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  1. I don't understand Mayfield's comments about Hue wanting them to play for him in Cleveland and then 'leaving them for another team' like he had a choice. He was fired was he not? Yes it was totally predictable that he would rejoin the Bengals but I don't see why he should have a problem with that.
  2. I was going to post on this subject but you've done it for me. Agree with every word...
  3. Simple. Because people change and develop over time and situations change. Maybe he wasn't ready for the role previously but now he is.
  4. You're right - the Giants v Dolphins game did sell out quickly and I couldn't get tickets for that one. I've been to about six Wembley games since then though and tickets have never been an issue. I'm pretty sure everyone who wanted tickets got them. I can't comment on the Jets v Dolphins (not Colts ) game as I didn't try for tickets. I would be happy to see the Bengals at Wembley but I hope they don't give up a home game as there really is no home advantage at Wembley. The last game I went to was the Lions v Falcons last season and everyone was cheering for the Falcons as they went into a 21-0 lead but then started to cheer for the Lions as they came back and eventually won 22-21. I suppose, being a UK based NFL fan I should really be getting excited about all the Wembley games and the prospect of a London franchise but I'm really not a fan of either. I would much rather see the 'real thing' in the States rather than a Wembley game. To me, football (played with the prolate spheroid shaped ball) is 'America's Game' and should stay there. I love the uniqueness of it and I don't want the UK getting in on the act. To me, it's not that big of a deal these days to get on line and book a flight & hotel package and your game tickets and away you go. Would fans in England get behind a London franchise? I certainly wouldn't, the Bengals are my team and there is no reason why I would give a shit about the London Knights or whatever they might call themselves. In my experience, NFL fans in the UK have followed their teams for 10, 20, 30 years or more and are not going to suddenly start supporting some London team. If it ain't broke Goodell, don't fucking fix it!
  5. If you can't allow yourself to just enjoy a win like that you need to think about doing something else on a Sunday. If you're not happy after that, you never will be.
  6. It's a good move. You can never have too many AJ's on your roster.
  7. I'm very much an outsider looking in so feel free to tell me to fuck off, but I cannot understand how things get so freaking serious on a football forum.   People get way too wrapped up in it and lose perspective.   A lot of people are far too quick to resort to personal insults as soon as they read something they don't like - It's insane and it's also a great shame because this can be a great forum but threads get ruined over and over again.   Some people, as we say in England, need to have a fucking word with themselves and get a grip.
  8. Do you think that maybe Hue's got the message that he doesn't need to run Gio into the ground??   I sure hope so.
  9. The way Hue is playing Gio, the poor SOB is going to be done in 2 years at best. He was getting killed time and time again against Indy and yet Hue kept going to Gio over and over and over again. I'm just a poor uneducated Englishman (in the ways of the NFL at least) but what in the name of Sweet Baby Jesus was Hue trying to do there? To me it was just mind boggling. At least Jeremy Hill will finally get to show what he can do but it shouldn't have taken Gio getting banged up for it to happen. I just don't get it. Please help me out here. Will Burkhead get a chance against JAX do you think? Or will it be all Hill and Peerman? (not saying that would necessarily be a bad thing).
  10. What use is it being a first round pick and 'having all the tools' when he can't catch the fucking ball and gives away dumb penalties every (and I mean EVERY) damned game. I've been patient with him for a long time because he's potentially a great player but you can't make a whole career out of 'potential'. At some point that 'potential' has to be realised. The ball bouncing out of his hands in the end zone at Foxboro did it for me.   This is the perfect time for him to step up to the plate and 'be the guy'...but it's not going to happen. The Bengals cannot count on him*         *I'd love to be proved wrong but I don't think I will be.
  11. Oh no, believe me, that was very much on my mind when posted. I just didn't want to be a jinx  :russian:
  12. Why do people get so angry over nothing on this board?   Genuine question.
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