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  2. according to their fans on that forum: 1. we havent played anyone so our defense isnt very good 2. joe burrow does nothing but throw 50/50 balls down the sideline and he isnt that good 3. they are somehow better at ever single position on the entire roster, and mahomes is so much better than last year too somehow. 4. its magical that chase and mixon are somehow back dor this game all the sudden 5. if we lose we are out of the playoffs apparently 6. our WR's do nothing but push off and the NFL needs to get involved, "they are clearly coached to push off" also chase was pushing off all game both games last year 7. i guess its somehow super important what QBs we have faced this year, for some reason, this was brought up like 14 times. 8. we have a bottom 1/3rd pass rush 9. they are going to roll out all new plays, you know, ow that happens in the nfl, when you roll out new plays in week 13 10. we apparently will just be doing the schemes from last year, but they THEY will have fixed everything. 11. we just got lael collins back apparently. 12. taylor is a terrible head coach...they beat them... twice... 13. they platyed vanilla last week casue they wanted to play coy for our game and not show too much 14. their offense is WAY better now that mahomes finally has some weapons. lol 15. they keep acting like we dropped 8 and rushed 2 for all of both games, that happened on like 6 plays. 16. refs fucked them last year and handed us win cause they wanted our star players in th eplayoffs. 17. KC might score on every possession because cheeto is hurt. they really really seem to think this is a do or die game and we are crushed if we lose.. might just be me but im just playing the math game to get to the playoffs or grab the division. seems like 3 wins does it.. KC can beat us and we just need to beat the browns, tampa, NE, baltimore or bills, any 3 and we are 10-7 and in the playoffs. should be a fun game.
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  4. I just found out recently, that NFl On Location company that does travel packages and stuff for teams, sells bengals ticket packages with sideline passes included. I took a gamble(sorta) and grabbed a package for the bills and KC games, 2 tickets upper deck, basically cheapest ones they had was $675 for the pair. I then sold the tickets, 50 yardline upper deck, for $400 and $450, so I got sideline passes for like $130-ish each. I have seen a few auctions for a pair go for $1000 or more each time, so i felt it was a good deal. but if its something you ever want to do, you get about an hour on the field for first warmups and everything up close before the game, i think about 20 minutes before kickoff they kick you out just in time to go back to your seats. but NFL On Location is the spot. They appear sold out currently, they had browns game available too but all are not listed as of today. but worth checking into for the future if anyone is interested.
  5. hating the weather forecast, the sole day in the low 40's surrounded by 50's weather before and after... gotta dig out the cold weather shit and pack it. was hoping to not need it until the buffalo game. i got some pregame sideline passes for this game and for the bills game for my son and I, our first time, should be cool.
  6. Tampa sucks, browns suck, patriots suck, bills and ravens are beatable, ravens defense sucks, and lamar is imploding per usual, von miller just hit IR, the KC game is the toughest game on the remainder of the schedule.
  7. solid price. mine sold for over $900 for the pair in sec 111, after fees net to my pocket. its nuts for this game, hopefully yours go to a good bengals fan.
  8. there are certain players this fanbase goes out of there way to praise like they are great when they just dont have a terrible game. apple played solid, but he isnt too good, he is the reason we draft a 2nd round CB this past draft. i like his attitude and shit talking, but he is a journeyman 1 year deal after 1 year deal borderline starter for a reason. i know he went to OSU and all but lets take it easy. he is a 48 rated pass coverage corner on the season. and has 4 games under 33 coverage rating. and is giving up a 96 passer rating to opposing QBs.
  9. yea it came up around the saints game timeframe. good watch regardless.
