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  2. I'm very intrigued by this one.
  3. Jerod Evans, QB, Packers Practice Squad 2017 http://www.nfl.com/draft/2017/profiles/jerod-evans?id=2558099
  4. You are correct. I didn't really understand what you wrote. "Particularly at LT" seems to indicate that you were talking about one specific position and not the entire unit. Your train of thought wasn't cohesive so I just spoke to the part that didn't make much sense if you look at the facts of last year. Why would it be problematic to expect a single player at LT to come in and fix things over other positions on the line? That's what the phrase Particularly LT means.
  5. Has he murdered anyone yet? If not he'll be a bust.
  6. He's Ray Lewis 2.0 !!!!11 Unblockable!! He'd be an immediate upgrade to all 22 positions on either side of the ball!!! Whichever team that drafts him will win all the superbowls, all the other teams will have to spend a year off backpacking across Europe, maybe learn photography & really get in touch with themselves so that they can accept it and move on.
  7. Kipers first mock draft

    I could definitely live with this pick. After OT and C, the next biggest need for the Bengals is LB. Pretty much everything I have read about Edmunds since he declared has been positive. Big, athletic, smart, versatile. The total package and plus he will only be 20 in Week 1.
  8. Offensive Makeover?

    How much of a stark contrast is this to Todd Haley being fired? He led the Steelers to the 2nd. 3rd. 7th. 3rd. The offensive rankings for the Steelers over the last 4 years under Haley. How do you crucify that guy? You know how? Ben. Ben hated him and the Stealers chose to coddle their rapist instead of embracing success. Under Tomlin, the Stealers have NEVER had a losing season. Their worst record is 8-8. They've won six division titles, been to the playoffs NINE times and won a Superbowl and were runner up in another. I hate Mike Tomlin, but I would welcome him here if the Stealers were stupid enough to fire him like they stupidly did to Haley. Fuck, bring Haley in here and let Lazor go.
  9. Offensive Makeover?

    It's hard not to like what I hear from Lazor. When the numbers clearly show the poor performance of the Bengals' offense and consistent trends in the wrong direction, you cannot rule out radical change being needed. What exactly that might look like is murky because of the new coaches and a roster that is in flux. He seemingly acknowledged the obvious in his comments about size on the offensive front. The kind of players he's talking about aren't currently on the roster and he knows it.
  10. Kipers first mock draft

    I know its early but I think this would be a great pick..Let Burfict teach him the game and he will be an excellent choice. But we better come out of this draft with at least 2 or 3 good O Lineman
  11. Yeah he was my 4th or 5th target but admittedly hadn't gotten to him fully(only about 2 games watched) at the time. Man I wish I had watched him first. I absolutely love this dude. He's a cross between Anthony Barr and lavonte David. 6"5 250 sideline to sideline speed that doesn't match his size mid 4.4 40 speed. Has an extremely high play recognition almost too good. He takes the step before the play even develops. Has great great coverage skills. Can play mike or Sam. Very good at blitzing as well. Best part? Only 19 years old. Doesn't turn 20 till May.
  12. You didn't even have this guy mentioned in your top 3 targets in top 3 rounds thread. I'm confused. Is he the new flavor of the month with you or what? Admittedly, I don't know much about him.
  13. Trumain Edmunds lb va tech. Yes please!
  14. Tackles can be serviceable for a year if we get some interior line play. Also some great left and right tackles will be available late.
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  16. I don't care who you are - that there's funny!!
  17. Offensive Makeover?

