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    Trade for Josh Garnett

    1. If the 49ers are going to cut him, why trade for him? Wait till he's cut and then sign him 2. Even if he's fallen out of favor, it he was any good, Kyle Shannahan would find a way to use him somewhere on the offensive line, even as depth. If they're willing to cut a 1st round pick from just 2 yeas ago, that means he must suck horribly. Pass
  2. jrandom42

    Dark Horse WR candidate?

    And this is why I wanted the Bengals to draft Vincent Jackson back in 2006. At 6' 5" 240 lbs, he ran a 4.39 40 and had a 39 inch vertical at the combine. He'd have been Auden Tate with speed. As it was, the Chargers drafted him and Phillip Rivers hasn't been the same after he went to Tampa Bay.
  3. There is a reason that every DC he's played for as Pro has given him the radio helmet and had him call the defensive signals. Is it just me or does anyone else see a young Dhani Jones?
  4. Watching Cedric at Texas A&M, his athleticism reminded me of Levi Jones, pre-surgery. I think he has it in him to be a good LT. perhaps making a couple of Pro Bowls. Not sure of Jake Fisher on the interior. He could probably do pretty well at it, but it negates his athleticism and mobility. I think he did pretty well being thrown in as a rookie. I look to see a lot of improvement from him and Cedric. Drafting tackles is never a bad strategy. It can't hurt to pick a couple of guys in the mid rounds.
  5. Andy goes to Southern California to work on his mechanics and footwork. House isn't going teach him anything about reading defenses, developing situational awareness of the pass rush, perfecting his play-action fakes, or his ability to move and find receivers when a play breaks down. That's the job of quarterbacks coach.
  6. Not going to happen. Goodell's mission is to prevent the Stealers from sinking to pre-1968 irrelevance at all costs. That's what a league official from the Stealers organization has a duty to do.
  7. jrandom42

    Special time for special teams

      If he becomes a Pro Bowl special teams player, I think that would be a "little" more than just "something". I think he can be a good corner, with more playing time. The improvements he made last year when he got more playing time showed good potential for growth.
  8.   Personally, I'd say the 1981 team was the best. How could you not say that with Isaac Curtis, Ken Riley, and LeMar Parrish starting?
  9. jrandom42

    Is Smith ready?

    The same was said of Willie Anderson.
  10.   Talk about memories! I remember games in that icebox that was Metropolitan Stadium. Back in those days,. with Bud Grant forbidding sideline heaters, the Vikings had a real advantage in November and December. 
  11.   Points allowed are the only thing that matters. I couldn't care less if the Bengals defense gives up  an average of 650 yards a game to an opponent, if they average allowing only 10 points per game
  12.  The challenge now though is figuring out how all of those plans and scenarios the Bengals are enacting can prevent the other team from blitzing.   Because if I were the opposing defense, I’d be sending the house every chance I got. ---   So what's going to happen when Hue starts calling for draw plays, screens of various sorts, and three step drop hot read plays? I think that would take the steam out of a number of blitzes, when the defense gambles, loses and gives up big yardage and points.
  13.     Why does a leader have to be vocal? How does that show leadership? When does being a 'vocal leader' cross over into being a "loud mouthed asshole? Personally I never responded to so-called "vocal leaders", I'd let the noise float in one ear and out the other, as I did the best job that I knew how to do. If someone yelling and screaming at me is supposed to motivate me to do my best, something is seriously wrong with me and the coaching staff. At some point, I'm going to lose patience and smash that "vocal leader" in the mouth and yell back at him, "SHUT UP AND PLAY FOOTBALL"  Done it before. Not all of us respond positively to vocal leadership!
  14.     Even if I screw up, anyone who gets in my face telling me I screwed up, gets punched. Just ask my dad.

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