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  1. Mikey6866

    Iloka cut

    No idea where you came up with this. Cuttin mj saves about 5 mil too so hes next.
  2. Allen lazard signed by jags...really wanted him. He has got a shot to make the team. Really suprised he didnt get drafted.
  3. Reports are he will not be selected until day 3 now.
  4. vander esch and miller are 2 guys that are actually possible that I do not want at all.
  5. Mikey6866

    My draft fear.

    My biggest fear is taking vander esch or miller in round 1. Both are way overhyped. No idea why either of them are being considered in the 1st round. We need to start praying mcglinchy makes it to 21 or I have a feeling this may be a terrible draft. I was literally crushed after the 2015 draft and im on record saying it was one of the worst drafts we have ever had. If mcglinchy is gone we should take bpa or trade back at that point. For me its either rashaan evans or mcglinchy at 21 if not trade back pick a center and take the extra pick for a lb or safety.
  6. Mikey6866

    Mock Draft 1.0

    Ruben Foster and CJ mosley have looked pretty good. Ragland didnt have the athletic ability of any of those 3. Either way basing the merits of a current Alabama LB based on predecessors is not very smart as all are unique and different players. As an "amatuer scout" that you are, Im not sure why I would have to explain that to you. A big NO to Hernandez at 21 by the way. He has never played anything other than LG and we already have a LG. Im sure he could play RG but I dont feel we need somebody to play guard. Center and RT are much more likely targets. I love Wynn and would definitely consider him at 21 due to him being able to play anywhere on the line. The safety from wake forest is Jessie Bates but im not sure hell make it into the 3rd round at this point. Where to you think Will Dissly is going to go in the draft? He is strickly a blocking TE with very limited athletisim. Just because mayock has him as the 5th best TE temporarily does not mean the guy is a 3rd rounder. I could possibly see a few teams maybe having a 5th or 6th round grade on him based on just his blocking ability but I think his ceiling limits him to a 6th or 7th round pick.
  7. Mikey6866

    Mock Draft 1.0

    Now that we are pretty much done in FA. Time for a mock: Dont Really think we need 2 WR's but I added 2 WR's because I think both of those guys are going to be steals. 1. Rashaan Evans LB Alabama 2. Billy Price C Ohio St 3. Terell Edmunds S Va Tech 3. Orlando Brown OT Oklahoma 4. Allen Lazard WR Iowa St 5. Andrew Brown DT Virginia 5. Luke Falk QB Washington State 5. Azeem Victor LB Washington 7. Robert Foster WR Alabama 7. Zach Sieler DE Ferris State 7. Will Dissly TE Washington
  8. Living out of town cant see game. Just read john ross hurt knee?? Please tell me this isnt serious.
  9. Take dalvin at 41 and dreams do come true
  10. LOL. You sure did prove me wrong. You didnt deny the fact he was listed in the top 20 prospects by cbs. Lets see there are 32 picks in the 1st round and your rated at #14 prospect. Would you consider that a 1st round guy? or naw lets trust a mock from jerry. Hes a regional manager for pepsi he knows what hes talking about. He saw John Ross play against Alabama. Rob Rang published many official pre and post combine mocks with players who arent even in the draft this year. Your logic is saying john ross could be a consensus top 20 in rankings by everybody and if 10 mocks dont have him in the 1st round then he wasnt considered a 1st round pick. Its borderline lunacy. But you're right. I really only post when somebody posts something that is so stupid that its crazy. Dont worry, your safe zone is safe. Talking football with you isnt much fun for me either. I wont be repling to any more of this nonsense.
  11. Keep bagging them groceries and maybe you'll become head stock boy and commander of the mock drafts of Krogers.
  12. Rang & Brugler both from cbs and in their precombine rankings directly from their site he was rated as one of the top 20 players in the draft precombine by them. That is a fact not an opinon of a mock draft based on needs.
  13. I think what I like most about the pick now is all the complaining from people who have seen nothing other than a highlight clip and read a report on the kid. They have already deemed him injured and crappy. Its almost like people are wanting him to get hurt only so they can say I told you so. On the field hes not just a speed guy he is a legit top 10 talent. Im just happy that the Bengals FO made the pick. Hes gonna be a stud.
  14. Bengals fans football knowledge is so embarassing sometimes. Based on your comments its obvious you were not following draft prospects end of season / pre-combine. You keep saying you see him in alot of mocks not in the 1st round pre combine. Lets see some of these. I would love to see who the author was because I can pretty much guarantee you they dont have much to do with the NFL, or anybody who evalutes players for a living. I guess since Derek in the corner office at Aflak didnt think he was a 1st rounder on his pre combine mock on bleacher report you are right.
  15. Hassan reddick really the only guy that wasnt getting 1st round consideration pre combine that ended up in top half of first round.

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