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  1. ND gave them one heck of a battle and actually out plsyed thrm much of the game. This may not be an easy road but they have one heck of a chance to get it done. Go CATS!!!
  2. DEFENSE is getting it done. Take away your opponents strenghts. Congrats Wildcats !!!!!! Wow ----- Coach Cal is a much better coach than many think...........
  3. I just heard on teh news something is going down today, 3/27/09. Interesting stuff on the radio the other day. I do not recall all of it but it was a step by step breakdown of teh timeline w/Tubby/Billy G. Tubby will not recruit. Uk tells him to make changes. Tubby wants to hire son Saul. Uk policy does not allow. Tubby's agent seeks deal elsewhere. When deal is found both are a win/win. Tubby can go and do coach/recuit the way he wants to. UK does not look bad firing him. Uk knows Tubby deal is brewing and Billy D's agent is working on the UK deal. Billy D was a done deal. All it lacked was for Billy D to sign and the Heat stepped up. Billy D takes Heat job. Rick P and someone else both called Billy D and talked him out of the NBA. Uk now in panic mode as they are about to lose their recuiting class. Patterson and ????? Uk - something to do with Ricky Barnes and another coach. I did not hear the whole segiment to understand. In a panic from Barnhart ------- Billy G becomes the man, yet never signs his contract. Moving forward from the mess, the 3 most obvious choices ------ 1) Billy D 2) J Calipari (sp?) 3) Travis Ford Don't worry UK haters. They will be back. This is very simlar to what happened at NC just a few years ago. Doughtry made a mess and then what happened?
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