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  1. [quote name='Rumble In the Jungle' post='724801' date='Nov 17 2008, 01:47 AM']talk about memories, here are some of my favorites..... this was the year Duke was #1[/quote] Man, that Melvin Levett dunk was insane.......the human helicopter. Good memories fo sho. I remember watching Duke vs UC at Willie's in Montgomery with a group of like 20 friends and that whole place went nuts after that play. Executed that play perfectly. I think William Avery hit a halfcourt shot and Duke thought they won the game but he shot it too late, barely.
  2. As this team grows together and matures, chemistry is formed.....watch out.......they're very talented. I think next year when Cashmere comes back from his injury and Yancy has a year under his belt, Riek gets used to playing ball gain, they will be a top 25 team easily if not top 15. Mick's proven to be a good recruiter, hope his X's and O's get better quickly.
  3. [quote name='Bunghole' post='654454' date='Apr 20 2008, 10:50 PM']I hate you UC fans having an active thread in the offseason while there isn't a peep from the UK thread. Fuckers.[/quote] Don't hate......instigate. Anyways, the guy that backed out of a verbal to UC may be UK bound..........his name is Varez Ward.....his offensive game is nothing to brag about but he's a tough nosed defender. Gillespie is known to recruit kids who have already given verbals to other schools so if Ward felt he could get more playing time at UK, I can see why he backed out of the UC verbal. UC will have some good guards next year and for the next 2 years at least so it does make sense for him to go to UK who just lost Bradley, Crawford. And Meeks has a surgery every other month so he must may get some playing time.
  4. Varez Ward MAY back out of his commitment..........which wouldnt be that big of a hit at all and it would solve the scholarship problem with Aldridge receving the final one.
  5. [quote][size=3][b]Latest On Toyloy Commitment To Bearcats[/b] [/size] By Scott Phillips Bearcat Insider Staff Posted Apr 17, 2008 Junior college big man Steven Toyloy is icing on the cake for a solid Bearcat recruiting class. Bearcat Insider spoke with Miami-Dade Community College coach Matt Eisele to get the scoop on Toyloy’s game and how he will fit into Cincinnati. In a class full of talented guards (Dion Dixon, Varez Ward, Cashmere Wright), and an impact post man (Yancy Gates), JUCO big man Steven Toyloy gives the Bearcats a physical inside presence who can contribute right away. Toyloy put up great numbers in a tough conference and is ready to test his game in the Big East. After leading the nation in rebounding at 13 rebounds a game as a freshman, Toyloy averaged 11.7 rebounds and nearly 12 points a game for Miami-Dade as a sophomore. “He’s one of the best rebounders in the country,” said Miami-Dade coach Matt Eisele. “He’s just a tremendous offensive rebounder who averaged around 4.5 offensive rebounds for us this season.” Besides hitting the glass, Toyloy brings the Bearcats a physical presence that is ready to contribute right away. “He’s a huge physical presence, a great post defender, and he’s extremely athletic,” said Eisele. “He has a good feel for the game, and he wants to bring the rim down every time he finishes.” Toyloy might be known for his defense and rebounding abilities, but he can also finish well at the rim and displayed his tremendous athleticism by winning a local dunk contest in high school. [b]“He’s 6’8 but he has over a 30 inch vertical,”[/b] said Eisele. “He also does a good job of finishing in transition, and around the rim.” Steven was being recruited by a number of high-major schools, but ultimately liked the chance to play in the Big East, and play for a team with a chance to win. “The coaching staff has pinpointed him for over a year,” said Eisele. “Coach Davis and Coach Cronin did a great job sealing the deal. They have a chance at winning now, and (Steven’s) looking forward to playing with high quality players like Deonta and Yancy. He wants to play with great players.” Toyloy is looking to getting on campus as soon as spring classes end. “He plans on getting to Cincinnati as soon as possible,” said Eisele. “We just talked about a possible major today and he is going back and forth between business or something in the computer field.” [b] Although Steven has the skill-set to succeed in the Big East, it’s his hard-nosed, winning mentality that separates him from other players. “He’s a good kid, and he wants it bad,” said Eisele. “Steven really wants to do well, and he wants to win more than anything.”[/b] Stay tuned to Bearcat Insider for the latest on Steven Toyloy and Cincinnati basketball.[/quote]
  6. UC added a 6'9" Juco by the name of Steven Toyloy. He's supposed to be a monster rebounder who is very physical. A Big East type player according to his coach. This adds to the inside depth and will allow Yancy to play his natural PF position more. UC will most definitely have a top 15 class coming in next year with Gates, Wright, Dixon, Ward, Aldridge, M. Williams and Toyloy all newcomers. That's some good depth.
