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  1. frankie martin


    That cart Ben is on...is that same cart from last night that....hmm nevermind. Anyway, ur talking about burning Pitt to the ground, well before u raze the city, my house in particular - I left some JuJu Fruit candy for ya left over from Halloween, be sure to grab it. It would be a burfect bedtime snack. Uh whoops, damned autocorrect...I meant JUJYfruits, the perfect bedtime snack. Sheesh
  2. Gotta improve on that 19-7, wait 21-7 (including playoffs ) record against the Queen City team
  3. frankie martin

    Stealers cheat

    That would be Hines Ward What about him?
  4. frankie martin

    Stealers cheat

    My team wins buddy This sunday it's on. U probably got the division wrapped up (congrats), but if the Stealers get into the playoffs look out!
  5. frankie martin

    Good Game. See you in the AFCC?

    Yeah, having to play those teams isnt a great consolation prize is it? And we beat each other up that week 17 game, I had the same sentiment as you, rest our players. Oh well....who woulda thought those damn ratbirds would be the last afc north team standing? I don't know who to root against this week to be honest
  6. frankie martin

    Good Game. See you in the AFCC?

      Aaaaaah, been a couple years since I've been here.  You guys still on that "refs" shit huh?     :doh:   You guys are too much.  Anyway welcome to the offseason.  At least we get the cool division champs hats n shirts.  Not that that means anything (at least where I"M FROM :3: )
  7. frankie martin


    I would think he'd know, he's gotten his share of concussions over the years.  With Marcus Gilbert at tackle he's probably in for more of it in the coming years.  #draftOTnCB
  8. frankie martin

    Proposed Renovations to Browns stadium

    very nice very nice...
  9. frankie martin

    Steelers Owned!!!!

    [quote name='Hooky' timestamp='1316086904' post='1031240'] Didn't the stealers just get their ass beat? I thought it was even 42-7 at one point. Did you talk the refs into taking points off the board? Man, that's an ass beating. [/quote] Didn't the Browns get like 7 penalties called on them in the opening drive? "OMG the fix must be in for the Bengals this year1!!!!!1"
  10. frankie martin

    Steelers Owned!!!!

    Very bad all the way around. The team did nothing to improve a secondary that got torched in the super bowl, and so it came to not much surprise they got it again today. Game just kept snowballing from the first turnover on. I know this team aint as bad as they showed today by any measure. I just hope it's not another patented Super Bowl hangover season.
  11. In other news, Jamie B completed an entire thread with no words misspelled
  12. frankie martin

    So bengals fans...

    I haven't seen any preseason games thus far due to a terrible work schedule. How does Andy Dalton look, and what do you think your chances will be with him? He might be a pleasant surprise, as I think he will play better than what savior Carson has the past 2 seasons. In my opinion with Benson carrying the load, and the decent D, you guys will be a respectable 3rd place, ahead of the clownies (who are no pushover in their own right this year with McCoy, but they still will suck by default) I also think it will lead to the end of "marvinatti".
  13. Maybe, but aren't you guys the "Queen City of the West"??
  14. frankie martin

    2011 Reds Gameday Thread!

    [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1307453193' post='996336'] Don't forget the Astros and Cardinals. I'm just pissed we can't beat the Pirates. If we had beat the Pirates the way we should, we'd be in second place. [/quote] Here we come baby. Coming to GITCHA! Pirates are vastly improved this year, we're only 1/2 game behind you guys.
  15. frankie martin

    Yippi Kai Aye

    Yep, to quote Bart Simp.. I mean Bart Scott, "Can't wait!"

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