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  1. I like the Bengals. I like the Buckeyes. I like Joe Burrow and am excited for him to hopefully get drafted by the Bengals. This thread sucks.
  2. So there have been a number of national news outlets/opinion shows that have thrown out the talk fodder of “Should Joe Burrow pull an Eli Manning (2004 draft on San Diego) and refuse to play for the Bengals”. #1: I hate them for putting that out in the universe lolz. We’re only allowed to crap on the organization. #2: Thinking that out, I can honestly say that would be the last straw and make me quit the NFL forever. Because hope is all we have sometime on this team and that would destroy all illusion of a level playing field in the league. I’ve always wondered what’d finally take to make me quit this team. Yep, that’d do it.
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