  7. [quote name='Jason' post='646711' date='Mar 27 2008, 09:52 PM']UC has a ton of talent coming in. But here's the sad thing. If Huggins had stayed, there is a VERY good chance our team this year would include Bill Walker, OJ Mayo and Michael Beasley. Word is Walker and Mayo were headed here when Huggs was here, and as I recall, Beasley signed with K-state while Huggs was there. Could you imagine that combination? Thanks Nancy. Bitch.[/quote] Jason, it wasn't just a VERY good chance.......it was all but a done deal and Mayo and Walker told UC and the BOT the same thing essentially. If Huggins had stayed at UC, those 2 for SURE would have been there and Beasley may have been. There is more to the Beasley recruitment than most know about but still, he would have likely ended up playing at UC with Mayo and Walker who he is really good freinds with. Sucks to even think about. Thanks Nancy. Bitch.
  8. [quote][size=3][b]Wright shines in Germany[/b] [/size] UC recruit Cashmere Wright scored 12 points with four assists and three rebounds in 22 minutes playing for Team USA in its first game in the Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Mannheim, Germany. The tournament is a biennial tournament featuring some of the world's top under-18 players. In the paset, such players as Magic Johnson, Toni Kukoc, Tim Duncaon, Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker have played in this event.[/quote] This is from a blog, Bill Rabinowitz I think......don't have a link though.
  9. [quote name='Nati Ice' post='645098' date='Mar 21 2008, 10:10 AM']little by little things are starting to come back around, barring injuries next year should be a big step towards rebuilding the program. any predictions for some of the new guys?[/quote] Before this year started, I said that Larry Davis would be the surprise of this class and that's kinda accurate. Bishop was the most valuable freshman IMO but Davis stepped it up at the end of this past year. McClain is having surgery on his foot this coming week to take care of a bone spur and should be back training for the upcoming year relatively soon after. Can;t wait to have him 100%. Next year's newcomers are going to be exciting to watch.....especially Cashmere Wright (who's playing with the USA team right now BTW) and Yancy Gates who is a legit 6'10" 260 right now......before hitting UC's strength program. He's going to be a monster sooner than later. Here's what I think will happen. Cashmere Wright - Starter at PG from day 1, can score and handle the ball. Quick as hell and looks to dish first but can score if he has to. Unlimited range on his jumpshot. I've heard LOTS of good things about him and as I mentioned he's currently playing on the USA basketball team in a global basketbal tourny in Germany being coached by a former LA Clipper player named Lionel Hollins. That's invaluable experience he's gaining. Major contributor as a freshman. Yancy Gates - Backup to Mike Williams but will get significant playing time IF and ONLY IF his defense is even mediocre. He's going to have to learn to play with intensity the whole time he's out there and rely more on his teammates than he currently does but that's to be expected when you can dominate like he can. In a head to head matchup with OSU recruit BJ Mullins (top 5 recruit) Yancy had 25 pts and 12 rbs (Mullins 16 pts 19 rbs) Yancy's team won the game by 1. Could see a lineup of Williams at PF and Gates at C at times or go big with McClain at C and Gates at PF (his natural position). Major contributor as a freshman. Dion Dixon - Can score and is athletic.......may play a shooter's role but shouldn't see significant minutes unless he adjusts quickly. He's a nice player who can shoot the ball and plays with a chip on his shoulder. HS teammates for a year with Sherron Collins of Kansas. Good overall player. Contribution will not be major but will make one....no matter how small. Varez Ward - Lockdown defender who can jump like crazy and has good athletcism. Don't know much else about him except that he can be seen as an Immanuel McElroy type of player who doesn't have a great jump shot but is working at it. Definitely a nice role player who could see minutes as his defense is where it needs to be. Medium contribution as a freshman. Nick Aldridge - SF who can score. Scored 20 pts for Western Carolina vs UC this year in the Shoe. Originally committed to UC but didn't sign when Huggins "resigned". Will add scoring from the SF position. He's a tough player who should contribute next year. Mike Williams - SF/PF who is a BEAST inside. Long arms and his bulk help make up for lack of height at the PF position. Can drain the mid range jumper and is crafty inside.....great rebounder who will immediately start if healthy which he should be and make a major contribution. Will be 2nd scoring option behind Vaughn. [quote name='Bengals1181' post='645139' date='Mar 21 2008, 12:23 PM']What about Williamson? I thought he was supposed to be pretty good? I don't follow the team that closely anymore.[/quote] I did forget someone from that list, but it wasn't Williamson as he was a senior this year. I forgot Darnell Wilkes who is the most skilled of this past year's recruiting class but he was just too skinny and weak to play BEast basketball. He's going to get stronger and IMO will make a HUGE impact next year if he can indeed get stronger. The guy can play and was ranked #43 or so in the Top150.
