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  1. Right now devin white is a must if hes there at 11. I dont even think there is a corner in this draft that would be worth the 11 pick. Greedy, baker and murphy all look like late teens to late first round guys. We have done nothing to adress the huge issue at lb and it doesnt look like were going to. We really really need jefferson to take a big step in year 2 and we need devin white. This d is gonna get eaten alive if we dont upgrade at lb.
  2. Lets see qbs have a 126 rating when targeting bw webb for starters. Hes been on 6 teams in 6 years. We are the first team to pay him more than the league minimum. Every giants fan is absoluted elated that we signed him. He is the bobby hart of corners. Yay!!!! Why do you think hes good?
  3. Why is this thread mostly positive? I guess anybody from another team makes people happy. Bw webb is terrible. This just keeps getting worse every day. I havent been this angry at the team since the ogbuehi/ fisher draft. We couldent have done any worse this fa period. Im starting to think tobin is an idiot.
  4. Lol. An elite qb like foles. My fellow bengals fans always have the best one liners.
  5. Andy furman reporting del rio is gonna be the dc. Thank god its del rio and not capers.
  6. Whos ready for our busy ass 6th round this year? With compensatory picks we should end up with five 6th rounders this year.
  7. Devin white is a stud. Hes like derwin james last year...easy to translate his talent to nfl. His bust factor is really low. It just depends on fa this year. If we dont sign any lbs in fa and we sign a couple olineman. He is gonna be the guy we have to take at 11. If we sign kwon alexander , jordan hicks or kj wright then I think pick 11 would lean to the oline. If by miracle we sign darryl williams and kj wright we can take anything but wr or rb at 11. This draft is stacked in the top 15 so there is going to be a great player there at 11 this year.
  8. To give u an example that puts this in contrast. Gerritt Cole was #1 overall pick in mlb draft and got 9 mil to sign. After his first 5 years in league he made 11 million which is mainly his 9 million signing bonus. He has played 2 seasons since then for 9 mil and he still has another arb year this year before he can get paid next year. So he esentially is gonna play 8 years at a high level and make about 30 mil total or so before he can cash in for the big money. In 8 years in nfl if murray goes at say 10 and becomes a good nfl qb he will probably be over 100 mil in salary at his 8th year. He has a much better chance at getting a lot more money by choosing nfl.
  9. Because in baseball, unless they change the mold for murray it takes forever to get paid. Arod is making 33 million a year which is very close to that 35 mil being floated for those players. Nfl is more attractive because he will be able to make 40 million in his first 5 years and most if not all will be guaranteed, granted he would have to be drafted top 15 or so to make that money and be worth the 5th year option. Mlb cant compete with that.
  10. I dont even understand what point you are trying to make. I sleep fine...I dont care if he is in the league or not. You seem to take it personally that he is not in the league. He did throw for 5 yards in a game in his last season. He was beat out for the job by Blaine Gabbert. Im glad you think he is a great QB, but the reality is hes not very good. If Deshaun Watson/Baker Mayfield/Tom Brady/Aaron Rogers/Jared Goff/Cam Newton/Matt Ryan/Philip Rivers/Ben Roesthlisberger/Andrew Luck excetera excetera did exactly what Kap has done nobody is cutting them or getting them out of NFL. Their talent outweighs distractions. Kap's doesnt.
  11. Foles is the next Osweiler/Keenum....blows my mind that people want him.
  12. Are we talking about the dude that in his last year playing got pulled in the 4th quarter cause he threw for 5 yards for the whole game. Yeah sounds like he would be hard to replace. I dunno why people wanna act like Kap was a world beater now that he is not playing. He aint in the league because hes not a good starter and nobody wants the frenzy that comes with him because his talent doesnt outweigh the distraction. Dont get me wrong hes better than some of the backups in the league right now, but a good starter he will never be. Nobody is gonna go through the circus to sign him at this point.
  13. No idea where you came up with this. Cuttin mj saves about 5 mil too so hes next.
  14. Allen lazard signed by jags...really wanted him. He has got a shot to make the team. Really suprised he didnt get drafted.
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