  10. tough sell to a young kid who thinks he knows best and will be great no matter where he goes, which is most young players, not sure i can say that about our, but, most of these guys came from big programs and endless winning, Clemson, LSU, Oklahoma, LSU, so winning is taken for granted, the broncos are easily the most delusional, cocky, shit eating franchises i have ever seen exist. they CONSTANTLY give big deals to super mediocre players, like the benglas had to overpay to keep guys due to being bad, the broncos have a big market, a storied winning franchise, multiple SB wins, and recent one, the QB drafted has been pathetic, they have several times given big cash to local or mediocre players who had a mediocre season but think ALWAYS their guy is about to pop off next year. Elway has been milking this entire state for decades, car dealerships, mortgage companies, endorsing anything that comes his way, showing up drunk to meet coaching candidates, recording himself going to trump inauguration, just a building full of people who think the state lives and breaths with them, and they suck and the nuggets and Avs are good, broncos tickets are half price and being given away right now, and the nuggets and avs are packing the arena even on weeknight games against bad teams. I have nuggets season tickets, one of my employees is a nuggets dancer, the teams loves fans fun team like the bengals, all good dudes, no egos, fun shit. the brncos are just an entire organization of russell wilsons. success on others coattails and think they can do no wrong. I hate the broncos. seems many people here are thinking of running back salaries of old. the top backs are getting 16/15/15mil a year, at 12 mixon is in the middle of the 2nd tier RB pack, with the trash line this year he is middle pack ,but he was 3rd in nfl rushing yards last year, and 4th in touchdowns. there is absolutely no reason to be shitting all over him like everyone is. he is a team captain for a reason, the players chose him as a captain, he is very skilled, and has a great attitude, and is a great teammate. the cap is gonna be something like 225 million next year, mixons 12 isnt hurting much of anything. bates alone covers mixons entire contract. and bates will be gone. its really not a lot of money. thats what good RB get paid, the only guys making less than him are on rookie deals like barkley, and still making about 8mil. blowing up a consistent good RB who is a great team player and likes being in fucking ohio to save like 5-6 mil on a 225 mil cap is not good decision making. especially since he is a 5 mil+ cap hit if cut. so you gonna pay another back 5-6mil even if drafted, pay mixon cap hit of 5.5mil to save like 500k. cmon man. in his bad games Jonah has been attention seekingly bad, but aside from 2-3 games, he has played very well pass blocking, and is consistent season after season. he is gonna make 12 mil, a third of the NFL is spending that on BOTH tackles, if you somehow land a miracle great LT which everyone here seems to think is super easy, and there are like 6 in the entire NFL, you can move jonah into guard and have 5 good linemen. because volsen fucking sucks. aside from the top 2-3 guys in the league not really a huge money position inside. i dont forsee reader being a contract problem, he will either age out or likely be reasonable to keep around at that age. no it isnt. the projected cap increase, ditches bates salary, and what burrow is already counting on the cap, those thing alone account for like 40 million. one hopefully promising thing burrow has said: 1. said he makes plenty of money now, when asked about the deal months ago, said he isnt worried about it. 2. on 2 separate occasions in the same topic he mentioned tom brady taking way less than his value to keep good players around him. so it seems he may be smart enough and lacks the ego to require top billing for money sake. he is collecting like 50 million as it is, he is going to land hundreds. fingers crossed. but he seems smart enough to ensure he can have jamarr and tee type talent around him. i think wr 3 may be a constant draft pick rotation going forward tho. and hendrickson, mixon, bell, reader etc everyone is up by end of 2024. only joe and tee his before 2025 cap. which could be 250mil or so by then.
  11. he completed 50% of his passes and had 1 passing TD. im not sure thats playing well. he had just under 90 rushing yards, but thats just yards an actually running back could get. so its not always very impressive. if you dont want your QB hurt all the time stop having him run all the time. hows RG3 these days? good long career? legs good? running QB's seem to have a short career span. thats the joke. one dumb enough to have got himself into it and refused to delete it for hours. yea i dont think anyone wanted to toss him in jail. but its pretty pathetic, not responding in general, but an empty 9th grader comeback about eating dicks from someone in the spotlight for a decade in sports is equal parts sad and pathetic i think. and to begin with the"you never played so you cant criticize me" is a fucking joke. we all watched you throw for 50% on 4k tv's with instant replays man, it doesnt take a genius to know you didnt exactly carry your team to victory with great skill and precision. in fact you have kind of sucked since after the first three games, with 7 TD's and 5 picks in 8 games. but youe holding out for a quarter billion dollars... wild. man watching him get in OL guys face after penalties, pointing at the jumbo tron showing them where they held right after guys complain about the call. man i need a hendrickson mic'd up. difference being no one gives a shit what you or i say to anyone, and we arent publicly holding out for hundreds of millions based on our skill which is frankly going really poorly in front of the entire world... whoa just turned into the cool guy party. this is potentially likely. which would be even funnier, he is so dumb they cant possibly risk him speaking again. perhaps he is really hurt. neither really makes for a good case for a huge long term contract. this guy has been riding one great season for several years now. been hurt and mediocre since. i hope they give him a billion dollars for 20 years.
