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  1. Hallelujah!!!! I think I just jizzed in my pants
  2. Greetings to all. I guess I am the reason this thread exists in the first place so I figure I will share my story. It was about 3 years ago when this all went down so details won't be 100% accurate but I looked at my twitter feed and that jogged my memory. I was going back and forth with Joe about marvin Lewis and he like he always does started getting his condescending tone with me. So I went back at him calling him out for posting a bunch of stupid things not relevant to the bengals. Then he told me to unfollow. Which I don't think I was following at the time. But around the same time I had found a site that would essentially let you parody someone's twitter account by copying their HTML coding to create a fake post as someone. However it clearly displayed disclaimers that it was not the person. So I made a fake "post" as reedy that read something to the effect of "I'm a douchebag and I suck at everything" which I deleted my twitter post however the pic remains on my twitpic account if you want to check @shakwurst A few hours later I get a call from my boss asking if I know who Joe Reedy is. Which as he accurately pointed out was my father. My family owned a chain of banquet halls in the Cincinnati area (that we sold our interests in) and I was general manager of one of the buildings at the time. I have since moved on but that had nothing to do with this scenario. Which all that stuff if irrelevant but joe felt the need to say it so I'll explain it. But anyways my dad knew as much about twitter as joe does common decency so after explaining to him what twitter was and what happened he was even more confused as to why a grown man would do something so childish. On both our ends might I add. After his failed attempt at "telling the teacher" he then went on to his feed to brag about his "accomplishment" which accomplished nothing. But he cited a story where a journalist who actually went to the house of a person who attacked them in an online post in attempt to have an actual conversation with the person. Can't remember the exact link of the story he posted but I'm sure it's still in his feed. But ultimately his goal was to at the very least get me reprimanded or at the very worst (and probably more likely) get me fired. I am no saint. Hell most likely I am an asshole so maybe the old adage "takes one to know one" is applicable to this situation. I can only imagine how annoying it must be to feed stupid questions all day but he shouldn't act as if he is superior to his readers. If he wants to have the pissed off at the world twitter by all means, that's probably how mine looks, but I think the enquirer should step in and tell him to create a personal account and a business account. I would guess the editors do not read his twitter because it is beyond me how they would think that attitude is acceptable. We as fans, and in the case of the enquirer paying customer deserve better and if they don't provide the few who have yet to move on to Coley and CincyJungle will follow suit in short form.

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