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  1. Hint of Snow

  2. Promise kept. Last dollar spent. Last minute followed. Last post. It's been an eventful 30 plus years. You guys and gals have fun.
  3. Sois may have seen this before
  4. If Marvin is retained I am out. Completely.
  5. No, No, No, No, No...... A Thousand Times No.
  6. I gotta give you guys credit. How you got six pages out of that game I have no idea.
  7. Marvin Lewis sets record.

    Rock on Coach Dilly Dilly
  8. McCarron files grievance.

    I'd like to file a grievance as well
  9. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Good times and enjoyed your crew. You are welcome and I will see you in December. I have a feeling my Sundays will be NFL-less for a while.
  10. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Travel safe. Call or text whenever. Plenty of food and drink late Saturday and all Sunday. I am hoping Go and Spidey are joining us as well
  11. Tailgate at Lambeau 9/24

    Good to hear. Thanks for that. travel safe. Call or text whenever. Plenty of food and drink late Saturday and all Sunday
  12. Barring any major changes in the injury report I might suggest teasing this to Packers -2.5 and under 51. (-130); Of course most of my teaser bets since Football restarted have been just that. A tease.

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