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  1. If he is on the team, I hope that means he earned it. If he is not on the team, he is added to the long list of coulda, shoulda beens at LB. I would love it if he earns it, but I certainly won’t be holding my breath for it.
  2. Bengals practicing their victory formation, lol. Maybe next year.
  3. 0:32 left in the half. Surely the Browns will score.
  4. Can we please turn this into a laugher? We really need one.
  5. How about that... we are the ones who score right before the half!
  6. How about somebody "accidentally" popping Tomlinson on the sideline during a kick return? Sounds like a belated Christmas present to me...
  7. Had lunch at Skyline today. I didn't look real close, but I think they had discount tickets to KI on the counter as I was paying. Have a good time if you go.
  8. The Linebackers on this team suck! Sorry, I said it Sunday and I still think it today. Granted, Burfict is a rookie and he MIGHT be very good someday, but he certainly isn't a force, or a monster, today. I don't rewatch games like some others do, but it seems to me that when any Cincinnati linebacker is in on a play, it's 5-7 yards away from the LOS. When we stop a run for no gain, it seems like it is always one of our D-line making a good play. I hate the Stealers and the Ratbirds as much as most others on here, but I really wish we had either one of their linebacker units. Both of their defenses have reputations for hitting you in the mouth, and I think it starts with the linebackers.
  9. 34 points to the Browns (27 on the defense). We're not good on D, and that starts with the linebackers for me.t
  10. Who is good? Who would play for the Ravens?
  11. ALL of the linebackers on this team suck!

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