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  1. This game reminds me of when Coslet was the HC and we went to Baltimore and got spanked. Coslet quit when he got back in town. ML won't. Seems that even during the lost decade of the 90s there was constant chatter about SoP and the Bengals. Other than Cincinnati.com writers Bengals don't seem relevant anymore. Bengals have become just a punchline for jokes about Cincinnati.
  2. Some of the blame should go to Alexander but more of it goes to MB. If you want to understand why the Stealers always seem to maintain consistency you just have to look at their approach to the OL. They recognize the value and have maintained a good one for a while now. MB in his cheapness has managed to create the mess we have now.
  3. The only way to get Mike Brown to react is to embarrass him personally. Not easy to do but our old punter Lee Johnson did it and so did Carl Pickens.
  4. I hate to disagree but I don't see this team as a wildcard. If they are they will get eliminated yet again in the first round. Even when they are healthy the LB corps of this team is average at best and now that Vigil is out and Burfict is a non factor opposing teams know it and take advantage. The Bengals track record for picking LBs in the Marvin Lewis era is dismal. Mike in his cheapness has managed to make the offensive line truly offensive. What happened to the great DL we were told about early in the season? Is Austin really this bad? Shades of Leslie Frazier maybe. With a mediocre OL and to this point a mediocre defense as well 8-8 is looking like the best we can hope for.
  5. No chance as long as Mike Brown is alive/in control. The only reason we made two before was because his father was alive to make the football decisions and leave the financial ones to Mike. PB died and so did our chances when control went to Mike.
  6. Bodine didn't want to play C and let the Bengals know that before they drafted him. He won't be back if anybody else offers him a deal to play G.
  7. The Brown family should do the honorable thing and remove Paul Brown's name from the stadium. His great legacy is being tarnished by these buffoons.
  8. As long as Mike Brown (Elmer Fudd) and Pete Brown (Daffy Duck) are sitting in the owners box this franchise is doomed. The Temple Of Doom would be more appropriate.
  9. While Marvin does have his issues, especially during games, he isn't the only problem with this franchise. While PB had winning in his DNA not sure his son shares the same drive. I think he wants to win but isn't committed to win. Also, Belichick isn't probably one of the best coaches of all time he may also go down as one of the best general managers of all time. He is willing to make whatever changes he feels are necessary to get them to the SB each year. He knows how to do it organizationally as well as financially, not sure you can say that about MB. It would be interesting to hear what ML really thinks about what MB decisions that are made. TO and Chad probably are decisions that drove ML crazy but MB wanted them and that was that. Free agent decisions that MB has made that ML was committed to versus what he had to live with would be interesting discussions to have with ML if he would say what he really thinks. Hopefully Katie has a more determined outlook on winning than her father.
  10. Is it really a surprise that there is a risk of blackouts for this three game stretch? I think the risk is there for the balance of the season as well. When you can't sellout, not 85%, your stadium when your team is on a three game winning streak speaks volumes. There isn't a strong and loyal enough fan base to overcome all of the failures on Mike Brown's part in the past. The lost decade of the 90's when he lost a complete generation of fans, his incompetence since he has been GM is legend. While most other teams have a waiting list for season tickets, the Bengals don't. All of the excuses about the economy are just that excuses. This ownership doesn't deserve loyalty from its fan base, especially not from its season ticket holders. Katie, Troy and Paul Jr. are seeing first hand the sins of thefather coming back to bite them in the as* now.
