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  1. Hard to say after just this game but he sure did look natural as a FS back there. And on the one int return I thought it was pac for a second!
  2. You might be right. But there's no way those guys were staying long term so it was the right thing to do if not even a little too late. time to get rid of Bruce while he's an all star and get solid value from him. Maybe cozart as well.
  3. Not enough to make a huge difference. This team would have been the same as the 2015 team with those guys and the 2015 team sucked.
  4. About as good as they were last year....(answer not very). 3 players don't make a team 25 games under 500 a 500 team. Trading all 3 was the right call.
  5. Mine would be... 1. Derron Lee 2. Michael Thomas (some WR has to fall right) 3. Adolphos Washington 4. Anyone but cardale jones haha 5. Jalin Marshall
  6. Mark henderson is from Rockford IL which is Central Time zone. So im assuming he means 1 EST. Would be shocked if thats right though as our game is definitely the premier AFC game, you'd think it would be 8 Saturday or 4 Sunday.
  7. Win tomorrow and I think a lot more people are going to be calling us the best in the AFC. Especially if we can keep the stealers under 25 or so points.
  8. Votto might be close to worth what we are paying him but... What if a few years ago instead of giving him 250M we traded him with a year or so left on his contract. We would have gotten a HAUL. Some top notch ML ready prospects. Would all of them have panned out? Probably not. But even if we got some decent players out of the deal and have an extra 20M or so a year to spend on retaining our own guys or signing B level free agents, we would be in a lot better shape IMO. I like Todd, but I think we should do the same thing with him. We aren't winning anything in the next two years and we can't afford to give him a 100M contract. Get some top prospects now and use that money elsewhere. You always get 6 years of control over a guy you grow (like a frazier, votto, etc). The way Id run the reds is take guys like that. If they are all star caliber in their first 3-4 years, Id sign them to an extension that would take their last 2 years of arbitration and pay them significantly more but add on 1/2 years as well. Then when they are approaching the end of that deal (after playing for the team 6 or so years) id trade them for as much as I can get unless we are really close to a WS then id let them play out their contracts. Seems pretty simple really. Had we traded Bailey, Phillips, Votto back 2/3 years ago, right now we would probably have a young team on the cusp like we did in 2010-2012.
  9. I would love to say you guys are right but unfortunately not the case. The clock went down to 2:10 and then the pats used their first timeout. However, when they came back from commercial, the adjusted the game clock to 2:14. Then they ran the ball on 1st and ten and the clock went down to 2:10 and the pats used their second amount. Unless you were playing close attention, you wouldn't have noticed the clock was adjusted from 2:10 to 2:14 before that first and 10 play. So the time keepers actually did get it right. I just went back and rewatched it.
  10. he's just not that good. Clear that JT is the better qb. Hopefully Barrett dominates Illinois and we don't look back
  11. Chicago has a pretty big bengals bar too. They have like an all you can eat cincy chili bar on game days.
  12. If anyone knows of any options for the Denver game, pm me.
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