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  2. Of course there's not but the hope is the draft pick eventually lives up to that. All they need from a FA is to not be a liability while that draft pick gets up to speed. Seems obvious that a rookie is probably not going to hit the ground running as an every-down starter in the NFL.
  3. Madulbulie will be more expensive and Wilkns will re-sign imo. Shame if they pass on Williams
  4. Well alot of Nati heritage was German. ( Hence alot of German breweries) That said I doubt any young German knows anything about the past as well as Cincinnati..
  5. Overpaying means giving money to guys like Nick Scott.
  6. What NT is it that they’re supposed to overpay for exactly? There is no one hitting the FA market that’s even remotely close to being in the same league as DJ Reader.
  7. What's overpaying mean exactly? This team has a SB window and the market is what it is.. Maybe that means paying more than they want for a NT; oh well. There's a need and there's whoever is available. I'm sure they don't want to pay big bucks for an average player, but that's the price of not planning ahead.
  8. I dont know what to tell you. This FA class for NT and RT isn't that great, at least with RT you can get a bridge guy, but there really isn't even a bridge NT that I can see. Should they have waited this long to find a Reader replacement after Shelvin failed to be that? No they should not have, but they did and now we are at a you have to build the team you can. I'm not opposed to spending money but I also don't want to overpay for guys either, you have to spend money on the right players and I don't know that there is a NT that we can find. That means a rookie might start, that's the reality.
  9. Someone explains to you why a border wall is an absolutely pointless boondoggle so you move the goalposts to open borders, which is not actually something anyone has suggested. And then call the people trying to reason with you unreasonable.. Classic. It's the old "playing chess with a pigeon" scenario every time. Wait are you for a border wall & moat with sharks with friggin laser beams attached to their heads or not? Sure! It's been steadily decreasing for the past 20 years at least: The "Border Wall" is nothing but a ridiculously expensive monument to racism. Can't you just put up another bronze statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest in Biloxi or some shit and save a few billion taxpayer dollars? You're supposed to be conservatives, remember?
  10. OK but who do they get to actually start when Reader isn't healthy yet and the rookie NT plays like a rookie NT? This notion that they draft a RT & NT in the first 2 rounds and everything's golden is pure fantasy. They'll be lucky to draft a quality day one starter at either position. There's no way around the fact that they can't have the 5th most cap space at the end of this offseason and still expect to return to the SB.
  11. So which position would you rather have struggle through the first half of the season (at least)? Counting on a rookie RT or NT sounds like a great way to get a higher draft pick for whatever rookie starter we need to foolishly rely on for the next season. This isn't a choice of free agent or draft pick, they need to do both if they expect better results than last year.
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  13. And alot cheaper . He'd be an upgrade at power back with Brown. And ..re-sign Trayveon Williams .😎
  14. He's an upgrade over the shaky Robbins. Sign the man.
  15. Gud Edwards is a power back. 6'1 238 lbs.. 4.53 forty 6 yrs ago. He and Brown would make a thunder and Lightning duo.
  16. Townsend as a placeholder has been letter-perfect. Ask Harrison Butker. They were best kicking tandem in the league this season and a huge factor in the playoffs.
  17. Ther other side of that is just don't pay him as well! I have been ignoring the possibility Perine is back. Whats better Mixon-Brown-Rookie-Williams Brown-Perine-Rookie-Williams
  18. I have a feeling Madubuike and Wilkins are both going to get tagged. I think the best plan based on the most likely scenarios is try to see where Reader is at and resign him, then look to the draft for another long term NT
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