  11. Peko is average, Atkins is average now and Still should be on the PS or cut if it weren't for the PR move on the part of the Browns. They could have done the same for Still by having him on the PS. He isn't worth holding a spot for even though he is a second rounder. This is the NFL not Goodwill. Hunt is a project drafted in the second round to replace an all-pro in MJ, enough with the projects please. In early rounds. 1 - 3 should be impact players not projects. Only Gilberry and Dunlap are above average players. LBs are average when Burfict is playing, big fall off when he isn't. Add to that losing an average LB in Maualuga and a big fall off there. Vinny Rey isn't even average as is Lamur. Guess why we can't cover the TE even with our starting LBs. Kirkpatrick is a bust and maybe Williams as well. Early round picks that haven't lived up to their draft positions. Makes you wonder about Dennard when he can't see the field ahead of Newman and Hall, long in the tooth and their best years behind them. Our DL covered up our short comings in the safeties last year but can't this year. Jones is amazing and needs to be a ST impact player and get rid of Tate or just use other than as a return man. Sanzenbacher isn't better than Whalen and Gresham is well Gresham. Talent that never will pan out considering where he was drafted. The big surprise to me is the play of the OL last Sunday. Everybody there and they fall flat. Boling and Bodine are average but everybody else is above, or at least they had been. Usually a good pass blocking group but not good in the run blocking, or at least not yet. Add it all up and then consider how we really have drafted the last three years as compared to the Ravens who is the real threat in the AFCN. Their early draft picks see the field right away and they don't stay with mediocre, Nugent vs Cundiff, Hauschka,Stover and now Tucker. Formula for where we are right now. The amazing depth we were supposed to have isn't so amazing is it?
  12. I don't think it is a matter of making or not making a statement - obviously the Bengals have done both but the problem is the good happens at home and when they hit the road they struggle. I don't think it is a matter of being Bandwagon or not, if the Bengals don't have home field advantage in the playoffs they will be in trouble. Fans are seeing a consistent theme that they are tired of and are expecting again. This is not a Ravens or Steelers team that is mentally tough enough to win on the road in the playoffs. I don't like either one of them but you have to give them credit they have whatever it is we lack, to get it done on the road in the playoffs. Is this the year the Bengals do it or are we going to be talking about what could have been again. Every year we make excuses, "cheap shot Steelers, we have injuries, refs screwed us, etc.," but the results have always been the same. And please don't go down the path of "remember what it was like before Marvin". I do remember but Marvin has been here eleven years and this theme is getting old. Look at the Seahawks and Forty-Niners who were about like we were when Marvin got here. Guess what, yes they lose games but lately they also are taking care of business on the road as well as at home.  
  13. The national stage is too big for Marvin and it is reflected by his team.
  14. [quote name='bigboi' timestamp='1357436728' post='1204971'] alright so lets blow everything and switch back to the offense the Bengals ran when bratkowski was here. [/quote] Who says that Hue would run the same offense that Brat does? Just because Hue was the receivers coach under Brat doesn't mean he would run the same offense.
  15. This team is always young and always up and coming. I am fed up with that excuse. I have watched them since '68 and other than the two SB appearances which happened before Moses parted the Red Sea this organization has done nothing but dissapoint. When we have a chance to do something we hire a scrub in Gruden who MB thinks has pedigree because of his name. Seems he did this before with a guy name Shula and how did that turn out? Mike needs to turn the team over or die. We are doomed as long as he is involved with day to day decisions regarding this team.
  16. Let Jay go back to the arena league. His name is Gruden but his strategy today was absolutely horrendous. Please Eagles hire him now or better yet Cleveland because he is clueless about strategy. Let Hue Jackson organize the offense and guess what we win. And don't tell me about dropped passes etc., this strategy was doomed from the get go. The only thing that kept us in this game was a real coordinator named Zimmer. Mike do yourself a favor and name Mike your HC and move Marvin to GM.
  17. [quote name='saphead' timestamp='1357435597' post='1204909'] Jay Gruden always looks like he should be pounding draft beers at the local golf course. [/quote]
  18. Again nobody on our roster to fill the void of Jones being out? It isn't like Jones was going to be the answer for sure. I like a lot of people are hoping he or Sanu will be but we won't know until they get their chance. ML's refusal to play rookies unless they are all world first round talent like Green is stupid. Look at what happened to Dunlap until injuries forced ML's hand. Also, maybe the problem is we don't have a qualified WR coach in Urban who can get these rookies to play at the next level. I doubt that Green has learned much from Urban if anything at all same goes for Gresham with Jonathan Hayes. I thought this was to be a WR corps by committee at the #2, looks like the committee is incompetent.
