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  2. Absolutely love it.. Hopefully they put him in the ROH this year...
  3. Right.. Didn't like his demeanor off the field but his ball carrying skills were outstanding. Like you said ...when
  4. Wouldn't you agree that Kitna has no business on the list though? I think he has 0 chance of ever getting in.
  5. So.... do players who want to compete have to pass a test to prove they're eligible? I mean, if it's a leage for gay dudes, wouldn't straight guys with higher testosterone levels have an unfair advantage? I mean, if there's money/salary involved, would the league require that applicants somehow demonstrate that they're gay during the recruiting process? If not, doesn't that defeat the entire purpose of a "gay only" league?
  6. I'm going to look at Tampa Bay (8) closer. Didn't realize they were so highly thought of this season. Like you said about garbage at this time though..
  7. Okay, what the hell, in for a penny. - Dalton is 2nd in team history with 31,594 yards, and is the only Bengal not named Kenny Anderson with over 30K. - Using the old Y+2.7P scoring system(*) that we kicked around here a decade or so ago. The top 10 starting QBs in franchise history are; 26.8 Kenny Anderson (already inducted) 18.1 Boomer Esiason (already inducted) 17.1 Andy Dalton 12.4 Carson Palmer 8.7 Jeff Blake 6.7 Joe Burrow 5.0 Jon Kitna 4.0 David Klingler (tiebreak = 3880 yards) 4.0 Akili Smith (2212 yards) 4.0 Jack Thompson (2072 yards) (* - If you recall, we stumbled across this simple formula after looking at other teams' rings in the period before we had ours. It's simple.... 1 point for every season with the team, 2.7 extra points for every Pro Bowl as a player, or for every Playoff appearance as a head coach. It didn't guarantee selection, but there was a pretty strong correlation between players with high scores and their appearance on that teams' ring.) According to this, the top 3 should be Dalton Palmer Blake, with Kitna 4th. Okay, so maybe Kitna shouldn't be in my top-3 QBs. But what he meant for the team.... he knew his career was ending when the Stripes drafted Palmer, but he accepted his role as mentor and teacher without complaint... starting the entire 2004 season so Palmer could ease into the starting role, and took the reigns when Palmer got "Kimo'ed" in the playoffs before the entire house of cards collapsed around him. For his attitude and the value he added to the team, I have no problem moving him ahead of Blake into third... although, truth be told, I think the QBs we have on the ring already pretty much closes the book. Unrelated observation: The top 10 QBs by yardage are these guys. Burrow should slide into the #5 spot in early October: 32,838 Kenny Anderson (16 seasons) 31,594 Andy Dalton (9) 27,149 Boomer Esiason (10) 22,694 Carson Palmer (7) 15,134 Jeff Blake (6) 14,083 Joe Burrow (4) 10,707 Jon Kitna (5) 3,880 David Klingler (4) 3,850 Virgil Carter (3) 2,756 Turk Schoenert (9)
  8. That’s one I didn’t see back then. Great find! I have posted this before, but this is my original/purchased from Koch’s in 1984 Krumrie jersey.
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  10. I'll start us off. My Mother in-law recently visted her brother in San Francisco. He actually used to live/work in Cincinnati in the late 80s/early 90s. He heard that I was a Bengals fan and sent this hat he obtained from back then. It is still brand new (tag and cardboard still in the hat!) I absolutely love that triangle logo too, so retro!
  11. Ill say it. I was more bothered by the way Corey Dillon went out than I was Carson Palmer. We're not debating IF but WHEN Corey gets in
  12. So I have been thinking about a way to sort of pass the time during this dead period of the league year. We have about a month until Training Camp and nothing is really going on right now. I thought it would be cool to have a thread that showcases Bengals stuff that our members have (for example, SheBengal's Christmas ornaments). I also thought that maybe this thread could sort of become a way to show everyone their new Bengals swag and even find cool deals or collectibles online.
  13. Same boat as Dex, always excited for training camp only to be let down with an injury to Joe. Fingers crossed on that front this year...because once again I cannot wait for training camp to get here lol
  14. Palmer had more skill, but his hissy-fit at the end of his stay in Cincy knocks him down. Dalton came in with little notice, as a rookie, and had a great season. Went from 4-12 to a playoff spot in one season, and started a run of five straight playoff appearances. His leadership, compared to Palmer's hysteronics, plus the fact that Palmer took a dump on the team and the fanbase, moves him ahead of CP in my list, If either of them get chosen for the ring I sincerely think Dalton goes in first. Kitna is the only other starting QB not named Burrow worth considering. I think he's slotted correctly.
  15. Given that power rankings are garbage…especially any pre-camp edition, please note: All four AFCN teams are ranked ahead of the second best team in AFCW.
  16. I feel ya. Perhaps that's why these frivolous Paris stories are so enjoyable, because of the low likelihood he tears something on the catwalk, so you can just enjoy them without worry. I think they will be very cautious with Burrow in training camp this year, as they should be. Bengal fans can't psychologically handle another injury, and I'd rather have him rusty for Week 1, than standing in street clothes.
  17. Training camp is now less than a month away. I always get jacked up for the start of practice...that excitement usually lasts for a day or two until #9 suffers a ruptured appendix or a serious no-contact calf injury or (fill in the blank). Then at that point my enthusiasm for practice plummets to Allen Iverson levels. Maybe this year will be different...but of course I said that last year too...
  18. ... We don't even need that. We just need training camp to start in 30. 😉
  19. this is great news, ill have to find this thanks for the heads up, jay is good. PDJ/Jay postgame is indeed a good listen. With my personality clash with Rapien, anything he brings to the table can be found elsewhere so it leaves me with nothing, and by god if you watch it on youtube, while liscow i doing the intros, he always doesnt something juvinille and corny and it is peak cringe. with the power rangers in the background it just makes me not able to handle him. listening at 1.5 is actually pretty smart honestly. i may have to try that when im forced to listen. I have a couple of 9 hr flights coming up that ill be in need of content to watch/listen to. yea mo egger is random, he used to infuriate me, when the teams doing well he is tolerable. he just doesnt know ANYTHING about football, he just has a 20 year career of reporting vague things that have happened in sports in the city, so he acts like he knows a ton. but many times ive found myself wondering wtf he is talking about. sort of the type of guy who thinks when burrow goes down and the team loses that zac taylor needs fired, like the guy who cant accept the realities in the sport. the mentality of if you didnt win a ring you gotta make big changes type guy. malik had his 15 minutes of fame a few years ago, id bet if you tracked his correct and incorrect rumors and then see who left the staff at the same time his connection to the team could be tracked down, and has been gone a few years... he also sounds like he is 13. AND all of the guys he does cross promo shows with, all look and sound 13, so i cant really take it seriously.
  20. this is one of the more grotesque things to ever be posted on the internet. i am both personally and emotionally offended.
  21. Looks like Kermit already ate everything on that table including the napkins Either that or Burrow is about to be a father.
  22. It's ok if he turns you on Scott. I know you're on Xitter but don't make it weird
  23. I think she might be a beard tbqh. Dont much care either way but they're trying way too hard, it's obnoxious. They're like the Applebee's of celebrity couples.
  24. Krumrie and Brooks . They were beasts on the field. True delight for fans ..
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