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  2. Aside from the 2 Superbowl years where they showed pretty fair dominance in their games, I worry about most games every year. Always crazy and unpredictable with the Browns anyway. Not to mention injuries against them. Uggh.
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  4. Kaepernick is a phony. If these things are so important to him then why has he remained silent other than a few tweets which were mostly me memes, not actually words? Most people don't care what players their teams do in their spare time as long as you are not found guilty (Rothleisberger and Ray Lewis) and it doesn't involve dogs or America.
  5. Site Request

    Too bad it didn't take your auto signature picture, Jamie!
  6. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    The Cowboys say hi...
  7. You are a good man, Harry. No facetiousness at all.
  8. What Happened????

    Haaaaa.... break the skin
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  10. The Kaepernick thing is interesting. I wonder why his coach didn't order him to just stay in the locker room during the anthem if he knew Kap wasn't going to toe the line and stand. Of course, Kap may have refused to go into the locker room so his "protest" (which was pretty milquetoast, all things considered) would be seen on television because he wanted the attention to his cause it would bring. I mostly agree with USN...I don't think he's great shakes as a QB, but I do think he's certainly better than many backups out there and I am convinced that the owners of many teams (whom are to a man almost all rich, old white people) have in fact told coaches and GM's of their teams not to consider him for employment, which is the definition of being blackballed. That said, there's rumors stirring on 1530 that he'll become a Raven due to Flacco's injury. I do think Kap would be a slightly better option than Mallet.
  11. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Good points all around, and I mostly agree with you... Now about that "What horrible offense has CK committed, daring to veer from the "dumb jock" script of uncritical jingoistic military boosterism (paid for by the DoD) and wearing pink gear for a month to support one of the shadiest "charities" around (marketing)? " While I have no doubt that the uncritical jingoistic military boosterism and the marketing angle is mostly correct, I can tell you that it did piss me off (and many veterans of all colors) that he originally wasn't standing. I tempered my feelings while gaining understanding of his approach. I gained more respect for him and his approach after he spoke with an Army Ranger I believe, and decided to kneel. Regardless anyone's thoughts or feelings, he definitely got everyone's attention and was able to express his protest to a hellaciously large audience. I still don't think he is that good of a QB still, but once again, just my ignorant opinion. Just my .02, but I agree with you overall T-Dub, especially the part where white America hates to be told the blatantly evident truth that racism does exist indeed.
  12. Corey Dillion Jeff Blake Takeo Spikes
  13. Eh, I don't buy that. These teams have no problem at all covering for rapists, wife-beaters, drug addicts & drunks so long as they help them win. What horrible offense has CK committed, daring to veer from the "dumb jock" script of uncritical jingoistic military boosterism (paid for by the DoD) and wearing pink gear for a month to support one of the shadiest "charities" around (marketing)? I think the point of the comparison between CK & Pacman was that it's obviously not about bad headlines. The Enquirer probably has a full-time Pacman Jones desk these days. No question Kap is being black-balled for daring to use his position in the media spotlight in a non-NFL approved manner. If recent events have taught us anything it's that white America absolutely hates being told racism still exists. This may all be better suited for the J&D pit, but suffice to say the CK situation is only the latest example of NFL hypocrisy.
  14. He was drafted in 2002
  15. What Happened????

    Go posted on FB that he was doing an upgrade. Said it might break the skin for the short term.
  16. Gio and Eiffert ready?

    Missed the facetiousness. Went right over my pointed little head.
  17. They have no QB. I'm sure he will improve their D, but he isn't headhunting anymore, the league would throw him out with the quickness if get got caught doing that again. So no.
  18. I knew that...was being facetious with the question. Yes Training Camp...the most overall useless expenditure of blood and treasure in the NFL Calendar year. I always anticipate the annual total loss of qualified players to this unneeded nonsense.
  19. What Happened????

    Yeah guessing there was an update that broke the skin.
  20. Again, we don't know what $'s he and his agent want AND nobody wants to spend the next 6 weeks talking about their backup QB NONSTOP.
  21. Site Request

    Guessing you did an upgrade to the software and the skin is broken again?
  22. Favorite players from the 1990's

    No love for Levi? (Jones)
  23. What Happened????

    Some kind of update??
  24. The place looks kine of ... barren.
  25. The costs of Gender re-assignment surgery are minimal in comparison to the money they spend on Viagra for retirees. http://www.militarytimes.com/news/2017/07/26/the-military-spends-more-on-giving-retirees-erections-than-on-transgender-troops/
  26. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Not saying Colin should be starting, but he is clearly better than most of the back ups in the league right now.
  27. The Redeemer Speaketh!

    Kaepernick was playing on one of the absolute worst offenses in the league last year and he still had a 16-to-4 td-to-interception ratio and a passer rating over 90. His number one receiver was 5'9" Jeremy Kerley who only averaged 10.4 yards on his 64 receptions. Quinton Patten (who?) had 37 catches and no one else had more than 29.
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