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  2. Miami is still on the schedule. I'm not convinced we win any other game though.
  3. One reason I would like to see Finley play is to see the response from the rest of the offense. Do they perk up? Would they be excited to see him back there? Would they feel the need to protect him? I realize that may only last a drive or two, but it would tell you for sure what they think of Dalton.
  4. The bully football coach is a thing of the past. Really surprised a younger coach doesn't realize that. Professional athletes aren't putting up with that crap. They make more money than the coaches. Honestly, it's too bad Glenn didn't get his hands on the guy.
  5. I would genuinely feel better if they were actually tanking. That would mean a plan. What we have here is so much worse - a genuinely bad football team that looks like it is tanking when the organization is actually trying. That's absolutely soul-crushing. At least the Dolphins are doing this on purpose...
  6. Here are my big picture issues: 1. I am afraid Taylor is well over his head. In fact, I am sure of it. I guess they will hold him and hope it gets better, but that would be simply based on wishful thinking. My main issue is that his offensive system doesn't make any sense. The quote from the Jags defensive lineman who go the pick 6 is pretty chilling. Basically, that whenever Gio is in the game it's a pass and whenever Mixon is in the game it's a run - so he played it that way and was in the right spot. That's insane. Mixon is clearly an excellent receiver - I have no idea why they have stopped using him sometimes in that role. That goes back to Taylor. The lack of TE usage is beyond weird. They re-signed Uzomah and Eifert. Drafted Sample in the SECOND ****ING ROUND. Had three other useful TEs on the roster behind those three. And every gameplan we've seen, that position group is an afterthought. The Turner hire (his buddy) at o-line was HIGHLY questionable at the time and has only gotten worse. We are told over and over again that the o-line coach designs the run game and run fits - well - this is at this point, statistically, one of the worst rushing teams of all time. Turner wanted Hart back - sung his praises. I assume Turner signed off on Miller at RG. Whatever else has gone on in that room, we all knew that o-line needed to be addressed and get better this year after a historically bad line last year, and it has somehow gotten worse. It is hard to look at Taylor through seven games and have any confidence in him on any level. 2. Whatever is going on between Tobin and Taylor and who is shopping for the groceries etc is profoundly off. Tobin should already be gone. You know what would help a trash line? Someone like Lamar Jackson. Course, we passed on him to reach for Billy Price, who apparently is genuinely bad. The years of over-looking needs at LB. The missed picks at o-line. Whatever the ****ing thought process was that lead to reaching for Drew Sample in the 2nd round - a blocking TE in a scheme that doesn't emphasize TE usage at all - I don't even know what to say. It's disastrous. It's not just the losing - it is the losing with nothing that looks like a coherent plan or approach to building a team and an organizational vision. The decision to extend Gio with no plan on how to use him - just, why? Why is he here? 3. It is hard to look at AJ and some of the other slow recoveries from injuries and not raise an eyebrow. Players on the field are trying, but, man, it doesn't feel like players are rushing to be back. 4. More coaching weirdness that I don't get - Dennard believed he was ready at end of camp but team chose to PUP him. That was a waste. They cut Devontae Harris (who is now starting in Denver) to keep Tony McRae, who is absolutely bad at his job. The gameplans a few weeks ago that had Billings dropping into coverage. Gameplans where they only rush two. I don't get what they are doing, at all. 5. It was only injuries that forced their hand on letting Brandon Wilson return kicks. What in the hell took so long? Why did injuries have to force that? 6. Dalton is indeed done. 7. I don't even have a point, I am just rambling/ranting. If there was any sense of plan, they would, as I have been calling for, trade everything not tied down to stockpile a LOT of picks. Get their next QB at the top of the draft and start filling in. Fire their kinda GM before the next round of grocery shopping. Bring in a real GM and let him make the call on Taylor getting another chance. Shoot Jim Turner into the sun. I doubt they do any of that. I am guessing this all ends with the team in their new home in San Diego in 2027. 8. Sigh.
  7. Today
  8. No one outside of PBS and a few fans think Dalton is a capable QB. The best teams have QB's that will elevate the play of their teammates and can win games based on their talent level, it's obvious Andy is not that guy. I don't care what he did in 2015 for a few months in the regular season, he belongs on the bench. He's had years to improve and in year 9 he's still making rookie mistakes, he's regressing and the Bengals are winless in part because of his performance.
  9. Another thing re: Turner - I am given to understand that the running game is an extension of the o-line coach's responsibilities. The blocking fits, the scheme, etc. If so, holy crap Turner is BAD at this. Really, really bad at this.
  10. Quite true. "Tanking" requires deliberate intent. If coaches mandate it, that would be the fastest way to the unemployment line and a certain shunning of any future employment. Same for players.
  11. They will win a game--maybe even max out at my predicted 5 but that could be a bridge too far. I actually thought they would yesterday. There are enough rules in place to coax them to a few wins...the NFL hates 0-fer ignominy as much as it loves #teamslikethepatriots.
  12. Why tank when we can simply stay the course? Unless it involves making a few trades to get some draft picks not sure what else they need to do to keep losing.
  13. Some of were saying this 7 years ago and were practically run off of this board for feeling this way. Let's tank the rest of the season.
  14. Exactly, his job performance at his is terrible. When you consider the retirements of players, the lack of a semblance of a run game, and the overall ineptitude of the the oline it's obvious that Turner isn't very good at his job. Also, when you consider that Taylor has linked his career to Turner then it's reasonable to say that they both have no idea what they are doing in their current roles.
  15. Turner’s first move was singing Hart’s praises as a prelude to his extension. Said the film on Hart was awesome. Setting aside for the moment Turner being a bullying asshole - he’s also a pretty terrible coach. He’s never coached a good line. His talent evaluator skills are...questionable at best. He was an awful hire and came only because he was Taylor’s buddy. His presence gives me no hope for any competence - and that includes from the head coach who wanted him.
  16. Sounds good but do they have the players and coaches to get it done.
  17. Tanking is soul destroying and will set this football club back another 5 years. I want to see us dig our way out, build character, build winners.
  18. this OL needs to improve just to be called atrocious
  19. Uh, I think that it’s pretty obvious that the answer to that is “NO”.
  20. They were 5-1 last year before injuries sank their season, how did they look defeated but started out the season 5-1. I would rather they look defeated and actually win a few games than feel renewed and get their teeth kicked in every fall Sunday.
  21. Easily coaching. This team was 5-1 last year before the massive amount of injuries took it's toll. At worst this team should be 3-4. Here we come 0-16!!
  22. The fact is you don’t need to quit when you suck this bad.
  23. Have a look at how many picks we have had over the last 3 drafts - plenty. Two years in a row with 11 I believe. no help if you blow the draft. On the old Bengal forum I was always lambasted for saying this team could not win given the management structure. It can't. DECADES of failure.
  24. What makes this situation worse is the team actually had a ton of spirit and enthusiasm going into the season. Last years they looked defeated before TC, this year they felt renewed do no doubt the failure is deflating for all. Why no picture of Tree Sloth Mikey this week? We need that every week.
  25. Heading into week 7 SNF the top 5 picks are unchanged: 1: MIA (0-6) SoS=0.485 2: CIN (0-7) SoS=0.540 3: WAS (1-6) SoS=0.551 4: ATL (1-6) SoS=0.614 5: NYJ (1-4) SoS=0.455 SNF: PHI at DAL MNF: NEP at NYJ
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