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  1. [quote name='Bunghole' post='782959' date='Jun 30 2009, 04:02 PM']UC fans don't want that kind of yearly humiliation. They saw what happened in the tournament a few years ago, and that was a very good UC team, and only a so-so UK team.[/quote]

    No......not a very good UC team.......we had Nick Williams starting at SG for God's sake. We had 3 above average players in James White, Jason Maxiell and Eric Hicks. You guys had a pretty good team actually........Kalena Azubuike, Ramel Bradley, Randolph Morris, Chuck Hayes, Patrick Sparks, Rajon Rondo, Joe Crawford, Shegari Elleyne and Orbzut (two 7 footers). No comparison........UK had the better team by a large, large margin and it was a good game. UC played their hearts out and still lost due to the talent factor.

  2. [quote name='#22' post='782949' date='Jun 30 2009, 03:21 PM']Thug or not, that is a pretty sick lineup. That team won't win the Big East, but they will come closer than anybody thinks.

    I with the ADs would man up and give us the UC/UK games that we all want, though..[/quote]

    Very well could win the Big East, although Villanova will by the likely favorite. Big East is going to be down a bit this year with Marquette, UCONN, Syracuse and Pitt losing alot. WV, 'Nova are the likely frontrunners but UC has a real good chance if they play to their capabilities. Mick will be praised/criticized based on the end result and the praise/criticism will be fair as he has a full team for the first time essentially.

    I agree......I wish the UC/UK matchup would happen although both programs haven't been as prominent lately as they were up until 5 yrs or so ago. It was fun when we got the wish in the 2nd rd of the 2004/2005 tourney though.

  3. [quote name='Jason' post='782941' date='Jun 30 2009, 03:54 PM']Assuming we do get him is he SG or SF?

    A lineup of

    PG: Cashmere Wright
    SG: Deonta Vaughn
    SF: Lance Stephenson
    PF: Ibrahima Thomas
    C: Yancey Gates

    could be pretty damned good.[/quote]

    We got him! Lets just hope he's eligible. If so, I see:

    PG: Cash Wright
    SG: Deonta Vaughn
    SF: Lance Stephenson
    PF: Yancey Gates
    C: Stephen Toyloy

    Then, after Thomas becomes eligible its a free for all as their 5 best players could very well be Wright, Gates, Stephenson, Vaughn and Thomas but how do you fit them in the lineup together besides your lineup? That would leave them thin at rebounding as Gates would be your only legit rebounding threat. Thomas, even though he's 6'10" is soft as they come and doesn't like to bang at all. I think we'll see plenty of rotations and pressing style, full court, up tempo game that Cronin's been wanting to play here since he arrived.

    This IS the year the Bearcats get back to the tourney.

  4. [quote name='Bunghole' post='782858' date='Jun 30 2009, 12:50 AM']Silly, of course we do. We also have a coach that is as infallible as the Pope. Why do you think UK has a thing for upright, suit-wearing Italians? Because they are basketball Gods that go to Church on Sundays. This makes them beyond reproach. Didn't you get the memo? Cronin...that's a Mick name, right? Ooops, that's already his first name, I meant [i]Irish[/i]...Irish Catholics are wannabe drunks. You cannot trust them. You need a Dago wop to coach your team to the promised land. Their reputations are impugnable.[/quote]

    Haha......maybe my black and red bias is clouding my judgement of Stephenson just as your big blue bias does not allow you to see the slime that Calipari oozes from his pores.

    And you are the most racist dude I've ever met and gotten a car wash from :lol:

  5. [quote name='JC' post='782868' date='Jun 30 2009, 03:01 AM']It's one thing to see the stars and how they were in college. (Greg Paulus and Josh McRoberts were generally top 5 in their class). It's how they translate. UC in the Big East I just don't think they will do very well. They don't have the same pieces the UCONN team had that was shown.

    It would be great to see UC turn it around..but they just aren't going to with Lance Stephenson. "Born Ready" really? He wasn't even very impressive in the Mcdonalds game.[/quote]

    You can't see someone in the McDonald's All American game and judge anything by it.........although Lance had 12 pts, 6 assists and 3 steals. Not a bad line by any means. You're talking about the same player who hung 40 points on Jamal Crawford of the NBA at Rucker Park, the same guy who broke Marbury and Sebastian Telfair's scoring records in NY, the same guy who was considered to be the #1 player in his class after his Jr season. The same player who was projected as a late lottery pick had he been eligible out of HS. So before saying he wasn't "even very impressive" you should do your due diligence.

