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  2. Check that, huge break for the Bengals T.J. Watt ruled out for Sunday https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/09/25/t-j-watt-ruled-out-for-sunday/
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  4. Because I think Burrow and Mixon and Chase are the problems and they get it right we leap way ahead.
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  6. True.. How do they find that consistency though? Not sure...
  7. It has been my favorite look so far, but I can't wait for them to break out the all-black set
  8. Why do you think we'd blow anyone out? Are you referring to the Jags??
  9. Well it may take him time to find the opening.. I mean it looks like its a slight wedge to get thru hence his yrds after hit average.. I want Coach Pollack to get the cohesiveness together.. Its only 2 games so it mat still happen but in the meantime its hurting JB snd Mixon tremendously..
  10. FWIW I believe that we are on the verge of just blowing a team out. If it's not this week or next it's time for Taylor to go.
  11. Dehner had a stat this week that he was by FAR (a huge margin) the worst RB in the league against light defenses. I am not a smart man but that seems to mean only one of 2 things....1) there are no holes despite the numbers meaning there should be...2) he isn't finding the holes.
  12. 2.57 league average I believe.. Our oline struggles with that time . Another priblem Im having is opening gaps for Mixon.. Theyre few and far between..
  13. But is getting 3 seconds typical? Every sack has been after 3 seconds. Which seems like a long time.
  14. Thats it.. Until this oline is consistent they'll struggle .. Right now theyre consistently lettting JB get hit.and hit..and hit.. JB HAS to realize hes not getting 3 seconds to scan and pass...
  15. Have not see anything recently on Ricardo Allen. Any update on him? I'm concerned about any Bengal D back named after a fruit. Or any Bengal D back named Tony Brown. Would like to see him cut from the practice squad and bring back the punter.
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