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  2. I don’t buy the ”I care more than everyone else BS” for guys being selfish and acting a fool. Are you telling me the other guys in that room aren’t gutted? Grow up. Man up. Your teammate needs you and all you can think of is yourself. Love seeing the solidarity around Assai. He looks like a kid that will learn from his mistake and come back even better.
  3. I would be surprised if Trayveon Williams is back. He didn’t get much of an opportunity here. Will likely be looking for a team that wants him to play more than as a returner.
  4. They did it with the QB coach, they need to do it with Lou also.
  5. The game can be moved with few calls her and there and moved with few obvious miscalls or overlooked. It like insider trading kinda. The league has direct access to every official on that field to correct as they so fit. It their game and they own players with no rules .
  6. BINGO! Nobody ever talks about Field Position when the calls are rigged but, this is one of the biggest parts of the game.
  7. I would settle for having late hit penalties called in his favor for right now.
  8. Immediate means for cincy one yard next to burrow. For kc within 100 miles
  9. I was going to say something similar about the betting, boogaloo Conspiracy theory, anyone in their right mind day and age that don't think that betting cannot be rigged with our technology today has never been around IT personnel. Simple example, the Lottery is rigged. Nobody believes it, ok, keep thinking that. The over $1B Powerball proved it but, what do people do, they just move on and keep on playing it like the suckers we are. Same can be said here, the majority will probably watch the Super Bowl, probably not me, but if I had to BET (no pun intended) 95 percent or more will from this board.
  10. Him too. I'm glad Pratt cares but he's put a bad teammate taste in my mouth.
  11. And I think Cam Sample was consoling him right after the game on the bench.
  12. Perine was in the area but, hey, rigging is not being done by the Refs. No Conspiracy to see, move on as everyone always does. I already knew he was in the area from seeing the play.
  13. There will be a lot of heretofore unknown names which, as the next months develop, will become household name-must-haves I was thinking the other day, that the Bengals most-productive and used picks from a year ago were their 2nd and 4th rounders…honorable mention to their 7th. No point really, just how chancy the draft is.
  14. BJ: you had a nice screen shot on the other thread showing the “egregious hit” on Kermit. I was one of the few at the Pub who was saying “the ‘hit’ took place primarily prior to Kermit leaving the field. We have seen these a thousand times, and it doesn’t get called. I wasn’t mad at young Joseph yesterday. Even if one would construe the legitimacy of the “hit”, it was not the reason the game was lost. That had been set into motion by the NFL and other Bengal deficiencies well prior to that.
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  16. I have know idea whether there is cheating in the NFL, but as seen in last night and true in almost any sport it only takes 1 or 2 play calls to adversely change the outcome. Also, Joe won't be the MAN until State Farm is ready for him to be the MAN.
  17. It likely has already evolved into a BillyBall baseball metric system, just as not as well-developed.
  18. Does anyone have a screenshot of the intentional grounding that shows where Perine (or Mixon) was?
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