  10. I blame UK's loss on the jitters Crawford is a badass though.......he and Bradley are very talented players Tubby Recruited.
  11. UC got a verbal commitment from a 6'3" combo guard out of North Carolina by the name of Varez Ward.....I've heard he's an Immanuel McElroy type of player.........which I LOVE! Here's some info on him: [quote]02/12/08: "This postgrad player plays very hard whenever he takes the court. Ward has tremendous quickness, leaping ability and hang-times, making him a very effective penetrator. He also has good strength, allowing him to withstand a blow in the paint and still finish successfully at the rim, plays good defense, using his lateral foot speed and strength to bother opposing guards and has good passing ability and vision. His jump shot, though the weak area in his game, has improved dramatically since the summer. He will need to continue his work on his jumper for the next level. Currently he lists Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Butler, Baylor, and Alabama-Birmingham among his choices for college." - ESPN 01/19/08: "One of the best still available backcourt players is Patterson's 6-3 combo guard Varez Ward. Ward was a senior last year, along with teammate Courtney Fortson, at Sidney Lanier High (Montgomery, Ala.). He has the versatility to play both guard positions, and is a very hard-nosed, aggressive player. Chaney told us that Kentucky may now be the favorite for Ward. He is still considering: UAB, Missouri, South Carolina, West Virginia, Mississippi, South Carolina and UTEP, among others." - ESPN[/quote] New players next year will be: 1-Yancy Gates 2-Cashmere Wright 3-Dion Dixon 4-Varez Ward 5-Nick Aldridge 6-Mike Williams That's pretty damn good when you add in Deonta Vaughn, McClaine, Bishop, Davis, Belton.
  12. [quote name='steggyD' post='643063' date='Mar 13 2008, 12:04 PM']Have you seen them play the last few games? They could've beat Tenn without Patterson. It comes down to one play, the 3 hits and it's OT. Plus it was their first game without Patterson, took them a few minutes to figure things out. They have it down now, they can do it. And in case you forget, Tenn was #1 team in the nation at that time. If UK comes out without jitters, they can handle any other team out there on the court. The game can go either way.[/quote] UK cannot handle any team out there......if the opposing team has a good big guy, UK will be at a disadvantage, severe disadvantage......unless you think Stevenson and Curry can handle say, an Ogilvey type. They've proven that they can't. Again, I like the enthusiasm and the confidence you have in your team but I am an impartial observer who has a good freind who makes me watch UK games with him so that's the opinion I've formed of them through that viewing. [quote name='bengalrick' post='643094' date='Mar 13 2008, 01:46 PM']Who cares who we play or where we're seeded? As mentioned on here, our team is breaming with confidence, we have are game plan set in stone everyday, we have senior leadership to execute the plan, we have one of the best free free shooting teams in the country, and our freshman and sophemores are starting grow up... life is good in Lexington... i hope everyone has the attitude of ikota, b/c then noone will see it coming... they will be laughing about gardner webb and san diego while we're laughing at the results Go BIG BLUE BITCHES!!![/quote] It's not my attitude, it's reality......UK's playing much better, like a different team but they're still not going to be able to advance to the sweet 16. If I was a UK fan, I'd be happy if you got to the second round. Don't make me come back to this thread when my words are proven to be correct.....because I will.