    And your statement that UC won't turn it around with Lance Stephenson is ignorant and seems to be based on nothing substantial. His value will be measured by more than just his on the court success. Read my post above in reply to #22 for my opinion on that.

    And as for Greg Paulus and Josh McRoberts........yes they were generally top 5 in their class.......but they were also white. :ninja:

  6. [quote name='#22' post='782855' date='Jun 29 2009, 11:32 PM']Your argument that talent does not always guarantee a good record is a good one, but then you seem to go on in your next paragraph to say that UC's talent will make them a good team. I shouldn't have to point out how inconsistant this is.

    Also, John Calhoun and the other good example you could use from last year, John Thompson III, are both much better coaches than Mick Cronin (this is basically inarguable, isn't it?). Cronin's only success as a head coach was at a small school where he had a reputation of taking talented players who wouldn't qualify or had previous trouble and were therefore forced to placed in the OVC. The program is turning around, and has had a spate of bad luck, but Cronin hasn't distinguished himself as one of the great coaches in the Big East, and his time to do this is running out.

    Finally, every NCAA program (except the high and mighty Duke Blue Devils) will take kids know and then who are turds, but that's what makes Lance Stephenson's story so interesting. You have the #10 player in the country, and the second best SG, and all of the teams that would traditionally be pursuing have backed off at various points because this kid is trouble. Every coach that has met with the kid has stopped recruiting him very soon afterwards.

    The argument that Lance has had success in high school and clearly can't be a cancer for his NCAA team sure didn't work out of OJ Mayo and the Trojans, did it? I don't seem to remember Tim Floyd, Lil Romeo, and the crew cutting down too many nets.

    Hopefully Mick will wise up, because no good can come from having two ballhog (and Vaughn is, btw. All of the good ones are) SGs both playing to improve their draft stock and fighting for playing time on the same team at the same time. Mick could be under enough pressure to sign Stephenson, but it will do more than anything to end his College Hoops career at UC.[/quote]

    Regarding your first point, I simply was stating that talent does not always dictate a team's record and used UCONN as an example. The similarities are that both teams were very young. Talent + youth = mediocre whereas talent + experience = NCAA tourney team and more. I do see however where one could be confused by my post.

    As for Stephenson (who's commited to UC as of now btw), he has question marks around him, no doubt but his talent is unquestioned. And even though OJ Mayo didn't cut down any nets at USC, he made them "relevant" again which Stephenson will do for UC. He will sell tickets, he will get national exposure for himself and the program, he will get the Bearcats on ESPN where impressionable young men will be watching. His intangible value may be greater than his talent.

    My argument is that he wasn't so much a cancer on his HS team since they won 4 state titles. Mayo didn't come close to accomplishing this feat. Lance also broke Marbury and Telfair's HS scoring record. Is he a ballhog? Damn right he is......so is Kobe Bryant. Vaughn isn't a ballhog as you claim IMO because he was TOLD to take those shots. He was one of the only viable options (and the only perimeter option) for UC the past 3 yrs. As he went, the UC offense went. Now, he's not playing PG and SG at the same time. Your point about him and Stephenson vying to improve each others' draft spot is a valid one and a concern I myself have. But at the same time, it's a problem I'd rather have than not. The same can be said for your UK Wildcats with many a candidate for one and done as well as Patterson needing to improve his draft stock. But this problem is like having 2 good QB's.....it's not the worst thing that could happen to a team.

    And the concern about schools backing off Stephenson is valid also, but requires a bit further research into why it happened. Bill Self has stated that he would have signed Lance if Xavier Henry didn't commit. Memphis and USC are among other schools still recruiting Lance (he's committed to UC however) right now. Maryland had to back off or face NCAA action due to Lance and his father visiting the Under Armour facility in MD (Under Armour is owned by a Maryland alum and booster) during an official recruiting visit. I read a very good article recently which stated that some schools backed off Stephenson because of his father who is know to be a loud mouth and a headache for a coach. Regardless of what it is, it's speculation on our part and doesn't do the kid justice by labeling him.

