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  2. Who Dey over 40 is Back as we look back at the 16 years of drafts under Marvin Lewis and pick the All Time Marvin Lewis Draft Team. We pick the best player drafted during the Marvin Lewis Era at each position. Of course there are some givens like AJ Green and Geno Atkins. But who is your starting running back? Right tackle? Safety? And more importantly, who is your starting quarterback: Palmer or Dalton? Fun debate but also quite sad as we look back and see the frequent draft misses during the Marvin era. Grab a drink(you'll need it) and listen, laugh, and cry laughing with us!!
  3. Guys i like at 33.. Mims...Baun...Josh Jones..Reagor..Gladney Guys i dont like at 33.. Shanault..Higgins...Delphit..Austin Jackson..Ruiz.. Mind mind changes dailey lol..
  4. Why? The rule is 3 years out of high school, not 3 seasons.
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  6. Having a little fun with your mock: Chicago doesn't have a first so they trade 43 and 50 to the Bengals for 33 and 65 to ensure they get the player they were targeting. (Changes in bold) 33. Bears - S Grant Delpit , LSU 34. Colts - WR Tee Higgins, Clemson 35. Lions - CB Jeff Gladney, TCU 36. Giants - OT Isaiah Wilson, Georgia 37. Lions f/LAC - DE Yetur Gross-Matos, PSU 38. Panthers - CB AJ Terrell, Clemson 39. 49ers - WR Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona St 40. Texans - WR Jaelen Reagor, TCU 41. Browns - DT Marlon Davidson, Auburn 42. Jaguars - OT Austin Jackson, USC 43. Bengals - WR Laviska Chevault, Colorado 44. Colts - TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame 45. 49ers f/TB - G Cesar Ruiz, Michigan 46. Broncos - CB Noah Igbinoghne, Auburn 47. Dolphins f/ATL - RB Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin (Falcons receive 2.57 and 3.70) 48. Jets - DE Julian Okwara, Notre Dame 49. Stealers - QB Jacob Eason, Washington 50. Bengals - LB/S Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois 51. Cowboys - WR Michael Pittman, USC 52. Texans f/Rams - CB Troy Pride Jr, Notre Dame (Rams receive 2.57 and 4.111) 53. Eagles - WR KJ Hamler, PSU 54. Bills - DE Terrell Lewis, Alabama 55. Ravens - RB JK Dobbins, OSU 56. Falcons f/MIA - CB Bryce Hall, Virginia 57. Rams f/HOU - OT Ben Bartch, St John 58. Vikings - DT Justin Madibuike, Texas A&M 59. Seahawks - DT Jordan Elliot, Missouri 60. Ravens - WR Chase Claypool, Notre Dame 61. Titans - RB Clyde Edwards-Hellaire, LSU 62. Packers - OT Lucas Niang, TCU 63. Chiefs - LB Josh Uche, Michigan 64. Seahawks - DE Curtis Weaver, Boise St
  7. NFL Considering Conducting 2020 Draft at Team Facilities, Remotely Amid COVID-19 ADAM WELLSAPRIL 2, 202039 Joe Robbins/Getty Images The NFL is currently exploring multiple options about how to hold the 2020 NFL draft due to social distancing restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic. In a leaguewide memo obtained by ESPN's Dianna Russini, the draft-site options being discussed include team facilities with mandatory health and safety guidelines in place or "totally remote" from personal residences with a limited number of team personnel allowed in one place. 172 people are talking about this This year's draft was supposed to be held in Las Vegas with a main stage set up in front of Caesars Palace and a floating platform in front of the fountains at the Bellagio. Due to the pandemic, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced on March 16 that the league was "exploring innovative options for how the (draft) process will be conducted." Goodell issued a memo to all 32 teams last week stating the draft would go on as scheduled: "Our staff is certainly mindful of the operational issues this presents, and our top priority is putting in place procedures that allow all clubs to operate on a level playing field so that the draft is conducted in a way that is competitively fair to all clubs. All clubs should now be doing the necessary planning to conduct draft operations in a location outside of your facility, with a limited number of people present, and with sufficient technology resources to allow you to communicate internally, with other clubs, and with draft headquarters." The pandemic has adversely affected teams' ability to prepare for to the draft. The league banned in-person visits with draft prospects, but clubs are allowed to conduct interviews with players by phone or teleconference. The 2020 NFL draft will be held from April 23-25. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2884780-nfl-considering-conducting-2020-draft-at-club-facilities-remotely-amid-covid-19
  8. I just had a glance over at Finsheaven, and it seems quite a few of them don’t want to give up their draft capital anymore than most of us want to give up Burrow. So let’s just call it a day on that.