  13. [quote name='Bunghole' post='643079' date='Mar 13 2008, 01:17 PM']Yeah, I agree, they've really seemed to "figure it out" and buy into Gillespie's system, with or without Patterson. Speaking of which, Perry Stevenson has stepped up HUGE in Patterson's absence. And the caveat to my friend Ikota is, of course, [i]even when we're in rebuilding mode[/i], we're still in the tournament. UC--[/quote] A little different "rebuilding modes" going on here. Try losing 2 years of recruiting and having 3 different head coaches in a 3 year span, try having to pick up JUCO's who otherwise wouldn't have been recruited by any major schools just to fill your roster. The only "rebuilding" UK is doing is getting adjusted to a new coach.............yeah pretty similar situations there fickle Steve
  14. [quote name='steggyD' post='642984' date='Mar 13 2008, 02:25 AM']Keep the jitters away and play the same ball we've played the last few games and we'll do some damage. [b]Sweet 16 at least, maybe one better.[/b] Of course, I'm hoping for the whole damn thing! Let's go Big Blue![/quote] You can't be serious.........I like the optimism but come on man IF UK makes the tourney field......Patterson's injury is pretty big and the selection committee has been known to take injuries into account and allow them to weigh heavily in some instances although UK played Tenn pretty tough without him. UK will be lucky to have a seeding above 8 or 9 and more than likely will face the #1 or #2 seed in the second round......if they can advance past the first if they do in fact make the field which think they should. Not having Patterson is going to hurt bigtime in the tourney though.
  15. [quote name='BengalRep85-9' post='642016' date='Mar 9 2008, 09:43 PM']OUCH 45 point blowout loss tonight at UConn... never in it from the start and will now play Pitt this Wed in the tourney. Lets hope they actually show up for this one or thats it for another season of bearcat basketball.[/quote] They got into Storrs last night around midnight after trying to travel for 2 days.....taking buses and eventually a plane. I didn't expect a 40 point loss but I also didn't expect them to compete with a clearly more talented UCONN team under such circumstances. Onto the BEast tourney, where a likely first round loss will end the season for UC........and good riddance. Next year should be an exciting year to be a UC fan again. Cant wait!
  16. [quote name='#22' post='638646' date='Mar 2 2008, 06:34 PM']Kentucky came out with a great game plan, though. The NCAA Selection Committee has to be impressed with our performance in that one. I know I was. I am pumped about next year, though. Especially after seeing what Jasper, Harris, and Stevenson are capable of. These are guys who haven't played most of the year (Jasper only because he's been hurt, and Stevenson has been increasing his play lately). Their lines looked like this today, though: Harris had 12 points (4-5 FG, 1-1 3pt, 1-1 FT), 5 Rebounds, an assist, a block, and three steals in 40 minutes. Jasper had 9 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists, and a steal. Jason Kidd numbers. Stevenson had 13 points, 14 rebounds, and 2 blocks. all three played excellent defense, as well In addition, we get both Jodie Meeks (who averaged about 9 ppg in 11 games this year) and Patrick Patterson (16 ppg, ~8 rebpg) BCG already has #45 ranked Darius Miller, a 6'6" Forward with as much potential as any one in the class, and #21 DeAndre Liggins, a 6'5" PG/F who draws comparisons to Scottie Pippen with his passing, and who coach has encouraged to take 300 shots a day until he gets on campus. #9 Scotty Hopson was at the UT game, and could very well commit to UK following the game today. Michael Porter has potential, too, and coach uses him quite a bit. Hopefully AJ Stewart, Mike Williams, Mark Coury (who also gets significant PT), or Jared Carter can turn themselves into serviceable inside guys, too. To paraphrase the color guy for Knoxville's radio station:"We better celebrate while we can, because Billy G is bringing his own guys in next year".[/quote] Hey #22, I see in your above post about #9 player in 2008 Scotty Hopson..........he was at the UT game but he was there as a guest of the UT basketball team. His final 2 choices are Tennessee and UC with his mother pushing him to go to UC. UK could still be in it though as recruiting news on an 18 yr old kid can change by the day or hour even but I think he signs with UC or UT. Darius Miller and Liggins should give UK a nice boost next year playing alogside Patterson. ETA: I've also heard that Hopson will not make a decision until April or so when his team is out of the KY state playoffs either as a champion or due to loss.