    I had concerns about his court case which is for groping a girl afterschool. The more details that have come out, the less concern I hold. Apparently, the girl is saying he grabbed her breast and butt after school, in front of the school and she proceeded to kick and punch him for it. However, there are no witnesses and some have suggested that Lance wasn't even in that area at the time the girl is claiming. He said, she said which will get thrown out. Again, we don't know what happened so let's not speculate. Does no good.

    And Mick wasn't under any pressure to sign anybody. Most thought he was done recruiting for the year after he signed Jaquon Parker, after which Mick received a 2 yr contract extension. Stephenson commit or no, he was in good shape for the upcoming year with a team some were calling a sleeper pick to win the Big East........here's an article by Andy Katz which mentions as much:

    [quote]• Lance Stephenson's sexual assault case was adjourned until July 15, according to ZagsBlog.com, a blog based in New York City. The hearing at the Brooklyn Criminal Court that also involves high school teammate Darwin Ellis, is based on an allegation that occurred last fall outside Brooklyn's Lincoln High.

    The Sporting News reported over the weekend that Stephenson visited Cincinnati. The Bearcats have a scholarship open. This is the deal: If Stephenson is cleared by everyone involved -- the courts (i.e. a plea deal to a misdemeanor or charges dropped) and the NCAA eligibility center -- then the Bearcats seem to be the most likely destination.

    Stephenson's talent isn't in question, but in the past few months Kansas, Memphis, Arizona, Maryland, St. John's, Florida and even Florida International have been linked in some form to his recruitment. As of now, Cincinnati may be the last school standing. [b]With or without Stephenson, the Bearcats are primed to be a sleeper in the Big East.[/b] The Bearcats will get former Oklahoma State center Ibrahima Thomas eligible in mid-December and added expected impact players such as shooting guard Sean Kilpatrick and point guard Jaquon Parker to go along with redshirt freshman Cashmere Wright, who was out last season with a torn ACL in his left knee.

    Wright is projected to be the starting point guard for the Bearcats. The Bearcats already bring back their top two scorers -- Deonta Vaughn (15.3 ppg, 4.7 apg) and Yancy Gates (10.6 ppg, 6.1 rpg) -- after going 8-10 in the Big East, 18-14 overall. If Stephenson were to go to Cincinnati and he can mesh with the aforementioned players, it wouldn't be unrealistic to consider the Bearcats a Big East title contender.[/quote]

    So again.........Mick wasn't facing much pressure considering he was just given a contract extension. He took over a mess and has gradually improved the talent level and the winning percentage. This will be a big year for him (even w/o Stephenson) but not a make or break year by any means. He's happy at UC and UC (Mike Thomas specifically) is happy to have Mick at UC. Not much besides this matters at the current time.

  7. [quote name='JC' post='782806' date='Jun 29 2009, 03:11 PM']I would think talent would reflect their record?[/quote]

    I don't have to venture far away from UC to debunk that argument.........let's look at UCONN shall we. In 2006/2007 they went 17-14 and 6-10 in the Big East, missing the NCAA tournament obviously. Here's their roster for that year:

    Marcus Johnson
    Ben Eaves
    Doug Wiggins
    [b]Jeff Adrien [/b]
    Ben Spencer
    [b]Jerome Dyson [/b]
    [b]A.J. Price [/b]
    Curtis Kelly
    [b]Stanley Robinson[/b]
    [b]Craig Austrie[/b]
    Rob Garrison
    Jonathan Mandeldove
    [b]Gavin Edwards[/b]
    [b]Hasheem Thabeet[/b]
    Marty Gagne

    Does that roster/talent level reflect in their record? That answer would be no. What's the significance of the bolded names above? OK.....in the future, let's not use such simplistic arguments.

    UC has a good amount of talent this year......let's analyze a bit position by position shall we?

