer whichever.. None the less,..Bates is a highly efficient safety sans his pff grade.. I would think Bell goes back to split the deep coverage duties a bit more against the powerful arm of Herbert .
  14. Love em.. I have some Bengals ornaments too, just no tree up yet... we got it tonight though... Good stuff Shebengal
  15. Going over many betting sites I see noone believing the Chargers will win in Cincinnati.. 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 pt spreads arent fazing bets on Bengals covering in a win.. I've heard if the line was 9 1/2 the bet on the Bengals would still be high... So if I put 310 (-155 ) on them I collect 200 profit... Im up 400 for the year so if I hit against the Chargers Im up 600 which could lead to a bigger wager later on hopefully.. Lose then Im at 90 plus. Either way its house money now.. Let me say the wagers are incidental to the Bengals winning. If they win 21-20 Sunday Im elated.. Its about them winning and competing for the playoffs thst has me excited..
  16. Yes .. A very good unit .. Some younger ones could showout as we chase the playoffs i.e. Adenijji, Hill and Prince.. History has nothing to do with this season. They're trying to make their own..
  17. Antonio Brown tried to scam his shot. What a douche.. Take it or not but don't fucking LIE about it.. Helluva receiver.. Pathetic human being..
  18. JBs comment on his much anticipated matchup with Herbert.. Says..Its not me against him. Its me against their defense and him against ours.. That stuck with me.. And our defense is better..
  19. I looked up the strongest player pound for pound in the league.. Austin Eculer.... 5' 7.5" 198lbs.. I dont think he has 5% bodyfat.. Think of a less (or maybe as) agile but more powerful Christian McCaffrey .. Lil guy is a load ...
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