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  2. What LB is going to cover these hybrid TE's in the NFL today? I'm gonna say not many. Those guys are absolute match up nightmares. That's one of the reasons that Pitts is so intriguing to me.
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  4. Need a LB that can cover! Better line play makes for better LB play when it comes to tackles and sacks. Keep those linemen off the backers.
  5. Taylor Swift? That sounds expensive. Maybe tart up one of the Blackburn girls.
  6. Here's the first 7 anyway 1. Jacksonville Jaguars Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson I might start beginning my mock drafts with the second pick, because Lawrence heading down to Jacksonville to become new coach Urban Meyer's franchise QB is about as close to a lock as you can have in early March. The Jaguars' quarterback room has ranked among the league's worst in Total QBR over the past three seasons, finishing no higher than 26th over that time. But Lawrence has elite traits in just about every area of his game. Michael DiRocco on his fit with the Jaguars: Lawrence would
  7. Who has ESPN plus? Curious what McShays new mock looks like.
  8. This is a damn good idea that should be forwarded to Bengals media relations department.
  9. Couple of visits, not much else going on it seems. That’s fine though, these cap strapped teams need to start cutting soon. No need to be an Arizona and WAY overpay for a player.
  10. Its time. Not being redundant but all our moves in one spot so far and catching up... https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/3/2/22310022/ricardo-allen-bengals-nfl-free-agency-2021-falcons-news Falcons Safety Ricardo Allen in for a visit... competition with Williams for a slot with Bates? Quality back up? https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2021/03/04/bengals-announce-roster-moves-nfl-free-agency/ Re-signed CB Jaylen Davis (a players I said "Who?" when I saw his name on a Bengals jersey last season) and LS Clark Harris ... didn't they put our relatively
  11. Very good idea minus Swift.. Munoz would be a great choice though..
  12. Read somewhere (too lazy to surf it up) that if there is an added game, we get the 49ers. Not sure if home or away.
  13. How about on Draft Day, when our number one pick is announced, he is presented with a brand new new design Bengals jersey? That would be cool. Especially if Taylor Swift made the presentation. But even with out her, still pretty cool.
  14. My assessment on team needs to get to playoffs.. 1..OT 2. 3 tech DT 3..wideout 4..OG 5 CB 6.SS 7.OLB Ill mark off each position as this happens via free agency and draft.. Hopefully they check them all..
  15. Linebacking unit was atrocious last year... The players themselves could play to a better level if coached up properly. Bengals in a basic 4-3 would go with SS Pratt..bad tackler..needs to wrap and roll..became a good coverage player in 2nd half..thats a huge plus at linebacking.. MLB Bynes...decent player..legit savy vet..hes on the downside as a starter.. MLB...Wilson is a smart thick and tough backer .... The experience he got will pay dividends this year.. WS..Davis-Gaither showed promise last quarter of season..quick and fast..
  16. Every team wants a good corner and pass rusher to add to their defense.. May be tough keeping both of them... Theres also Bates massive contract to add unless theyre letting him play out his rook contract...
  17. Sort of playing off the end of the above article, looks like the (likely) 17 game schedule release will be in May. That will be really weird, after 43 years with 16 games! https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/2021-nfl-schedule-release-expected-in-may-with-17-games-possible-monday-playoff-game-per-reports/
  18. There are no finished products in the draft.. His upside is tremendous...
  19. Couple other receivers to note is Tamorrion Terry..4th rounder Trevon Grimes......5th rounder projected..
  20. If they flub it up in FA and don’t get OL help, I’d be pretty happy with those first 3 picks. .
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