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  1. you see the tweet underneath the discussion.


    yeah im pretty sure its just a fan/guy that has the same opinion as you...doesnt necessarily make it right ;)


    But anyways, it was one call in a game that was poorly officiated all the way around IMO. Not to mention it was a pretty close call that i wouldnt be surprised if it gets called a charge 4 out of 10 times.


    Tough to win a national championship without a break or two to go your way, hopefully this is just one of the little breaks that helps OSU go all the way.

  2. Agreed. Would have been much harder though. It was just a horrible call though. Didn't matter where his foot was. As a coach and player undercutting a guy like that is about as dangerous a play as there is.


    I dont know how to post GIF video things, but go to this link and watch the video in the link. He was there before the guy took off, at least in my opinion. The questionable part of the call is if he is in the circle thing or not.



  3. They went from being a bunch of athletes who can play basketball but had no idea how to play together to a team over the last month. I know that is cliche but that team was pretty bad even though they were winning. It was Craft and Thomas and a bunch of guys with no roles. Scott and Ross especially have stepped up. It will be a fun team to watch net year.

    1. Meh

    2. He would have had a foul shot.


    So if he hits the foul shot they would be up 4 with 1:41 left in the game. Yeah they would have had the advantage at that point, but the game would have been far from over. You cant say they would have won the game for sure if they call that foul. That foul didnt lose them the game.

  4. I can root for the bball team much easier then the football team. With that said that was a horrible charge call and Iowa State should have won.


    The rule states

    "Before the offensive player (with the ball) becomes airborne, the defender must have two feet on the floor, be facing the opponent and be stationary to draw a charge. Otherwise, it should be a blocking foul."


    He was airborne and Craft undercut him.


    1. There were horrible calls all game that went in Iowa States favor.

    2. That would have put them up three, if OSU still hits a 3 at the end they could have at worst forced overtime, who knows what would have happened from there.

  5. Kraft played like crap down the stretch til the final shot.  He saved himself.




    I've said it for awhile now, but I still think Kraft doesn't take enough 3 point shots.  He doesn't need to take a bunch, but at least 3-4 a game.


    If nothing else, it keeps the other team on their heels.  Kraft was open for that 3 because the defender thought he was going to drive it.


    Im starting to really like laquinton ross. He had a couple bad turnovers but played great besides that. If him and craft can put up enough points to support DT, they have a shot. Need to rebound better though vs Arizona.

  6. [quote name='JC' timestamp='1300732176' post='978733']
    I'm so excited for this game. I think it will be the most exciting one of the S16. UK is a little bigger and more athletic than OSU, but OSU is more technically sound. Jones vs. Sully will be huge.

    OSU has started slow in both of their games. If UK jumps out and gets a big lead and puts pressure on OSU it could be blowout city. If OSU jumps out, I can't see a young team like UK coming back from a big deficit. The key is getting out fast and and staying there. I'm definitely rooting for UK. OSU is just a load and probably is the favorite to win it all at this point.

    Either way, getting to S16 with this team is huge for UK. They will be able to build on it big time with the absolute monster class they have coming in next year.

    Can't believe how much of a disappointment Jon Hood has been. I really thought he would come in and be a dead-eye shooter and I was seriously bummed when Duke missed on him.

    If you think UK is gonna blow OSU out you are nuts. Not saying they cant win, but no way they blow them out.

    Two scenarios. 1: Osu isnt shooting real well and it is a really close game going either way. 2. Osu is shooting well and they blow out kentucky.
  7. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='296774' date='Jul 19 2006, 08:21 PM']Son why you talkin getin your rhymes for free
    You stole that line from "Yo mamma" off MTV
    If you gonna come to me you better come correct
    or Ill Mike Tyson your ass and break your neck
    But homeboy you ain't no Mohammed Ali
    You Glass Joe one hit down one two three
    steelin' lines from a TV show with some dude named Harp
    But da real champ knocked you out and you layin' on the tarp[/quote]

    fuck, was hoping no one would catch that...

    ps im not clever enough to come up with my own, well except for that lil line about santonio and your mom
  8. [quote name='Jamie_B' post='296049' date='Jul 18 2006, 08:59 PM']Son I dont know why you talkin about my momma when yours is so stupid she has one toe and bought a pair of flip flops.[/quote]

    Hey I gotta lil rhyme for you Jamie B,
    it might sound familiar if you know Mohammed Ali.
    Float like a butterfly sting like a bee
    I had sex with yo momma now it burns when I pee.
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