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  1. I was willing to jump on board with the Zach Taylor hiring and everything that was going on but the signing of Bobby Hart has got me ready to blow my brains out WTF are they retarded or blind or what the hell?
  2. FulcherVulcher33


    The Marvin Lewis era needs to end and d daltons time is pretty close to being over as well
  3. Dalton is not a good quarterback
  4. Dont blame the refs these motherfuckers suck from top to bottom
  5. Alright guess im going to work no since in staying home for this shit show
  6. This game kinda makes you wanna puke
  7. Great win, I hate to say this right now but are there any tight ends worth a shit available? Or will they roll with kroft and uzomah?
  8. I agree I didn't think he played awful,most of the time he was step for step with Brown,and he's a fast sumbitch
  9. Don't know if it's been posted yet but I read on one of my news feeds on Facebook that Billy has a sprained ankle and Michael Johnson has a sprained MCL and Johnson should be out the longest 3 to 4 weeks
  10. Man there is a lot of names I haven't seen in a while in this post lol
  11. FulcherVulcher33

    Jersey #'s

    Dillon had the best stiff arm in the history of stiff arms

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