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Mock, trades and offseason moves (pre-combine)

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My thoughts on what the Bengals could do this offseason

Cincinnati trades Aj Mccarron to Chicago for pick 36 and a conditional 3rd round pick in the 2019 NFL draft.


The Bengals are in a great spot with trading him with 2 seasons left on his deal in this weak QB draft class. Chicago makes a lot of sense and a 2nd round pick for 2 seasons of auditioning is very valuable. Also with the news from the Patriots that their backup is off the market that help leverage Cincinnati to get max value.


I think the Bengals have an opportunity where they are drafting from to make a series of moves to improve their team. They will have close to the most picks in the draft and they need to make trades and moves to facilitate getting quality players that can compete to be on the field next season.


At #9 they could be in a prime spot to trade down. Teams trade up for a value on their board that they feel they cannot pass up or for a QB. With that said if the Bills release Tyrod Taylor they will most certainly be in a draft QB situation at #10. I project that there should be only one QB taken at this point and that would be Trubisky. I think if the 49ers pass on him then the Jets would scoop him up. I think if the 49ers take him that the Jets will not draft a 1st round QB. I could see a team like the Browns or Cardinals trying to jump ahead of the Bills.


With that said, I feel like the best player available at 9 will be Reuben Foster. Foster has had a few injuries already in his tenure in Alabama which makes me nervous to select him at #9.


Cincinnati does trade with Cleveland dropping a few picks to obtain a more quality pick later in the draft.


Cincinnati trades #9 and #73 to Cleveland for #12 and #51 


Cincinnati mock draft for 2017


#1 Cle selects Myles Garrett, Edge, Texas A&M

Cleveland selects the #1 ranked prospect in the class and gets a defensive lineman with tremendous upside to build their defense around.


#2 SF selects Mitch Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

SF starts with a new regime and they will take advantage of this draft spot by adding a QB that has the arguably the highest upside in the class.


#3 CHI selects Jonathan Allen, Defensive Interior, Alabama

Due to the Bengals trade the Bears have the freedom to use this pick for defensive lineman that can really help their defense. He is projected to be the #2 talent in the draft by many outlets.


#4 Jax selects Solomon Thomas, Edge, Stanford

Jacksonville could go many ways with this pick. They could add Jamal Adams here but I feel like they go with Thomas here. He is a stout run defender and can play rush the passer. If their grades are close a stud DLineman is more valuable than a safety.


#5 Ten selects Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

Tennessee has two first round picks here and they need help at WR and CB. This draft is loaded in the secondary and not so much at WR in terms of true difference makers. Williams has been all over the top 14 picks but if the measurables test out, he will be the pick. They will have a slew of choices for a CB upgrade at the 18th pick while Davis and Williams will be long gone.


#6 NYJ selects Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State

The Jets could reach for a QB here but I think with the few FAs that have hit the board at QB and the perceived weakness of the QB position as a whole that they go CB here with Lattimore.  With Revis and his release the need for a new sheriff to be in town on the outside.


#7 LAC selects Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin

The first curve ball in the draft has arrived. There are a couple of things going on here. The OL market is weak and while this might be early in terms, the chargers need to address their OL. I could see them trying to trade back a bit here but it is an awkward spot for them to trade back with neither the Panthers or the Bengals needing a QB. The other thing going on is the Chargers have not shown an organizational philosophy that would put a value on safety to a point that they would take one of them here in this spot. One could look at the Weddle situation to make that perfectly clear.


#8 Car selects Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

Cam Newton does not need to be the top rushing threat on this football team and the organization knows it. Here is a tailback that is thought to be a top 5 talent falling into their arms.


#9 Cle selects Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

With the threat of Buffalo being in a position to take a QB depending on the situation with Tyrod Taylor the Browns trade up with Cincinnati to grab their new signal caller. Kizer is also a possibility but I feel like Watson would be the guy.



#10 Buf selects Jamal Adams, S, LSU

The Buffalo secondary needs help and in a division with NE and the Gronk they grab the top S on the board and one of the top football players on the board.


