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  1. AJ Green's frustration with Andy Dalton finally manifested in his actions beyond flailing his arms in frustration after repeated missed throws when he's wide open (Like earlier vs Jags)...Marvin and Dalton should both be shown the door ASAP. Both are detriments to this team. They're both terrible, just terrible.
  2. Will the 53 Muenchner Freiheit take me there? If so, I"m in!
  3. I think a QB who actually goes through progressions and doesn't freak out when his first option is covered would make even the line seem less incompetent. There have been plenty of instances where the line gave Dalton time but Dalton freaked out and started to abandon the pocket immediately after his first read wasn't available and ran right into pressure. That's not on the OLine, that's on the QB. And honestly, I think McCarron is good at that part of the game, he has way more pocket presence than Dalton does. That's a huge part of playing QB.
  4. You have no idea if McCarron is or isn't the answer, that's yet to be determined. What we do know, however, is that Dalton is not. This team needs a QB with a little pocket presence, who's no going to freak out when his first option is covered. It needs a QB who's not going to leave the pocket and run straight into pressure and be sacked. The line hasn't been all that good, but they're made to look worse with no awareness Andy doing what he does. And there were many times the line gave him plenty of time, only to have Dalton hold on to the ball and not take any chance as to not throw another INT. His confidence is shot, and he was never all that good to begin with. I'd bench him sooner than later before the defense completely lays into the guy as they've started to do with Dunlap, Kirkpatrick and Adam Jones' comments. 2015 only happened because of Hue Jackson. Without a top OC who knows how to mask Andy's many limitations and weaknesses, he's showing to be exactly what he is and has been this whole time...a limited QB physically who has no mental fortitude, no leadership ability. At least McCarron isn't a mental midget like Dalton is. He also has great leadership qualities although he too is limited arm strength wise.
  5. Boyd Hurt?

    What about WJ3? I didn't see him out there at all.
  6. "We Suck" Dre Kirkpatrich

    Eifert was wide open that whole play, but his MVP Candidate QB couldn't spot him until the last second where the dummy decided to go out of bounds. It's because that MVP QB looks to his first option, then when not available, freaks out instead of going through progressions.
  7. "We Suck" Dre Kirkpatrich

    Good, because you know Marvin isn't calling anyone out...especially the QB he's been coddling for years. Dalton's time has come and gone. Without a top OC, he's garbage. He's mentally weak, physically limited....not a good combination for an NFL QB. How do you have the weapons the Bengals have and score 9 pts in 2 games with zero TDs? Makes no sense. OC and QB need replaced badly. And Marvin should be fired this morning.
  8. McCarron actually goes through progressions....Dalton goes to his first option, and if that isnt open, he freaks out. Not a good sign from a guy that's been in the league as long as he has. He played today with very little confidence after the early turnovers. Shy to pull the trigger. Game over if the defense effects the QB that much. I believe McCarron or Ol' McSkeeter as you call him has a stronger mental makeup than our friend Andy Dalton. Makes sense, considering Dalton's a ginger. Zampese also deserves alot of blame for today. A whole lot. When the DLine is getting pressure, there are certain plays he could have called to 'negate' them yet there were not called. Zampese is still in way over his head with this gig. Such a shame...the list of skill players is ridiculous.
  9. Only Dalton's 7th year, QBs don't get it until their 8th year usually....so we're fine guys. Everything's on schedule. Marvin doesn't have the balls to do it, but I would have put in McCarron. Way too talented on offense to produce what was produced today. Also, I'd let James Urban call the plays and send Zampese back to the QB room.
  10. The start of another NFL season brings out unsavory characters lol
  11. I agree schotzee, he coaches with clenched buttocks, that's for sure. I think there is something to teams taking on the personality of their coach, which is not an overall good thing when it comes to Marvin.
  12. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Initially I didn't like the pick of Ross considering who was still on the board, but I love the dimension he brings to the offense. Something sorely lacking last year. Add Mixon, LeVeon Bell like back and this offense has great potential....if Zampese can actually take advantage of the weapons at his disposal. That's a big if IMO. Not a fan of his thus far.
  13. Well I'm done

    You'll be back......they always come back.
  14. Would love Cook or especially Mixon in Rd 2 or 3. Jimbo Fisher spoke glowingly of Cook, the ultimate teammate, who is ultra talented in all facets of the game. Mixon seems to have matured from a few years ago and may be the most complete back in the draft. I like Jeremy Hill too...when he's not trying to make every run a long run. He too has immense talent, if he can just get into a grind it out kinda mentality vs wanting to score a TD on every run. I think Hill's lofty goal of 5.0ypc really played with his mind and in turn, his execution on runs.

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