  9. bfine


    Dr Birx providing a reasoned response and explanation of this global pandemic then the left's hero just cannot listen to reason any longer and cuts her off to blame Trump:
  10. Same thing. The most beautiful woman in Pittsburgh (oxymoron) is a blow up doll.
  11. Jake Fromm is the guy that screams Pats to me....seems like a perfect fit.
  12. Nice, but something about Eason screams Pats. There's the obvious name connection but I think it's more the tall white handsome immobile QB mold.
  13. Pat Kirwan mentioned the other day that the offers for the first pick in round two and round four usually start coming in two weeks before the draft. Team A would tell the Bengals we will give you this pick and that pick IF our guy we want is there.
  14. CincyInDC


    hey, did you guys see the press conference yesterday?
  15. Ok i recently upgraded to xfinity gigabit internet. i previously had the 175mb plan, but they were charging me the $50/mo unlimited useage fee, and with the gigabit, IF i use their router/modem, the xFi, i got gigabit plus the modem fee for $25 total, making gigabit 5 cents LESS than i was paying for 175mb. the $25 is ONLY if i use their xFi modem/router. otherwise back to the $50 fee for unlimited my 5g wifi tests before were hitting around 120-130mb on the 175mb plan. So i get their modem/router, set it up, the second i placed the order, they swapped my plan to the gig, and i immediately saw speed tests of 80-90mb. once setup, on THEIR wifi i pull 300-400mb speed tests..but its in the basement, cant be moved, and i prefer to have my own router going. My setup: Modem goes to my Asus AC68U which is working as the main router, then i have AiMesh running two of the Asus AX92U wifi 6 units. so i have a Mesh setup of 1 5ghz and one 2.4ghz network. i occasionally get a speed test of 300mb-300mb, im talking once a week tops, time of day is not a factor, 3am? 90mb, 3pm? 90mb... nothing seems to change it at all When i decided i needed the mesh setup, i turned the router off on the xFi, they call it bridge mode. its working in theory but the slowness is there. all of these routers are capable of 1gig wifi speeds, im NEVER more than 15 feet away from a router in my house. originally when i set it up, it was sketchy, but the xFi unit AND the asus 68u were both being routers so ip addresses and shit were being wonky, so now i have a feeling i fucked up SOMETHING somewhere and its a stupid setting thats holding me back. all of this kicked off about when people started working form home, so comcast has sucked dick ANYWAY.. so im tempting to wait and see, but i did do customer service chat at 4am to see what could be done, so my modem has been restarted, refreshed, al lthat shit from their end.. ive rebooted a few times, i also did firmware updates on the routers.. i had read someone went back to a previous firmware who was having speed issues with these routers..as it uses the 5ghz as a back channel back to the main router or something above my head. i have NOT tried grabbing an old firmware version, but i THINK i got some 300mb speed tests BEFORE i upgraded the firmware.. and never after... but i could just be thinking that and its not true, lol. any thoughts or suggestions? i have 4 pieces of hardware at play here, oh and a network switch as most of the house is hardwired, with cat5e, so the two asus 92U units are hard wired in to the 68u via that switch, so they arent relying on repeating wifi signal, and i forced their source of network to be ethernet, etc.
  16. I think theyre an 8-8 team before the draft. The desperately need wideouts.. To get Jeudy or Lamb would put them in division contention.. Maybe they surprise everyone and take Juedy or Lamb and comeback with their second 1st rounder and grab Jefferson ot Reagor!! That would be interesting..
  17. I went pick by pick with the trades. Got to Jags and there wasn't a clear BPA good fit. They have a ton of holes and will look to add picks IMO. Raiders are a good team a WR away from competing. I feel like Jeudy is the clear #1 WR.
  18. Hes wanted all over the NFL for his old time coaching abilities plus his expertise on teams in the league.. Thats why hes coaching in the German league.. Good luck and riddence Pauley...
  19. I meant Jefferson but i can see your point.. Mind games!!
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