  12. absolutely not. ive stayed at one of their houses with my kid once and certainly not the other. read below read below all of this crowd. give. me. a. fucking. break. this forum and entire fanbase has spend an INCREDIBLE amount of time ENDLESSLY and RELENTLESSLY bringing up past bad players, akili, ki jana, toast hawkins, constantly rip burfict and pacman, henry, call people loser deadbeats thugs, busts, john ross, odell thurman, john thorton for what seemed like a decade, but allllllll the sudden cause you disagree that dalton was living breathing QB purgatory, its suddenly a problem, and people are "obsessed" and "rent free in his head" and "need to move on. the same crowd calling palmer a quitter are the same ones saying people need to drop the dalton gripes. its hypocrisy and its lame as hell and if i still have to fucking hear people crying about the list of players then im thinking its not really that weird or crazy that people are bitter about a QB who was here a decade and led a decade of seasons knowing with absolute certainty there he had no ability to win any big game, while really really good talent was placed around him. its a forum, a mindlessly miserable wasted decade of the team isnt really that wild to be annoyed by and bring up. as for the main topic. it sucks these dudes get slandered without details of the situation, obviously this is written as if he has 5 yr olds naked on his phone, the kid is 19, was it 17 yr olds who were sharing nudes? im not saying anything of that nature is OK. but the fact that they found a total of 5 photos and just on his phone doesnt really sounds like some kiddie porn peddling dirtbag. he should be a lot smarter and protect himself, hell he is a big college QB he should be banging his moms friends like zach wilson. and if he DID have actual kiddie porn, go ahead and shoot him in the face.
  13. Ha! That’s it. Rafferty had a long, long day. It was beautiful.
  14. The Hoodie is one game over .500 without The QB and has gone nowhere since The QB left. Otherwise though I tend to agree, they've got to draft well to avoid a setback because some of these guys are gonna be elsewhere.
  15. Well, then they keep no one—other than Burrow. Lots of teams have had this happen to them, they won’t be the first. But the approach cannot be: “team-friendly deals” , “on the cheap”, or “prove-its”…if they want to retain even a modicum of the core great players they have. Sometimes a QB and a Hoodie can keep the championships in sight. No Hoodie here though, so it will be mix and match/hope for the best.
  16. according to Wikipedia his ineptitude was record breaking. Not sure if anybody has done worse since. However, in 1993 Green averaged just 2.74 yards per carry, which is the record for lowest yards per carry among running backs with more than 200 rushing attempts in a season.
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  18. I don't see how they can afford to keep everyone. Burrow alone is going to be a challenge.
  19. Oh yeah, there is a game tonight—with two “enemies”. I don’t “root” for either of them, but find find the Tommy-less modern day Pats a bit more tolerable. The Hoodie doesn’t bother me, and never has. That Kraft jackass though… BUF and their silly “mafia” get on my last nerve. Don’t care really. Either outcome will benefit the Bengals regardless.
  20. I endured it, so you wouldn’t have to. Still went to every home game that year, and all of the other years. This video clip gives just a small sample of just how bad ‘93 was. Could not find any Derrick Fenner clips—he was so bad he couldn’t make the “bad plays” film. Jeff Query sighting at the end.
  21. Whatever the position, disrupter interprets the same. DJ was irreplaceable when out…just patched over. If “price not right” when comes time—going to be able to find that piece? Another thing I always wonder about: all of the internet GM’s everywhere are parcelling out the franchise money to those of the “right price”…expecting any and all players to dance to the financial tunes. It may be a fun game to play, but it has no basis in reality. It’s OK…it’s why we’re all here. “Saving money for Burrow/Chase/Man in the Moon”. Is a default setting. They will get theirs —and so will everyone else they want to keep around. It’s not either or.
  22. Found it ”Krummer, Krummy, something like that." -- Tom Rafferty
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