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  2. I'm unconvinced. They'll have other FA options if they don't get someone in the draft. They can wait to cut him once they're confident in a replacement.
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  4. First time I’ve been truly frustrated by whatever their plan is this off-season.
  5. Dobbs gone Schultz gone Singletary gone Harris gone Rough night for upgrading RB position. Looks like Mixon is back.
  6. DJ Reader will be a free agent and 30 years old next offseason. I'd rather wait until the 3rd or 4th round for DT instead of drafting one in the first, but I think it is on the short list in terms of team needs.
  7. I was the same.. I worked a Macdonald's though and I could eat two Big Macs and large fries like 3 times a day and not gain weight.. I was 6'2" 155 my senior year in high school... now 6'2" 210ish.. being older makes is harder.. lol
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  9. Yeah, I used to work at the Penn Station in Springdale off Route 4 back in the day...thankfully I was a teenager and couldn't gain weight if I tried. The good ol' days..
  10. I think Carman is the backup LT and Ford and Collins are at RT. Adeniji is fighting for a roster spot because he plays poorly whenever he gets an extended opportunity. He's got the measurables to be successful but playing seems to be an issue.
  11. If the said drafted RT beats out any other, he starts. I just would not assume that happens in year one.
  12. TE Dalton Schultz and RB Devin Singletary have both signed with the Texans. And Lamar Jackson was waived and is now a UFA. Guess the Broncos didn't need the DB...
  13. If we draft a tackle at 28, who would he be backing up? Collins? I have doubts Lael will be ready to play week 1 and he won't be ready for training camp. That's why we should trade him for anything we can get or release him before week 1 and free up the cap space for extensions. Carman? If we think Carman will be better than Dawand Jones or Darnell Wright, then we should be grooming him to start. I'm open to the idea of him as Collins' successor and drafting at other positions but don't want to project too much from his last 2 games. Ford, Adeniji, or Smith? To ask the question is to answer it.
  14. Maybe they're waiting for the draft before they decide how much to invest in a free agent TE but it'd be nice to not have any glaring needs when we're on the clock.
  15. They draft Zac Carter last year in the 3rd round and he was good for the limited role, I can't see them spending a 1st round pick on another rotational guy without a clear need. It made sense last year because of Jesse Bates's contract situation, that is not the case for anyone on the defensive line.
  16. Same. Of course you'd hope a 1st round pick is ready to start but you can't count on it. Rookies are prone to TC injuries, OL more so, & sometimes it takes guys a year to get in NFL shape. They could draft our next RT in the 5th round just as easily as they could whiff in the first. Draft picks are just prospects & they've been prone to taking risks on injured players or workout warriors with not a lot of football experience in the past. Hopefully we're done with that stuff. And no RB in the first 2 rounds please unless the offense is changing to accommodate a feature back. We don't need a superstar to get 12 carries a game on first downs.
  17. Moreau is a Louisiana kid. Has tons of family there and grew up a Saints fan. I get the feeling that his contract offers from both teams is pretty modest. His agent may be trying to squeeze a few more dollars out of one team or the other.
  18. Ok does he want to catch for JB or Carr?...😎 What team offers the best chance going to SB.. No brainer to me..
  19. BJ Hill signed a 3 year contract last offseason.
  20. Dax Hill? That doesn't sound right - he signed the basic rookie 1st round pick, right? That's four years with a 5th year team option, right?
  21. I would certainly like a RT at pick 28 but I would be careful to assign him as a starter. In the mix for sure but it has to be the best guy. And maybe as the year goes on he takes more and more snaps. At the end of the first, we should assume the odds are just as good he is a backup then a starter.
  22. If we do use pick 28 on a RT, it would clarify things considerably. That guy would be the instant starter at RT. We should have Jonah traded by then and will be free to trade/cut Collins after June 1 for a conditional 2024 draft pick if someone bites. I'd think the backup depth chart would go Carman, then Ford, then Adeniji, then Smith. With the latter 2 long shots to make the roster and one of them probably heading to the practice squad.
  23. Vic Tabur: TE O.J. Howard is signing with the Raiders. This may mean Foster Moreau is down to Cincinnati or New Orleans.
  24. BPA - depth and competition is good and there are always injuries. PFF (FWIW)nhas Breece as thier #20 on thier top 100. Fact is if he was the top guy on our borad when we pick we will take him.
  25. Hill's contract was for 3 years. He has already played out the first year so has only two left.
  26. But we shouldn't use a first round pick on a guy we know will be a backup for 3 years. That's how long Hill's contract has left on it. Maybe Bresee beats out Hill but it's not a good use of resources. Karl Brooks or Jalen Redmond in round 4 or 5 can provide some interior pass rush.
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