  17. Here's a nice article on Dion Dixon......... [url="http://illinoishsbasketball.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=558&Itemid=1"]http://illinoishsbasketball.com/index.php?...58&Itemid=1[/url] [quote]Until this summer, not many people had heard the name Dion Dixon. The 6-3 shooting guard from Crane Tech High School on Chicago's west side was tearing up courts around the city with his sick handles, deep shooting range and freakish hops, but he never got the national publicity that many of the players in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs received. Dion never cared: he knew his time would come eventually. After a breakout summer with Chicago Express and a great start to his senior season: that time has finally come. Dion Dixon is the best guard in the city and now that the secret's out, the sky's the limit... "When people ask who's the best guard in the city, well, I always think it's me," Dixon said. "I can play on both ends of the court, and when I'm out there, I just feel like I'm better then everybody else. People in the state know me already, people all over the city. Around the nation people just haven't heard about me yet." Dixon grew up on the rough streets of Chicago 's west side, and played ball day and night at Columbus Park. Dixon first picked up a basketball when he was "just a baby," and got serious about the game at a young age. "I used to just play for fun, but in third grade people started telling me 'you'll be alright,' 'you have a chance,' and from then I took the game serious." From elementary school on Dixon was committed to excellence. He would run miles, lift weights, and dribble a basketball whenever he could get his hands on one in hopes of one day being a great player. Dixon had to learn the game from experience, and while many other kids were getting private trainers and going to camps and clinics, Dixon was out learning basketball 101. "My cousin Terrell (Lindsey) used to take me to the park to play with grown people. I was little, but they didn't care. I would go to the hole and they would hit me hard, but you could never think about calling a foul, you had to be tough." In today's day and age of recruiting sites and 8th grade commitments, many other kids in Dion's class were already getting recruited by colleges, and touted by scouting services when they entered high school. Dion didn't have this luxury. Dixon came into high school as a raw talent and a great athlete, and starred for Crane's freshman team. Dion improved enough to play on Crane's varsity his sophomore year for Coach Anthony Longstreet, but he took a back seat to senior point guard Sherron Collins, who is now at Kansas. Dion still wasn't getting the recognition he deserved. "Some other kids had good people around them and whatnot, a good network to put the word out. I didn't always have that, but I always had people teaching me more and more about the game, helping me get better. I didn’t play AAU until the end of my sophomore year... I actually didn't even know about it until then." Soon Dion was being touted as one of the best young guards in the city, and since then his stock has just climbed higher and higher. Last season Dion played alongside Brandon McGee (now at Indiana) but still didn't have the breakout year he was capable of. The season quietly came and went and Dion still had few colleges showing interest and no scholarship offers. Dixon 's time was winding down at Crane, and he had one season on the AAU circuit, and one season at Crane left to prove that he had what it takes. Dion proved all that and more this spring and summer playing for coach Reggie Rose and coach Luther Topps with Chicago Express and he hasn't looked back since. Dixon tore up the Midwest AAU circuit alongside Illinois State point guard commit Kenyon Smith and Illinois Chicago shooting guard commit Zavion Neely, and some colleges took note. Dion showed off his big time hops and great feel for the game, and had coaches from coast to coast wondering where this kid had come from, and why they hadn't heard of him before. "They (Rose and Topps) taught me well," Dixon said of his former AAU coaches. "I loved playing with my teammates," he continued. "Kenyon, he was a great point guard and always gave me the ball in good position to score. Darrell (Williams- Dunbar High School ) would get the ball of the boards whenever I missed." Now that the season has started, Dixon is enjoying the same success and much more now that he has the reigns at Crane Tech High School. Dion is the best guard in the city and everyone is out to try and stop him. They will have a tough time with that, as Dion has been getting advice from someone who knows how to succeed in the Chicago Public League as well as anyone: Sherron Collins. "I learned