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  1. [quote name='STRAYCAT' post='367846' date='Oct 19 2006, 09:37 PM'] look in the mirror BOY![/quote] Boy....owwww...u tryin 2 b racist u punk azz cracker...u don't call me boy...fuck u man!!!
  2. C'mon niggaz...Keep It Comin....Keep Hatin'...HaHa....wat does whodey 85 know about bein a real nigga...HaHaHa!!!! Man dis shit iz funny...I luv dis forum!!!!
  3. I creep up on whodey 85 like Deebo...nigga I'll beat ur azz and snatch dat chamillionaire chain from u!!!
  4. [quote name='STRAYCAT' post='367838' date='Oct 19 2006, 09:28 PM']hey dude this site isn't about the shit you are talkin...take a hike! somebody nuke his ass [img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons//23.gif[/img][/quote] suck my dick 2 fuck'n faggot!!!
  5. [quote name='whodey 85' post='367739' date='Oct 19 2006, 06:47 PM']Whut the hell u kno about bein a nigga, u aint shit. U embaressin me cause u just some fake ass clown who thinks he some big nigga. Fuck that shit, Id like to see u call me a lil nigga to my face, u lil punk ass bitch. The only thing I sell out is out my trunk nigga, now whut the fuck u kno about that, hoe ass nigga. That's keepin it real, not actin like some fake ass hoe on a message board. U talkin alot of shit now around a bunch of middle aged white dudes, but u aint shit in the damn hood u reppin playboy. Whut u kno about a trap-house, exactly, nada nigga. So quit runnin ur mouth.[/quote] Nigga....How u gonna tell me how i do it on da block...u don't know me...u ain't real nigga and i don't even know u...where i'm from...Niggaz call me Deebo muthafucka...Ohh Yeah...We will meet up in da streetz one day...we gotta fight 1 day lil nigga...if i ever wuz in yo face...i'll tell u in yo face....shit...we can bring da boxing gloves out my nigga n dats on my mama!!! Punk Muthafucka...Dis ain't even an threat...but if i ever saw u....u will regret it!!! BLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAATTTTTTTTTT!!!
  6. [quote name='sneaky' post='367782' date='Oct 19 2006, 08:13 PM']To whodey85, Even at your age, you are way more mature and intelligent than that punk will ever be, so it's not even worth getting upset over anything he says about you. Besides, calling him a "nigga" would just be counter productive. As embarrassing and ridiculous as mab513nati sounds, the sad thing is, theres a lot of youth who act and think this way. The irony of this thread, is that mab513nati claims he was kicked off another site because "they" were racist, yet he comes here and proudly portrayed all the negative language, attitude and behavior that racists use to stereotype black people. Just use this sorry ass excuse for a thread as motivation to keep your grades up and school and doing the right thing and you will always be above the fucked up stereotypes that some of our own race glorifies and the fucked up stereotypes than some of other races may attempt to project on you. ~sneaky[/quote] Suck my dick nigga!!! u tryin' 2 be on dat political black shit and u on a muthafuckin nigga forum bitch....cut a check or suck a dick!!!
  7. [quote name='Rumble in the Jungle' post='367690' date='Oct 19 2006, 04:57 PM']dude, that guy is from the stealernation site! don't get it twisted! or fall for it! [/quote] Wat...I ain't no Steelerz fan u dumb son of a bitch!!!
  8. [quote name='whodey 85' post='367656' date='Oct 19 2006, 04:30 PM']Aight, some of yall need to chill out with all the racist shit. Whether this dude is a rich white kid who's playin a lil game of make believe, or he's really just a black dude who's on a message board, doesnt give u an open shot at black people. I kno some of yall are just havin a good time, but there's a couple things on here that made me think "that's fucked up." And mab513nati, dont talk back nigga. I was just lettin u kno how it goes down around here, so u better feel me nigga. ( If ur some lil white kid playin games, congrats for someone finally callin u a nigga.) U startin to embaress black folk on the board mayne, its just addin fuel to the fire to these white dudes who think we just a bunch of thoe'd niggas, especially the young ones.[/quote] And wat u mean about talkin back lil nigga!!!Wow...I'm embarrasing niggaz on dis forum becuz i keep it real...u sound like a sell out 2 me niggga...and yeah i'm a nigga fo da dumbazzez dat never saw me b4 dats callin me white!!!
  9. dis gotta b da best fuck'n thread on this forum....thanks fo da hate bitches!!! I mean...how did it go from a simple question of "I like dis site...have ya'll been on da racist bengals.com message board b4" to one of the biggest rivalries on a forum!!! I took all deez muthafuckaz down!!! HaHaHa!!!
  10. Man...Ya'll niggaz r startin' 2 get born...I'm tired 4 a day...i deal wit ya'll bitchez 2morrow!!! Peace biatch!!!
  11. [quote name='Storm' post='367178' date='Oct 18 2006, 08:20 PM']So a new guy comes in and in one day has already read every thread in every forum You fucking coward you don't even have the guts to log in under your other member name, you might be fooling others but you're not fooling me. No one is fucking as stupid as you're acting. Banned under your other log in?[/quote] Wat...Take Yo Old White Azz somewhere man!!! [quote name='Jamie_B' post='367179' date='Oct 18 2006, 08:21 PM']Coy, Im going to say it for you... damn handkerchief head. [/quote] Damn...how shitty wuz dat!!!
  12. [quote name='Storm' post='367006' date='Oct 18 2006, 04:47 PM']we all know that mab513nati is white, he is either a hard core racist or he's retarded most likely he's both[/quote] Punk Azz Cracker Bitch!!! U white...i saw ur picture faggot!!!U can't talk!!!
  13. [quote name='oldschooler' post='367062' date='Oct 18 2006, 06:07 PM']Ugggggh, no I`m not. I`m on the Best Bengals site on the Net ! You`re acting like an ignorant little kid. And fuck yourself asshole. Askualee I wuz tryin` 2 sho U more respecked than U sho`d me buy callin me nigga...[/quote] U actin' like a bitch...Its supposed 2 be grown men in here...not puzzy azz niggaz!!!
  14. [quote name='Fulcher_33' post='367122' date='Oct 18 2006, 07:18 PM']This guy is full of shit. Notice he's typing in "nigga" talk after we had that thread about it. It's someone trying to get some attention. Ignore it. It'll go away. MULLY[/quote] Ur full of shit you bitch azz cracker...go n eat a bologna sandwich bitch!!!
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