    PG: Cashmere Wright (4-star; top 50 recruit); Dion Dixon (3 star - top 100 recruit);
    SG: Vaughn (All Big East player); Kilpatrick (3/4 star - top 100 recruit); Davis (unranked due to injury)
    SF: Wilks (4 star - top 65 recruit); Bishop (3 star - top 150 recruit)
    PF: Toyloy (JUCO, offered by Clemson, Minnesota, West Virginia and Baylor...chose UC); Ibrahima Thomas (transfer from Okla St...6'10" skill player who can shoot; avg. 9 pts, 6 rebs as frosh in Big 12)
    C: Gates (5 star - top 22 player; All Big East Freshman); McClain (4 star - top 50 recruit)

    Of course these rankings are subjective and should not be taken as exact but they do give you a pretty good idea of the talent level on this year's team. It shows an average to above average level of talent wouldn't you say? Throw in Lance Stephenson who is at worst the #10 player in his class and it looks that much more impressive no?

  8. [quote name='JC' post='782798' date='Jun 29 2009, 01:47 PM']There bringing back two players that scored more than ten points a game..and they only won 8 games in the big east. Mostly against not very good teams.

    They just aren't very good. Stephenson isn't going to put them over the top either. Maybe into the NIT.[/quote]

    That's a weak argument for proclaiming "they're not very talented"...........sure you don't want to amend your argument before I present a case for their talent? Remember, TALENT is the key word here.

  9. [quote name='JC' post='782782' date='Jun 29 2009, 12:02 PM']If thats what you want to believe, thats fine. He isn't going to do anything for UC. [b]They don't have much talent as it is[/b]. He isn't going to put them over the top. It's not like he is going to get along with anyone on the team either..

    Lose-Lose in my opinion.[/quote]

    Care to provide evidence to back up that assertion? I'll provide evidence to the contrary after you've posted......it'll be like a debate......YAY!

  10. [quote name='#22' post='782746' date='Jun 29 2009, 12:00 AM'][url="http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2009/jun/28/prep-standout-stephenson-visits-cincinnati/?sports"]http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2009/jun/28/p...cinnati/?sports[/url]

    don't look know, but UC is about to sign one of the biggest peices of shit in the country.
    My favorite Lance Stephenson moment: When asked about his young child and ex-girlfriend, he said that he is no longer paying attention to "off the court distractions."

    I thought Huggins was gone?[/quote]

    His court case is about to get thrown out due to his alleged victim waiting 3 days before reporting Stephenson "groping" her and there not being a witness to the alleged incident. Anyways, he doesn't seem to be the best human being in the world, but he's probably not as bad as he's made out to be either. He seems like a prima donna but if he can fit in with his teammates, he's a hell of a talent......

    I'm sure UK has all choirboys on their roster as do a majority of NCAA college hoops teams, thus your need to interject your opinions in a UC thread.

  11. Bad officiating and FT shooting and UC still prevails. I like what I see out of Yancy, he's an absolute monster down low and once he turns on the tenacity a bit more, he'll be unstoppable. He's 6'10 and is athletic as anyone on the team. He's going to get better and better.........good thing because UC will be without John Riek who prob wont ever play college basketball. That's unfortunate.

    Now UC HAS to win the next 3 games in order to be considered favorably for the tourney. They're winnable games, although tough ones at Syracuse, at South Florida and finishing off at home vs Seton Hall.

  12. [quote name='Rumble In the Jungle' post='724801' date='Nov 17 2008, 01:47 AM']talk about memories, here are some of my favorites.....

    this was the year Duke was #1[/quote]

    Man, that Melvin Levett dunk was insane.......the human helicopter. Good memories fo sho. I remember watching Duke vs UC at Willie's in Montgomery with a group of like 20 friends and that whole place went nuts after that play. Executed that play perfectly. I think William Avery hit a halfcourt shot and Duke thought they won the game but he shot it too late, barely.

  13. As this team grows together and matures, chemistry is formed.....watch out.......they're very talented. I think next year when Cashmere comes back from his injury and Yancy has a year under his belt, Riek gets used to playing ball gain, they will be a top 25 team easily if not top 15. Mick's proven to be a good recruiter, hope his X's and O's get better quickly.

  14. [quote name='Bunghole' post='654454' date='Apr 20 2008, 10:50 PM']I hate you UC fans having an active thread in the offseason while there isn't a peep from the UK thread.


    Don't hate......instigate.

