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  1. AAC Co-Champions at worst.  With Memphis beating SMU, if Louisville wins, a coin flip will be used to determine #1 seed.    Great season UC Bearcats!  Now let's go do some real work! 
  2. Great night!  Nice win but a little bittersweet knowing that was the seniors' last home game. 
  3. I honestly thought it was the right call in the end, which is what you want.   I do think ethics has to be looked at though with Greg Anthony....it's simply not his job to do what he did. 
  4. http://riverfrontball.com/2014/02/24/cbs-suspend-greg-anthony/?utm_source=FanSided&utm_medium=Network&utm_campaign=Around%20the%20Network CBS Should Suspend Greg Anthony 23 0 Plus Fancred 0 By Matt Niehaus - Feb 24th, 2014 at 7:56 pmPrevious Next Saturday afternoon the Cincinnati Bearcats and Louisville Cardinals game at Cincinnati’s Fifth Third Arena was marred by an awful 7 minute delay of game while the American Athletic Conference officials reviewed an out of bounds call. It appears that the officials may have been influenced for a second review by CBS’s Greg Anthony. The initial call on the play was out of bounds on Cincinnati’s Shaq Thomas. The call was then reviewed by the AAC officials and after three minutes the possession was given to the Bearcats. While Cincinnati went to the court to inbound the ball the refs once again stopped play to review the call. After another 4 minutes the overturned call was overturned again to the original call giving the ball to Louisville. You can see the out of bounds play at the 3:24 mark. It is only one angle, from the other angle you can see the ball does not touch Shaq, it never even changes direction. http://youtu.be/mhf9kuuIwbE Now comes Monday and Mick Cronin’s weekly radio show in which he all but confirmed CBS Sports Greg Anthony as the culprit for the second review. Apparently according to Cronin, Anthony informed the refs there were additional angles that they should look at. As a media member you should never influence the out come or the flow of the game. Anthony in a sense costed Cincinnati a win, on an 11-0 run the Bearcats had all the momentum in the game only to have it stolen away by a media member who had to step in. Anthony apparently motioned to the Louisville bench and the referees that they should review it again. Anyone that watched the broadcast knew the CBS crew was pro Louisville. When the Cardinals made a shot it was always so grand call, the Bearcats resulted in a monotone, nice shot. Greg Anthony should be suspended, no media member should ever motion to a team or alert the refs of a mistake. If you want to impact a game Greg be a coach.
  5.   Just an FYI....if the game is on ESPN or any of their affiliated networks, you can watch the game when it's over at ESPN.com.    As for the officiating....there was one call that was absolutely horrible.   Harrell slid under Kilpatrick as SK was about to attempt a shot as he was driving towards the basket.  First off, the foul should have been a blocking call, giving SK 2 FTs.....but instead, they called a charge, but it was NOT a player control foul so they gave Harrell 2 FTs at the other end.  Complete BS.  They used a rule explanation that hasn't been in effect in over 20 yrs to give Louisville 2 FTs on that foul call.  Harrell hit them both.  Complete and utter bullshit.  A 4 pt swing.....SK would have hit both FTs.  He shoots 90%.    The other call was a call they got right in the end, though the manner in which they came to the double reversal has been discussed and will continue to be discussed.  The officials originally called a loose ball out on UC, went to the video monitor and reversed the call, giving the ball to UC.  I believe this is with about 1:20 left in the game with UC up by 1 or 2 pts.   Then, at that point, is where the controversy starts.  It's said by people at the game that Greg Anthony and the CBS crew signaled the refs over and told them to look at their footage.  Apparently the refs did so, and reversed the decision one more time giving the ball to Louisville.   This is a clear violation in ethics for CBS and G. Anthony.   The American Athletic Conference's commissioner Mike Aresko has been made aware of this and the "ball is now in his court" to do something about it.    So, even though they got the call correct....which is what I'm most concerned with.....the means they went about to come to the correct call were unethical.   Philosophical dilemma.   I was told that Cronin, on his radio show, confirmed that it was the CBS crew signalling over to the refs and the UL bench that led to the double reversal.    A few plays before all this happened, Shaq Thomas went to the rim on a semi fast break....he took it to the rim, thought he had a layup but was rejected by Harrell, who should have been called for a foul as he clobbered Shaq on the head.  No call.    These AAC officials are suspect.  Most games this year there has been an issue with blatantly bad calls. 
  6. Tough loss...they played like shit and almost still won.  Kilpatrick was forced to take so many shots as his teammates didn't realize that basketball is defense AND offense.   Shaq has to play better.  He's the X factor for UC. 
  7. I think Cronin rides him so hard because he sees the potential.....he's very hard on Shaq.   I can't wait until he puts it all together, can be a tremendous player.  Even moreso than he is now. 
  8.   It gives them almost a March Madness warmup.  Play 3 incredibly tough teams, get a chance to rest, play more tough teams in the conference tournament, then another chance to rest and get seeded on selection Sunday then it's time to go for real for rilz.    You're right....when they're being aggressive offensively, they're extremely fun to watch.  Shaq Thomas is going to create matchup nightmares in the tournament.   NBA is all about matchups and even college becomes this way during the tourney when teams need a bucket.   They exploit matchups.   He can exploit.  6'7" guy with handles, quickness and incredible athleticism.  Add in skill and you've got a dangerous player, potential NBA 1st Rd pick. 