a lot from Sherron when I played with him, and I'm still learning," stated Dixon. "I am getting some defenses thrown at me that he did his senior year, so I call him for advice on how to beat a box and 1 and things like that. When he came up here we had a nice talk about everything. "I want to play well and win games this season," he continued. "I love playing for ' Coach Street ', he doesn't hold me back." Though the national scouting services are yet to rank him (hoopscooponline.com will get their first look next week at the CPS post holiday invitational), colleges across the nation are courting his services. Wisconsin, Kentucky, Cincinnati, Marquette, UAB, Ohio State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi and Colorado are among the schools in the running for his services. As for his future plans? "My dream is to play in the NBA. I am just going to work harder then everybody else, take no plays off, and I know I can make it." It's hard to argue with that...[/quote]
  18. Tough game today, should have won if Williamson dunks the ball instead of trying a layup which gets blocked..........BUT there was a recruit sitting behind the Bearcats bench today by the name of Dion Dixon from Chicago who was being recruited by UC, Baylor, Ohio State, Kansas, Kentucky amongst other schools............well he chose UC and gave a verbal commitment to Mick today after the game I think. He's a 6'3" SG who can play PG also and is a great scorer.......can shoot the ball from 3 with ease and is explosive going to the basket.......nice pickup for the Cats. Next year's class looks good already......Cashmere Wright, Yancy Gates, Dion Dixon, Nick Aldridge (transfer) and remember, they get Mike Williams back also. Much to be excited about.
  19. [quote name='whodey24k' post='634440' date='Feb 21 2008, 05:20 PM']adam tried his hardest to lose the game for us last night. I was at the game, did they say why john williamson was on the bench toward the end of the game?[/quote] He just wasn't playing well the whole game and Mick decided to bench him.....there was no injury issue, I know that. Adam is playing with absolutely no confidence whatsoever on offense, but on defense he plays hard and is effective denying the ball. He held the big man from SF to only 7 pts though the guy had 18 rebounds. The same guy had 25 pts and 17 rebs against Hasheem Thabeet and UCONN. And with McClain so inconsistent it's hard to take Adam out of the game without suffering defensively. Tough situation, it will be nice next year when we have M. Williams, Yancy Gates, Belton and McClain down low.
  20. Wow, close game tonight...........UC now 8-5 in the BEast and over .500 at 13-12......won 3 in a row BEast games.
  21. [quote name='whodey24k' post='632750' date='Feb 16 2008, 02:14 PM']i was at the game, williamson was a beast. St.Johns gets most of there points inside the paint, and the cats did a great job keeping them outside.[/quote] I was there too, most of the game anyways...........I sit behind the UC bench and laugh everytime Mick gets pissed.........because he's a funny little leprechaun when he's mad. South Florida should have beat UCONN yesterday so Wed's game will be tougher than you'd think by looking at the records. You going to that one?
  22. I just found out Alvin Mitchell will be suspended indefinitely......will try to find out why. Mick will have an official statement on it soon also. This doesn't really hurt the team as much as it does Alvin's maturation on the court (and off).........
  23. [quote name='Jason' post='632152' date='Feb 14 2008, 09:47 AM']Where has THIS Williamson been all season???[/quote] Well Mick talked with him a week ago and told him he's got about 10 or so games left in his college career and to leave it all on the floor. Looks like he took that message to heart. Mick had a similar talk with Sikes before the WV game and Sikes responded with his best game as a Bearcat. UC should be able to end regular season play at 9-7 in the BEast or better if they can upset GTown or Pitt.........neither are likely though, both on the road.
  24. Demolished St. John's tonight, who had won 3 straight. Good game for Williamson and Larry Davis who is becoming my favorite player to watch besides Vaughn.
  25. [quote name='Jason' post='631746' date='Feb 12 2008, 04:51 PM']He's the PG, correct? I think he will have to, Warren is a senior, isn't he?[/quote] He is the PG yes and Warren is a senior yes, but that doesn't automatically mean any Freshman would get significant playing time. You can have Vaughn at PG or Larry Davis at PG and bring the Freshman along slowly but the coaches talk about him like he's ready to fill in immediately. Hell, even Bishop can run point from the SF position.
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