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  1. Hard to say after just this game but he sure did look natural as a FS back there. And on the one int return I thought it was pac for a second!
  2. he's just not that good. Clear that JT is the better qb. Hopefully Barrett dominates Illinois and we don't look back
  3. I disagree with the guy above but whatever... It just seems to me he doesn't have the timing factor down. For example on that last third down he threw that a second late or else it would have been a completion. He waited till after campbell made his cut instead of throwing it before he made the cut trusting his WR would be there. Our O just feels better when JT is in IMO.
  4. This season was doomed when cardale announced he was coming back and double doomed when urban chose him. Unless he makes a decision very soon to go with JT and not change back this season is toast.
  5. I think Barrett is a better fit for the offense as well and hope he gets some more PT in the coming weeks.
  6. Makes sense. Will be interesting to see how MW still bashes the decision. I just don't get how anyone can think it is a terrible decision. I can get skmeone saying they would have made the other decision but you can't say its a terrible decision without knowing all the details.
  7.   If putting 900K on black nets you 15 million (it doesnt in roulette, but could in cardales situation if he became a top 5 pick) then maybe that is worth it to some? Just cause it isnt to you, doesnt mean it isnt to him. Not to mention even if he doesnt play at all next year, he could still easily be a 3rd-5th rounder and make almost as much money as if he went pro this year.
  8.     But you are calling it a terrible decision over and over again when you have admitted to not knowing everything. Not even probably 25 percent of everything. I honestly could have seen him going either way and I wouldnt have blamed the kid.   We get what you would have done. But to keep calling it a terrible decision over and over again when you have admitted to not knowing the whole situation is just really silly and dumb.
  9.   Yeah, I should just stop responding to someone that is completely clueless on the situation.
  10.   Idk, maybe because he had a private conversation with Urban meyer that YOU werent apart of believe it or not.   Things that you dont know:   1. What convo he had with Urban. 2. What his currently monetary situation looks like. 3. What his long/short term goals are. 4. What people are telling him where they are confident he will be drafted. 5. How much he enjoys college. 6. What his risk tolerance is? Maybe he has so much confidence in himself and has a high risk tolerance and is willing to risk his draft stock falling for the potential opportunity to be a top 5 draft pick and make bank. 7. As much of a risk it is to stay, its just as big a risk to go pro. What if he tears his knee in the combine? What if he never starts a game and only ends up making like 1M (which is a lot but not enough to set you for life).    There are probably 10 more things I could think of if I had the time. Fact is, you dont know nearly the full situation so stop judging the kid.  I dont mind that you dont agree with the choice or that you would have made a different choice, the problem is the stuf you are saying and how much you are bashing a decision that you dont know all the details. Quit judging a kid when you dont know the whole situation.
  11.   The other thing MW doesnt understand is that the top 2 qbs in the draft next year are connor cook and hackenburg. If Cardale wins the starting job and plays well, he could likely be a top 5 pick being set for life.   Being a third round pick and busting out of the league doesnt get you set for life. Top 5 pick does unless you blow your money like an idiot or pull a ryan leaf.   There are so many reasons why staying in school were smart. MW just refuses to listen to any of them.
  12.   Do you have cardales class schedule??   He did it on a thursday right? I know plenty of people, myself included, that had just MWF classes for a quarter or too.   Once again you are making yourself seem like an idiot. Im trying not to attack you personally, but unless you know the full details stop being so goddamn judgemental.
  13.   Was it immature when Peyton manning did the same thing?     http://deadspin.com/dumb-people-are-mad-at-cardale-jones-for-some-reason-1679806987?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  14.   I dont get how anyone that doesnt know every detail about the situation can say a kid staying in school is clearly the wrong decision. I hope none of my kids ever go anywhere near you.
  15.       Fuck a hangover, Im going to work drunk!!   We can finally agree on something!@
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