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"Notes: Wilson has a ways to go"

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Guest bengalrick
along w/ the news of larue getting surgury, here is some more news that isn't exactly great, unless you wanted an easy fix to our extra starting pitching problems...

[i][b]Wilson throws:[/b] So far, the Reds are satisfied this spring with Wilson's rehabilitation from shoulder surgery.

[b]But there seems to be a ways to go still before the right-hander will work from mound again in a Major League game.[/b]

Wilson, who has yet to pitch in an exhibition game this spring, threw 60 pitches on Sunday morning in his simulated game to Minor League hitters. Reporting no pain, he is scheduled to throw on the side on Tuesday before working another simulated game on Friday.

As expected, Wilson will remain in Florida to continue his throwing program in after the Reds head north to begin the regular season.

[b]"We're going to leave him down here to work in extended spring training for at least the first couple of weeks of April," Reds head trainer Mark Mann said. "Depending on his progress those first two weeks of April, we'll determine what the next step is for him."[/b]

An eventual step for Wilson before returning to Cincinnati would be going on a Minor League rehabilitation assignment to start in some games.

The Reds prepared for this contingency throughout camp. Young pitchers, including Michael Gosling and Justin Germano, were originally auditioned to take the fifth starter's role. Then last Monday, the rotation was shored up with the acquisition of Bronson Arroyo in the trade that sent outfielder Wily Mo Pena to Boston.

[b]Wilson had season-ending surgery last June to repair a torn rotator cuff and frayed labrum. The 33-year-old is in the final year of a two-year, $8.2 million contract that carries a 2007 club option.[/b]

[b]During Sunday's throwing session, Wilson continued to throw fastballs and sinker pitches and used a curveball for the first time. He has yet to use a slider, a pitch that puts the most stress on an arm.[/b]

"For a guy that had surgery the middle of last season to be able to go out and compete in a live batting practice session to hitters," Mann said. "At this point, we're very pleased with his progress. He's incorporating his pitches more and more in these sessions." [/i]
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