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  1. It looks like Marvin will set a record, 7 more games and he will become the coach with most games without a playoff victory, Jim Mora has 231 games coached to Marvins 224. Mora was on multiple teams though.
  2. Another one here, I have watched maybe 3 games in the background that arent Bengals related. I used to watch every game on TV, now I just cant get into it anymore. This is totally true for me too. I have refused to spend any money on the NFL either the last couple years, but I couldnt have given up after almost 30 years just as it looked like the bengals were going to win
  3. NFL Ties 2003-2016 2008 Bengals-Eagles 13-13 2012 49ers-Rams 24-24 2013 Packers-Vikings 26-26 2014 Bengals-Panthers 37-37 2016 Cardinals-Seahawks 6-6 2016 Bengals-Redskins-27-27
  4. Marvin "Tie Machine" Lewis Seriously there have been 6 games that end in a tie since Marvin took over for the Bengals. He has been the coach in 3 of them
  5. Nice! This is actually pretty promising for the season winning when playing so poorly
  6. Thats some good tackling there guys
  7. I would say its about as bad of a start to the season as you can get, but I've seen us get delay of game on the first play of the year so, second worst?
  8. I see everyone is excited for the new season. where is everyone?
  9. got it from I know its probably not real, but i really hope it is
  10. Yeah XXIII was when I really became a fan, was young enough and early enough in my fandom I got over it