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  1. JLaw def needs to get stronger but you can see how skilled he is already.   He can handle the ball as well, but he's got to get stronger.   I'm disappointed with Caupan....I thought he would be better than what I've seen of him.   I really wish K. Johnson gets the minutes Troy's getting currently because that guy is fast and has skills himself.  He's also skinny though and needs to get stronger but he's long, rangy, fast, quick.  And he's a natural PG unlike Caupain and/or Guyn. 


    It's a fun team to watch though......I forgot about Shaq Thomas.....he's going to be VERY good by the time he graduates.   


    Rubles is all around guy but his shot is the ugliest thing I've ever seen.  No 3's for him this year yet....hopefully it stays that way. 


    Interior is the weak spot on this team with Jackson, Lawrence, Nyarsuk.  Kelvin Gaines as well, but if he comes in, it's bad news. 


    Nice win vs an ACC team. 



    thanks for the clarification.





    I didn't really pick up on too many religious angles.  The one I did notice was when he was up in space in the ship talking to Jor-El, and he floated out into space in a crucifixion pose.


    Welcome.  I'm a person who is fascinated with and tends to pick up quickly on symbolism and analyzes it to no end, seemingly.   It's good brain exercise I guess.  There were many things in Superman that played on the anti-christ/messiah theme IMO.   Would be cool to discuss I think......like the movie "Life of Pi".....I literally talked to my best (girl) friend about it for an hour or 2.  She's very creative herself and symbolism intrigues her as well and that movie was rich with it.  Symbolism told the story more so than the actual storyline did. 



    correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Faora say that to Meloni or one of the other military guys?


    No, she said it to Superman.  Just saw the movie.  I noticed that line as well and I also noticed the "messiah" angle the movie overtly played on.  It's actually a common theme....movies/films these days, a large majority of them, deal with the following themes:

    1)  End of World/Times

    2)  Post Apocalyptic life where essentially a 'class system' rules. 

    3)  Anti-Christ/Messiah theme

    4)  "Extra-terrestrial" or some sort of invasion


    I swear, it seems every movie that comes out is one of these subject matters.  Even during the previews for Superman, most movies were the same....


    I didn't like Man of Steel as much as I thought I was going to....maybe I allowed all the hype to influence my expectations but I was a little disappointed and too feel that there was more potential to the story, movie that was left untapped.   I did notice the LexCorp fuel trucks towards the end of this movie, essentially setting up a sequel. 


    Sorry I don't understand what you are trying to say here, are you saying it's kind of him to give away free pizza but not provide healthcare for his workers? If that's the case then I don't agree, I think the kind thing to do would be to provide healthcare to his employees, the people who run his business. They will sell pizzas if he gives them away or not.


    You're a troll, I'm convinced...sorry guys I'm out!


    Here's the scary part.....I don't think she's a troll at all....I just think she's that dumb (brainwashed).

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  5. it worked fine in the Bush era..the only reason the stock market collapsed is because Bush had to deal with Clinton mistakes..Clinton era everybody could get a loan..that is why our housing market crashed a bit!


    Bush = Obama = Clinton


    Partisan politics have got this nation acting like fools.

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  6. I do have to commend Justice for remaining 'civil' during the mockery thrown her way.  Kudos to you for that!


    Now, the mockery is well deserved.  You sound very un-educated actually and you seem to take what the television tells you as 'gospel'.  Your arguments are from semi racist chain emails and news stations only....


    I challenge you to think outside the box (television box first and foremost) and dig a little deeper into these talking points you're parroting from whomever.  Be your own person, think for yourself.  Don't be lazy....it's the easy thing.  Truth is very, VERY inconvenient at times but it remains the truth. 

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  7. I'm sure he's a great person but I'm talking about being a coach Amir. I wish we could have moved on.


    I get frustrated with him too as a coach, but when I think about it, he just may be the best person to be the HC at UC....short and long term. 


    I feel you though...ask my brother how much shit I talk about Cronin during the games hahaha. 


    I just saw that. I am actually disgusted by it. Mick isn't the answer for this team. He would be good for the likes of a team like

    NKU or some shit but not a program like UC. We need a better coach than that. I am not happy at all with this.


    I think Mick's OK as a coach...don't love him or hate him.  As a person, he's awesome but for the sake of his teams, he needs to find an offensive mind at Asst Coach.  D is fine, that's Cronin's specialty but he's got to find ways, creative ways, to get a team to score some points.  Adding better players will help which he has been doing the last few years.  Jermaine Lawrence was a huge signing.  Jamaree Strickland, Troy Caupain, Kevin Johnson....big signings as well. 


