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    100% this.. But nobody is getting fired because as long as they have enough bodies to play on Sundays the NFL checks keep coming. The primary goal of the Cincinnati Bengals is making sure none of the extended Brown family ever have to hold a real job. All this football stuff is just something they need to make a show of for a few months a year so the gravy train keeps running. We talk about how they should trade for this guy or sign that free agent next year but what player worth a damn would want to come to this team? All we get are washed up vets looking for that last paycheck & low expectations. No team seriously trying to win games would start the season with 2 LB's and Andre Smith at LT. They clearly don't give a shit. A couple of more games like yesterday & I won't either - another season of maybe putting the Bengals games on the TV as background noise while I do other stuff I enjoy.
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    ...and you thought that she loved you.
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    I am no Dalton fan, but putting any young QB behind this OL will just get you Klingler II.
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    5 posts of exceptional insight.
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    So much this ☝ And I'm not 100% sold on Cordy Glenn. He's a placeholder until they can get someone better. Considering the Bengals buzzard luck with first round draft picks, I can see Jonah the Whale going belly up and being meh at best. As far as Andy, we all know there is Good Andy and Bad Andy. I thought Bad Andy was most apparent with overthrows of Sample and Tate that should have been nice gains or even TD's (if there were no penalties on the O Line ... a big IF) if catchable. Speaking of catchable, Ross needs to hold on to a few more before being anointed the second coming of Joe Willie Mammyjammer. Andy had a horrible game. No question. But we don't have anything close to a linebacker who can prevent big gains outside the ends. Where was Pratt after all the preseason hoo-ha? Andy isn't a rifle, he's a roller coaster. And we're along for the ride.
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    I wasn't there but from watching the game on TV it seemed like some guys weren't laying it all out, specifically #27 &#52. That was a pitiful defensive performance, one of the worst of all time and the stats back that up. The defensive alignments worked well in Seattle, it was the effort and the tackling that wasn't the same. As for the booing, atleast it shows that the fans are emotionally invested in the outcome of the game.
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    The game was lost in Free Agency and recent drafts.
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    If Cordy Glenn does not return I cant see us competitive in most games. Our defense and lack of linebackers has been figured out.
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    Uhhhh...wait...what??? Did I detect some optimism in that post sir??? Sorry LT, but I just had to bust your chops a bit since you've been taking some grief lately about being negative. FWIW I agree...I sure hope we're more like the team from the Seattle game than yesterday...and I think we've been shown the high and low peaks. Although some commentator last night suggested that something in between is still a loss, I'm trying to remain optimistic about the team this season.
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    Dalton isn't a top 5 QB. But he's not being paid like one either. The problem is the Bengals aren't using the money saved from him to build a better team around him. Not many QBs in NFL history could win with this O-line and those LBs. Dalton is way down on the list of why this team isn't winning.
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    Patrick Mahomes can't tackle any better than Vigil.
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    I am not a Dalton fan but I can't blame him for this Shit show. The online is almost comical.
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    Here is my story : my son who is 27 started having seizures , he was let go from his employer because of it , so now he is unemployed and has no insurance , he has tried to work several jobs but when he has a seizure he is let go so he can't work long enough to acquire healthcare, we tried to get him into a neurologist (out of pocket) there are only like 6 neurologists in our area, 5 would not see him because he doesn't have insurance, we finally found one that would accept our cash but took 6 months to get him in, the Dr prescribed a drug to see if it would work for his seizures, $1200 for a 30 day supply, the Dr has been giving him free samples , we got a call from his girlfriend last month telling us that he was in the hospital from a seizure, he ran out of the free samples and didn't want to burden us , we got him back to the Dr and he has a new medicine that is cheaper , it is making his seizures less frequent and milder but he's still having them, the expensive medicine kept them away , he needs an MRI but they want $2400 up front before they will give him one , the thing is no one is sure the MRI is even going to show what the cause is so its a coin flip for $2400 , he has applied for social security disability and has the hospital and his Dr working to get it through, , if he is denied once we go broke which we've went through a good portion of our savings he will have no way to cover his expenses and could potentially die , our health care is a national emergency I don't care what our govt and psychopathic leaders need to do but health care for all has to happen, I'm sick of the excuses, I'm sick of hearing that 45,000 people a year in the USA dies from lack of healthcare , I'm sick of hearing we can't compare our country to all the other countries that its working in , I'm sick of people defending the psychopaths that say it won't work here, it has to work, just pretend its a war, pretend we are attacking a country in the middle east, we always find money for tax breaks for the wealthy and money for wars, we have to figure it out because our people are dying and our leaders don't give a fuck
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