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  1. Haha...thats funny. There are so many Opie ones also. I have them in a website somewhere.
  2. Yeah, mine's 13 now too. What happened to them? They aren't babies anymore....
  3. Haha. It's not fair. That was too easy. Love ya though.
  4. Thx Jamie. (You using a spell checker these days? ;). ) I remember several great kicks as a Bengal. Maybe the best game was a 7-7 against Baltimore
  5. Greetings all. It is sad for me that Shayne is retiring. Especially because, after he worked a new regimen the year our dad passed away, he has been stronger than anytime in the last 10 years. He waited all season for a chance to prove it (his 54 yarder against Panthers last year for Atlanta hinted at his ability to still kick long ones), but unfortunately he was told all this season that he was too old and they wanted someone young for a long contract. He really wanted to play and had a few years left. But with no prospects, he needed to start looking at a new plan for his future. I am glad he decided to retire a Bengal. It truly was the only place he called home. So it is fitting. It was half of his career, and the one place he really got to make a difference in the community. I know there were ups and downs, but I also really enjoyed getting to know many of you and even spending hours on the streets of Cincinnati playing catch (and frogger chasing the football into the street in front of PBS) and eatin chili and jello shots at tailgates. I wish you all the best. I will pop by on occasion as I have over the years. For those that care anyway ;). I know some of you miss fighting with me. We can do that too if you ever need a pick me up.
  6. BengalBacker

    Heya! Annika just turned 12. I can't believe it. Thx about Dad. I'm still having trouble every day. So many times I reached out to him for discussions, etc, and I don't know that I appreciated just how much I did until I instinctively go to do it now, and then can't. This just came out today. (one point to notice...not a missed kick inside 40 yards since the Bengals/Jets game in 2009). And 3-3 this year over 50 including a 54 that helped seal the deal against the Panthers. I really hope he can get back into it. I think he's got another 5 years. http://www.roanoke.com/sports/colleges/va_tech/shayne-graham-revives-nfl-career-after-personal-loss/article_0c3a197c-0aa2-5a13-ab83-e9622d7b0b87.html#.VqybuL-hMvk.facebook Edit: Sorry about size of pic...I couldn't figure out how to reduce it.
  7. BengalBacker

    I thought the old board died?! I miss hangin with the gang. Fun group and I always felt welcome... Backer, I just read mostly here too, for obvious reasons, but I can't imagine this board without ya.
  8. Maybe this is the year?!

    Did discipline do it this year again? I missed the game, but the news I read seems to indicate a lack of emotion control.
  9. AFC North Champions!!!

    Congrats guys! And now that the Panthers lost yesterday, no team gets to claim undefeated season (it always stings a bit when it was so close). Good luck in the Playoffs.
  10. Maybe this is the year?!

    Thx guys. Good to hear about Bengals and half time adjustments also. As for dad, it's major blow to both of us. But we'll get along like so many that lose loved ones. But Shayne has definitely been focused. Losing dad was one of his worst fears. He has no fear now.
  11. Maybe this is the year?!

    Despite more recent losses, the Bengals look good this year. Good luck for the post season. I'll be paying attention. How do they look in terms of mental toughness? I don't like Marvin's post season preparations with the team. Do they have more discipline this year? I haven't watched many games this year as our family had too much going on (mine and Shayne's dad passed away Nov 24 from complications from foot surgery), and we spent most of the previous month in hospital with him. Shayne was blessed to get called to Atlanta the weekend of dad's funeral (they let him fly back to attend), and is at least getting some kicks this year. I think fate stepped in and let him be unemployed for the weeks leading up to dad's passing to allow him to be there with me and by dad's side until the end and help plan and be a part of the service.
  12. Happy Birthday High School Harry!!!

    Happy Birthday!  Miss ya.     
  13. Omg, i didnt know this. RIP Chris Henry That day is still fresh in my mind as well. Heartbreaking still.
  14. Great Game Bengals

    Phone cant quote for some reason, but answer despite the spelling :) Which time ;). Cuz vs squeelers years ago, i know i did. This last injury...Dunno, but i dont like to see anyone have to end on an injury. I dont know about fighting through that twice. I'd rather they just shine or go away based on talent.
  15. Great Game Bengals

        Shayne is still good friends with  many old Bengal players.  I know he misses being with many of those guys.  The face of the team has changed quite a bit also.  Some old teammates are spread all over.  I often wonder how they feel sometimes going to battle against their old allies. :) 

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