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  1. Hi - I've been reading this board since the beginning, and for whatever reason felt compelled to write my first post.   This season was disappointing.  It feels wrong to get too upset about 10 wins and the playoffs - but I was hoping for improvement over last year and instead we were clearly worse.  A couple of players stand out as major disappointments.     2014 Bengals Non-Dalton LVP's     Margus Hunt: The pass rush was nonexistent all year, most blatantly yesterday and last week at Pitt.  I had high hopes for Hunt, and the pre-season talk was very positive.  But he could barely get on the field, and never made an impact.  Huge disappointment to this point in his career.     Geno Atkins: Maybe it was wrong to expect a full recovery from the ACL tear (although it seemed like that was anticipated to happen at some point this season).  But he never got close to being the 'old Geno'.  I'm hoping he's back next season, but who knows...     Emanuel Lamur:  It might seem unfair to put him here - he's an undrafted rookie who was a capable starting linebacker in his first full season.  But after hearing so much about his speed, size and athleticism, my expectations were really high.  In reality he was average.  Which is fine - but disappointing.      Mohammed Sanu - This would have seemed crazy half way through the season, but he disappeared down the stretch aside from several huge drops.  Our biggest problem on offense vs. Indy (much more than Dalton, IMO) was the total lack of pass-catching weapons.  Sanu was the one guy who could have stepped up, and he didn't.  At all.     Giovanni Bernard - I was certain that he was primed for a huge year, no matter how the carries were split with Hill.  Tried hard to draft him in my FF auction, but the price got crazy high.  But he seems to have lost some of the sizzle from his rookie year.  Is it too many runs up the middle?  Not enough creativity in how he's used?  Whatever it is, he wasn't good enough this year.     Those are my LVP's - let me know if you agree or disagree, and add any others you can think of...  

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