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  1. Doing well, thanks! Hope all is well with you also. Miss reading the info you provide for all to see on here. Good hire, I think. I hope. Cronin grew stale here even though he was doing a great job in every aspect aside from maybe recruiting higher level guys and advancing in the Tournament...which kinda go hand in hand. He was limited in what he could do but now with UCLA's resources...we'll see what he's really made of.
  2. Who will the next coach be? Critical hire coming up for Mike Bohn...who has made 3 outstanding hires in Football, Women's BBall and Baseball. Hopefully can add Bball to that list as well.
  3. I say no. He's still way too timid and shy. Once he gets really comfortable, that's when we will see Gary Clark's potential begin to be realized. My guess is next year, or late this year. Late this year would be really nice as he's the type of player you can post up and allow him to score or kick out for open 3 if he's double teamed....that's exactly how you advance in the tournament.
  4. DeShaun Mormon transferring.  Felt like he should have had more playing time this past year.  Not a big loss at all.  Had potential to be a great defender and open court finisher but he wasn't good enough to get playing time over Troy Caupain or KJohnson or Farrad Cobb.  He should have worked harder but chose this route.  Good luck to him.  
  5. Like the way they're playing lately, with some urgency on offense.....for the most part.  If they can continue the offensive prowess they've displayed lately, combined with the tough defense, they could be a tough out.     Unfortunately, without enough offensive weapons...as is the case, they're unlikely to make a significant run.     The crowd today was awesome.  Some major energy at 5/3 arena.  
  6.   They've been trying to find their rhythm all year, they're inconsistent as you can imagine.  Aside from 1 or maybe 2 players, you can't depend on any of the guys to perform a certain way.  They have played much better their last 3 games, but the competition hasn't been the greatest either.  It is notable though that UC has been without Cronin now for almost 20 games.     Next year they have a PG coming in named Justin Jenifer....he's really good and should really allow the guys UC will have on the floor to run and display their athleticism.  That's where this team even, excels.  They're avg to below avg in a half court offense.    
  7.   Their starting lineup consists of:   19 yr old Sophomore PG, sophomore SG OR Junior Jr college transfer SG, Junior Small Fwd, Freshman Power Fwd, Junior Jr college transfer Center.  
  8.   Who's the other senior besides Sanders?  Why am I drawing a blank?     Doesn't even matter.....because Sanders' contributions won't be very difficult at all to replace as he's not a unique skills guy.  Their top scorers, rebounders, shot blockers, shooters, defenders will be back next year while adding a true PG in Justin Jennifer and a badass in Jacob Evans.     Oh....Guyn....the other Sr.  He may be back on a medical red-shirt but he's not a key contributor either.....so the 2 Sr's that are leaving will have really no negative impact as far as trying to replace their contribution.     Caupain's continued development and adjustment to playing the 2 guard at times next year will be interesting to keep an eye on.     But before that....there's a big game tonight as UC tries to make a run to end the year as best as possible for a good tourney seed.  
  9. Huge win, needed it badly.  Caupain is progressing nicely and inserting Jermaine Sanders into the starting lineup instead of a wildly inconsistent Shaq Thomas has been brilliant by Larry Davis.  42 pts in the 2nd half after 20 in the first even though they shot 64% in the 1st half (more turnovers than shots).     Now to take care of business the rest of the way.  There isn't a game that isn't winnable.  
  10.   Can you imagine not being able to do what you love, the thing you were doing only 2 months ago?  Was taken away quickly from Mick, feel badly for him but these sorts of things tend to really allow a person to mature even further and grow as a person, which I hope occurs with Mick.  He's a good guy.     Huge game tonight at SMU, who has been hot as any team in college bball not named UK or Gonzaga.  Got stomped there last year, I expect a better game this year but without Mick coaching against Larry Brown, I don't see a win.  Caupain and KJ will have to be HUGE if they expect to win in Dallas.   
  11.   Their offense can be hard to watch at times, but you're right.....their defensive intensity/awareness are very good.  Mick would be proud of their effort last night.  Most guys at least.  Octavius Ellis needs to step his effort up and not be so dumb at times.     Such a young team too.  
  12.   He's a freshman, he'll become more consistent as he gains more experience, comfort.  Love his game though.  He does so much that doesn't show up in stat lines.   I like how Caupain is maturing though.  He realizes he needs to take the ball strong to the hoop vs settling for jumpers.  He's very good at finishing lately.   
  13. Good win.  Dumb technicals for Caupain.  Clark is a baller, love that guy.
  14. Nice.  I had high hopes for Octavius Ellis....hopefully he can come close to triple doubles at times with blocks....he's so long.    I knew Gary Clark was going to impress, his HS videos showed a damn good player, an NBA prospect for sure.  Heard many good things about him from the get go.  If recruiting rankings were given at the end of summer....he would have been top 50 easily.   Have high hopes for Caupain as well....and Cobb hopefully can be the Tony Bobbitt kinda player who, if on that night, can hit from anywhere.     I'm excited to get back to the States so I can watch games in HD on my tv instead of trying to catch them on shitty russian sites.  
  15. Dammit!  I keep missing UC games cause I lose track of the time.....6 hr time difference makes it tough.     Who looks good this year in your opinion?  I heard Cobb was balling the other night.....anyone else impressing?
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