    Anyways, the guy that backed out of a verbal to UC may be UK bound..........his name is Varez Ward.....his offensive game is nothing to brag about but he's a tough nosed defender. Gillespie is known to recruit kids who have already given verbals to other schools so if Ward felt he could get more playing time at UK, I can see why he backed out of the UC verbal. UC will have some good guards next year and for the next 2 years at least so it does make sense for him to go to UK who just lost Bradley, Crawford. And Meeks has a surgery every other month so he must may get some playing time.

  15. [quote][size=3][b]Latest On Toyloy Commitment To Bearcats[/b] [/size]

    By Scott Phillips
    Bearcat Insider Staff
    Posted Apr 17, 2008

    Junior college big man Steven Toyloy is icing on the cake for a solid Bearcat recruiting class. Bearcat Insider spoke with Miami-Dade Community College coach Matt Eisele to get the scoop on Toyloy’s game and how he will fit into Cincinnati.

    In a class full of talented guards (Dion Dixon, Varez Ward, Cashmere Wright), and an impact post man (Yancy Gates), JUCO big man Steven Toyloy gives the Bearcats a physical inside presence who can contribute right away.

    Toyloy put up great numbers in a tough conference and is ready to test his game in the Big East. After leading the nation in rebounding at 13 rebounds a game as a freshman, Toyloy averaged 11.7 rebounds and nearly 12 points a game for Miami-Dade as a sophomore.

    “He’s one of the best rebounders in the country,” said Miami-Dade coach Matt Eisele. “He’s just a tremendous offensive rebounder who averaged around 4.5 offensive rebounds for us this season.”

    Besides hitting the glass, Toyloy brings the Bearcats a physical presence that is ready to contribute right away.

    “He’s a huge physical presence, a great post defender, and he’s extremely athletic,” said Eisele. “He has a good feel for the game, and he wants to bring the rim down every time he finishes.”

    Toyloy might be known for his defense and rebounding abilities, but he can also finish well at the rim and displayed his tremendous athleticism by winning a local dunk contest in high school.

    [b]“He’s 6’8 but he has over a 30 inch vertical,”[/b] said Eisele. “He also does a good job of finishing in transition, and around the rim.”

    Steven was being recruited by a number of high-major schools, but ultimately liked the chance to play in the Big East, and play for a team with a chance to win.

    “The coaching staff has pinpointed him for over a year,” said Eisele. “Coach Davis and Coach Cronin did a great job sealing the deal. They have a chance at winning now, and (Steven’s) looking forward to playing with high quality players like Deonta and Yancy. He wants to play with great players.”

    Toyloy is looking to getting on campus as soon as spring classes end.

    “He plans on getting to Cincinnati as soon as possible,” said Eisele. “We just talked about a possible major today and he is going back and forth between business or something in the computer field.”
    Although Steven has the skill-set to succeed in the Big East, it’s his hard-nosed, winning mentality that separates him from other players.

    “He’s a good kid, and he wants it bad,” said Eisele. “Steven really wants to do well, and he wants to win more than anything.”[/b]

    Stay tuned to Bearcat Insider for the latest on Steven Toyloy and Cincinnati basketball.[/quote]

  16. UC added a 6'9" Juco by the name of Steven Toyloy. He's supposed to be a monster rebounder who is very physical. A Big East type player according to his coach. This adds to the inside depth and will allow Yancy to play his natural PF position more. UC will most definitely have a top 15 class coming in next year with Gates, Wright, Dixon, Ward, Aldridge, M. Williams and Toyloy all newcomers. That's some good depth.

  17. [quote name='Jason' post='646711' date='Mar 27 2008, 09:52 PM']UC has a ton of talent coming in. But here's the sad thing.

    If Huggins had stayed, there is a VERY good chance our team this year would include Bill Walker, OJ Mayo and Michael Beasley. Word is Walker and Mayo were headed here when Huggs was here, and as I recall, Beasley signed with K-state while Huggs was there.

    Could you imagine that combination?

    Thanks Nancy.


    Jason, it wasn't just a VERY good chance.......it was all but a done deal and Mayo and Walker told UC and the BOT the same thing essentially. If Huggins had stayed at UC, those 2 for SURE would have been there and Beasley may have been. There is more to the Beasley recruitment than most know about but still, he would have likely ended up playing at UC with Mayo and Walker who he is really good freinds with. Sucks to even think about.

