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  1. The only way john ross would fall to the 40s would be if he were arrested in the next 2 weeks for something very serious. With the questions surrounding davis right now i think john ross will be 1st wr off the board. I wouldent be upset if we took him at 9. Really hope we dont take howard and if we take taco i might break my tv.
  2. The Texans traded their 2nd round pick and Osweiler to Browns. They do not have the Browns 2nd round pick next year. And this trade scenario would just be terrible. Drop 16 picks in the 1st round for the 89th pick and imaginary 2nd rounder next year. Horrible value, at least make this realistic.
  3. Their best wr is ridley. He is still at bama, and he will be a high first rounder when he comes out
  4. 1. John ross..corey davis...ruben foster..derek barnett 2. Tim williams...Demarcus walker...tyus bowser...zay jones
  5. Which of the 2 drafts would you prefer or would you blend the 2 together to make each one better? Discuss different targets in each round 1. Corey Davis WR 2. Tim Williams LB/DE 3. Demarcus Walker DE/DT 4. Eddie Jackson S 4. Jessaman Dunker OG 5. James Conner RB 5. Sam Tevi OT 6. Zane Gonzales K 6. Chad Kelly QB 7. Jerry Ugokwe OT OR 1. Derek Barnett DE 2. Cam Robinson OT/OG 3. Sidney Jones CB 4. Joe Mixon RB 4. Dede Westbrook WR 5. Sam Tevi OT 5. Jon Toth C 6. Zane Gonzales K 6. Chad Kelly QB 7. Dylan Cole OLB
  6. Two guys so far at combine that elevated themselves into contention would have to be john ross and hassan reddick.
  7. So now we know even whit thinks he stinks. He said dont even bring his name up with rich braham. Who was a good center.
  8. Yeah speculation on twitter is knee issue that could require surgery down the line on billings. Would really like to see peake or ridgeway in the 4th if they last.
  9. Yeah I mistyped he weighs 239. Hes not a giant compared to caleb miller hes about 15 pounds heavier was my point. Well see how vigil fares...but I dont have high hopes. Kinda like when we drafted caleb miller in the 3rd when just about everywhere else he was projected as a 5th similar to vigil
  10. caleb miller was 6 3 225 and vigil is 6'2 and 229.
  11. Lol I just posted something similar. Reminds me a lot of caleb miller. No idea why we took him in round 3. Probably could have got him later if we liked him that much
  12. Lets get dt ridegeway or wr peake here and were having a great draft
  13. that was a fake report
  14. I dunno if this is legit. Look at raiders game. Why would raiders wear a mustard color?