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Cincinnati Bengals Fan

Hillarious Cleveland Brown Joke

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A guy walks into a bar with his dog, and sits down at the bar.

The bartender says, "Hey no dogs aloud!"

The guy says, "Yeah, well this is a special dog, he does tricks."

The bartender says, "What kind of tricks?"

The man said, "I will show you if you put the Cleveland Browns game on."

So the bartender did so. Five minutes later, the Cleveland Browns kick a field goal, all of a sudden the dog jumps up and does a backflip. The bartender sees this and is amazed! Later on in the game the Cleveland Browns kick another field goal, and the dog does another backflip. 15 minuter later the Cleveland Browns score one more field goal, and again the dog does another backflip.

Now the bartender is absolutely stunned, he then asks the man, "What does the dog do when the Cleveland Browns score a touchdown?"

The man then replies, "I don't know, I have only had the dog for 7 years!!!!"

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