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Registration Terms

Go-Bengals.com Rules, Regulations, Conditions of Use, Etc.

YOU SHOULD PROBABLY BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER! - If you are not 18, you are should talk to your parents and see if they permit you to view these forums, you are not permitted to sign up for an account and must leave immediately, if not.

Go-Bengals.com is a privately owned website and use of the website, forums, email or any parts related to Go-Bengals.com is a privilege, not a right. Owners or management can and will take away your ability to post, read, or even visit the site completely for any reason they see fit.

Go-Bengals.com prides itself on freedom of speech, loose guidelines, as well as open language and ideas. The main guideline to stand buy is personally attacking others, this is the quickest way to end your membership at Go-Bengals.com, have common courtesy and be an adult and we should all get along JUST DANDY!

If you have any questions about these Rules, please send a PM to "GoBengals" or email to "comments@go-bengals.com".

-Go-Bengals.com Staff

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