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  2. The first thing I noticed was the pan too.
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  4. Exactly. Bilicheat can say that he and the coaching staff would never see any of the films that this crew makes...and they wouldn’t be lying...and at the same time would be feigning innocence. They got off easy.
  5. Tasking a subordinate to cheat for you is still cheating. The details or semantics of it don't matter to anyone but apologists. (Not meaning you, rather Goodell/ESPN/Pats fans.)
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  7. Not impossible they offer to credit them to next year's season ticket. Kind of like the playoff tickets purchased by season ticket holders and they don't make the playoffs.
  8. I was thinkng with Redhawks you keep the feather but dicard the chief for a hawk.. Seems simple to me..
  9. Warriors probably would take the least amount of work, they could always go back to their spearhead helmet and uni.
  10. RedHawks Or Redtails wouldn’t be bad. Don’t like Senators/generals/federals/hogs.
  11. Owner Daniel Snyder is flirting with the idea if name change . Long past due imho.. I was hoping alot of members here could come up with a new name for them.. My initial thought would be the Washington Redhawks like Miami of Ohio did.. I heard a popular name for them would be Warriors...meh How bout you? Any ideas??
  12. With a now 60 game schedule. Id go to 4 man rotation.. Starters wont need but a game or two off.. I think this evens out the league more.. A hot start could really benefit lower level teams.. Home run leader may hit 18 ... Who knows we may see a guy hit 380 or more..
  13. The coaching staff never has to see the film. Why should they waste their time with that? Someone else can easily watch the film and make some determinations on what certain sideline signs/gestures mean...and then just report their findings. That way the coaching staff can say honestly say that they never see the film.
  14. It's going to be a long road to getting the money back. I'm thinking about 60 days to have the credit sent to the CC company, then another 60 to get a check from CC to add back to my account.
  15. And how many do you think would call themselves Leftists?
  16. Of course the coaching staff didn’t see the video....they were caught in the act of filming it! Do you really think the times they didn’t get caught it wasn’t passed along?
  17. Report: NFL to cut preseason schedule in half because of COVID-19 The NFL has taken its next scheduling step in response to the coronavirus. After the cancellation of the Hall of Fame gamebetween the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Stealers, the NFL plans to cut its four-week preseason in half, Pro Football Talk reports. Games scheduled for Week 1 and Week 4 will be canceled, according to the report. Meanwhile, NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo reports that the NFLPA hasn’t yet signed off on the ideawith some in union leadership questioning whether the league should play any preseason games. Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus appeared to confirm the NFLN report in a tweet later Wednesday. McManus is the Broncos’ union representative. “Be ready for 1 or 0 preseason games. Won’t be 2“ Will NFL regular season go on? A nationwide spike in coronavirus cases has prompted concerns that plans to restart sports are in peril. So far, the NFL has given no indication that it plans to alter its regular-season schedule. The league’s stance since the pandemic took hold in the United States has been that the games will go on. Aside from plans to close off lower-level seating in closer proximity to players to make way for digital advertising, the league has not publicly wavered on its plan to allow fans in the stands. Meanwhile, several states that moved to reopen during the pandemic have since pulled back those efforts as coronavirus cases have spiked across the South and West. Those states include Florida,
  18. I still have not received my e letter about taking a redshirt year with my season tickets this year. I sent an e to the ticket office yesterday asking what was up. I am going to consider taking them up on it because I cannot imagine how they are going to manage getting into the stadium with the six foot space between people in line in addition to the already awkward security checks. I can see late arrivers and tailgaters not getting to their seats before the second quarter at least, Forget about trying to manage the rolling mass of humanity after the games leaving the stadium. Whatever, would like some information from the Bengals on that sort of thing like what will the stadium max capacity be with the new guidelines. Also of note for season ticket holders, just saw where the NFL has cancelled two preseason games with the possibility of cancelling the entire preseason schedule. That has to mean a check from the Bengals coming back to season ticket holders who have already been robbed paying for them in the first place.
  19. I wonder if we still get our NFL subscription if we opt out? I'm going to ask about that. Also think I'm going to opt out, to many health issues to chance it.
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  21. In reality teams are probably doing this to make it easy for themselves and stay in the semi good graces of the fans. If teams have to social distance only letting in half or less of fans into the stadiums it will be a nightmare choosing who gets in and who doesnt. Letting folks opt out on their own solves a lot of heartache.
  22. With that hair maybe his options were limited no matter how cool a rocker he was? Love that panhead though, awesome scoot.
  23. If you opt out and things get better in Nov/Dec I wonder how getting tix would be? May be easy. I'm not a season ticket holder but that's what I would consider.
  24. We should get the pick. The cash is nothing to Kraft, he's spent way more than that defending his Happy Endings down here in Jupiter
  25. Why would you? Caught cheating several times before, which means they're probably always cheating. Then they do this thing that they know is strictly against the rules but not because it gave them an advantage? Guess they were just bored? They didn't watch the tapes like Goodell didn't watch the tapes of Ray Rice
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