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  1. I’ve been mostly a ghost for a long time. I gave up my season tickets after the Jan 2011 press conference. This was following the 2010 season which is very similar to current events. That stated, I’m not here to complain. I’m just interested in the current events.
  2. cwing

    Bodine gone?

    I wont argue it as it’s be too long. You may very well be correct. I seem to recall that Livings missing time, Mathis shined and Livings was given the job back. That stated, could have some of all the above. So I did what I hadn’t plan to do and did a very brief lookup. Livings was the starter and hurt his knee in Sept of 2009. Mathis came in and made 7 starts. Mathis was rated the best LG in football during this time. He gave up zero sacks in 2009. Per the article below, those were Mathis’s only starts during his time in Cincinnati. Mathis had a high ankle sprain. Livings resumed the starters spot and Mathis never had another start until he left. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2009/9/19/1037631/bengals-guard-nate-livings-out https://www.cincyjungle.com/2014/3/26/5549640/philadelphia-eagles-open-to-trading-former-bengals-og-evan-mathis
  3. Like it or not, there is validity there. Yes, they drafted guys to replace Zeiter and Whit. However, when neither Ced or Fish showed the ability to take one or both of those positions, very little was done to improve the position. I simply can’t imagine the coaches being on board with letting Whit/Zeitler walk headed into 2017. Ced and Fish simply had not shown enough in 2016 to warrant this. In 2016, neither Ced or Fish took ownership of the RT spot. Then the front office lets their RG and LT walk and somehow someone determined they would both improve and lockdown the tackle spots. I just can’t buy the coaches being good with this.
  4. Winning the Super Bowl should be the goal and I believe all we had ever heard from Marvin was the win it all coach speak. It’s the fans/media that break it down to wining a playoff game. If winning the Suler Bowl is the only criteria to be judged on, then there are far more failures than successes as there are many great coaches that had never won a Super Bowl. After all, they have to win a playoff game before they can win a Super Bowl.
  5. I didn’t hear the presser. Anyone have a summary? My predictions:*One to three year deal for Marvin. Marvin dictates some terms/changes. The fans will never know those terms/changes similar to what occurred in 2010. My guess is a two year deal. *A transition plan to Pauly G much like was reportably offered to Hue. The promise of head coach in waiting keeps him from becoming a Raider. After all, the coaches that the Bengals were reportedly interested (Hue and Jay Gruden) appear to be staying put.*Potentially at play. Marvin assumes a front office role. If this becomes the case, my guess is that Pauly G becomes the coach with an outside shot it could become Del Rio.
  6. I recall the Whit was better at guard vs tackle agreement more so than the Whit cannot play tackle argument. At the time, Whit jumped offsides allot and had struggles against speed rushers. They also had Collins which had shown he had the potential to play LT. Part of the argument was around which offensive line was best suited at the time. Collins LT and Whit LG on the left side vs any combo of Whit at LT and insert guard name here at LG (Steinbuch was gone at that time). For the record, I admit I was in favor of Whit at guard with Collins at LT. At the time, I felt the overall o-line unit was better and this took advantage of Collins skill set.
  7. cwing

    Bodine gone?

    If true you make some good points. That stated, I recall a great deal of frustration in regards to Mathis/Livings. Every time in which Mathis got a chance to play, he graded very high yet kept taking a backseat to Livings whom wasnt that impressive in my book.
  8. cwing

    Bodine gone?

    I honestly don’t know and agree it would need some comparisons. Without making those comparisons, it seems to me a lack of emphasis on the position. It’s not like they had a dominating line as a who,e during that time frame.
  9. cwing

    Bodine gone?

    Wow. 5 o-lineman on the field for every offensive snap and only 32 o-lineman picks in 24 yrs from a team that hates to play in free agency. Doesn’t that seem light?
  10. cwing

    Bodine gone?

    In much of Alexander’s time he wasn’t given many fancy new toys. When they gave him talent, he had some good olines and some good players. He had gotten some very good results from Braham, Levi, Willie, Steinbuch, Bobby Williams, Whitworth, A Smith, etc... but there aren’t that many (if any) diamond in the rough types that he polished. in a nut shell, this orangization needs to put more emphasis on the oline.
  11. cwing

    Bodine gone?

    I’m definitely with you there. Andrews never earned a starters spot. He had no intention of signing a long term deal and was given the starting spot only after Willie could no longer play. Since they ignored the position, they were then forced to tag Andrews to simp,y fill the position. The decisions around the oline over the last 3 years reminds me of the decisions that were made 2006-2008 regarding oline. That being, front office oline neglect relying on what you have even though it hadn’t yet proved it could play. 06-08 is was letting old guys that couldn’t play anymore play out to the end of their contacts. The last 2-3 years had been relying on draft picks to fill roles before proving they could actually play.
  12. cwing

    Bodine gone?

    Alexander first year was 1994 as was Braham’s. Alexander was TE’s coach. I’d give the credit to Braham. Missing between Mathis (pro bowler) and Livings is not excusable.
  13. I’m not sure of AJM’s status as I thought that was yet to be determined based on a grievance. That stated, I think AJ and AD are of similar abilities but I believe AJ is a far stronger leader. Personnally, I’d like to see them trade AD and give AJ a legit shot. I believe giving a AJ a Chan e and he would develope above what Dalton can give.
  14. Not a Jay Gruden fan. Sad to hear that’s even on the table.

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