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  2. Even if Cordy Glenn is 100%, I agree. I'm not sold on Fisher at RT.
  3. Mock Draft Round Up

    You are Danish?
  4. this is exactly the way I would put it, especially for the stealers and stains.. and I would like ragnow too, but would be happy with some others...
  5. No...LOL. I'd be all good with him. Geno type DT. Still not a top pick for me but certainly not an upsetting one either.
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  7. Mock Draft Round Up

    Duly noted. or is it Dooly idk.
  8. If a truly elite prospect is there and hasn't fallen bc of some unknown injury concern , I totally agree.
  9. I can see the merit in waiting if there's a clear BPA that isn't a center there at 21. But you better be prepared to trade up for a starting center because they won't be there by 46.
  10. Browns- definitely Barkley Same as you with Ragnow and the Browns Jason.
  11. I'm no expert on the draft and I'm quite sure no one else is on here either. With that said, I have only seen Mayock's rankings from so called draft experts. Yes, I know he misses sometimes too, but he has 2 of the centers ranked higher than where we pick. I don't understand the problem with taking one bc they certainly would qualify as "best player available" and at a position of urgent need according to most everyone here. I'm sorry, I just have to shake my head at suggestions to wait until a later round. You can't just hang hopes on possible tradeups.
  12. I'm convinced Baltimore trades up for Lamar Jackson. They've shown a lot of interest. Flacco sucks. But to answer your question: Browns - Barkley: I think they pass on him for Chubb. I think he could be a top 5 back. Ravens - Ridley: I think Ridley is going to be a stud. Stealers - Evans: Perfect fit for their defense.
  13. Who do you NOT want Cleveland, Baltimore and urineburgh to draft? Cleveland: Chubb. He and Garrett would be scary Baltimore: Ragnow. I want him. Urineburgh: Hubbard. I’m sick of them making me hate former Buckeyes, and I think he’d be a good fit for them.
  14. If we pass on a center in 1 I’m trying hard to trade up in 2. I agree, I think all 3 are gone by 46.
  15. Mock Draft Round Up

    No, you don’t neuter a Dane before they are 1 year old.
  16. Keep in mind he was the starting center in the spring for Miss State and was a beast. They moved him back to tackle because he is great there as well. This is what is key: Two-time member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll and a Dean’s List recipient who maintained a 3.3 GPA and was a semifinalist for college football’s top academic award as a senior … Selected as a team captain by his teammates prior to his final season.
  17. Versatility is good, for sure. I'm apparently a heretic for it but I don't think our OT situation is 100% solved & hunky-dory.
  18. He has played tackle in the SEC and was first team SEC. He is best suited for center but can play tackle in a pinch kinda like Whit playing guard in a pinch.
  19. That sounds questionable to me. At the NFL level OTs & C's tend to have a different body type. Kinda like the difference between a DT and DE, basically height to width ratio.
  20. Mock Draft Round Up

    ...both to be neutered?
  21. Mock Draft Round Up

    I usually do other things too. This Friday I have a dr appointment for me and a vet appointment for our puppy.
  22. Then we take Martinas Rankin from Miss State at 46. Can play Tackle, Guard and Center but will be a better center. I don't think there is much drop off at all but the important thing is he can play tackle in a pinch as well as guard. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/4/16/17242676/bengals-meet-with-mississippi-state-lineman-martinas-rankin
  23. Mock Draft Round Up

    Lol, screaming at the TV has potential to be a good stress reliever.
  24. Mock Draft Round Up

    Using a vacation day to scream at the TV in anger just doesn't sound fun.
  25. Mock Draft Round Up

    LOL when in doubt in my case it is safe to assume
  26. Mock Draft Round Up

    Yes and sorry I didn't catch your sarcasm.
  27. There is a whole lot of chatter that all 3 centers will be gone before 46. If so, everyone that is advocating with them passing on C in round 1 best be comfortable with them getting a C that can step in, in the later rounds. I don't know that I am comfortable with that risk.
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