    Thanks Nancy.


  18. [quote][size=3][b]Wright shines in Germany[/b] [/size]

    UC recruit Cashmere Wright scored 12 points with four assists and three rebounds in 22 minutes playing for Team USA in its first game in the Albert Schweitzer Tournament in Mannheim, Germany. The tournament is a biennial tournament featuring some of the world's top under-18 players. In the paset, such players as Magic Johnson, Toni Kukoc, Tim Duncaon, Dirk Nowitzki and Tony Parker have played in this event.[/quote]

    This is from a blog, Bill Rabinowitz I think......don't have a link though.

  19. [quote name='Nati Ice' post='645098' date='Mar 21 2008, 10:10 AM']little by little things are starting to come back around, barring injuries next year should be a big step towards rebuilding the program.

    any predictions for some of the new guys?[/quote]

    Before this year started, I said that Larry Davis would be the surprise of this class and that's kinda accurate. Bishop was the most valuable freshman IMO but Davis stepped it up at the end of this past year. McClain is having surgery on his foot this coming week to take care of a bone spur and should be back training for the upcoming year relatively soon after. Can;t wait to have him 100%.

    Next year's newcomers are going to be exciting to watch.....especially Cashmere Wright (who's playing with the USA team right now BTW) and Yancy Gates who is a legit 6'10" 260 right now......before hitting UC's strength program. He's going to be a monster sooner than later. Here's what I think will happen.

    Cashmere Wright - Starter at PG from day 1, can score and handle the ball. Quick as hell and looks to dish first but can score if he has to. Unlimited range on his jumpshot. I've heard LOTS of good things about him and as I mentioned he's currently playing on the USA basketball team in a global basketbal tourny in Germany being coached by a former LA Clipper player named Lionel Hollins. That's invaluable experience he's gaining. Major contributor as a freshman.

    Yancy Gates - Backup to Mike Williams but will get significant playing time IF and ONLY IF his defense is even mediocre. He's going to have to learn to play with intensity the whole time he's out there and rely more on his teammates than he currently does but that's to be expected when you can dominate like he can. In a head to head matchup with OSU recruit BJ Mullins (top 5 recruit) Yancy had 25 pts and 12 rbs (Mullins 16 pts 19 rbs) Yancy's team won the game by 1. Could see a lineup of Williams at PF and Gates at C at times or go big with McClain at C and Gates at PF (his natural position). Major contributor as a freshman.

    Dion Dixon - Can score and is athletic.......may play a shooter's role but shouldn't see significant minutes unless he adjusts quickly. He's a nice player who can shoot the ball and plays with a chip on his shoulder. HS teammates for a year with Sherron Collins of Kansas. Good overall player. Contribution will not be major but will make one....no matter how small.

    Varez Ward - Lockdown defender who can jump like crazy and has good athletcism. Don't know much else about him except that he can be seen as an Immanuel McElroy type of player who doesn't have a great jump shot but is working at it. Definitely a nice role player who could see minutes as his defense is where it needs to be. Medium contribution as a freshman.

    Nick Aldridge - SF who can score. Scored 20 pts for Western Carolina vs UC this year in the Shoe. Originally committed to UC but didn't sign when Huggins "resigned". Will add scoring from the SF position. He's a tough player who should contribute next year.

    Mike Williams - SF/PF who is a BEAST inside. Long arms and his bulk help make up for lack of height at the PF position. Can drain the mid range jumper and is crafty inside.....great rebounder who will immediately start if healthy which he should be and make a major contribution. Will be 2nd scoring option behind Vaughn.

    [quote name='Bengals1181' post='645139' date='Mar 21 2008, 12:23 PM']What about Williamson? I thought he was supposed to be pretty good? I don't follow the team that closely anymore.[/quote]

    I did forget someone from that list, but it wasn't Williamson as he was a senior this year. I forgot Darnell Wilkes who is the most skilled of this past year's recruiting class but he was just too skinny and weak to play BEast basketball. He's going to get stronger and IMO will make a HUGE impact next year if he can indeed get stronger. The guy can play and was ranked #43 or so in the Top150.
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