#11 NO selects Reuben Foster,LB, Alabama

If it were not for medical concerns he would be a top 10 or maybe top 5 pick but he falls to here. NO needs help on the defensive side of the ball and they take the top LB in class to build around. He can stay on the field, if healthy, all three downs and does everything well.



#12 Cin selects Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

The choices in this range here seem to be a CB or reach for a DE like Barnett or Charlton. The other option here would be Dalvin Cook but I think character concerns and positional value will cause the Bengals to pass on him. Davis gives the Bengals a precise route runner that can be the perfect complement to Green and Boyd in the slot. I know some would consider this a luxury pick but locking up a guy like this would prevent a carousel at the #2 spot for years to come. It also frees up some money from paying 5-6 million for a quality #2 receiver that can go toward extensions of Burfict and Eifert if the Bengals are so inclined.


#36 Cin selects Charles Harris, DE, Missouri

Harris is one of the best pass rushers in the class and I am not 100% he would make it this far but if he does then you take him in this spot. He is not the best run defender and is not great at setting an edge but the Bengals currently have that player in Michael Johnson. Harris would be very useful in a rotational setting where early on in his career he could just pin his ears back and go for it.


#41 Cin selects Jourdan Lewis, CB, Michigan

The Bengals add a CB that I feel will drop into the second round due to his height. He projects to be a slot CB that can play outside some also. Very competitive player with an edge and is solid in run support. Pick makes a lot of sense with KirkPatrick and Jackson on the outside.


#51 Cin selects Dion Dawkins, G, Temple

The Bengals add an interior lineman that can start on day 1. He is a mauler and more of an AFC north kind of lineman. Every Bengal fan would love to keep Zeitler but 11m for a guard isn’t in the cards for the Bengals.


#116 Cin selects Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Villanova

At 6’7’’ and 280 pounds this kid screams what the Bengals are used to drafting for the edge. He is raw but very athletic and at that size could even move inside to rush the passer in certain downs and distances.



#138 Cin selects Kendall Beckwith, ILB, LSU


The Bengals get a value here at pick 138 due to injury. Beckwith is coming off an ACL injury that knocks him from a 2nd/3rd round pick to a 4th round comp pick. With the slew of picks in this draft given the trades made and comp picks they can take a chance on this kid.


#154 Cin selects Zane Gonzalez, K, Arizona St

Consensus top K in the draft and Groza winner. Some one argue that this is a bit early but not if you watched the games last season.


#176 Cin selects Matthew Dayes, RB, NC State

Dayes is a speedy back that can catch the ball out of the backfield. Complementary piece to Jeremy Hill.



#193 Cin selects Chad Kelly, QB, Ole Miss

Developmental QB that is coming off of injury that can be stashed on IR without affecting numbers.


#217 Cin selects Xavier Woods, SS, La Tech

Tough nosed football player that would push for a roster spot for special teams and a backup role at SS.


#227 Cin selects Treyvon Hester, DT, Toledo

Developmental DT that had good size and some athleticism. 


#251 Cin selects Jonathan McLaughlin, OT/G, V Tech

OT worth the flyer at this point in the draft.



QB Andy Dalton

QB Jeff Driskell


RB Hill

RB Bernard

RB Dayes

RB Peerman 1.1m


FB Hewitt


OT Whitworth 10m

OT Fisher

OT Ogbuehi

OT Winston 1.8m

OC Johnson

OC Bodine

OG Boling

OG Westerman

OG Dawkins



TE Eifert

TE Kroft

TE Uzomah


WR Green

WR Boyd

WR Core

WR Wright

WR Erickson

WR Davis


DT Adkins

DT Peko 3.5m

DT Sims

DT Billings

DT Hester


DE Dunlap

DE Johnson

DE Clarke

DE Harris

DE Kpassagnon


LB Burfict

LB Vigil

LB Rey

LB Dansby 2m

LB Beckwith




CB Kirkpatrick 9m

CB Dennard

CB Jackson

CB Lewis

CB Shaw

CB Russell

CB Benwikere


S Williams

S Iloka

S Fejedelem
S Smith

S Woods


K Gonzalez

P Huber

LS Harris

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