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  1. Munchak even tried to use his body to block the hair pulling and arm grapping from the ref. Old school move but too many cameras now for this to work long term. But if Reggie takes a swipe he could have gotten fifteen yards and an ejection, the coach only 15 yards.
  2. bearcat7777

    Artrell Hawkins...

    Shame.   Once the cops are called in a domestic case someone has to be arrested.  Since the wife called the cops Artrell was going to be arrested whether he did anything or not.   So wait for the facts to come out before judging someone.
  3.     Zimmer would be a great choice but doubtful that he would get selected.  Hue Jackson could be his offensive coordinator.
  4. bearcat7777

    Chargers Game Recap/Analysis

      Totally agree with you not the author.  Dalton made the correct read, just a horrible throw.     Hawkins is running toward the sideline.  In the picture Hawkins is 12 yards from the sideline. A throw to him and he would now be 5 - 6 yards from out of bounds. SD cornerback is looking into the backfield, as soon as Dalton throws to Hawkins he would close the gap to 5 - 6 yards with Hawkins momentum going toward the sideline.  I just don't even think Hawkins would make a first down in this scenario.   So to summarize Dalton made the correct read just a horrible throw.
  5. One of my problems with Marvin Jones is his tendency to catch the ball with his chest.  This is a negative not a positive.  Yet this author writes:   "The other touchdown pass was an okay throw from Dalton, because he gave his receiver a chance, but again it was slightly too high. Jones sprung into the air with great athleticism, but showed off even better body control to somehow fit his first foot into the end zone before dragging his back-foot down before landing out of bounds."   Great that Jones jumps 10 feet in the air to catch the ball off his chest, but just jump up eight feet and reach two feet higher with your arms.  Landing in bounds then is a lot easier and you will also be able to run after the catch.  This method only allows Jones to fall down and potentially drop the ball because the ground becomes a factor. The defender can also just catch you in the air and carry you out of bounds.   Jones has been doing better the last several games using his hands to make the catches and I hope he continues using his hands.
  6. bearcat7777

    Redskins Game Analysis

    Newman picking up the punt once it was touched was a smart play not a bad play. Even if he fumbled the ball the Bengals would have the option to take the ball where is was first touched. So any yard, half yard could only help the Bengals, there was downsize risk.
  7. Where will AJ line up? Slot, motion, WR1, WR2, etc. How does Gruden make it more difficult for teams to double team him. Dalton - are the coaches going to allow him to win the game? I don't think we win this game with a run first game plan. Gresham - needs to be #2 threat interior O-line short yardage - goal line running run D has looked better in preseason but can they stop Rice how many Ravens can Mays take out of the game beside Atkins, who puts pressure on Flacco is Hall healthy enough to go one v one a lot of questions
  8. Hopefully Hue's knowledge of Flacco will give us an advantage against Baltimore.
  9. A lot of times when Bill Walsh was looking at quarterbacks, he would have the quarterbacks take something off their throws. Walsh wanted accuracy and a more catch able ball than a high velocity ball. Walsh wanted the receiver hit in stride to maximize the yards after catch. So maybe Andy takes more off his throws during games than Cam. but if he wants to he can gun it in there. Or maybe some eyeballs need glasses.
  10. [b] Quarterback Ball Velocity at NFL Combine 2008-2012[/b] [url="http://blogs.ourlads.com/2012/03/12/quarterback-ball-velocity-at-nfl-combine-2008-2012/"]http://blogs.ourlads.com/2012/03/12/quarterback-ball-velocity-at-nfl-combine-2008-2012/[/url] [color=#242668][font=Arial][size=3]Andy Dalton, TCU 56[/size][/font][/color] [color=#242668][font=Arial][size=3]Cam Newton, Auburn 56[/size][/font][/color] [color=#242668][font=Arial][size=3]Jake Locker, Washington 54[/size][/font][/color] [color=#242668][font=Arial][size=3]Christian Ponder, Florida St 51[/size][/font][/color] [color=#242668][font=Arial][size=3]Josh Freeman, Kansas State 57[/size][/font][/color] [color=#242668][font=Arial][size=3]Joe Flacco, Delaware 55[/size][/font][/color] [color=#242668][font=Arial][size=3]These were some of the velocity measurements at the combine for those quarterbacks. A lot of quarterbacks with arms similar to Andy's.[/size][/font][/color]
  11. bearcat7777

    Vilma sues Goodell

    [quote name='fredtoast' timestamp='1337550177' post='1131662'] Yeah. I don't know why we even need courts and judges in this country. If the prosecutor says someone is guilty that should be enough to convict and punish, right? [/quote] This is a business not a court of law. Until I'm shown otherwise I have to believe Goodell has significant evidence or witnesses. Once again if the league didn't have solid evidence why would they do this. What is the league's motivation? [quote name='fredtoast' timestamp='1337550700' post='1131666'] But the punishment is not really for the bounty program. when the league found out about the bounty program they didn't suspend anyone. they just told the Saints to stop. The league office only got pissy when they found out the team lied to them. That is when they started suspending everyone. The whole story makes the league office look like a bunch of petty children who don't care about the players getting hurt by the bounty. all they care about is teaching someone not to lie to them. And I think they got a little carried away just because they think they can do whatever they want without any reprecussions. [color=#ff0000]Do you really think Vilma would have filed this suit if their was solid evidence that he was involved[/color]? I am sure the league office has something on Vilma, but I also bet it is nothing but hearsay and vindictive lies. [/quote] Vilma doesn't know what the league has on him. And I'll bet the league has more than hearsay. Hearsay it what the league had early on and questioned the Saints. What's does the league have to gain by doing this?
  12. bearcat7777

    Vilma sues Goodell

    [quote name='sparky151' timestamp='1337539147' post='1131637'] Nobody outside the league office and it's employees has seen the "evidence". That's one of the union's complaints. Why should Mary Jo White's opinion mean anything to anyone? As someone hired by the league her duty is to further her employer's cause. If she fundamentally disagreed with that, they would hire some other former prosecutor and attach their name to the case. [/quote] Doubtful. This is a negative for the league not a positive. Finding someone not guilty would benefit the league not hurt the league. I think you have this backwards, sorry.
  13. bearcat7777

    Vilma sues Goodell

    [quote name='sparky151' timestamp='1337471798' post='1131541'] Mary Jo White's opinion is meaningless. She was hired by the NFL and didn't consider anything Vilma might present to a court. In other words, league lawyer agrees with comissioner, shocking. [/quote] Have you read the evidence? I think I'll go with someone who has actually seen the evidence.
  14. bearcat7777

    Vilma sues Goodell

    Goodell could be trying to protect the identity of a witness or informer. Don't want a player that came forward submitted to retribution. Could cut that player or coach's career short. A former prosecutor has reviewed the evidence and stated she thought there was an ironclad case against the individuals.
  15. Better list than the players. Need to get Dalton, Gresham, Dunlap, Zeitler on here next year

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