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  2. If Collins is healthy and more importantly plays like he's capable of playing he will be RT1, no question. I think he has the ability to be great. It's his durability and willingness to put in the work that I'm less certain about. You may be right about Karras and neither of the backups are on his level, but that's a position that seems to take a few years to grow into, Hill is only 23 so let's not throw him out just yet. Kinda feel like it's up to Pollack to get it out of these guys. He's supposed to be a great coach but he has yet to field a great OL here. The 2 really good players on the line were already good when they signed with us. Give him some credit for Volson but that's about it.
  3. Back when Jonah asked to be traded, there were reports (I think it was Breer or Shefter) that he would have a trade market if the Bengals wanted to move him. Various teams were mentioned with Jacksonville not even getting involved until Cam Robinson's PED suspension. It's a fact the Bengals didn't get an offer they accepted but it's not unreasonable to see who the potential trade partners would have been. PFF thought he'd go to Tampa as the replacement for Donovan Smith. In some mocks, I was able to trade him to the Colts and Commanders without any trouble. Quite a few teams could have used him on their left side if healthy. Keeping both Williams and Collins seems unlikely. The Bengals can keep Collins and Mixon until final cuts without owing them anything for 2023 if they don't look like contributors. Collins seemed to be moving pretty well this week so my current guess is he plays in a preseason game and isn't on PUP at the start of the year. He may have a trade market as well if he's able to play week 1. The O-line position where we should worry about our depth is C. We have a logjam of bodies at RT but we're screwed if Karras goes down. Trey Hill and Ben Brown have shown nothing in the NFL. The Vikings were trying to trade Cook before the draft but nobody wanted his contract. He may take a paycut to stay in Minnesota but if not is likely to be cut. They are trying to clear cap space so they can extend Justin Jefferson and an expensive RB is a luxury.
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  5. Think they'd play the backups if someone get hurt or just keep plugging in the RTs until they run out?
  6. Im beating a dead horse but having Williams Carman and Collins on the roster gives the team depth ... One of them will win the job but injuries happen....depth helps.. Fellin pretty good about the other 4 starters ..
  7. This is all conjecture. The assumption that Wiliams would have gotten some unknown suitors if the Bengals let him test the market is unknown and thus not worth talking about. Yet here we are. I actually dont want ust to cut any of Williams, Collins, or Caman. I want us to cut Adiniji, all of them are under contract and Collins and Carman contract are team friendly. After watching 3 linmen go down in the final weeks, I'd be pretty ok with Williams, Collans, and Carman still being on the team in week 1. I would be very surprised if Dalvin Cook is not a Viking this year. You guys dont have to like it, but Joe Mixon is your RB1.
  8. Unless it's changed recently the requirements are like some 50's era Catholic school bullshit. No tattoos, no live-in boyfriends, no strong opinions about pretty much anything beyond puppies and world peace are good... Maybe that's NFL rules, not sure but I remember reading that on top of all the lifestyle and appearance stuff they're also pretty much paid in "exposure". That may pay the bills if it's the Dallas Cowboys but otherwise not so much. As a result I guess it tends to be a lot of financially secure stay at home mom types that peaked as cheerleaders in HS or college. It sounds as though you've given this quite a lot of thought.
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  10. umm yeah awful advice if ya ask me Weird would be not knowing then getting some ideas then finding out the truth after. That would be weird. Thats why its good to think ahead about stuff.
  11. Seven years ago. Still not to late for Harambe Field at PayCor Stadium
  12. Jackson Carman is 330lbs but calling him "multiple options" is still kind of rude. Ford was moved inside to G before Buffalo traded him for a 5th round pick but sure, he's an option. I don't think anyone wants him starting. Collins isn't expected to be healthy for TC. Am I forgetting someone?
  13. I have youtubetv . I find live games rewind functions kinda stink. I use my TiVo capture it on hd Antenna. YouTube delayed 5 seconds or so as well. We put bengals on TiVo main screen and Sunday ticket on several other tvs. TiVo also I can just watch games as long as my hard drive doesn’t die.
  14. Yeah, I'm also in Cbus and don't expect to miss many games. If the Clowns have a good season maybe there will be more conflicts but I only had to go to a bar to watch a couple times last year.
  15. Again, he’s not being counted on to start and they have multiple options at RT. No one within the organization has said anything other than he gets to compete for the job. I understand you don’t want him here at all but the circumstances of his health and contract make trading him difficult. It’s not ideal obviously but it is better than giving him away for nothing or eating some/most of his salary to play for someone else.
  16. In July 1972 there was an outdoor concert at Bosse Field in Evansville, IN. Ike and Tina Turner were supposed to be the headliners and definitely put on a great show. I say supposed to be headliners because a lot of folks were there to see Jim Dandy and Black Oak Arkansas who rocked the place. There were several other bands... Country Joe and the Fish, Howlin Wolf, New Riders of the Purple Sage and Spirit. There were also a few other acts as well.
  17. I don’t think it was a hack. I think they just used fake accounts. I will let @GoBengals chime in. I have cleaned up quite a bit and banned some accounts.
  18. Thank you, Mr Montna And Mr Go And thank you for moving this. I was on early and all was well. Returned and it was a dumpster fire. I'm hinky about that sort of thing because I am still picking up the pieces from my e mail hack and trash.
  19. Looks like spammers to me. I am sure Go will check it out.
  20. The big Question for me in Columbus is going to be how many games wont be on tv here. I imagine its not enough to make Youtube tv worth it. Bengals are good and should be on a ton.
  21. That's Cris Carter. I'm talking about Chris Carter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Carter_(linebacker)
  22. It's a Taco Bell burrito that we paid a filet mignon price for but it got all soggy on the way home and kept falling apart so now we're trying to turn it into an enchilada like that's going to fix it
  23. but is the burrito half eaten or is there still half to eat.... sadly this will probably be the most exciting conversation over Jonah this season.
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