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    Whitworth to rams

    I'm extremely patient and even keeled with this team as I've been a fan for a loooooong time. Not much gets me panicked or down. There is no other way to paint this other than pretty much a disaster. He's a locker room rock and allowed us to take on risks. Then take into account his continued on field importance on this team. Terrible news
  3. BurnsBengal

    Whitworth to rams

    Does Whitworth have big Hollywood dreams post-football? I'd wonder about announcer, but Cincy is the springboard for that line of work. Baffling from all sides.
  4. BurnsBengal

    Whitworth to rams

    Best LT available in draft? Be there at 9? This front office completely just peed down it's own leg
  5. Didn't want to jinx it, but just watched a lot of his tape. How/why did this guy drop like he did? The value on this one is incredible. Awesome, awesome pick.
  6. "What he lacks in natural athleticism, he makes up as a gym rat with a real can-do attitude. Best compares to Brian Cushing, Brian Urlacher, Clay Matthews, AJ Hawk, Jason Seehorn, Eric Waddle, Larry Bird, and white Point guard Jason Williams..."
  7. Bullard went a while back. I really would've loved getting him too.
  8. Simmer down, I'm following on twitter and not even watching the broadcast so I have no idea what they're on. I honestly didn't mean to ruin your night. Please don't take this out on your wife and/or dog.
  9. Ha. Sorry I ruined your boner.
  10. We took WR Tyler Boyd. Noice!
  11. I think they should draft Brandon LaFell
  12. Shit, there's Thomas. Welllllll. Now what?

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