    I don't think anyone would disagree with you about the line. I just finished reading this article and was pretty encouraged with the direction Lazor seems to be heading. I think this offense has become way too predictable and because of that, way too limited over the past few years. I thinks that's one of the reasons for our second half deficiencies. It's way past time to mix this thing up and set out in some different directions.
  18. And those teams all had total shit OL's the year before right? I didn't say they wouldn't play, I said they wouldn't fix everything. Reading comprehension.
  19. Dion Dawkins started 11 games at tackle for the Bills Ryan Ramczyk started 16 games at tackle for the Saints Garrett Bolles started 16 games at tackle for the Broncos Cam Robinson started 13 games at tackle for the Jaguars
  20. Much as I want them to draft an OT, expecting a rookie to step in and fix everything is fantasyland. Particularly at LT.
  21. Agree I wouldn't be surprised if we got Richburg though. A local guy leaving a bad team for a team that is more in the mix
  22. Blowin' the whole damn thing up and replacing it with a new system won't mean a fuckin' thing if you're still counting on Ogbuehi, Fisher or Smith as even one of your starting tackles and you'll be lucky to find a serviceable LT in the 2nd round (much less the 3rd or 4th). It wasn't the system as much as a putrid OL with substandard parts that was the problem. http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Lazors-new-staff-could-bring-some-big-changes/8915059e-5467-484b-8104-c77b6e262f45
  23. I think that we draft a tackle at 12 and 1 of 2 things happens. 1. That tackle can play LT and then Boling is at LG, FA at C, Westerman/Hopkins/Redmon at RG, FA or Smith at RT 2. That tackle can't play LT but is fine at RT and then Boling at LT, Westerman at LG, FA at C, Hopkins or Redmon or FA signing at RT at RG and then #12 starts at RT.
  24. All that... Plus, our position guys ain't gonna be in their primes forever. We need to get into "win, and win now" mode right, you guessed it, now.
  25. 2018 EW Shrine Game

    The Tuesday East practice of the East-West Shrine was held in St. Petersburg, Fla. under sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s. The players practiced in full pads. The star of the East team practice on Tuesday was Northern Iowa wide receiver Darius Fountain. He had a number excellent catches with showcasing his well-rounded skills. He was beating the defensive backs in the one-on-ones, using quickness and route-running to generate separation. He had Miami cornerback Devonta' Delaney beaten on a deep post for a long gain, but the pass was overthrown. Later in the team scrimmage, Fountain ripped off a long gain on a simple wide receiver screen. He weaved through defenders and used his speed to bolt downfield. One general manager told me that Fountain was making himself some serious money as his showing in these practices is going to raise his grade and ranking on their draft board. It hurts Fountain to not be a returner, but he has been impressive in two straight practices for the East squad and is making the most of the opportunity at the East-West Shrine. UConn defensive tackle Folorunso Fatukasi was another player who impressed for the second straight practice. He was consistently beating blockers with speed at the point of attack. Fatukasi was knifing into the backfield and was too fast for many blockers in the one-on-ones. He blew right by North Dakota State center Austin Kuhnert to get to the quarterback marker in a blur. Fatukasi also has a thick frame and the strength to hold his ground at the line. During the team scrimmage, he had a sack using speed to cut to the inside and charge down the middle of the pocket at Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett. Team sources said Fatukasi is impressive with his quickness and he is helping himself this week. Miami defensive end Chad Thomas certainly passes the eyeball test. The 6-foot-6, 275-pounder has excellent size while also possessing speed and athletic ability. He had some good pass rushes, including one in the team scrimmage when he worked through Syracuse offensive tackle Jamar McGloster to put heat on South Florida quarterback Quinton Flowers. Thomas has the potential to be a NFL starter, but he is very inconsistent. On some plays, he looks like an early-rounder, and then others, he looks clueless. Thomas needs to land with a good defensive line coach in the NFL. N.C. State defensive end Kentavius Street had a nice showing on Monday. He almost made an amazing play with a leaping pass breakup after firing into the backfield, nearly locating the ball for an interception. It was an impressive athletic play from Street. Penn State defensive end Curtis Cothran (6-5, 301) had some nice plays getting penetration into the backfield. He also made some good run fills. Cothran looks like a great fit as a five-technique defensive end in a 3-4 defense. He could be a Day 3 candidate who contributes. An NFC general manager told me that North Carolina State guard Tony Adams was the offensive lineman who has impressed him the most on the East squad. Adams is strong for his frame and is a gritty blocker. However, the 6-foot-1, 315-pounder lacks length, and that general manager thinks Adams won't be able to play guard in the NFL as a result. They think he could find his way onto the field as a center. Vanderbilt running back Ralph Webb had a nice practice on Tuesday. In the team scrimmage he had a chunk gain on a draw darting up the middle of the defense. Webb (5-10, 202) has a compact build and is a tough runner. He could end up being one of the standouts on Saturday when the East meets the West. Fordham running back Chase Edmonds was impressive on Monday, but unfortunately, an ankle injury caused him to miss some time on Tuesday. Team sources have some concerns about the medical evaluation with Edmonds and say he has had ankle issues that concern them. Tuesday's practice was a bad sign for Edmonds draft stock with that injury. Ohio State linebacker Chris Worley has been impressive in the two sessions. He is an intelligent player and team sources have said that Worley has interviewed well with teams. Worley (6-2, 230) has versatile size to play inside or outside linebacker. He could be a mid-round sleeper who is a nice value pick. Worley's teammate Damon Webb has also done well in the team interviews according to sources. Webb (5-11, 195) isn't a big safety, but he is assignment sound and reads plays well. Syracuse safety Jordan Martin (6-3, 206) has good size and has also improved his standing with evaluators. He could use a redshirt year in the NFL, but Martin has a skill set to develop. USF quarterback Quinton Flowers is very undersized and some team sources think he should move to defensive back. They don't think that Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett has the speed or athleticism to move to defensive back after the knee injury that Barrett sustained in college. Barrett will have to challenge for a third quarterback roster spot as a very late-round pick or more likely an undrafted free agent. Read more: http://walterfootball.com/eastwest2018practice3.php#ixzz54ZUaWTy6
  26. 2018 EW Shrine Game