  9. SMU dismantled Memphis the same way.....it happens.   Memphis has top tier talent, offensively and SMU beat them by about 20.   I wasn't too worried about the results of this game, I knew UC would lose and I thought they would lose big.....but I didn't include that in my post.  I told my brother as the game was about to start that I thought UC would lose by double digits....I guessed a 17 pt win for SMU.    The Bearcats are all too predictable at times.....yesterday was one of those times for me.     SMU's defense is just as good (almost) as UC's and their offense is more efficient on a consistent basis.....they were at home where they're undefeated, they're playing extremely well.    I'm not concerned about the point differential.  Plus, the refs were horrendous.  Absolutely horrendous.      The next few games will tell us a bit more about this team. 
  10. Unfortunately.....but hopefully they learn from the game and improve as a result.  Tough schedule coming up with games vs Louisville, vs Memphis and at UConn.  Could go a long way in determining UC's seed come March. 
  11. Caupain has been a turnover machine the last 4 or 5 games.  He's scored in the red all those games.....with barely any positive plays to speak of.   Seems overwhelmed which is surprising.   Could have hit the wall but he's 18 yrs old.  There are really no walls when you're that young.    I think this game at SMU is going to be the first conference loss....they're a tough, talented team who has been playing lights out.  Coached by a HoF coach who is bringing in strong recruits, highly rated guys.   Combine that with UC playing Thursday night, having to travel in these conditions.....sets up perfectly for a tough game.    I hope I'm wrong, but I don;t think I am....we will see tonight at 7:30. 
  12.   How about Rashard Lewis?  Maybe that's the best comparison as of right now.....though more athletic than Lewis.   Luckily, we should see him vs UConn. 
  13. Good question....not quite sure.   He has much better handles than he's gotten to display, he has a very nice jumper and some good low post moves but am at a loss for a comparable player.   He grew 2 inches unexpectedly and kind of moved into a low post player role vs a do it all kind of guy he was thought to be when being recruited in HS.     As far as not playing as much as other highly rated recruits.....again, due to injury.   He's been hurt every year.   He was finding a nice role on the team then suddenly his foot gives him issues...bone spurs.....and had to essentially rest his foot for the past month. 
  14.   He's very close....has looked very good in personal workouts he's doing.   Definitely can provide JJ and Rubles a break, which would be welcomed.  Add his skillset, which is impressive, and he can make a positive impact in games as well if he can get his conditioning down.   That's going to be the hardest thing for him IMO....getting his wind.    It worries me how injury prone he is though....all throughout his HS career and now his freshman year in college.....injury riddled. 
  15. Yeah, definitely too high as their offense is too inconsistent but it's nice to be there....   If Shaq Thomas can assert himself and provide another consistent scoring threat, this team could be very dangerous.   Just need more consistent scoring threats besides SK and JJ down low.  
  16. Huge emotional letdown today...BUT.....SK was sick as shit, didn't practice at all yesterday, as well as coming off of an emotional win at Louisville, this game had all the signs of a close game....especially vs S.F.  who matches up with UC very well and as a result of SF's length, UC is unable to do a few things they like to do.    I knew today was going to be close.....there were too many factors pointing that way.   Good win though, UC is likely in the top 10 next week.   Some tough games coming up as well......vs UCONN, at SMU who is a very good team coached by a HoF coach.   That's UC's first loss in conference play IMO....at SMU. 
  17. :headbang:    NICE win!   Never easy @ Louisville but they got it done.  Big for Kilpatrick, Jackson and Rubles.   Heart.  This team has it. 
  18.   Oh snap, completely forgot about Gaines transferring to N. Texas.   You're absolutely right.    Jamaree Strickland's NCAA case is still ongoing......
  19. JLaw def needs to get stronger but you can see how skilled he is already.   He can handle the ball as well, but he's got to get stronger.   I'm disappointed with Caupan....I thought he would be better than what I've seen of him.   I really wish K. Johnson gets the minutes Troy's getting currently because that guy is fast and has skills himself.  He's also skinny though and needs to get stronger but he's long, rangy, fast, quick.  And he's a natural PG unlike Caupain and/or Guyn.    It's a fun team to watch though......I forgot about Shaq Thomas.....he's going to be VERY good by the time he graduates.      Rubles is all around guy but his shot is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.  No 3's for him this year yet....hopefully it stays that way.    Interior is the weak spot on this team with Jackson, Lawrence, Nyarsuk.  Kelvin Gaines as well, but if he comes in, it's bad news.    Nice win vs an ACC team. 
  20. Can't believe it's almost college basketball season.......   JJackson has really improved....taking his game seriously.   Can't wait to see him and Kilpatrick.  Lots of question marks this year though....
  21.   I get frustrated with him too as a coach, but when I think about it, he just may be the best person to be the HC at UC....short and long term.    I feel you though...ask my brother how much shit I talk about Cronin during the games hahaha. 
  22.   I think Mick's OK as a coach...don't love him or hate him.  As a person, he's awesome but for the sake of his teams, he needs to find an offensive mind at Asst Coach.  D is fine, that's Cronin's specialty but he's got to find ways, creative ways, to get a team to score some points.  Adding better players will help which he has been doing the last few years.  Jermaine Lawrence was a huge signing.  Jamaree Strickland, Troy Caupain, Kevin Johnson....big signings as well. 
  23.   This was inevitable.  Cronin was being talked about for openings at Minnesota, UCLA and others.  He's not going anywhere really because of his daughter living in Cincy but this is a nice gesture to show him he's wanted here.   I know he's been very frustrated with the lack of resources given to basketball vs football and the conference uncertainty.
  24. Good God those are the ugliest things I've ever seen.  Remind me of those baggy pants with lightning bolt looking things people used to wear like 15 yrs ago.  Why Adidas?  Why?
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