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  1. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1360203811' post='1213380']



    I know.....Providence is better than their record indicates but still.....went LONG periods in the game without scoring. They have ZERO offensive rhythm, make dumb mistakes. They've gotta get things figured out soon as the most important time of the year is fast approaching. Their upcoming schedule is also brutal with the only good news being that there are more home games than road.

  2. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1360100208' post='1213214']
    So with Lawrence they are 1 scholly over, who do they "cut"? Or is someone leaving?

    Mick will never "cut" someone....he's too classy for that. Even Tim Crowell in Mick's 2nd year, decided to leave on his own. That would be the only other applicable situation. Check your PM.

  3. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1360009382' post='1213018']
    Yeah, after reading the article he sounds like what Dontonio Wingfield was supposed to be. Or perhaps DerMarr Johnson.

    But what I meant by "what Yancey was supposed to be" was a great player. Yancey was good, but he was never "great" on a consistent basis.

    I gotcha....very true, Yancy was supposed to be the guy that was going to dominate with his skill, size and agility combo. He didn't have ANY heart though until his Sr year pretty much.

    Lawrence is going to be GOOD. He's fast as shit, athletic, quick, skilled but Mick will have to get him to understand how good he is and can be. I've heard over and over how nice of a kid he is and needs to get a little meaner.

  4. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1359985532' post='1212941']
    Hopefully Jermaine Lawrence becomes the player Yancey Gates was supposed to be. The 5 star recruit committed to UC!

    Jermaine and Yancy are two completely different players though. Lawrence is a 6'9" guard essentially with big man skills but he is VERY skinny and needs to add strength. He handles like a guard, can shoot the 3, can penetrate, make plays, rebound, pass......he's legit. He can do it all. Yancy was a PF or C only whereas Lawrence can play anywhere from 1 - 4. Can't play center but he's so versatile.

    Him and Kilpatrick will be a nice 1 - 2 punch next year.

  5. Yeah they were very sloppy last night. Maybe a 9 day break caused it? Anyways, Cash had a bad game and when Kilpatrick isn't hitting, the offense looks ugly at times. Titus Rubles is the wild card though....he can be very dangerous because he's such a mismatch and Shaq Thomas will also develop into that sort of guy as he's 6'7", athletic and can handle the ball and shoot it decently.

    Hope the offense gets more efficient otherwise it's going to be tough to advance in the tourney.

  6. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1356732418' post='1200211']
    David or Cheikh need to step up their offensive game, or they need to get Justin more involved inside. I said during the Xavier game they the missed Yancy's inside scoring ability.

    And they lost the game on the free throw line.

    They must have heard you because they each came up big at Pitt. Especially Nyarsuk...he had a span during the 2nd half where he .....dare I say...dominated. That's a stretch but he played very well and provided a huge spark.

  7. They've gotta get a low post presence....can't win with your guards scoring 95% of the points. Offensive rhythm lacking severely. Holes in this team were exposed but they can also be filled. Hope they learn and improve.

    That last play was an atrocious call by Mick. Horrible choice of play for that situation in the game.

  8. It will be a tough match up for sure....I was hoping NM would stay undefeated and ranked (they were #17) for tonight's game. They are a tough team coached by Steve Alford....he'll have them ready. I think UC is just too much for them though in the end and will wear NM down by middle of second half at worst. You can really see teams wearing down against the swarming defense in the 2nd half.

    Should be fun.....football and basketball tonight!

  9. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1356226485' post='1196402']
    Nice second half.

    With Ohio State and Illinois losing, UC should move into the top 10.

    #8....I wish New Mexico would have stayed undefeated....it would have set up a top 15 matchup tonight. Speaking of.....4 tix to anyone who want them. Great seats. Free. I realize many people don't read this thread......maybe just Jason and I but if anyone sees this, they're available.

  10. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1356010974' post='1195771']
    Is it weird that whenever I read something from Dickie V I read it in his voice in my head?

    HAHAHA I do the same thing. It's more fun that way.

    What a game last night...the energy was incredible...this usually leads to sloppy play which was the case in teh first half. Second half they settled down a bit and imposed their will on a clearly inferior Xavier team. The better team won tonight. I wish they would have played under control the first half as well....would have won by 30...which would have been even more awesome.

  11. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1354997595' post='1189688']
    I like Mick, but when he gets mad he looks like an 8 year old after someone stole his ice cream.

    Mick has grown on me...I didn't like his style at first but he has a method to his madness. His players love the guy. You're right though...that pouty face he makes when he's mad kills me.

  12. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1354826734' post='1189257']
    I really don't want him shooting 3s.

    He reminds me a LOT of a young Kenyon Martin, but he hasn't taken the "next steps" that Kenyon took.

