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  1. Fuck I wanted Allen
  2. Fucking Bengals suck giant dick. How the fuck you pick Ross over Foster, Allen or Hooker
  3. Yes for us . Allen will be a Bengal mark it down
  4. Oh this year, Taco Charlton
  5. Lapham is calling for Ross to the Bengals. He's money . I'm trying to get pumped for the pick. But I'm hoping for Barnette over Foster top 2. Allen top 3 his injuries scare me though
  6. Ross played in the same conference as Solomon Thomas . So everyone Thomas went against was shit as well? Ross excelled against everyone that came his way. It's not his fault he played in the Pac 12 conference . Ross is very similar to d Jackson , Brandon Cook , Brown. He will do well in the NFL.
  7. You ignored the Ross destroyed Adore Jackson a future 1st round nfl CB.
  8. Cough cough. He destroyed Adore Jackson the cb from USC who will get drafted high. And every day in practice he went up against the second or even first best secondary in college football . I'd rather have Barnette or Foster then Ross but I'm not hating on him either .
  9. Barnette is a beast . Love his game. I don't understand the meh towards him
  10. Ross is the pick. Lap just pretty much guarantee the pick. Spoke highly of Ross. LF, or Allen would be the pick if they are there