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  3. Bengals Notebook: Chase Shows Up As Advertised; Higgins Bodies Up; Mixon Shows Rookies The Way https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-notebook-chase-shows-up-as-advertised-higgins-bodies-up-mixon-shows-rook
  4. Yo, Clapton…doin ok brother? Haven’t heard much from ya..
  5. Trainers and strength coaches have little control over players. They only make suggestions. Players do what they want. Professional athletes often do it to themsleves by not following the instructions given to them. They show up barely in time for workouts and don't warm up properly. They don't spend as much time in the training room as suggested getting therapy for injuries. One of the top qualities a trainer or strength and conditioning coach in professional sports needs is charisma. They have to convince guys who think a whole lot of themselves to do things they don't want to do.
  6. Bengals' Darrin Simmons reveals frontrunner for punt-return job Chris Roling June 16, 2021 6:28 pm ET Cincinnati Bengals special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons had a meeting with the media this week in the wake of mandatory minicamp. In that meeting, Simmons — also the assistant head coach — threw out some
  7. Everyone knew we were thin at Tackle. One injury away from condemning the 2021 draftniks for choosing a WR over Sewell. In short, what are the Bengals going to do to even up the Tackle situation ? ...OR... Is this another year in which we repeat an overused phrase from the past called, "We'll go to war with what we have"... ? Like Clapton said above, "Accountability."
  8. Last week
  9. The strengrh trainer should be at a press conference answering How did it occur specifically.... What machine or exercise?.. How long his his session?.. Accountability...
  10. Tua 5 INTS yesterday. Cam apparently over-throwing the world yesterday. Burrow back in 7 on 7s already and 100% completions definitely is something we can feel good about. Not to mention that he is rolling out and moving so well on the knee already.
  11. I was going to comment that all the tweets were positive so they seemed biased. But I remembered they mentioned the other day on the radio that Jordan Love in the GB camp was only like 60% pass completions with NO DEFENDERS. Yikes. Training camp is usually the 'everything is great and everyone looks better' time of year. Good to see JB on the field, but would have preferred video of Elizabeth Blackburn running the naked bootlegs...sorry, could not resist that one.
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