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  2. I lived in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years, and the most I ever gambled was putting $3 into MegaBucks every other month. Never caught the bug, and pretty happy about that... Sent from my iPhone using
  3. I lived in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years, and the most I ever gambled was putting $3 into MegaBucks every other month. Never caught the bug, and pretty happy about that... Sent from my iPhone using
  4. Finally done and it's great!!
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  6. Last picture until it's done. Wrap in foil, add some mop sauce and jack up the temperature.
  7. I watch a friend of mine lose his house and wife betting on college and pro football. That would probably be me if I started.
  8. Arroyo has a 6.75 ERA but if I'm reading this correctly, has also pitched the most innings. Despite that they're only 2 games back and 1 under .500
  9. I think we're invested heavily in the DL if I'm not mistaken? Totally agree about the OL seeming like an afterthought, but I'm not sure if it's that or the influence of Assistant HC Paul Alexander. Probably a bit of both. As far as having one more FA to get over the postseason hump: Sure, but every roster is going to have holes somewhere, particularly that late in the season. The one consistent theme in the losses IMO has been the lack of focus. Dropped balls, brain-fart penalties, random-ass play calls, poor decisions with the football & just a general absence of poise or leadership or whatever you want to call it. Unfortunately that's not something you can easily hire or fire your way out of with any sort of reliability. Much as I'd like to see a coaching change, I am skeptical of anyone's ability to correct that on their own. More to the point, I'm not sure the new coach or coaches would be given the freedom to make the necessary changes. I know I keep bringing up the Chris Henry thing with Marvin vs MB, but in hindsight I think that set a tone that Marvin couldn't be expected to work around or overcome.
  10. Yeah they sound kinda good but I think they'd get too smoky for a side dish
  11. Thanks. No, I prefer cole slaw with my pork. I add the drippings to my BBQ sauce.
  12. You doing drip beans? Great color
  13. Not only that, but what's stopping a defense from dropping everyone into coverage? Our nonexistent run game? Mixon? Gio is (or at least was) an incredibly elusive RB but he still needs at least a crease, if not a proper running lane. I expect the offense to put up good numbers at times against the weaker schedule but continue struggling vs any above-average D.
  14. At the end of the day the pick will force teams to keep a safety up top to stop the long ball but the reality is our online still has to be able to defend against a 4 man rush. We shall see.
  15. stephen a smith is the donald trump of sports reporting.
  16. So the issue with this post is you automatically assume that if the Bengals DID spend a lot of money in FA they wouldn't even make the playoffs. Kind of a ridiculous assumption. I think many here believe if we had had one more run stopping d lineman or linebacker on the team when we played Houston and San Diego, we would have won a game or 3. Instead those marginal teams ran right over us. The real issue with the team is it values shiny pretty objects over the foundational core of all great teams aka the line on both sides. It gets you regular season wins but can't help you beat fundamentally constructed and coached teams.
  18. After 4 hours in the smoker.
  19. The mission of every professional sports franchise is to entertain the fans,..period. Youth sports has a different mission: teaches children the concepts of hard work, training, discipline, and teamwork. They also entertain their parents and classmates but that is secondary. In the final analysis, the kids are gonna act as good or as bad as their coach, the NFL doesn't affect that.
  20. It's like most things in the world today as they have to be defined specifically as people take things too far. What is an excessive celebration? In the past most folks used some common sense, but then came props and other nonsense which Ocho was the king of the bunch. I am OK with most celebrations. I loved the group celebrations, which they banned. I remember how when a Bengals RB scored a TD he let one of the offensive linemen spike the ball. I don't mind dances as long as they don't go on too long. Props and other BS where players plan some kind of Sportscenter moment is too much for me. Too individual and when a player is more worried about what kind props he needs to get on TV it becomes a distraction. I agree with Marvin about individual vs. team. As I have stated several times I don't think he has any business talking about what is a good example for kids based upon the history of his team. He works for Brown so he shares the redeemer tag. If he doesn't like it, quit. That's how it works in business and the NFL is most definitely a business.
  21. The pork was in the smoker at 4:47 am.
  22. Report: Kushner Discussed Setting Up Secret Communications With Russia
  23. Two men killed in Portland after trying to stop an anti-Muslim rant #MAGA
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