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  1. Donation complete. You and your family will be in my family's prayers.
  2. [quote name='turningpoint' timestamp='1313554370' post='1016420'] i smell a dunlap release by opening day, and i'll fucking lose it if that happens. [/quote] You can't be serious. Why do you think that?
  3. Even if they don't take him, they will have plenty of suitors for that pick.
  4. I have a feeling it mostly comes down to personnel decicions. We all know MB is loyal to a fault and I get the sense that Marvin wanted more control in terms of deciding who will be on his staff/roster...
  5. [quote name='CJandTO' timestamp='1294189886' post='958180'] No they didnt. They did play better near the end of the year, but first half of the year they sucked. [/quote] Even toward the end of the year, our run blocking was abysmal. I would be interested to see how many times Ced was met in the backfield on his carries. How many freaking 3rd&1's did we fail to convert against the Ravens b/c of the Oline's inability to get any push. The pass protection did seem to improve toward the end of the year once the Dennis "the Matador" Roland was replaced by Anthony Collins. How in the world Collins was riding the bench n favor of Roalnd I will never understand.
  6. [quote name='Bengals1181' timestamp='1294153084' post='957527'] yep stats don't mean much. The oline doesn't pass the eyeball test, in either the pass or run game. 0 sacks doesn't account for rushed and hurried throws and hits your QB still takes because of shaky protection. Upgrading the oline is still the #1 priority for this offseason. [/quote] I completely agree. The interior of this Oline is absolute garage. I got so sick of seeing Livings being thrown around like a rag doll. I think Collins played well at RT and I hope Andre Smith comes back strong. We need to upgrade LG for sure and possibly C. Bobbie is also on the downside of his career, so maybe slide Andre to RG and let collins play RT.
  7. [quote name='scharm' timestamp='1294163605' post='957685'] Eh, Marvin supporters are ultimately writing checks his coaching record tells you won't be cashed. When that time comes again, it will once again be Mike Brown's fault. It's a sad day for bengal fans. Mike's loyalty to anyone doesn't get me comfortable with improvement on the football field. Just another way to say "yes man". [/quote] What about the bigger picture? Regardless of whether or not you or I think Marvin is a good coach, if positive changes are being made in terms of football operations, I would consider that a good thing. If nothing changes in terms of front office management, then whay does it matter who our coach is? He will be handcuffed by soP, just like Marvin has been. The fact that MB is willing to concede to Marvin's demands shows that maybe things are beginning to turn around in terms of running a successful franchise.
  8. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1294006003' post='956479'] #3 on a safety? WHo has never played safety? And is an elite CB? Especially when there are several good safeties in this draft. Plus I like what I saw from Nelson the past couple of weeks. [/quote] Just a thought. Ideally, it would be nice to trade down and pick up a couple extra picks. Nelson has looked good recently.
  9. [quote name='bengaled' timestamp='1294005823' post='956471'] AJ green is overkill at this point and would just take promising snaps away from other guys who are proving they are capable of making plays....big plays. add an AJ green and you won't get the production out of all these other elements....caldwell, simpson, shipley, gresham, scott, and yes, now even coffman. sure, anyone can fantasize how he could augment our passing attack, but at what cost to the other guys who would lose snaps. and that doesn't even mention the top notch player we'd turn down just so we could take green. count me out! any questions that remained unanswered should have been answered today. get a mid level experienced guy, then draft another in rounds 3-5 and we should be ok to go. [/quote] This.
  10. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1294005299' post='956458'] Do you really want to use the #3 overall pick on a rotational player? [/quote] What about Patrick Peterson from LSU. He translated into CB or S in the NFL. He has the potential to be a top 5 pick.
  11. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1294004755' post='956444'] What does that have to do with AJ Green? No one at those positions is worth #3 overall. [/quote] Patrick Peterson very well ay be and could translate to S in the NFL. Instead of WR, I would go with a stud DT or DE at #3, like Fairley or Bowers. Receivers can be had thoughout this draft. A rotation of Fairley, Peko, Atkins, Sims at DT would be sick.
  12. [quote name='cincity' timestamp='1294004094' post='956431'] Wooo Hoooo!! I'm glad I'm not the only one that wants A.J. Green! [/quote] I like AJ Green a lot, but this is a deep draft for WR and we have much bigger problems than WR on this team. We need to really focus on upgrading the Oline, linebackers, and safeties. We may be looking at corner too if we don't resign/tag JoJo.
  13. [quote name='scharm' timestamp='1294003859' post='956424'] I'm think this defense is going to get them back on the playoff hunt map next year regardless who the head coach is. The question is: If they bounce back. Do you have a coach that is going to get his team playing best football late in the year and win a playoff game? Do you have a coach that the following season is going to manage expectations of his team? I don't think Marvin Lewis is the only coach in the football world that has a chance to do it. [/quote] The two times we've been in the playoffs, I don't think we haven't won b/c Marvin didn't have his team ready. Marvin has a good relationship with the team it seems and his players always play for him. Other that Zim, I don't see anyone stepping in right away and having a bond like that with the locker room.
  14. The good: The development of the young guys and the emergence of the D-line The bad: The TOcho show in Cincinnati The ugly: The predictable and crappy playcalling and the same penalties/mistakes committed over and over
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