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  1. SocalBengalEd

    53 man roster talk

    I don't get how anyone can feel good about Oggieboogie starting the year at left tackle. He was garbage last year, n now gets moved to the left side. Where he will be alone against a speed rusher without TE help. Fuk what are they thinking . If he doesn't get hurt, I'm sure he will suck. We need to trade for Someone.
  2. I don't care if it's finesse or power I just want someone that doesn't suck ass like Bodine. My god between him and ogheibi we have the 2 worst players in the league .
  3. Good shit. He will bring the heat from RDE. Great pick!!!
  4. SocalBengalEd

    Day 3 wishlist

    fuck yeah. Thevguy I wanted Lawson!!
  5. He flew off the chart at the combine . But watch the video if him. Not really a bender at all. He looks like a solid 1st n 2nd down de, but I'd rotate him out of rde on nickel pass rush.
  6. Allen would start from day one. He might only last 7 years, but he will be a stud all those years. I wouldn't hate the pick so much if Allen wasn't available
  7. I hate him as a person but would make the Bengals offense legit. Poor defense gets ignored again. But no worries theybwill be helped by 4 n 5 n 6rounders
  8. SocalBengalEd

    First round draft talk

    Fuck I wanted Allen
  9. SocalBengalEd

    First round draft talk

    Fucking Bengals suck giant dick. How the fuck you pick Ross over Foster, Allen or Hooker

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