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  1. Man there is a lot of names I haven't seen in a while in this post lol
  2. FulcherVulcher33

    Jersey #'s

    Dillon had the best stiff arm in the history of stiff arms
  3. FulcherVulcher33

    Jersey #'s

    Let's hope he can have the same kind of production as a certain man with the initials CD
  4. FulcherVulcher33

    Jersey #'s

    See that the jersey numbers are now listed on bengals.com for all the drafted players, I saw that Joe Mixon is 28? All the interviews and stuff I've been seeing he had number 34 Jersey? In all honesty I like 28 better
  5. FulcherVulcher33

    UDFA Wishlist

    Please Ben Boulware and one of orlosky or toth
  6. FulcherVulcher33


  7. FulcherVulcher33

    Kevin Minter signs

    Good signing one year deal to see how things go and then give him a multi year,kinda like Lafell
  8. FulcherVulcher33

    Free Agent Tracker

    Any news on Minter?
  9. FulcherVulcher33

    Free Agent Tracker

    Or maybe Dhani Jones or Odell would like to come back? Where's A.J. Nicholson nowadays? Lol
  10. FulcherVulcher33

    Free Agent Tracker

    Caleb Miller available? Nate Webster? Or is he in jail? lmao
  11. FulcherVulcher33

    Free Agent Tracker

    No I didn't really care about him,but there are 3 lb's available that are pretty good and we desperately need one we have had 2 of them in and done nothing,I think Burkhead was my tipping point
  12. FulcherVulcher33

    Free Agent Tracker

    This franchise is a fucking joke
  13. FulcherVulcher33

    Free Agent Tracker

    So I'm taking it that we didn't sign anyone we had in for visits except titties?
  14. FulcherVulcher33

    Free Agent Tracker

    Need atleast 2 out of the 3 of Robinson,Minter and Barwin
  15. FulcherVulcher33

    James Wright waived

    Picked up by Cleveland

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