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  1. We didn't draft his replacement. We drafted a small OL to be a blocking TE. We have no one even close to Eifert's offensive production at TE. If you put the greatest season of each TE on the roster together it doesn't approach Eifert. BTW, guess who is hurt and out until camp? https://www.bengals.com/news/fast-and-furious-as-williams-gets-nod-at-lt
  2. Oh, I'm sure Eifert is nursing SOMETHING. To his credit of toughness and dedication, he keeps coming back to play (part of) another year, even after some nasty injuries including this most recent one. Too bad for him, the Bengals and us fans. He's a stud when healthy.
  3. I disagree. Telling the citizens not to accept a terrible stadium funding deal and let the team leave if they have to, to avoid that awful deal, is NOT "running them out of town". It's fiscal responsibility. Of course, I'm on the "public shouldn't fund stadiums" side of the discussion anyway. If NFL is a legit business model, then let it run. If it's not, then let it go out of business. Either way, essentially padding billionaire wallets with tax money is unacceptable. It's not about win-win, or the benefits the locality gets from the team. The City of Cincinnati should not be in the NFL business. Especially not with the Brown family.
  4. I'd say Tampa is an even matchup; similarly mediocre / inconsistent. Just depends on who shows up for each team. We never had a chance vs. KC, especially with the absence of QB sacks or even pressures. AFCN generally sucks, I suppose luckily for us?
  5. CinciFan

    Broadcast map

    What's a "Brown Out" ? View: My back yard, getting ready to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTV.
  6. ESPN had a spot on whether the Bengals should be considered the favorite to win the division, and generally could they unseat the Stealers. The consensus was NO. Their key point was that there's pretty much NO easier game to win than a short week game at home. Huge advantage for the home team. I'm not sure about all that, but I agree it helps. YMMV
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    Guns in America

    Louisiana banned Citi and B of A for refusing to support organizations which sell guns to folks under 21yrs old: https://www.zacks.com/stock/news/318682/bofa-citi-witness-ban-from-louisiana-deal-over-gun-policies
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    Bengal's Jungle Forum?

    CinciFan checking in. I hope SuperCat is OK. I think he's had some health issues over the years. Re: Bengals: preseason game 3 looked solid for starters.
  10. CinciFan

    Incredibly Shrinking Amish

    Congrats Amish! Best, CinciFan
  11. This is a perfect example of the "no win" situation that authorities are in.   If you document every minor transgression, you potentially harm or limit innocent folks; if you don't, then when a history of behavior indicates a real problem, you can't back up your allegations.  Is this kid a future rapist, or future social worker (or both)?   We don't know right now.  But based upon what he's said (basically I like to hug and I just keep doing it and don't understand the issue), and what the teacher stated (I've asked him to stop, and instead he's escalating it by brushing his face/lips on my neck), there IS an issue.  Clearly the kid does not respect other peoples' personal space or authority to defy his wish for physical contact.  He could just as easily stand in front of the teacher, open his arms to OFFER a hug, and await some indication of whether that contact is acceptable to the individual.  But THAT's the point; he doesn't take that step of ASKING or seeking permission.  He imposes his will.
  12. Odell is likely done in the NFL, IMHO. He's on a year suspension now. While on a 4 WEEK suspension, he couldn't stay out of trouble for those four WEEKS. Now he has 48 more weeks to stay clean or ELSE. Next violation is lifetime ban. He'll never be back, and Marvin won't even have to decide it.
  13. The ONLY part of this game where PIT MIGHT BE better is the run D. Our offense is better, both passing and rushing. Our passing D is similar - mediocre. We have a great kicker in his prime.
  14. IMHO they ONLY had the opportunity to go to the SB due to injuring CP. Not saying we could beat DEN and IND then, but they would never have had that chance.
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    the kc game

    Check out these stripes! Lotus Elise . . . [url="http://ueba.com.br/forum/index.php?showtopic=18821"]http://ueba.com.br/forum/index.php?showtopic=18821[/url]

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