    BREAKING: UC gives hoops coach Mich Cronin contract extension http://cin.ci/Z3wavn  via @bkoch



    This was inevitable.  Cronin was being talked about for openings at Minnesota, UCLA and others.  He's not going anywhere really because of his daughter living in Cincy but this is a nice gesture to show him he's wanted here.   I know he's been very frustrated with the lack of resources given to basketball vs football and the conference uncertainty.

  10. No but you can reset the balances of equality. if you think the 1% has so much power you'd be shocked to see how much the lower 40% has if they could just mobilize. The working poor needs a champion along the lines of Bobby Kennedy or MLK and right now there's nobody relevant enough taking up their cause. I thought maybe Obama would be the one but he clearly is not.



    Viva la revolucion!

  11. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1360203811' post='1213380']



    I know.....Providence is better than their record indicates but still.....went LONG periods in the game without scoring. They have ZERO offensive rhythm, make dumb mistakes. They've gotta get things figured out soon as the most important time of the year is fast approaching. Their upcoming schedule is also brutal with the only good news being that there are more home games than road.

  12. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1360100208' post='1213214']
    So with Lawrence they are 1 scholly over, who do they "cut"? Or is someone leaving?

    Mick will never "cut" someone....he's too classy for that. Even Tim Crowell in Mick's 2nd year, decided to leave on his own. That would be the only other applicable situation. Check your PM.

  13. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1360009382' post='1213018']
    Yeah, after reading the article he sounds like what Dontonio Wingfield was supposed to be. Or perhaps DerMarr Johnson.

    But what I meant by "what Yancey was supposed to be" was a great player. Yancey was good, but he was never "great" on a consistent basis.

    I gotcha....very true, Yancy was supposed to be the guy that was going to dominate with his skill, size and agility combo. He didn't have ANY heart though until his Sr year pretty much.

    Lawrence is going to be GOOD. He's fast as shit, athletic, quick, skilled but Mick will have to get him to understand how good he is and can be. I've heard over and over how nice of a kid he is and needs to get a little meaner.

  14. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1359985532' post='1212941']
    Hopefully Jermaine Lawrence becomes the player Yancey Gates was supposed to be. The 5 star recruit committed to UC!

    Jermaine and Yancy are two completely different players though. Lawrence is a 6'9" guard essentially with big man skills but he is VERY skinny and needs to add strength. He handles like a guard, can shoot the 3, can penetrate, make plays, rebound, pass......he's legit. He can do it all. Yancy was a PF or C only whereas Lawrence can play anywhere from 1 - 4. Can't play center but he's so versatile.

    Him and Kilpatrick will be a nice 1 - 2 punch next year.

  15. Yeah they were very sloppy last night. Maybe a 9 day break caused it? Anyways, Cash had a bad game and when Kilpatrick isn't hitting, the offense looks ugly at times. Titus Rubles is the wild card though....he can be very dangerous because he's such a mismatch and Shaq Thomas will also develop into that sort of guy as he's 6'7", athletic and can handle the ball and shoot it decently.

    Hope the offense gets more efficient otherwise it's going to be tough to advance in the tourney.

  16. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1356732418' post='1200211']
    David or Cheikh need to step up their offensive game, or they need to get Justin more involved inside. I said during the Xavier game they the missed Yancy's inside scoring ability.

    And they lost the game on the free throw line.

    They must have heard you because they each came up big at Pitt. Especially Nyarsuk...he had a span during the 2nd half where he .....dare I say...dominated. That's a stretch but he played very well and provided a huge spark.

  17. They've gotta get a low post presence....can't win with your guards scoring 95% of the points. Offensive rhythm lacking severely. Holes in this team were exposed but they can also be filled. Hope they learn and improve.

    That last play was an atrocious call by Mick. Horrible choice of play for that situation in the game.

  18. It will be a tough match up for sure....I was hoping NM would stay undefeated and ranked (they were #17) for tonight's game. They are a tough team coached by Steve Alford....he'll have them ready. I think UC is just too much for them though in the end and will wear NM down by middle of second half at worst. You can really see teams wearing down against the swarming defense in the 2nd half.

    Should be fun.....football and basketball tonight!

  19. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1356226485' post='1196402']
    Nice second half.

    With Ohio State and Illinois losing, UC should move into the top 10.

    #8....I wish New Mexico would have stayed undefeated....it would have set up a top 15 matchup tonight. Speaking of.....4 tix to anyone who want them. Great seats. Free. I realize many people don't read this thread......maybe just Jason and I but if anyone sees this, they're available.
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