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  2. Shefty, there was never any doubt. I agree, STOP IT.
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  4. Oh, if only Hart made 2 mil. He'd still be overpaid but not as egregiously so. He'll make 3.85 mil this year and has a cap number of 4.85 mil. The 2 mil was the dead money if we cut him now. We'd gain 2.85 mil in cap space for cutting Hart and I'm in favor of that because he's easily replaced. Regarding veteran OTs who are as good or better than Hart and cost less than 2 mil, here are some names from last year's free agency: Donald Penn, Sam Young, Marshall Newhouse, Chris Clark, JMarcus Webb, Dakota Dozer, TJ Clemmings, Joe Barksdale, etc. Those are veteran guys with prior starting experience who signed cheap contracts. Penn was a probowler in 2017.
  5. I really don’t want Hart starting next season but my thought is the only way he’s not is if he gets hurt.
  6. Jeremy Rauch @FOX19Jeremy · 2h Replying to @FOX19Jeremy Family source also tells me Joe Burrow would never “pull an Eli Manning” if drafted No. 1 by the #Bengals. The family has been a bit annoyed by that narrative.
  7. Going out on a limb here, but I am predicting a divorce in the St Louis' future.
  8. Bengals cheerleader gets engaged to the teen she was convicted of having underage sex with What is it with women around the Bengals and young boys? Remember the Bengals cheerleader saga?
  9. We're you happy with Heart's play this past season? I thought he was really really bad at the start of the year and improved to bad to mediocre at the end but wasn't convinced he got better so much as faced lesser competition. I think he's completely replaceable, but he's not the worst one on the line according to PFF
  10. I know, right? There's a joke in there somewhere about him missing the target, causing his wife to cheat - but I can't tie it all together...
  11. I think you can only place the Assistant HC title on one coach though, and IIRC at the time we did that with I want to say Paul Alexander. (I know I know) Don't quote me on the rules on that though, mostly going by memory here.
  12. I've not seen any reason to think Hart won't be starting at RT next season. Did I miss something? They saw how he played in '17 and decided to offer him an extension based on that performance. He showed up for work every week which automatically makes him the best OT on the roster. Bringing him back again is much easier than finding a replacement.
  13. Give me the name of one RT out there better than Hart for 2 mil not on a rookie deal. There is a big difference between saying something and backing it up with facts. Now if you want to spend real money and replace him I totally agree but 2 mil for a veteran backup is a good deal.
  14. Damn, really? You mean all we had to do was call Zimmer the Special Deputy Envoy Vice President of Head Coaching?
  15. Ah Brad East St Louis. What a piece of trash he was at the end of his Bengal tenure
  16. Anyone else see this? Thoughts? I’m from the West Coast so my opinion isn’t as valid but I’ve been a die hard Cincinnati Bengals fan since I was 6 in 1981 and never fell off. Still think he’s a great comedian though. Tom Segura on his hometown Bengals w/ Larry King
  17. I believe having anything HC in your title forces it so the team doesn't have to allow you to leave if you get a "promotion" by a different team while you are still under contact.
  18. Huh? Are you insane? Hart himself was a minimum salary backup with the Giants. He sucked then so they cut him. Bengals picked him up and made him a starter. He still sucked in 2018 but Bengals cover their incompetence at recruiting outside free agents with the usual "We'll re-sign our own" nonsense and overpaid him. There are plenty of better tackles than Hart available at lower prices, even down to vet minimum.
  19. Does the assistant HC actually do anything? Ketchup Whisperer was the assistant HC the entire time Marvin was here so I assumed it was a reward for the team's Goodest Boys & didn't really mean much. Simmons seems like a good coach at least.
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  21. As to this year's roster. Turner liked him some Richie Ingonito; and that guy is there in the form of Logan Stengerg. Also keep your eye on DB Kyle Duggar.
  22. Career earnings of $10.75 mil as a long snapper. Pretty good gig, was even a pro bowler in 2017. 1145 career snaps all on teams.
  23. https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-hire-two-assistant-coaches
  24. I'm going to take this opportunity to say that when they pulled Clark Harris out of the scrap heap in 2009 to replace St. Louis, I did not expect him to be here in 2020. He has been extremely consistent.
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