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  2. Basically, I like this place and its denizens a lot. Obviously. I spend a lot of time here, my go-to source of All Things Bengals thanks to certain posters... you know who you are. And I appreciate Go's efforts at keeping it up and running. That said, suggestions, not criticisms... Main thing I would say is streamline it. Seems to be a lot of dead wood or topics that have been sitting dormant for awhile. Maybe... All My Bengals Keeping Our Enemies Close (AFC North) Around the NFL Other Sports (threads for rugby, soccer, etc) Police Blotter and Obits My former board had a section called The Woodshed for politics and personal pissing contests without involving the other threads. Just my 2¢ Oh.... can someone refresh the emojis used here? Lots of question marks, etc. Maybe add a couple.
  3. I don't think the Bengals will sign him to a long term deal now after drafting Hill. So no deal by July 15. That will likely lead Bates to skip camp and pre-season and sign the tender just before the season starts. He won't be in football shape then so Hill will get a lot of snaps and if he plays well could win the starting FS job. Or if Hill struggles, Bates will get more snaps than he otherwise would.
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  5. I'm switching to the Jessie Bates will not sit out camp. Only PQ (pussy quitters) fold their arms, huff & puff until they turn red in the face if they don't get their way.
  6. Wait, you're calling Cincinnati a shithole compared to Baltimore??? Have you ever been to Baltimore?
  7. I probably visit this site every hour when I'm not sleeping lol. That being said, I feel like the organization of topics that we have is perfect. Trust me, I'm no fan of "mega threads" but I feel like they don't get out of control. I like how we have yearly iterations of threads too. Like the keeping our enemies closer thread, threads for every one of our draft picks, weekly game threads, good bad ugly threads etc. Long story short, I wouldn't change anything...but I can understand less frequent members/visitors will be less likely to jump into a thread 5+ pages deep. I do like how there is a "new posts start here" line within the thread though. Is there a way each member could jump to that point or is that impossible.
  8. That's perfect. I think if everyone would put their recent news/tweets/videos in that thread it would be helpful. Once training camp starts things get crazy and a daily "News" thread could help.
  9. I made a thread just for news. The OTAs thread. There isn’t a deluge of news everyday in the off-season. Media only has limited access. There will hardly be anything today after a lot yesterday.
  10. I like all the news, tweets and videos as well, but maybe we could separate those into their own threads instead of putting them in the middle of conversation threads? That would clean up some threads so folks wanting to dive in wouldn't be as intimidated? Maybe a daily "News" thread?
  11. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing. Almost all of us really do appreciate your efforts.
  12. I will do whatever people want. I try to grab whatever shots/news/clips from team stuff in one thread because people have said they like having a repository for that. If there is noteworthy shit in the course of any given days news cycle people usually spin that into its own thread. I also have had people complain about me collecting the news at all and I don't have to keep doing that. Not everyone uses twitter etc tho and folks seem to like having the ability to see stuff in one place who would not otherwise see the pics and updates from those covering the team.
  13. I feel like you should come here more frequently. And don’t go stealing my “grumpy old man” routine. You don’t know what “old” is.
  14. I’m old, and chose longer Bengal career achievements as criteria, as opposed to blip-in-time contribution. Was going to say: No Howard Fest, no vote…but few here were alive when he played, so demurred doing so.
  15. And, Stevie G can assist us to another PL Trophy, if his Aston Villa can beat or draw the Cheating Bastards of Manchester. May it be so. Paris in 10 days anyway for the Champions League Cup, SF. 4 possible championships (two already secured) in one season! Great time to be a Red! YNWA!
  16. I ask because I personally prefer more smaller topics, and i assume its maybe based on what type of visitor you are. Like i make it here once a week maybe, sometimes a few days in a row, sometimes weeks pass, so like tonight i pop in and see the OTA mini camp thread is 6 pages deep, and at that point for me its not worth going through 6 pages of stuff, so i dont even both reading it, if i do and there is 2-3 posts on the first page id like to reply to, if thats on every page im quoting like 18 posts, and then perhaps no longer want to comment as some have already done so and cant easily unquote without going back. so at the end of the day im fickle and just dont bother reading it. I do ffeel hypocritical given i attempted to make one huge OL thread vs the 15 we had at the time. and maybe im just an old ass dude who is grumpy all the time. i can appreciate the tidiness of the all in one threads, but they grow so fast for us part time visitors it can be intimidating to jump into 6+ pages in, i may be the only person on earth who thinks this, so i figured id ask. i dont mind if there are 5 similar preseason or draft or OTA topics, if its taking a different angle then that seems fine, but i see if there are 5 same minded OL topics, fuck it make one big one. i feel like almost everything gets tossed into vague similar big threads, like are there 2-3 topics worthy of their own thread in the main vague threads? i have no idea.. just asking around see what people are feeling.
  17. There is an alternate reality in some level of hyperspace where Burrow does get that pass off and Chase catches the ball wide open and walks into the end zone and it goes down as the greatest play in Super Bowl history. I can see and hear it vividly in my mind. Absolute pandemonium in the stadium. They would likely call it "the check" and it would surpass "the catch" by Dwight Clark or whatever that bullshit groundball play is by Franco Harris. Painful to think about though. Hopefully it fuels Shiesty to do it again next season.
  18. I can’t believe I forgot to post this: Liverpool wins FA Cup in PKs over Chelsea.
  19. How else could they keep a bunch of stealer fan assholes from voting?
  20. I've added a poll. Honor system - please vote for no more than two, and please vote once only.
  21. Who I would vote for: Fulcher & Krumrie Who I think will be chosen: Boomer & Curtis
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  23. See above. I'd personally like to see him continue to wear it, but its ultimately up to him and coaches I suppose. Honestly, I'd prefer he wear a complete suit of armor, but I'm guessing that's out of the question.
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