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  2. Damn - opted out to avoid Covid, catches it anyway. Well, that was the story of opting out anyway...
  3. Well, Sewell just said he has tested positive for Covid, if we had drafted him at 5 and ML was still the HC he would have been put on IR for the year.
  4. Today
  5. Or get a cramp in his leg reaching for the phone. Or reaching for the chip dip.
  6. Per twitter rumors, week 18 at Cleveland. Oct. 31 at the Jets. Game 4/Week 4 at home on a Thursday against Jax.
  7. 2.5 ??? That’s disrespectful! To the Vikings! Ask and you shall receive.
  8. He signed with Detroit. May not pick up.
  9. To be fair to Ghiaciuc, he wasn't skating so much as rolling backwards like a balled-up armadillo.
  10. And the random Monday night game will be against Pisspuke.
  11. Another Week 1 wrinkle...Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase (and Tyler Shelvin and Thad Moss) against Justin Jefferson
  12. Waiting for Jason's obligatory post about the odds now lol
  13. I think he would easily be our #4 receiver. Am I missing something? He would get plenty of PT on this team. Probably better spots for him though. Dude already has a ring so this is about money.
  14. What is wrong with you people? You put up the first game without betting odds? Rookies. Minnesota Vikings (-2.5, 47) at Cincinnati Bengals
  15. I think the guy gave great results and was a great player for the franchise and was a great example on and off the field. Maybe his one down side was he couldn`t play oline and run the ball. Thanks for the link.
  16. Simmons really wanted McPherson, and for good reason.
  17. One bye week - two road pre-season games. Rumors on twitter are that Game 4 is home on Thursday night against Jax.
  18. "The team’s home schedule includes nine regular-season games and one preseason game." Cincinnati Fox 19 News What about Bye Week(s)?
  19. I agree with your sentiment about the 17 game schedule...16 games just had such good symmetry and preserved the record book for a long long time. There are plenty of other reasons why 16 is superior. I won't rant about it anymore here though. That is a good question though, I feel like they are essentially replacing one preseason game with a regular season game, and yet the season seems to be starting at the same time? I would think they would make the start earlier rather than extend the playoffs (and essentially the superbowl) til later.
  20. So even with the stupid ass 17 game schedule the season still starts the same week of Sept. as usual?
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