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  1. Folks, now we see the Danish imperialist forces once again, offending Muslim sensibilities worldwide! Please note I called this earlier in this thread! We need to bomb Denmark. The war on terror, should be re-routed to the war on Denmark!

    Al-Greenda and BJ's Al Ansar Greenland need to join forces and take these people out before they embark on a whole spree.

    It's cartoons of Mohammed today, agression in Greenland yesterday, DO NOT BE SURPRISED IF TOMORROW SOME DANISH ARTIST DEPICTS HIS HOLINESS MARVIN LEWIS RECEIVING IT UP THE BUM BUM FROM BILL COWHER through Photoshop. Folks, these people will stop at nothing.

    We are even reasonably confident that Kimo Von Oelhoffen is not Hawaian / German as claimed. But actually DANISH!
  2. [quote name='Bengal_Smoov' date='Aug 18 2005, 01:11 PM']Both guys are known for their non-stop motors, relentless pass rush skills, and blue collar work ethic.  I can't wait until the Philly game to see these two in action, our defense is going to be special instead of the weak link.

    Hope fully Pollack lives up to expectations more and when rushing the passer relies on something other than the bull rush.

    But, in fairness to Bustin, I did see the spin move attempted in the game vs. Philly. It was tough to watch...but still good to see him finally trying to expand the arsenal.
  3. That's right Jamie! Testify.

    Seriously, the more I look into it, the more I realise just how twisted these Danes are. Their aggression extends to all facets of Danish culture, fauna and wildlife.


    Check it...a "Great Dane" terrorising some poor kid and hurting his freedoms.

    Under legislation we propose, it is now illegal to own any of these vicious mutts in Canada. Owners already with Danes, are encouraged to shoot them, throw them into the water off the coast of Florida as shark bait, or quickly cross breed them with more noble breeds like the Canadian Husky to remove their killer, imperialistic instincts.
  4. [quote name='Bunghole' date='Jul 27 2005, 10:11 AM'] [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img]   [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//24.gif[/img]
    So the Canadian "military's" definition of a battalion is a single person, right?

    Well, that was the joke on my part...

    I'm sure they follow international standards as to what defines a battalion.

    More importantly, the struggle continues. Through an effective media campaign waged by us at Al-Greenda, Canadian Retailers are announcing sweeping changes to products they stock.


    The above products will no longer be referred to as "Danish's"

    They will now be termed "Pastries with jam / jelly in the middle" or "Freedom Pastries"

    Take that you frikkin Danish bastards.

    Also, BJ, this campaign is being waged on behalf of the Inuit people. So your help while not required, is acknowledged. We hope that you and and your compatriots at Al-Ansar Greenland enjoy these yellow-tinted snowcones and yellow tinted ice cubes we're sending your way. Savour the flavour!

  5. Jamie, Rick, I don't really see what's so fucking funny.

    Right now the latest Canadian naval frigate is on it's way to Greenland. Trust me, those Danes are quaking in their boots.


    While, they may be prepared for a naval battle. They will truly be unprepared for the aerial bombardment from the Canadian airforce, with our new targeted firing systems.


    And finally, our well trained, pro-active ground infantry will sweep all before them.


  6. [quote]Canada, Denmark dispute ownership of tiny Arctic island
    Last Updated Mon, 25 Jul 2005 18:56:06 EDT
    CBC News

    Defence Minister Bill Graham's recent visit to an Arctic island off the northwest coast of Greenland has set off a diplomatic row.

    Last week, Graham walked about on 1.3-square-kilometre Hans Island, claimed by both Canada and Denmark. Graham said Canada has always considered Hans Island its territory.

    "Our view is that it's part of Canada and we continue to be there, to go there, the Danes go there as well and we are making sure that the Danes know that this part of the Canadian territory," he said.

    Denmark called in the Canadian ambassador to express its displeasure.

    Peter Taksoe-Jensen, spokesman for Denmark's Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, says for years Canada and Denmark have agreed to disagree over the island and he sees it as a friendly dispute.

    "Basically we have reacted because we want to keep the status quo ... if we didn't react to a situation we would risk to have a worse negotiating position."

    There is some question about who has sovereignty over the island, about 1,100 kilometres south of the North Pole.

    Canada and Denmark agreed in 1973 to create a border through Nares Strait, halfway between Greenland, a semi-autonomous Danish territory, and Canada's Ellesmere Island.

    But they were unable to agree which country would have sovereignty over Hans Island and various other Arctic islands in the area. In the end, they decided to work out the question of ownership later.

    It's not the first time that Hans Island has been a source of argument between the two countries.

    In 1984, Denmark's minister of Greenland affairs raised a Danish flag on the island. He then buried a bottle of brandy at the base of the flagpole and left a note saying "Welcome to the Danish island."

    Taksoe-Jensen says Denmark is ready to start negotiations over Hans Island but it's not a top priority. He says there are more important issues to settle between the two countries, including a three-kilometre long boundary line that hasn't been clearly divided in the Davis Strait between Canada and Greenland which could have an impact on fishing rights.[/quote]

    Seriously, fuck the Danish and their incredibly hot women and their interesting low cholestorol fish heavy diet.

    Hans Island is ours...all 1.3 km of it!

    and bloody hell, Canada should take back Greenland. It's closer to us than them. The Inuits there speak the language of Canadian based inuits, not bloody Danish, it's got good fishing, it would triple Canada's caribou numbers overnight! Take the power back Canada, take it back...I bet you there's oil as well



    Maybe when the Canuck battalions return from Afghanistan, all 14 of them can sweep through Greenland.

    I am now collecting funds for the Al-Greenda. (Liberation of Greenland.) We will not rest until the Danish kafir aggressor is expelled from the land and it is restored to Canadian hands. Our policy will be use Suicide Caribou Bombers to strike at the key targets on the island. (E.g. the car wash and the atm bank machine) Currently we are in the development phase, as Caribou lack a sense of direction, but rest assured, we have it down.

    Please give my Yankee brethren, it's the least you can do after you take so much of our oil. Perhaps you might even see fit to loan some American moose to the cause so that we can pack more explosives on them.

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