  19. I'm not sure if this has been brought up before but I think that the main thing that has changed in the front office is that the Brown family has complete control over the team which was not the case at this time last year. Look at it from Mike's point of view, why should he raise the value of the franchise when he is looking to buy out the only other majority owner who is not a Brown family member? He paid $200 million that could have been substantially more if the franchise was more successful and raised the $ value of the franchise. Now that the Brown's have complete control look for them to improve the value of their investment. It is purely a matter of economics with MB mixed in with a heavy sprinkling of wanting to win. Now that winning may mean more value for his investment look for more changes in the structure of the Bengals organization from MB. He's not going to go crazy but he will spend where he sees the ROI. For example he is going to weigh the value of a covered practice facility against the ROI, and if he sees the value he will do it.
  20. Again, stats are great when you look at the whole body of work which includes against the average and below average teams which we are seeing more of than a few of this year. How many did Atkins or any of the DTs have yesterday and last week? I have no problem with the DEs, except for Dunlap not being able to play which is really hurting us, but we get no push from the DTs against the quality teams. Granted our secondary is banged up and below NFL average but Yates had way too much time as did Roethlisberger last week. And if you really think Maualuga has played well then you need to go back and watch his performance against Baltimore and Pittsburgh. Yes I'll give you he played well yesterday but what about the rest of the year and in the big games when we need it?
  21. You don't think the economy is bad at other NFL cities but we are probably dead last or close to it in the league. Mike Brown is his own worst enemy when it comes to marketing this team. Every time he opens his mouth he manages to galvanize another group of fans against this team. He already has lost one complete generation of potential fans and if he isn't careful he is going to lose another one. Traditional Cincinnati loyalty to this team is coming apart and the economy is only a small part of the problem. I go to every home game and I can tell you the fan experience isn't getting any better. Concessions, atmosphere, etc., are really lacking. What happened to the halftime entertainment, the flyover, $1 hot dogs, just to name a few? PB was tight but he realized the value of entertaining the crowd on and off the field, Mike hasn't got a clue. I have been to Baltimore, KC, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Indy and Cleveland for away games and Mike could really learn something from just seeing how these places operate. But then again he wouldn't because he doesn't care when he is one of the most profitable franchises in the league
  22. I like your post and agree with most of it but unfortunately I think Mike B will not allow a change with Alexander, Simmons, Hayes or any of the other coaches as long as they are under contract. Also, I think it is wishful thinking to believe Hall will ever be back at 100% after suffering an achilles tear. Two new corners need to be brought in since it doesn't look like we have any on the roster that are true number 1's. A real shame that one of the strengths of this defense were the corners and now they are a liability. Also, either it is talent or coaching but none of our DT's really gets any push up the middle so we really need a major upgrade there. Peko, Atkins, Sims, Fanene are all average talent and we need better. Average shows itself when we play average teams and when we play the playoff caliber teams. Pass rush from inside was absolutely non existent the last two weeks. Maualuga is not the answer at MLB, can't cover anybody and is poor at pursuit. Unless the RB runs right at him he usually gets caught up in the wash, over pursues or wiffs. Shame that we got the worst of Cushing, Matthews and Maualuga.
  23. I would like for the Bengals to take a serious look at Russ Grimm, the former offensive line coach with the Steelers and now with the Cardinals. Remember he and Whisenhunt were in the hunt for the head coaching job when Cowher left but the Rooneys had to go with their rule and hire a minority. Hue Jackson would also be a good choice. All of this assuming Mike goes with the assistant again. Also, don't rule out Bratkowski being promoted to HC given the way Mike thinks and his loyalty to Bratkowski. I'm not saying it would be a good choice I am just saying keep in mind this is Mike we are talking about and when does he use good sense when making a decision like this. I hope the family talks to other NFL front offices about a possible HC choice and has more input into the decision like last time when Marvin was the choice. Marvin wasn't a bad choice just a choice that would not demand much and that is what Mike wants.
  24. If what you say is true about Andre's foot being broken and the reason for the quick contract, add the Antonio Bryant fiasco and somebody needs to be walking down Pete Rose Way looking for a job. If it turns out Mike overruled in either or both cases, now that would be some funny shit wouldn't it?[img]http://forum.go-bengals.com/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif[/img]
  25. As long as Alexander is coaching this OL Mathis, Livings, Roland and Cook will never get any better. Andre will because he has talent and Willie Anderson will work with him but Alexander can't make any player better than he was when he got here.
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