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  1. phillybengal

    Burfict "Dirty Play" vs Chiefs?

    I saw it live and kind of cringed. I can't say he twisted it or anything, but I was thinking he held on to it a little too long and someone was going to say something about it....
  2. Wait. What is this about? Am I not remembering something? Do tell.
  3. Lead the league in tackles last year.
  4. phillybengal

    2018 Free Agency thread

    Ngata to the Eagles on a 1 year deal.
  5. I see an article on philly.com saying Eagles - Jags in London.
  6. phillybengal


  7. The declined penalties boggle my mind? It's a 5 yard penalty, is it replay down? Maybe the 2nd one since it would be 3rd and 9 instead of 2nd and 14 anyway, but the first one was only 2nd down??
  8. "Just tell me which dude you want me to cover, and I'll cover him." Love that.
  9. I didn't actually watch it yet, but sounds like he says Porter being there isn't a penalty. http://operations.nfl.com/the-officials/inside-nfl-gameday-central/official-review-with-dean-blandino
  10. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000621832/article/report-Stealers-ban-media-from-talking-to-joey-porter I guess they can do that. And furthermore, why is it taking so long to hear about any fines on the Stealers, be it Porter, Munchak, or Shazier?
  11. I have definitely seen cries for him to be removed fom the league permanently. Granted, mostly from Steeler fans.
  12. Is this something that was annnounced unexpectedly or is this routine?
  13. You can still watch it on YouTube, it just won't play embedded on the forum.
  14. phillybengal

    Burdock put Raperburger out, too

    I agree, I was just repeating what an article stated as the reason he went out on the field..........

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