    2018 East-West Shrine Game: Practice Report 2018 East-West Shrine Game: Wednesday's West Team Practice Report By Charlie Campbell - @draftcampbell The third practice for the West team of the East-West Shrine was held in St. Petersburg, Fla. under cloudy skies with temperatures in the low 50s. The players were practicing in full pads. Most of the time, the actual All-Star game is barely even an afterthought for scouts however, this East-West Shrine could be the exception, as teams think the East has some good defensive line talent to go against a strong offensive line from the West. The West offensive linemen who have earned praise are Army offensive tackle Brett Toth, Wagner offensive tackle Greg Senat, and Alberta's Mart Korte. That trio could all make rosters next fall with developmental potential. Of that trio, some sources feel that Senat is the best of the bunch the 6-foot-7, 300-pounder has strength and surprising movement skills. As one scout described him, "Senat is a fire hydrant who can move." After playing at Wagner, Senat has shown the skill to make the jump in competition this week, and those tests will continue with an NFL team after the draft. Toth (6-6, 305) has NFL size and has been impressive this week. His strong play has earned him a lot of interviews from teams. Similar to Senat, Toth has size and athleticism to compete on either side of the line. Both Toth and Senat could compete to make a roster as a swing tackle backup with developmental potential. Sources have said that Korte (6-4, 285) has been better than expected this week. He doesn't have the size to play tackle in the NFL, his college position, but teams think he has shown the athleticism to be a center. He saw some time in the middle of the line Tuesday and created a few rushing lanes for his back by firing to the second level. Korte has a center's build, and he could get stronger in a pro strength and conditioning program. That could yield more size for him to be a backup as a guard and center. Korte may need a redshirt year to get stronger and adjust to the NFL with much bigger, stronger, and faster defensive linemen. That being said, Korte has really helped himself this week. Iowa State's Joel Lanning was a tackling machine after switching from quarterback to linebacker for his senior year. Lanning has been a tough presence in the tackle box all week. For having made the position change so recently, Lanning has intriguing instincts. The 6-foot-2, 230-pounder has versatile size and looks like an intelligent defender. Lanning could blossom with more development at the pro level. Wisconsin safety Natrell Jamerson has gotten his hands on a lot of passes this week, and that continued Wednesday afternoon. During the team scrimmage, Jamerson flew over to track down an overthrow in the middle of the field for an interception. He showed good instincts and speed to get over the top on the receiver. In the red zone team scrimmage, Jamerson had a good hit to separate the ball from a receiver to get an incompletion. Jamerson has illustrated good ball skills and the ability to get in position to make plays in coverage throughout the week. He has really helped himself at the East-West Shrine. Arizona's Dane Cruikshank is another defensive back who has had a good week of practice. He had a few good plays in coverage Wednesday. He came close to a diving interception in the team scrimmage and was getting a lot of praise from teammates for coming close to a fantastic play. Cruikshank had a nice pass break-up in the seven-on-seven portion of the practice as well. Villanova cornerback Malik Reaves has really struggled this week, but he made a great play Wednesday. He made an impressive diving interception in the team scrimmage. Team sources have said that Reaves is getting undrafted free agent grades. Cal defensive tackle James Looney had a good session on Tuesday and he showed well at times on Wednesday as well. In the team scrimmage, he burned Washington guard Coleman Shelton with a speed rush to get a sack of the quarterback. Looney needs to get stronger for the NFL, but he could be a rotational player that contributes some pass rush as a rookie. Read more: http://walterfootball.com/eastwest2018practice6.php#ixzz54ZSaywZ1
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