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  2. Should probably suspend the entire defense just to be sure the integrities parity the player safeties. Appeals will be heard by a committee of Mike Mitchell, Suge Knight and Hacksaw Jim Duggan.
  3. Yup they were talking about it on Sunday night countdown. He's probably going to get at least 8 games.
  4. Moronic and unnecessary. Ultimately doesn't matter because Bengals are going nowhere this year. I would say suspension is likely since he has a history and no defense for kicking a guy in the head.
  5. I don't know but he has to keep cool when something happens it is the NFL of today.. I thought I seen one foot during live play but this looks like a double kick to the head, I think the front office/NFL will be knocking with more money or suspension. He really did not do much today, nor did anyone else for that matter.
  6. I saw the same article and it appeared so quickly I wasn't sure they were talking about today's game. It would have been about the only thing Burfict did today. Wonder what the Squeelie did to him? OK. If anything. Yes, Burfict will be fined and probably suspended.
  7. I seen it live and I thought surely not but now it is posted elsewhere. Will this get him a suspension? https://www.yahoo.com/sports/dirty-bengals-lb-vontaze-burfict-kick-Stealers-player-210003448.html
  8. I had my doubts that Marvin needed to go but today it is clear time to move on. With this much talent we are going nowhere which is really sad for AD AJ GA CD and the new guys.
  9. Yesterday
  10. You do that & I will watch my couch to see if Jackie Cruz appears with a bottle of Julio '42.
  11. What happened to Burficit today? The only time I heard his name (sort of) was when the fools in the booth couldn't pronounce it.
  12. Its those good ol' Marvin half time adjustments. "We've got them right where we want them. Now go out there and play for the tie."
  13. Mostly this (and getting rid of the dead weight HC/Assistant HC to make it happen). Of course the Charmin-soft Redeemer would never allow this. Simpering wouldn't bust a grape in a food fight mf.
  14. It’s the same shit everyone, competitive first half then fold in the second. Coaching change please and a new OL coach. This is garbage coaching with great players.
  15. HAHAHAHAA... That actually help me come back down to reality I appreciate it buddy.. LOL!!
  16. When you started posting the Stealers material that commercial refused to leave my head.
  17. sorry I am calming down sorry about that but we suckzz
  18. Going off on the board appears to be common place. Doing so on a game against the Stealers will usually result in your crucifixion.
  19. lol!! sorry thanks for bringing me back..
  20. so quit going to games and buying merch
  21. LOL!!! Please put me out of my misery lol to the dungeon
  22. Go out and get laid. It will do wonders for your mood and attitude.
  23. Thanks!! I am so mad right now.. I am sick of this team and wasting money on this and then having to go to work and listen to idiots we are not even close..
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