    Kenyon didn't really become anything until tail end of Jr year and then his Senior year (played with USA team that summer prior to his Sr season) he absolutely blew up because he put in the work in the offseason. Kenyon had "it", whereas JJ doesn't seem to have the want to to get to an elite level. I hope he develops it because he has fantastic potential.

    [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1354840372' post='1189324']
    Damn they are sloppy with the ball. They need to clean that up before the Big East schedule starts.

    Yeah they were, but I think playing a team who was also very sloppy kind of rubbed off on them. I do think Cash needs to be more careful with teh ball though....he's been struggling turning the ball over lately.

  13. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1354813028' post='1189172']
    The one thing I don't get from the Alabama game. Justin Jackson on offense spent a lot of time standing outside the 3 point line. Why? I would not defend him at all standing out there, and it was essentially 4 on 5. Justin would be inside the paint as much as allowable for me.

    They're trying to get JJack to feed the post from that position and if the defender doesn't guard him, he's got the green light to shoot the 3. Mick has changed much of his strategy this year...a LOT of fast breaking and players have the green light to shoot immediately off a rebound and push. He was a superb passer but seems to have regressed. I just don't see development from him like I would like to see. Mbodj has progressed nicely so it's not the coaching IMO. It's desire from the player, the want to to get better. JJack could be a legit NBA prospect if he wanted to be.

  14. What a game....blew Oregon out in the first half and then did dumb stuff for the better part of 7 minutes. Justin Jackson is the same player he was as a freshman...he's gotta get smarter. He's valuable but commits stupid, unnecessary fouls. 2nd half was a nice slug fest with defense winning a majority of possessions. Rubles came through in a big way and is looking like the 3rd scoring option. Shaq Thomas played some good minutes and provides a dynamic that could be dangerous as he matures and becomes more comfortable on the court..maintains his composure. He's extremely talented. Legit NBA prospect. Gotta cut out the turnovers and the dumb choices that lead to them. Good win...wish they could have played UNLV but they can't control that...they beat who they did play. Alabama is next up....they're a really good team. UC should be ranked about #18 or so going into that game. Love watching this team but they have to cut out the long droughts on offense...teams will try to force them to play half court. Otherwise, they can be explosive in an up tempo game.

  15. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1353726106' post='1183615']
    Awesome game for Sean Kilpatrick (with a name like that shouldn't he be a red headed white kid?) and a win over a much tougher team.

    UC actually won the game at the free throw line tonight. Good to see.

    He was 16 for 16 I think from the line, his season FT % was 38.5% coming into the game. That's why I stated I wasn't worried about our free throw shooting in the long term as it was Killa, Cash and Parker missing FT's. The big guys are going to be ugly all season from the line with the exception maybe of Cheik Mbodj as he has a decent touch.

  16. [quote name='Jason' timestamp='1353464226' post='1182915']
    I didn't think it was possible to win a game by 19 points and look awful doing it. But they were damn sloppy tonight.

    I know right.....the defense was a mess. I think Mick's trying to get his preferred lineup settled but the defense looked atrocious last night. Breakdowns left and right. It looks as though we'll be able to score this year but need to score down low also. Mbodj and Nyarsuk have the potential but they're not there right now....not even close. I do like Mbodj's improvement from last season though.

    Kilpatrick, Cash and Parker you don't have to worry about. The rest are still somewhat of a question mark. Shaq Thomas is going to be the wildcard IMO. He'll take over first off bench from Jermaine Sanders at the SF position by mid to end of season. He's really, really good.

  17. True...but guys like Cash and Kilpatrick are missing their FT's....that will improve. Based on their history, it will. The low post guys are just bad FT shooters...that's going to take time but this team will be around 65% FT shooting I'd say. Parker will have the ball in his hands plenty at the end of close of games.

    This is a good looking team though. Kilpatrick can score like crazy. The big guys have looked VERY good for this early....Rubles has to step it up...he's hindering the offense. Has J. Jackson progressed as a player in his 3rd year now? I don't see it. I still see the same crazy energy Freshman, unpolished on offense but spectacular in other facets of the game.

    Can't wait until they play real teams.

  18. Demolished GV State last night....good game all around but Kilpatrick looks dangerous this year. Hope this isn't his last year. LOVE Shaq Thomas and what he will bring. Cheikh, Rubles, Adam N, Gaines and Jackson hold up their end of the deal and this is a good team on the verge of being special. Good composition of players.

    Good job keeping this thread going Jason, I'll pick up the slack. Was at the game last night so couldn't post.

  19. Nice...they're not ranked in the coach's poll I don't believe. Mick's been using that to motivate his players and it seems they're taking to it. Cash was interviewed and he was talking about how we don't care where we're ranked in October...it's March/April that matters.

    I've heard Kilpatrick rarely misses in practice, team is in tremendous shape, practicing like it's mid season and the addition of Shaq Thomas and Narsyuk (sp?) will help the low post. Another exciting team that will play fast tempo, hard nose defense. Let's hope the offense is there.
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